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At first glance, gathered in a beautiful tuft of hair may seem too strict and dull hair, which is to face only women teachers and elderly ladies. This is not true, because even the ancient goddess, immortalized by sculptors and artists favored just such installation. In addition, it is universal, in harmony with almost all styles of clothing, including sports, business and evening.

Benefits hairstyles

By experimenting with the technique, you can easily turn a simple simple ponytail in a neat and elegant hairstyle, which is not ashamed to go to a reception or a romantic date. Here you'll not only look luxurious, but also to feel more confident and comfortable.

Another advantage of the beautiful beams is their simplicity and accessibility - any girl with hair length is not less than the average for the five minutes is able to build yourself a similar splendor. Even without the handy expensive styling or supernavorochennogo devices. If you still do not know how to make a nice bunch, and not near a professional stylist, use our advice.

 beautiful bundle of hair

Ways to create bundles of hair

Variations hairstyles with beautiful beams myriad consider the most urgent of them.

Neutral beam

This is the basis for all other kind of hairstyles. The way to create the most basic: carefully combed hair should be gathered into a ponytail, twist into a bundle, and then to the assembly, which should seal the pins or bobby-long forceps. The location of the node can be anything from the neck (low beam) to the top (high beam) as well as left or right (side beams).

When selecting the height of the beam, consider the features of your body to successfully emphasize the dignity of not aggravating disadvantages. Slim lady with swan neck and perfect facial features, you can make a beautiful bundle of hair on the highest point of taking care of the hair on his head is not stretched too tight. Grew and slim girl, as well as those who have neck is far from perfect, it is better to choose a soft low beam.

It is absurd to look too bulky and massive beams color fragile miniature women - it is better to tighten them and decorate tighter curls or ringlets.

Astrakhan beam

The original, slightly complicated version of a conventional beam. Divided horizontally into several identical plots tails, twisted into individual strands, which, together, form a patterned loop. Stylish and beautiful astrakhan beam is fixed by means of pins and invisible.

Elegant beam

How to make a nice bunch more elegant? Separate all the hair into three parts, making the occipital part of the main. Temporarily secure the front strands separated by a side parting, clamps. Well comb the hair from the nape collect into a tight ponytail at the crown. Not too tightly curled harness should wrap around the base of the tail threading its free tip to form a loop. The resulting bun fix pins and varnish. The front strands exempt clips, comb and style over the ears, after fixing using stealth. Elegant beam - a win-win everyday hairstyles for any business woman.

Festive bundle of accessories and decorations

Magic transformation of Cinderella into a princess. Everyday view of an ordinary beam is easily changed with the help of various ornaments. These can be original and stylish hair clips, flowers, clips, combs and ornamental hairpins, headbands or just a bandage made of light fabric weightless. The main condition is moderation and compatibility of accessories, because of their overabundance will look very tasteless and can lead to headaches.

In order not to spoil the festive evening were scattered hair and securely attach the beams, before proceeding to create them, put on a little foam hair styling. After the end of the process carefully sprinkle them varnish.

 How to make a beautiful bundle of hair? Original hairstyle five minutes

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 hair mask with mustard


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  • How useful mustard hair
  • Mustard hair: Recipes

Girls - people are unpredictable. They first buy their super-expensive shampoos with a view to save the thinning hair, and then go into austerity, emptying the refrigerator, in order to make a mask for hair on the popular recipes. And the last aspect of the most entertaining. It seems that our girls seriously believe that absolutely any product found in the kitchen, able to transform ordinary hair in the average luxury lion's mane. Smarter the fairer sex is still hesitant to look into the book and take note of some information before you make a mask.

