how to collect hair in a bun


  • Tricks of the modern beauty
  • A beam with a sponge or quick solution to a complex problem
  • Accessories and cosmetics necessary for the beam
  • Star style or fashion icons prefer a conventional beam

The beam - a hairstyle that over the years remains popular among young girls, and among the middle-aged ladies. It gives the image a touch of slight negligence that looks incredibly sexy and sophisticated. And in order to understand such a masterpiece on the head, in front of the mirror is enough to spend fifteen minutes, no more. The main thing that the girl was suitable length hair, enough to tighten the strands. In most cases, this option fits the fair sex with shoulder-length bob.

Today, there are many different ways to collect hair in a bun. All that is needed - is to learn to make the right foundation, and then you can experiment and fantasize, it would be only a wish. By the way, the same hairstyle will look totally different if, for example, today you decorate it with a ribbon, and tomorrow - A fun and colorful pins.

 how beautiful to collect hair in a bun

Tricks of the modern beauty

The fact that the beam only looks beautiful thick hair, but rare and not to be missed fine to volume. As a result, hair will look dull, not bright and sometimes even ridiculous. However, this does not mean that the fair sex who are not lucky with elegant mane, have to give up this idea. So girls, you can resort to a trick, which was known to all the ladies in the early sixties - a fleece.

The beam with fleece - hit of the season

To begin with it should be recalled that it is not necessary to make such a hairstyle too often as daily bouffant very spoils the hair. By the way, after these experiments, hairdressers and stylists recommend using special moisturizing and nourishing masks to hair does not look dry and lifeless.

Step-by-step instruction

  • Step one - give the hair in order

Remember once and for all, a girl with dirty greasy hair looks, to put it mildly, not very attractive. In addition to these hairs do any hairstyle is very difficult because the strands are not to go smoothly. After two or three hours the whole structure will fall apart and you have to collect all over again. Therefore, you must first wash your hair well and dry with a hair dryer at minimum power. Combs, in this case should not be used.

  • The second step - to give the desired volume

Lean forward slightly and whisk hair hands, using the foam and mousse for volume of hair. By the way, if you dry off with his head, strands will be more lush. Do not forget to pay special attention to the roots, they lift the round brush and fixed with hot air.

  • Step Three - collect tail

Not combing, collect strands into a tight ponytail at the back (or just above) and tie a rubber band. In order for a day hairstyle remained lush and broke even during strong winds, sprinkle a little hair lacquer or medium strong fixation. However, be careful not to overdo it with the amount, otherwise your hair will look as if it is - a piece of plastic.

  • Step Four - Making beam

Now, while the varnish had not yet dry, you need to share his tail six or seven identical strands. Gently nacheshite each of them so they do not look like matted pieces, and were a bit fluffy and airy. To twist hair in flagella and make a bundle, which should again sprinkle paint and fix invisible or hairpins.

It's time to sleep or to get rid of the right hairstyle

Gather hair into a bun - not so bad, but the fact that his comb and bring tangled strands in order, you will need to spend more than one hour. Many girls begin to beat panic or even turning to the barber, that there they fixed their masterpiece.

In fact, you can do everything quickly and painlessly. You should first take out the accessories and jewelry - pins, pins, tape, gum, and then - to take a shower, wash your hair with a good shampoo and make a nourishing mask. At the end of the strand is better to put on a leave balm. When hair is dry, comb it gently with a few wooden comb teeth (not sharp).

 how to assemble a bundle

A beam with a sponge or quick solution to a complex problem

Secret Weapon stylish girl with long hair - this is a common sponge, which we used to wash dishes. Plus this method lies in the fact that this accessory has a home, even in the most careless owner. Of course, you need to use only clean, new loofah.

Select from the right temple to the left strand of large, comb it and sprinkle with varnish. Now raise the hair on the crown, and put them under the bast of medium size, it is desirable to roll up the fabric of the same color as your hair and secure them in the middle of the pin. It should look something like hair "Malvinka." The separated first bangs and curls with temples secure in the same place as the stud. On the bottom section of the strand, tighten them in flagella and kill under the beam. If you wish, you can tie around the head of the tape.

Accessories and cosmetics necessary for the beam

Those girls who do not want to spend a lot of time to create hairstyles suit special clips and rubber bands, with which the beam is just a couple of minutes. However, even the laziest of the fair sex can not do without foam (mousse) for hair, nail polish and a round hairbrush.

As for the pins and invisible, it is desirable to match the color of your hair, because their task - to be as inconspicuous as possible on your head. Hide some defects hairstyles as, for example, sticking the tips, you can with the help of a beautiful gum.

Star style or fashion icons prefer a conventional beam

Many contemporary actress and singer choose to appear in public with a beam made in a classic style, not an incredibly complex structure on the head. So, for example, Marion Cotillard, Katy Perry and even Sarah Jessica Parker repeatedly took to the red carpet with this hairstyle is not opening its elegant neckline, and beautiful neck. Over their hair conjured true professionals, so look nevychurno girl, stylish, elegant and incredibly attractive.

