enrobing hair at home


  • How is the procedure
  • How it all to do at home

The hairdressing salon customers are offered a range of treatments to strengthen and restore dull, dry and thinning hair. There are many masks, serums, balms - just not listed. But recently there was another service - glazing hair. Despite the "cooking" the name, nothing to do with the kitchen, this procedure does not. And, nevertheless, the effect can be seen immediately, it is long enough and like everyone.

How is the procedure

Nothing complicated glazing no hair. There all pretty quickly: the hair is washed with a mild shampoo, then the entire length of the glaze is applied and dehumidified. This is done several layers of glaze, her hair gradually absorb so glut excluded.

The composition of the glaze includes keratin, which strengthens the hair and nutrition. Moreover, this takes place directly on the hair bulblets, i.e. inside. If your hair is generally healthy and damaged only, for example, the tips (whipped), you can hold glazing is damaged scalp.

To carry out this recovery procedure uses two kinds of glaze: colorless and colored. A colorless glaze will add shine and silky hair, but leave the original color. But if you want to slightly change the shade of the existing hair, you should use the colored glaze. In its composition does not include ammonia, which means that the procedure for hair harmless. Of course, the color does not change radically, but to get a more vivid and intense shade of hair is possible.

Hair glazing procedure is so simple that it is quite possible to spend at home. The main thing is to acquire the necessary preparations and to do everything strictly according to instructions. Of course, it will cost a bit cheaper than in the beauty salon, but the desired cosmetic materials is better to buy in the pro shop.

 independent enrobing hair at home

How it all to do at home

So, to start, you should buy a professional Spanish cosmetics - «SALERM». Immediately decide whether you want to slightly change the shade of your hair - it must be taken into account in the selection of components. In addition, when you've decided on a glazing hair at home, remember the list of necessary tools:

  • Intensive conditioner with keratin and vitamin B;
  • Shampoo fixer;
  • Stabilizer color - it is in the form of a foam, are composed of fruit acids;
  • Tinting colorants - then it will be necessary to choose the color that comes closest to the natural color of your hair.

And now, in fact, the algorithm:

  • Wash the head of a mild shampoo, do not forget to rinse the hair well. No balms, conditioners or rinses can not be used. Wipe with a towel to dry the hair completely not worth it. Comb, divided into small strands;
  • In a separate vessel (preferably ceramic) is mixed with the dye fixing toning shampoo in a proportion of 1: 2. Mix should be slowly, whisking - the result is a pearly gel;
  • Now we put the resulting gel on the hair. It is better to use a brush, do not miss any locks. A specific tint gel helps control its uniform application;
  • The gel should remain on the hair for 15 minutes. After all this time, rinse with warm water;
  • Now use the color stabilizer - applied to the entire length of hair. When you begin to spread it to the locks, you get a light foam. It should be left for 5 minutes and then rinse with warm water all;
  • And now we put air conditioning - it will nourish your hair, give it shine, moisturize the entire hair and increase its tone. Rinse off the air conditioning is not necessary. Silk proteins that are part of this tool will penetrate deep into each hair in the hair follicle, restoring the structure.

That's all - time such a procedure takes about 60 minutes if you have short hair, the time and spend less. Note that spending glazing hair at home, you need to turn off the phone and try not to be distracted by trivia - after all, this is not a manicure, which can be at any time to alter.

But we should not delude ourselves zazyvno advertising slogans and hope for the full recovery of hair - unfortunately glazing is more aesthetic procedures, rather than curative. Of course, feed and proteins, keratin and gives a positive effect. But as soon as the protective film will wash off immediately all will return to their seats.

The advantages of this procedure is that it can be carried out at any time of year, unlimited number of times - it is absolutely safe. Washed off, this is the protective film after 2-3 weeks, as long as you wash your hair more than 2 times a week. On the assurances of manufacturers of cosmetics and stylists, re-glazing of the procedure will have to be carried out in 4-6 weeks.

Yes, shine, luxury, silky glazing provide. But think about this: is it really worth quite an impressive amount of money on this cosmetic procedure? Moreover, it will have to do more than once. It is better to approach complex problems, and to visit the doctor in charge of the treatment of hair.

Let him hold a survey and determine the cause of a disease condition hair, give advice and prescribe treatment. Yes, just quickly go to the stylist or make yourself at home glazing. But much nicer to have its own chic hair and do not spend large sums for temporary improvement in the appearance.

The whole image of the woman should be beautiful and harmonious. Whatever costume you do not put on whatever shoes are not shod - unkempt hair, dry and breaking the tips can spoil the impression of the entire image. So you should make an effort to work on them. And what to choose - or enrobing comprehensive treatment - depends on you.

 Glazing hair at home is possible, but is it necessary?