And it is right. It often happens that in one case, a means of helping the problem, and the other is completely powerless (if not harmful). So close is the refrigerator and listen to some advice on how to make your hair stronger. Although it's in your hands? Mustard? Perfectly. Then we tell you how common hair mask mustard could not save a girl's hairstyle. We are serious. After mustard - it's not just a condiment with "character", but also an excellent cosmetic. Now, we'll prove it.

 mustard mask for hair

Mustard: precautions

Knowing that not all the girls finished reading the information to the end, we decided the most important aspects of cosmetology home to make the top of the article. So, what you need to know before applying mustard mask on your hair?

  1. If you have dry or sensitive skin of the head, from the mustard will have to give. The same goes for women who are prone to allergies. How do you know that you belong to the latter category of women? It is enough to apply a small amount of ready mix in the back of his hand. If the skin after 5 minutes left in good condition (not flushed, or worse, not blistered), means mustard mask for you and you can start an operation to rescue the hair. Just do not rush to mix the ingredients, finish reading the article until the end.
  2. Mustard mask involves the use only of mustard powder, but not the usual food mustard. For those who are too lazy to go to the store, or who simply decided to look at this condition through their fingers, it is advisable to read the composition of the finished mustard sauce on the package. We are confident that in the long list, you can easily find the ingredients that are not used in cosmetology. We're not going to have a mask for the hair, right? So why do you need amplifiers of taste and smell on the hair? In addition, some of the substances that make up the finished mustard can damage the hair follicle. I do not think that you would like. Therefore it is better to make one more effort and go to the store, the more that one mustard powder is not limited.
  3. Let us assume that you have already bought the mustard powder and all the necessary ingredients for a mask (prescription and not on the principle of "what's left in the fridge"). Now is the time to prepare a mixture for strengthening hair. A very important indicator - water, which you zaparivat mask. Its temperature should not be too high. Many girls, remembering the experience of brewing henna with boiling water, pour hot water, mustard - and wrong. Because mustard powder under the influence of boiling water releases toxic substances which (as you have probably guessed themselves) have a negative effect on the hair.
  4. Now let's talk about the time of the mask. Mustard mixture - something quite delicate. It can both save you from baldness and burn the scalp. It's enough just to overdo mask. No, no, burning - it is not only acceptable norm for mustard, but also a necessary condition. However, you must understand that if the hair mask brings you discomfort, it means that it's time to rinse. Otherwise, you get a completely opposite effect.
  5. But as long as the duration of the mask is not passed, it is advisable to use a cap for a shower, or just shook his head with a plastic bag. And it is not that mustard in such circumstances it would be better to act (although it is also true), but the fact that this mixture should not fall into the eye. What if after all the mixture gets on the eyelids? Then advise flush eyes with warm water.
  6. Cosmetologists are advised not to carry out the procedure to clean hair. You agree that mustard mask - something quite active, and your hair will not prevent additional protection in the form of greasy cover.
  7. So, the alarm rings and you have time to wash off the mask. Great. Just do not forget to include warm water instead of hot. You remember how the high temperature in the mustard?

How useful mustard hair

Agree, you can not give recipes for hair masks, without explaining all the benefits of pre-used ingredient. So it's time to talk about what wonderful properties have mustard.

Firstly, mustard stimulates hair growth. So if you want to grow a braid like Rapunzel, Garner mustard powder. Secondly, these masks effectively treat alopecia. Easy burning (which provides mustard) increases blood flow to the hair follicles, and they in turn get the necessary nutrition, the follicles which apparently lacked before (this is the most common cause of baldness - a lack of supply). Thirdly, mustard normalizes the sebaceous glands. That is, the owner of greasy hair can be replaced daily shampooing weekly mustard mask. Especially as mustard perfectly absorbs excess oil on the skin and hair. As you can see, the benefits of weight. Now it is necessary to voice the many ways to treat scalp using mustard powder.

 hair mask mustard

Mustard hair: Recipes

Mustard in cosmetology - ingredient is a fairly universal. It is used for producing masks and during shampooing. We will talk about all methods of saving shag using mustard.

