short hairstyles for curly hair


  • Recommendations girl with curly hair
  • Types of hairstyles for short curly hair
  • How to save the form of a short hairstyle

It's no secret that each of us once in my life wanted to change the height or choose at their discretion weight, leg length, white teeth, the shape of the nose or ears, cutting or eye color. And to correct their appearance in many more, in our opinion, far from the ideal parts. Today, virtually all of these treatments are available, and has been transformed into a blue-eyed blonde Spaniards, wear brown lenses and dye their hair a dark color. Burning brunettes, on the contrary, etched his white locks up.

Girls with curly hair crave them straighten. With straight - certainly curl. Long-haired beauty dream of shorter hair and stylish haircuts. Those who did not get the length of the hair - it tend to increase. Each such experiments give pleasure, but at the same time added quite a few problems. One of the difficult tasks may become the choice hairstyles. If your hair is short, and besides, and curly, it must be selected taking into account such nuances as the shape of the face and hair texture. And, be sure to listen to the advice of a professional master.

Recommendations girl with curly hair

  • To make the line of cheekbones softer, close them flowing strands or light curls;
  • The same style of hair, implying the length of the hair to the chin, chubby girls suit, allowing visually lengthen the face and narrow, most importantly to give hair volume from the top;
  • If your hair is curly "petty demon", note the asymmetrical haircut with long locks front and rear short neck;
  • Girls with the correct oval face is easiest, because they can decorate almost any short haircut.

Before deciding on short hairstyles for curly hair, girl is good think. It is not necessary to shorten the length of the right is too radically, because in order to hair growing back, it will take a lot of time. And if a haircut does not suit you, have patience. In addition, too short hair will be more difficult to correct the mistake hairdresser, if it happens.

 short haircuts to curly hair

Types of hairstyles for short curly hair

  • For girls with a narrow or oval face and slender figure with graceful wavy hair short haircut "a boy" or "waiter" is preferable to the others. It can be done with or slanting bangs with graduated strands, creating a charming and romantic image of the yoke;
  • Lovers of the more extreme versions, has a dense springy curls of hair, enough hair cut very short, just a few millimeters to seem defenseless, fragile and vulnerable;
  • Girls with small curly locks can recommend the so-called afroprichesku, performed in the style of the eighties and give the head a ball shape. Paired with accessories such as flower ring, handkerchief or bandage, this option is a short hairstyle can turn into a real fashion trend;
  • With short haircuts bob can adjust some facial imperfections. It is this hairstyle is perfect for short curly hair, giving them a special charm;
  • A short bob - a great boon for wavy hair, allows you to experiment with the length grading and asymmetric strands. Depending on the shape of an oval face, age and personal preferences;
  • On a lightly wavy hair and looks great haircut ladder or cascade, coupled with a thick fringe. If your hair is too unruly, from bangs should be abandoned to avoid the daily torment to her packing.

Curly hair fit many haircuts. The main thing to choose the form that will emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of hiding. Choosing a hairstyle, always listen to the opinion of the master, but it is completely given up is not necessary. Express your opinion on this or that hairstyle, professional hairdresser always listen to the customer and give competent answers to all questions.

 short haircut for curly hair

How to save the form of a short hairstyle

Jealous beautiful curly hair, girl without curls sometimes do not realize how difficult it contain a mop in order. Turn naughty sticking out in all directions spiral in luxurious curls, curb and tame them - it is very difficult. That side looks like the gift of God - naturally and easily, in fact, is the result of daily attention and a Herculean effort. Such efforts could become a real torture, if not to bring the situation under control and master the art of styling curly hair.

For short hair always looked elegant and not lose shape during the day should be reserved arsenal of specialized tools that can facilitate combing and make your hair silky obedient. Secure supposedly carelessly scattered strands. Be prepared to spend time and effort to tame his obstinate sheep. Remuneration for work would be the title of the most stylish and sexy lady in your environment. After correctly selected, flawlessly executed and laid a short hairstyle on curly hair better than any words underline your impeccable taste.

