hair mask from the eggs and honey


  • The benefits of egg yolk
  • The role of honey hair mask
  • Hair masks with honey and eggs

Did you know that the eggs - it's not just a storehouse of cholesterol, but also a great way to restore weakened hair? Say what you like, and egg hair mask works wonders. Of course, to prepare and apply a cosmetic need with skill, but believe me, it's worth it. And if you mix honey with egg, then your hair will not only strong but also extremely silky to the touch. Intrigued? Do you want to learn the art of hair restoration with a mixture of egg and honey? Then read on.

The benefits of egg yolk

For starters will voice all the cards that are hiding eggs under its shell. As we know, the lack of vitamins in the diet, bad heredity, lack of care for the scalp can cause hair loss. The strands become thin, weaken the cuticle, and nothing they do not know a woman catches alopecia (by the way, it is also a concern of men). Save the situation can the egg yolk, which is an excellent source of protein and lecithin, which nourish the scalp.

In addition, eggs are rich in vitamins A, E and D, which are essential in the prevention of hair loss, restore texture and shine. They also protect hair from external pollution, destructive effects on the hair of chlorine and ultraviolet rays. Not to mention the fatty acids that are so rich in eggs. After all, they help to prevent dandruff and give your hair extra shine. On top of egg yolk softens the hair and makes them more docile. You agree that it is more than an excellent result for such familiar products like eggs?

 Useful hair mask from the eggs and honey

The role of honey hair mask

Now let's talk about the benefits of honey. Since time immemorial, it has been used in the home cosmetics. Someone using honey rid of cellulite body wraps, someone regains smooth complexion and evens skin texture. But best of all, according to the beauticians, acting hair mask from honey. And all because the product contains more than 400 nutrients and bioactive substances that are beneficial to the scalp. In addition, honey is very similar in composition to plasma, our blood, so any mask perfectly absorbed and assimilated by the skin.

Incidentally, the hair mask from honey may slightly lighten your locks, so if you do not want this effect, be careful with a sweet ingredient. There is another category of people who do not make such a hair mask. It allergies. Honey, for all its usefulness, extremely allergenic. And if you are not sure that your body will accept no claims honey mask, before application of the means required to pass the test. To do this, apply a little honey on the wrist or the crook of the elbow and wait for 2 hours. If the skin turns red, you can safely apply a mask of honey and eggs to the hair.

 nice hair mask from the eggs and honey

Hair masks with honey and eggs

After all, we sounded a list of useful substances contained in honey and eggs, it's time to describe the most effective recipes for hair masks. Of course, they will become the main ingredients of honey and egg yolk. By the way, the protein can not throw. From it you can make a great mask for the face.

Egg-honey mask with olive oil


  • Egg yolk - 1 piece (if the hair is long, you can double the amount of ingredients);
  • Honey - 3 teaspoons;
  • Olive oil - 3 tablespoons.

Cooking method:

All products are mixed thoroughly (until creamy) and evenly distributed on the scalp. Some cosmetologists are advised to apply the mask on your hair, too, especially if you are cut tips. It now remains to withstand mixture from eggs, honey and the oil on the head for about 40 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Hair mask with honey, aloe and egg yolk


  • Small aloe leaf (we need flesh);
  • Egg yolk - 1 piece;
  • Honey - 1 tablespoon;
  • Cognac - 1 teaspoon;
  • Castor (or burdock) oil - 1 tsp.

Cooking method:

All components of the mix, grind in a blender and put on clean hair. Time exposure mask - 2-2, 5:00. For greater efficiency can roll up your head with polyethylene or foil.

Garlic and Honey Hair Mask


  • The pulp of aloe leaf 1;
  • Honey - 1 tablespoon;
  • The yolk - 1 piece;
  • Juice of garlic - 1 teaspoon;

Cooking method:

All ingredients were ground in a blender, to the hair and after 20 min rinse with warm water.

All the proposed masks cosmetologists are advised to do once a week. This honey is better to buy in May, and eggs - home. But if you regularly do facials, and hair fall out anyway, we suggest you contact a trihologu. It is likely that the problem is more serious and requires special treatment.

 Hair mask of eggs and honey: simple, fast and cheap

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 tressovoe hair extensions


  • What tress
  • Method tressovogo hair extensions
  • The benefits of hair extensions tressovym way
  • Hair Care, accrued using tress
  • Disadvantages tressovogo hair extensions
  • Contraindications for hair Tresses
  • What not to do when building tressovom

Long thick hair has always been a source of pride for some and the envy of others - depending on the shag on the beautiful girls' heads. There just are not experienced in the ways of the fairer sex itself, just to make smart mane instead of fluffy clouds. And herbal teas, and tinctures, and ointments, and creams and a lot of other means.