The quickest way to return the hair shine and strength of living is, of course, mustard rinse. It's enough to dissolve 2 tablespoons mustard powder in a basin of warm water and rinse the resulting mixture had clean hair. Add the mustard mixture of the juice of half a lemon, and you can enhance the effect of healing rinse. But this method is important for those whose hair is already thick and strong. If your hair began to fall out with a vengeance, it is better to conduct a comprehensive treatment of the scalp, a component of which is mustard mask. Recipes of the tool there is a great variety. We will introduce you to the most effective of them.

Mustard mask with burdock

To prepare this mask, we need 2 tablespoons of warm water, the same mustard powder, 2 teaspoons of sugar (do not overdo it, because it is sugar depends on how much burning would mix), 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons of burdock (can be olive ) of an oil. If you have oily hair, it is advisable to increase the dose of mustard powder. Mix all ingredients, put on dirty hair (this requirement is optional, especially if doing mustard mask for the first time). Leave the mixture to act 15 minutes. Just be warned that this is quite a searing mustard mask, so have a little patience.

Mustard mask simplified

This is perhaps the simplest of all the masks mustard. You need only dilute the mustard powder with warm water and apply the mixture on the hair roots. Duration of the mask varies from 15 minutes to an hour. It all depends on your susceptibility. If the mask begins oven as if you color some steak fries, it's time to wash vehicle. If the burning sensation is tolerable, you can increase the duration of the mask. By the way, the longer you use mustard mask, so tolerant of its action it is the skin.

Mustard mask alcohol

This recipe is aimed not only to strengthen the hair, but also for their hydration. Mix 1 tablespoon of any hair balm, 1 teaspoon mustard powder, 1 egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of alcohol. Apply the mixture with a brush on the hair roots and leave for about an hour. After this time, rinse with warm water.

Mustard mask with mayonnaise and butter

If you have dry hair, it is advisable to adopt this option is a hair mask. We need 1 teaspoon of softened butter, 1 tablespoon olive (or any other) oil, 1 tablespoon mayonnaise high fat and 1 teaspoon of mustard powder. All the ingredients mix and give a little brew. Thereafter, to the hair and let stand 30-40 minutes. If you have excessive fat, you can remove one of the ingredients, replacing it with warm water in the same proportion.

Mustard mask Opara

This mask will help to quickly and inexpensively strengthen hair growth. Why torment yourself mesotherapy painful procedure or damage the hair, increasing them? Suffice it to buy the mustard powder and a little patience. To prepare the miracle mask, mix 1 cup of yogurt or warm milk with 1 tablespoon dry yeast and sugar glass. Allow the brew to ferment, and then to add 1 teaspoon of dry mustard and 1 tablespoon of honey. The mask is ready. Spread mustard mixture of yeast on hair, wrapped head cellophane, towel and leave to treat the hair for an hour and a half. Wash off with shampoo. You can also put on hair balm (will not be superfluous).

Mustard mask for strengthening hair

Last mustard mask with which we want to introduce you, is intended to strengthen the hair. Zaparte boiling water 50 grams of a colorless henna. Give it to cool slightly, then add 50 grams of dry mustard powder. Stir. Add 1 egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of honey. All mix thoroughly, apply on hair and leave to act for 1 hour.

Any of the proposed masks should be done once a week for two months (most do not recommend, or can easily dry up the hair and scalp). However, it is necessary to consider that the treatment of any problem must be comprehensive, so if you make mustard mask, but eat poorly, then the desired effect will not be. Add in your diet fresh cheese (preferably homemade), milk, fresh vegetables and fruits. Good sleep is also key to a healthy body (respectively, and hair, too). Plus, do not forget about a sufficient amount of purified water.

Most crashes occur in the body due to dehydration, so drink more, and better, if it is a good mineral water. If you eat well, doing regular mustard mask, but the hair is still falling out, the problem is more serious, and it is time to see a doctor. However, we hope that our advice is still some simple help restore the beauty of your hair, and mustard powder in this case will be loyal assistant.

 Burning a panacea: hair mask with mustard

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