 Short haircuts for curly hair: a variety of choices

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 Naroscheny hair before and after


  • Artificial strands: the price of beauty
  • Why not build locks
  • Caution backfilled hair: what might be the consequences after the procedure
  • Who are contraindicated such as the manipulation of hair
  • Who should decide on a change of image

Often girls reshivshiesya on hair extensions, do not think about the possible consequences they will face after three to four months after the procedure, when the time comes to remove the artificial strands. In fact the risk to stay with the patient, completely dry and lifeless hair - quite large, especially if this is not the real price of a specialized institution, but for mere pennies at home or in a cheap hairdresser with a slightly lop-sided sign.

Artificial strands: the price of beauty

Before you sign on the procedure to the master, be sure to weigh the pros and cons that subsequently had to feel sorry not only about the spent finances, but also damaged hair. Of course, a girl with long, lush locks, which can be seen in the photos in the brochures and in fashion magazines, look great, but think about how much money they actually spent on building, maintenance, correction, etc.

The most important rule, which is to remember all of the fair sex - the cost of such beauty can not be fixed, it is calculated on the basis of these criteria:

  • Hair Type

The cheapest (budget) option - a Naroscheny European and Asian hair, which differ in stiffness, inflexible and not very high quality. The most expensive - Slavic, which in the future will be several times to paint, curl, straighten, kolorirovat (but it is better to pre-talk with the hairdresser).

The difference in cost between these strands in this case can be from six thousand rubles, while the low-cost European hair during the correction will have to change and Slavs can be reused about three times. Calculate what is better - to spend each time ten thousand rubles (plus correction will cost about 3000), or to give a time for two hundred dollars more, but it will no longer think about buying new locks.

  • Hair length

Naturally, medium hair, Naroscheny until the middle of the blades, will cost you much cheaper than long to the coccyx, as there will be less material spent. The minimum length of extension strands is about fifteen centimeters, because the shorter do not make sense, the maximum - up to sixty centimeters, but sometimes some of the masters manage to offer their customers and eighty-ninety. Remember, the longer the artificial hair, the more the load will be at your home, which is under the heavy weight can begin to break off.

  • Number of strands

To look natural and does not seem like a failed experiment novice master, the number of strands should be calculated as accurately as possible. So, the final result depends on the thickness and length of your own hair: the shorter and more elaborate, the more need of this material (an average of one to two hundred).

  • Building technology

Today, there are quite a number of technologies, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. If we talk about the hot building, whether it is English, Italian, Korean, then, firstly, the disadvantage is the heat treatment, and secondly, the fair sex can not be after the procedure sauna, saunas, sunbathing under the hot sun.

Cold capsule capacity also does not fit all the girls. So, if you prefer the Spanish technology, you, of course, avoid contact with red-hot tongs and hot tar, but when after four months you have to say goodbye to the locks, to do it without hurting your family hair will be difficult. Another bad point - there are now quite a lot of low-quality and dangerous to the health of counterfeit adhesive, the use of which can lead to baldness.

After the South Korean capacity, if the master does not calculate their strength and will clamp clips stronger hair will also begin to break down. In fact, to attach the strands have to spend about four hours, the same amount when you decide to remove them and make the correction.

 before and after the hair Naroscheny

Why not build locks

  • Restrictions hairstyles

The first reason, which can cause refuse to do hair extensions - the restriction of freedom of action: you can either afford to go with her hair, or collect it in a not very tight ponytail braid into a braid. If you want to stab strands slightly higher fixing capsule tape (depending on how held buildup), despite the fact that they are very similar to the color of your hair, are highly visible. Light breeze - and your little secret will be known to everyone around.

  • Discomfort

If you have sensitive skin of the head and you find it difficult to pass at least one day with hairpins, invisible and hairpins, the first time will have to suffer, as the mounting and the extra weight will be noticeable. However, after a week or two women accustomed to such Burden and did not pay attention to it.

Also do not forget that combing can only be a special brush or comb with thick teeth, with as little contact with the roots and place fastening artificial and natural strands. Sometimes, if you do not use additional cosmetics, hair on the eve of the correction of girls starts to look like a jack or a dandelion.

Determine what you Naroscheny, not real hair, you can touch, enough to hold your young man's head. And if one normally react to it, then other, more impressionable persons it can be a shock, so if your significant other loves you by stroking hair, of such a procedure is better to abstain.

