laying on medium hair


  • Classic styling
  • Curling at home
  • Creative approach to laying
  • Hairstyles with toupees

Boxes, which make the hair on the average, are diverse. Moreover, you can improvise, to experiment and to give free rein to your imagination! Happy owner of just such hair can be seen absolutely all options pilings - from curls and strict beams to small braids. In general, it is necessary just to find out some of the nuances, and then the problem of hair will not even appear. At any time, in any season you will look simply gorgeous!

So first of all, it is necessary to fix the condition of hair. If you are going to expose them to a regular installation, do not forget that the use of various types of heaters (eg, ironing, curling, hot air from a hair dryer, hair curlers) has an extremely negative impact on the hair. So do not forget about the masks, nourishing creams, vitamin-mineral complexes. Only with a healthy head of hair, you can create and experiment with hairstyles. And by the way, before each laying need to wash my hair - only on clean hair will look good any hairstyle.

Classic styling


Laying methods which may be used to average hair have different embodiments. The most common - a classic. But it can be attributed braids and curls. About braids nothing new can be said - there will not approach the French or "spike". Only the classic braid, but you can start to spin it right off his forehead. And you can braid from temple to temple. You can make a braid around the circumference of the head. But in any case, you will need strong fixing. It is very difficult to apply when such packing graded haircut - always sticking locks will not only annoy you, but also spoil the whole look.

Delicate curls

You can stop and curls. This is where the scope for the realization of dreams! The main thing correctly to make themselves curls. Note that in the middle of hair styling - it's quite a long process, it will take six to eight hours to complete. So just count the time. But on the other hand, are accustomed to, you will do the same in a few minutes.

You can curl your hair with the help of forceps or curlers, and can be used for this purpose and utyuzhok. Apply to slightly damp hair fixing means (mousse, foam) and hold the tip of the strand utjuzhkom. Now twist the lock of iron is on. With this hair does not need to be tensioned, no pain is also not meant to be. Better not to curl at the root - the curls will look natural with smooth top. So we must act step by step, do not make the locks too thick.

Remember, the finer strands, the smaller will be the coachman. After the procedure it is necessary to put all the locks in a single hairstyle. Here's a matter of taste and preference. You can collect a ponytail higher, you can simply fluff up their hands, but you can use the accessory - hoops, barrettes.

 Hair styling medium length

Curling at home

Fashion this season, curly hair and pretty easy to make at home. Not only that, using curlers and curling iron is available every day proudly wearing kucheryashki, so there is still a strong and styling hair of medium length. She does with a special chemical composition, which fixes the result to 4-5 weeks.

Many of the ladies at the word "chemical" immediately give up, recalling with horror all the "charms" perm. But it is quite another! Firstly, such a procedure can be carried out at home. Secondly, use is absolutely safe composition for the hair. And, thirdly, you'll be able to control the exposure time.

So in the middle of hair styling can be not daily work, but only regular brushing. Just buy this same chemical mixture, to wind the hair on curlers small (you can take and bobbins) and cover her entire head. After a while (this is indicated in the instructions) it is necessary to wash all.

As you can see, even classical methods of installation can be different. Here it should be easy to find a suitable hairstyle for you personally, and you can start to create. By the way, the curls have always been considered the most feminine and delicate expression of beauty. Even the most fashionable stylists do not neglect pryadok perm.

Creative approach to laying

If you like to stand by its original view, the fancy braids will be very useful. Let's look at how creative styling.

  • First, put the hair toward the back of the head;
  • Now beautifully plait braid. Similarly, in the middle of the head, starting from the bangs and move to the back of the head. Braid strands should be sufficiently strong;
  • Now fasten the tail braids;
  • Take a comb made of metal with a sharp tip on the handle. And now we take out of each plexus thin hairline. Be sure to watch for uniformity of procedure - all protruding hairs are to be evenly distributed across the head;
  • It remains only to fix all the best to use for this cosmetic gel or wax, spreading them every strand;
  • Here's a version of the installation medium hair will make furor, and certainly you will not remain unnoticed by the others!
  • Recently, even the fashion stylists advise to do braids "vice versa." What it is? Yes, everything is easy!
  • So, you first need to lay hair. We comb them back, including the fringe;
  • If you have a short fringe, then podkoly its total weight;
  • And now we begin to weave braid ... from the back. That is, as a result, you get a tail on her forehead;
  • In addition, you can decorate a hair pins and colorful rubber bands, pins, invisible.

Even these two options will be enough for the manifestation of his personality and shocking. Chic option for young people who want to not only have a nice haircut, but also stylish and fashionable hairstyle.

 Hair styling medium length

Hairstyles with toupees

It is possible for the average length of the hair and make updo. They involve the use of hairpieces. Lift your hair up, take care to tighten and try to put them is not a simple Dulko, a flat knot. Then attach the hairpiece. All office and strict hairstyle is ready! And if you want to have without any labor costs turned evening hairstyle, just released from a chignon and a few temples pryadok. Gently curl them with tongs - a magnificent image of a sweet, charming beauties ready.

You can also use the coachman, and straight strands, and can increase hair. Incidentally, the increase in the average length of the hair should be very careful. There is a risk too far, and then the long hair will look unnatural.

As seen from the above, one medium-length hair styling available for each lady, and, at home. Simple yet fashionable and trendy hairstyles you can do every day, but not be limited to only one goal. It is enough to put your hair properly and you can vary your hairstyle at least once a day - day official style and rigor around the image, and in the evening a continuous creative and outrageous.

Just make an effort and spend their free time on the creation of masterpieces of lessons and succeed! Remember - you should always look perfect and healthy and beautiful hair - hair is not yet. Only the skill and dexterity help you to always be different and look beautiful in any situation!