But, as you see, to make a masterpiece on the head without the help of a stylist or hairdresser - it's not complicated. In addition, these hairstyles are very comfortable to wear in hot weather, when long hair only hinder. Going to the pool or the sea, you can not worry about that wet his hair and will look not very well maintained. Being a queen, even on the beach - just enough to want it.

 How to collect hair in a bun if shock of hair lacks volume

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 glazing Hair


  • What glazing Hair
  • How does this happen?
  • Subtleties glazing Hair

Hair - a card of every modern woman. You can not sleep, late for work, but not brushed out of the house - never! At least, so says the code girl of the 21st century. The same goes for nail polish. But about the color and shape of the nails, we'll talk next time. Today, let's dwell on the wonders of Hairdressing. What just not come up with the stylists, to attract customers and make the female half of humanity is even more beautiful! Highlights, laminating, coloring, glazing hair - that's a long list of new procedures.

It seems not so long ago the vast majority of women in the hairdressing hair burned chemistry. Today, more choices, and is not always possible even to utter the name of the procedure, not to mention the fact, to understand what is its essence. Take, for example, laminating hair. What lies behind such a bizarre name? Well, not the laminate will be laid on the head, right? Well, if the master in the cabin will fall understanding and explain what's what. But sometimes the master gives vague explanations so that you will remain a mystery - what is the lamination of hair? We will not torment you complicated terms. And take you too uneducated will not, because all of us have heard something about the glazing hair first. And at first little idea about what exactly is at stake.

What glazing Hair

Probably every girl faced with a situation where it had once turned into luxury hair loose strands with posechennymi tips. The reasons for such a change can be mass - from grueling week diet to swim in the salty sea. One way or another, but the consequences of such a disaster is sure to be treated. Few people can quietly look in the mirror in the scruffy and disheveled aunt and safely disposed of in the trash once a tuft of hair left in the hands after scratching.

It was then, and come to the aid of lamination hair. More precisely - a barber, armed with a special composition, which covers each of your hair. Colorless film containing a lot of nutrients, fills the roughness of the hair, making it stronger, thicker, healthier. As a result - hairstyle looks great: locks glisten in the sun, perfectly combed and please his mistress. Therefore, we think you'll agree that the laminate - a thing useful and pleasant. Especially when the window spring and is absolutely essential to win someone's heart.

But there is no limit to perfection. We decided to laminate? Do not overlook the glazing strands. Contrary to public opinion, that - two different procedures which lead to different results. In the first case we filled the hair structure colorless film, the glazing is essentially color. That is, you do not just strengthens the hair, but also to change its tone on one or two colors. The undisputed advantage of the procedure is that the locks dyed bezamiachnoy paint, ie no risk of waking up to discover their hair on the pillow. Well, strengthen hair structure plays an important role.

 what glazing Hair

How does this happen?

Many came to the barber shop, do not even know that such a glazing hair, and what awaits them in the chair of the master. Do not worry, you will not cause harm. Before you perform a frosting of your strands, hairdresser wash head by special shampoo, and only after that will cause the solution to the hair. Doing this will, he repeatedly - until then, until the strands are not "shall be filled" and the structure of the hair does not become perfect, as before. The amount of solution used in the glazing, directly depends on the length and condition of your hair. From these same factors will depend on the cost of the procedure. Hue advised to choose as close to the color of your hair. Glazing though a temporary measure, but the risk and completely change the image, not fully knowing what awaits you in the end, still not worth it.

Some believe that the laminate - is a colorless icing. However, a competent masters do not agree with this statement. They claim that the laminate - a wellness treatment, while the glazing is only a color or color enhancer. And no need to nod your head to the colorless glazing, drawing parallels between the two procedures. Even if a barber colorless glaze used, its composition is still different from that used by making another lamination, and it is aimed at strengthening the existing color of the hair, rather than restoring the hair as a whole. In short, the lamination treats the hair, while glazing gives only a cosmetic effect, and after the procedure, your hair become more healthy. What to choose? We would advise not to get lost, and 2 alternate procedure.

 Hair color glazing

Subtleties glazing Hair

Color glazing strands - is, of course, wonderful. And the hair is strengthened in appearance and color refreshed. Is it possible that the procedure does not have the disadvantages? There is. First, it's pretty sparse color palette (as you can imagine, when the ink composition of the special glazing is taken). Of course, manufacturers of cosmetics beat their breasts and promise that we will soon be able to choose the tone for the glazing as calmly as for ordinary coloring, but until that happens, we have to be content with those shades, that is. In the second, colored frosting lasts no more than 6 weeks (depending on how often you wash head). The more days have passed since the procedure, the less noticeable the effect on hair.

But there is good news. Glazed hair can be as often as you want it. They wanted to refresh her hair once every seven days? Please. No limits, as it was in the old days in the case of chemistry or hydrogen peroxide. This is where the barber shop will not run much, or no hair and you can stay!

Today, many women are trying to save money and to carry out all beauty treatments at home. Glazing hair is no exception. Of course, you can buy yourself a composition for glazing. But you can spend the entire process as it should? Do not mess up your hair? Or better still consult a qualified expert? You decide.

 Glazing hair: simple to the complex

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