  • Special care

If you think that by attaching to the hair salon, you will always look perfectly well, and you do not have to make any effort, then you are greatly mistaken. In fact you need to shell out a tidy sum for shampoos, conditioners, masks and other cosmetic products for hair care, as Naroscheny strands require special tools, or a month later, they will be ruined.

Caution backfilled hair: what might be the consequences after the procedure

What will happen to your hair after removing the artificial strands depends on who is doing capacity - professional or amateur. In the first case, the master must thoroughly examine your hair, choose high-quality products, provide general guidelines for the care, to offer special tools to Naroscheny hair as long as possible retain their beauty.

But if, unfortunately, you fall into the hands of amateurs who simply decided to earn extra money, you will be in difficulty. Signs of an unsuccessful hair extensions show up a few hours after the procedure: it is a pain as if you constantly pull the strands incredible severity, as if attached to the head five kilograms of material.

On the second or third week of your own hair will gradually fall out with hair extensions, come off and break. If you do not see a specialist and do not fix the problem in time, insomnia can begin, there will be constant headaches, dandruff, skin inflammation, itching, and similar negative effects.

Besides the so-called low-skilled professional who makes hair extensions, the reason the tainted head of hair may be of poor quality materials used to bond the strands together. The master can use them by mistake or ignorance, if, for example, has only recently started to work with a supplier, but more often it occurs because of greed and the desire to save money.

Often, the fair sex are to blame for the fact that instead of the expected Naroscheny hair joy bring them nothing but losses, because they do not comply with all the requirements, precautions and properly care for their hair.

What a long time to dry the hair dryer on low speed if you can do it faster, enabling the device to the maximum. Why braid plait, if it is more convenient to sleep with her hair. Why apply special balms and masks, if usually much cheaper? And many more similar and why, as a result of which Naroscheny strands come into disrepair and the family starts to fall.

 hair extensions before and after

Who are contraindicated such as the manipulation of hair

  • Specially under 16 years

As a teenager almost all the kids there is a hormonal boom, hair extensions they completely contraindicated, even if the parents give their consent to the procedure. The fact that young girls are not kept home strands such a load, which is fraught with very sad consequences.

  • Undergoing serious diseases

The fair sex, has recently passed a course of chemotherapy taking medication (antibiotics) suffering from skin diseases, undergoing surgery under general anesthesia - hair extensions is strictly forbidden, as due to health problems and so they drop out.

  • Girl in a position or lactating mother

It's not even the fact that during pregnancy, and a few years later in women can be hormonal changes in the body (but it is also necessary to consider), just if, for example, the wizard uses low-quality products, it will affect both the health of mothers, and on the condition of the baby.

  • Shorthair beauties

If the length of your hair is less than ten centimeters, capacity to do you no one will dare, as the site of attachment of artificial and native strands in this case will be visible to the naked eye. This is also worth remembering, if you promise to make a perfect bangs.

  • Allergy

So ladies, before you make your hair extensions, it is recommended first to attach several thin pryadok and wait a couple of days to make sure that the material used does not cause harm to health. If it appears on the scalp irritation, redness, or if it begins to itch, the procedure will have to give.

  • Permanent experimenters

If today you are a bright blonde, and tomorrow - strict brunette, with some two weeks ago there were red, then you will definitely refuse to do hair extensions, as your home - a fully exhausted. You may be offered initially a little treat hair, which takes about three to four months, at least. Otherwise, the strands are confused, get off at the head will be one big mats.

Who should decide on a change of image

Graft strands - a real salvation for those who are just unfortunate haircut. Wait until the hair grows back to a length error when the hairdresser can be corrected, not all the strength and re-cut with the boy after that you may not want. In such a case is to go to a beauty salon to you artificial hair, which can be removed after a couple of months.

Also Naroscheny hair bride can afford to be able to make your wedding day a chic hairstyle, or the girls who want to know whether they should go long tresses. Later, of course, it is better to grow hair and do not wear someone else, because in fact no one will tell you whose braids attached.

 Naroshchennyh hair before and after the procedure: whether to risk for the sake of beauty

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