 Boxes for medium hair - so different and such irresistible!

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 Wedding hairstyles for short hair


  • What can you think of?
  • Extension hair
  • Some tips

It fits most important day in the life of every girl - a wedding. How much excitement and experiences of doubt and frustration. That dress does not like it, shoes are not suitable, then suddenly remembers that did not agree with the operator or the photographer. In general, fussy and troublesome is the preparation for this solemn event.

And when everything seems ready, the question arises about the hairstyle. Well, what - for the image of innocence and love you have to do something delicate and original! If the bride's long hair, or at least the mean, then no problem - too much choice of options. But what if you need a wedding hairstyle on short hair? There will have to make every effort to create a true masterpiece!

And really - what can be new? Comb, blow dry, ruffled hands and can run for. But this option is suitable weekdays. But the wedding day would like to see a real princess, Cinderella and just a little bit charming person.

Of course, the most reasonable is to apply to the stylist in a beauty salon. But first, if the result is not satisfactory, it will have no time to redo. Second, if you do a few different hairstyles and choose, it will cost a pleasure expensive. And, thirdly, those nervous shocks harmful to the general mood of the bride.

Oh, and one more thing - well, if you have "left" has a hairdresser who has worked with your hair. Or you've seen it work in other ladies - here at least you can rely on the experience. In general, if you have short hair it is better to try to improvise at home.

 Wedding hairstyles for short hair

What can you think of?

So what can be done with short hair? First of all, just try to put quality. For example, if the length allows it, try to make curls. You can use the forceps. Then do not have to comb - just your fingers easily shake the curls, directing them as you need to. If you have bangs, then leave it straight - get the likeness raised long hair. And you can attach flower curls. Only a hair should be properly fixed. By the way, for the bride is quite acceptable hairstyle - fresh, light and feminine. Yes, and can be variously put locks. You can pin them on the head and create the appearance of a tail or "Dulko."

Wedding hairstyles for short hair can be severe. As one of the options - just lay their hair with gel or cosmetic wax. Even if you have very short hair, this option is ideal. The more that can be decorated with silk flowers or hair pins with rhinestones. The style is rigorous, feminine - if you come out of the 60s.

In general, experiment with your hair, you can make superprichesku and look just great! The main thing is to find the time for a decision. Worth a try, and this way and that. Obsmotret themselves from all sides, to try different hair clips, bows and even hoops. Pre-buy flowers and try the full version. You can even just try a veil - it allows you to see yourself from the outside. Take your time and try not to hurry to make a few hairstyles - on their wedding day, you'll be great!

Extension hair

If the bride's hair length is important, it is possible to find a way out of this situation. It has long been a popular build hair. It will help to make this process a variety of wedding hairstyles for short hair.

Firstly, you should choose the right way to build. Given that the hair will be done by means of fixing means, we must be prepared for the consequences. Perhaps pre-staining, create curls using hot tongs. Or, on the contrary, the bride wants to have the wedding of straight strands - there will have to work utjuzhkom.

In general, the effect on the hair will be provided simply catastrophic. Therefore, the ideal would be build with the help of keratin capsules. With this method it is possible to apply paint increased locks, cheat them, to pack, easy to use perm. In general, it has already found that the keratin capsules can create any hairstyle with the increased locks.

Second, you must immediately decide on the color. The fact is that if you prefer coloring or highlighting, it is necessary to make it to the procedure of capacity. Then he will be easy to pick up the matching colored locks. Incidentally, at the wedding like no one will notice that the hair is not real. No, they are real, but not your own.

Third, it should not be trusted to do this procedure girlfriend or sister. The exception is the availability of appropriate education and work experience. The fact that work on hair extensions, professional pass special courses and receive a diploma. It's all very seriously, because it is, in fact, on the attachment of a foreign body to the hair. You will face numerous side effects can be properly distributed locks, you can make the wrong choice of color. So, for 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding day take care of yourself.

Another option - use false braids. The choice here is wide enough, you can make a thin braid in the form of a hoop, but you can put a thick braid in the form of a wreath on his head. They do not need build, simply attach well. And on each side let a little curl, curls. All in your hands - Unleash your imagination! Let the short hairstyle will not be some repulsive effect. All brides should learn and remember - nowadays, with modern technology possible in almost everything!

 hairstyle for short hair

Some tips

For all short hairstyles need to remember a few rules:

  • If the basic hairstyle has grown a little and has a slovenly appearance, the 2-3 weeks before the celebration sure to go to your hairdresser;
  • If you want to make small locks, it is best not to cut regrown hair. Ideal - first try to create the curls, and then take the right decision;
  • If you want to increase hair, keep in mind that this procedure can be carried out only in beauty salons;
  • Do not be afraid to use to decorate and create a unique image of a variety of accessories - hoops, pins, invisible, silk flowers.

In fact, it should be noted that any hairstyle - a serious test for the hair. But for the bride it is not only important to be irresistible to own a holiday, but not subsequently lose healthy and beautiful hair. So be sure a month before the wedding, start to strengthen your hair - do rate masks from yolk egg and sour cream, fried locks in vitamins and minerals, use for rinsing broths burdock, chamomile, mother and stepmother. In general, the first diligently to strengthen hair. Let them be ready for tons of lacquer, gel or wax, an incredible winding or straightening treatments, build and create a masterpiece image.

But after the celebrations do not forget that we must continue to care for their hair - the same mask, rinse, scalp massage, balanced diet. And remember, to all brides look luxurious and regal, stylists are always looking for new approaches. And it would be nice to be in the thick of things and always be aware of updates. To do this, it is not necessary to attend the expensive beauty salons. Just listen to the news in the world of hairdressing.

 Wedding hairstyles for short hair: options for the most fashionable bride

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