Typically, such persistence is paying off, but do not always have the patience to wait for the results of an experiment and does not stop halfway. But what if you need a nice haircut here and now, not sometime later, a year later? The way out of this situation can be hair extensions, allowing virtually overnight transformed from a gray mouse into a long-haired beauties. One way is to increase the magical metamorphosis of hair with the help of tress.

What tress

The word "Tress" (from the English - tress) translates to long hair, curls or braids. The dictionary of hairdressing masters Tress called overlays of long strands treated hair, woven on special filaments in a row, you can use to make their own hair to the desired length and the missing amount.

Weave tress - a very difficult and rather laborious process, requiring increased care and thoroughness. To look natural tress, each beam is added no more than 6-8 hairs, so that even the most experienced masters can not afford to make the day tress whose length would exceed one meter.

The way out was the factory of weaving method, allowing not only to speed up the process, but also improve the quality of products. Factory tress more subtle and weightless, and their strength is much higher than the manual. In addition, the direct use of the factory tress color look more natural, they are more reliable and practical. And even with daily use allows its owner to feel more confident and comfortable.

Tressovoe capacity is performed with the aid of artificial, and with natural strands. The most valuable tress, is the most popular, made from natural Slavic hair. They are softer and silky Oriental, easy to process and can easily fit into any style.

 tressovoe quality hair extensions

Method tressovogo hair extensions

With the clip the hair from the top of the head are fixed on top. The bottom layer of hair is braided in spikes at the very skin of the temple to temple - is the foundation for mounting. One ear of corn - one Tress. Donated hair attached to the pigtail glue, thread, pins or just locks. Once all the locks firmly fixed, the upper part of the hair, cascading, closes the "seam". Correction of hair extensions should be done as far as the loss of an ideal type and the regrowth of native curls. But at least one or two times per month, it is desirable to have a professional master.

The benefits of hair extensions tressovym way

The main advantage of this method is to increase its efficiency, the relative ease and speed, and also the possibility of using the same repeatedly tress. The variety of variations allows you to change the length, color, or the degree of curly at least every day.

If you do tress with bright and colorful, you can surprise the audience on any theme party, without doing damage to their own tresses. Indispensable tress and occasions when constructed in a short time is truly royal hairstyle, which is easy to get rid of after the holiday.

Hair Care, accrued using tress

Attached locks are easy to wash the same shampoos and conditioners, the rest of the hair. They can also be combing, cheat on curlers or curling and dyeing, to maximize the similarities with their own hair. If you wish, you can straighten wavy tress utjuzhkom. However, one should avoid too frequent temperature loads tress of natural hair, artificial, on the contrary, from regular exposure to hot only become more beautiful.

Disadvantages tressovogo hair extensions

There is such a thing as "idiosyncrasy", so this method of hair extensions can be both fans and opponents. The feel of the procedure at everyone - someone may begin peeling or itching of the scalp, even when using a single tress. And someone can wear them all the time, without having to remove and not experiencing any discomfort while.

If you save on stylist and choose to perform this procedure on their own or with the help of friends, self-taught, be prepared for unpleasant surprises at any moment. A loose Tress can fly off at the most inopportune moment, shocking not only you but also the people around them.

Failure to appeal to master for compensation may lead to the fact that spikelets, which are attached to the tress, matted. Untwist and comb them would be impossible, so there will be only one way to solve the problem - they cut off. If you do not wish to have this kind of bald spots, do not ignore the terms of wearing tress.

 It looks like hair extensions tressovoe

Contraindications for hair Tresses

It is not recommended to resort to the procedure of hair extensions tressovogo girls too thin and weak hair. Sickly ears can not withstand the physical stress tress and break off right at the root. Thus, rather than to acquire the charm, and you can lose what you have. Be wise, be patient and strengthen your own hair. Perhaps, after a certain time, you will be able to boast of the result, and bearing tress you will not be contraindicated.

What not to do when building tressovom

Some of the girls in order to achieve the most efficient fastening much tease strands holding Tress, filling their incredible amount of polish. And also subjected to constant tension clamps, pins and other mechanical devices. Such ruthless exploitation can not withstand even a very strong own hair.

So it is more careful to treat them - is always easier to prevent a problem than to fight it.

 Tressovoe hair extensions: features and benefits of the procedure

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