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 styling short hair


  • Styling short hair
  • Choosing a hairstyle
  • How to put short hair

Some people believe that a short haircut - it's certainly convenient, very easy and not troublesome. Long hair requires careful care, long-term placement, special clips. It is only by making a trendy haircut, you begin to realize that all this is true only in part.

Hairstyle short length has a strict geometric shape. Depending on its type, it is suitable as a lover of sports style and romantic ladies. In everyday life, styling short hair practically not required. It is enough to perform a single golden rule for any hair - they must be clean.

But a woman by nature is changeable - it always want something new, to match your mood. Today, it is a strict boss, tomorrow whimsical "tomboy", and the next day - a socialite. How to put all these images in a single haircut? The answer is simple - to use a beautiful and fashionable styling for short hair.

Styling short hair

Like any other hairstyle, hairstyle short length requires competent approach. First of all, it is necessary to use the right shampoo and conditioner. If you plan to create the volume, the desired means of double effect. It is not necessary to be zealous balms, especially in the root zone. On the other hand - if the plans styling short hair in retro style (smooth or even "licked") - use tool to add volume illogical.

When choosing a primary means of fixation should be considered the original hair color. For shatenok fit everything. Brunettes not recommended keen on wax, because even with a small excess it makes the hair dirty. For blondes taboo is the gel that adheres to the hair thin icicles, making the hair is very untidy.

Luck - is the final stage, the final touch to the work of art, regardless of the length of the hair. His choice must also be grounded. For rearing needs hair lacquer strong fixation and fear the "cement" the effect is not necessary. For romantic curls and vintage images needed paint invisible.

 laying on short hair

Choosing a hairstyle

Thinking about how to put short hair, do not forget about the basic principles of compliance hairstyles natural characteristics. Naturally, when the original choice of these criteria were taken into account, but trendy styling for short hair can change them drastically.

Making fashionable this season, smooth hair, consider the proportionality of the head and body. Before that haircut you went 100%, you may feel after a very small head on a large body. It does not matter that in fact this is not true - an optical illusion will do the trick. But chaos (tousled hair) is suitable for everyone. The only exception would be a kind of short hair styling hair when they are extended laterally. In this case, the person is very extended, which is dangerous for the round and square types.

 styling for short hair

How to put short hair

The question of styling short hair stands up in front of their owner daily. Each individual case of life requires a special approach. Consider the basic methods of hair styling short lengths, which can be used every day, and in the case of the publication.

  • Business style

    It is a smooth hair with an oblique or parting with beautifully laid, modest bang. Quickly you can achieve the effect of using a gel that is applied to dry hair. Placement does not involve the use of additional equipment, including a hair dryer. Using the same gel or wax may be textured strands. The main thing with this is not to overdo;

  • Sports hedgehog - for a very short length

    The effect is achieved through the use of wax. Fix hair lacquer is not necessarily the more wax is an excellent opportunity with a simple combing make hair smooth. It is important not to put too much stuff. Heat the wax with a hair dryer, apply a few drops on your palm, rub and create;

  • «Très romantiques»

    It is considered that this category includes fancy festive styling short hair. Romantic person can afford little whims at any time. You want to feel like a regular Parisian houses? Then a beautiful, resilient curls at the ends and perfectly straightened at the roots - that's your style. Do not forget to experiment with a bang. Any length, oblique, straight, ragged, thick - can fantasize endlessly! Do not skimp on the styling. Fixation of short hair in the evening embodiment should be stable;

  • As evening styling short hair, and can complement everyday fashion accessories

    It is necessary to pick them up, depending on the facial features. For large - invisible and small items for Fine and small - bright, decorated with large stones, large enough. You can also use a tiara;

  • Win-win situation for any length of hair - barrette, picks bangs fixed on the temporal part. Bang under it can be taut or, conversely, elegant and beautiful to excite;
  • For short haircuts with long bangs is well suited ago comb-over, with a slight roll of the bangs and the big hairpin, emitting a tiara;
  • Casual styling must meet two criteria - quick and practical

    In the daily hustle and bustle to spend time simply impermissible. Apply any hair styling products suitable for you, with a hair dryer and a round brush, lift the roots. Select the individual strands, including Bang - the most elementary casual styling is ready;

  • There is an easier option - to use a chemical long-term packing (carving), which will create the strands and the volume of up to two months. In this case, simply wash and dry his head;
  • An interesting and at the same time fast everyday option could be styling with wet effect. Her whole essence is to release locks. For texturing the hair enough to walk on them gel. For typical short - you can use a diffuser.

Regardless of the chosen style, it should be remembered that even short hair and are easier to handle, but still need to devote time to them. Allocate 15 minutes for daily styling easy. Yes, have to wake up earlier, but, believe me, the result will exceed all expectations.

 Laying short hair - simply and tastefully

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