how to make a bundle of long hair


  • All brilliant - easy!
  • A variety of bundles - make a choice

Long hair is always in fashion, especially if they shine and shimmer, radiating energy and vitality. Healthy well-groomed hair has always been, is and will be a natural decoration of any woman. Their skillful and fashionable styling can make you irresistible to any party, and in any environment.

All brilliant - easy!

Happy owner of long hair lucky - for any reason and under any circumstances, they will be able to build a hairstyle just five minutes by turning long strands into a bundle. Tufts of thick, long hair - the most versatile hairstyle for the creation of which will require a minimum of available tools and skills. It is worthy stand the test and banquet celebrations and club parties, and an eight-hour working day, and sea yacht cruises on a hot summer day.

Perfect beam during dance classes, or sports. A bunch of beautiful long hair - a favorite horse stylists who specialize in wedding hairstyles. He emphasizes femininity bride and serves as a reliable basis for fixing the veil. Neat, elegant beam relevant at any time and in any weather. Its elegance can decorate the head and the young damsels, and women middle-aged and gray-haired lady.

 a bundle of long hair

A variety of bundles - make a choice

Options for creating bundles of long hair a lot, it would seem, to come up with something new is simply unrealistic. However, every girl has at least a little bit of imagination, the ability to add flavor by itself, turning an ordinary ponytail into a work of art. A little trick for bundles of long hair of any type: hair must be combed perfectly, without creases and hinges. For a thorough brushing is best suited massage brush of natural materials such as wood. Consider some of the most popular hairstyles for long hair tufts.

  • A bundle of straight hair

First we need to make a parting in the middle or on the side of the head. Depending on the location of the beam, pull the hair into a ponytail or on top. Once again, make sure impeccable smoothness of the tail. Gently twist the tourniquet tight, being careful not to deform the hair and wrap around the base of gum. The tips of the mask inside, fixing pins. If you wish, you can sprinkle with hair lacquer. If you are trying to achieve exceptionally smooth look - use the gel. This image will emphasize the coldness and formal business style typical business lady.

  • A bundle of wavy hair

Very impressive and sensual looks bundle of wavy long hair. Collect curls in the tail and pull the rubber band. At the last turn of the leave in the elastic loop from the hair in freefall. Make fixation using pins. In the temples you can leave a thin strands of curls. This hairstyle is perfect for a romantic date, and will be looked advantageous in combination with satin ribbons and lacquer shoes

  • Volume beam

If hair is naturally not too thick, do not despair. You can make a gorgeous bundle of using foam rubber rings, winding strands to it. Ring can serve as an alternative to conventional fleece, with which the volume increase significantly. The final step - fixing pins and varnish. For special occasions, you can use paint with sparkles, it is also able to visually increase the volume of hair. Look at this, you'll be stunning, showing the surrounding stunning retro-style in the style of the 60s.

  • The beam with festive accessories

Everyday everyday boredom beam can be accelerated with the help of unusual jewelry and original accessories. Flick of the wrist simple tail turns into a luxurious evening hairstyle. There is only one rule - moderation. Do not overdo it with a heap of metal objects on the head, as in this case, their surplus will look too vulgar. Moreover, the abundance of metal can cause headaches. Exquisitely look at the beam mesh - a simple golden or silver with sequins or rhinestones. It gives the image of glamor and mystery, mysterious mist envelops and charm.

  • Side smooth beam

Such a beam is best done on the back of the head. Twist the tail in tow to tip and screw it clockwise into a bun. Leave the ends hang freely, or hide, securing pins. Non-standard will look like the tip of the hair upward. To stiffen the hair liberally sprinkle with varnish.

  • Japanese beam

Japanese beam - deliberately sloppy and messy tousled locks, carefully crafted means for fixing. Such a beam barely cleaved pins or invisible. One option could be a "nest", suites at the very top, sticking out in all directions pryadkami- "twigs". Stab such a structure can be crossed with the help of bamboo sticks. It seems that such a hair fall apart at the slightest breath of wind or a light touch, but it is not. Properly documented long hair can hold shape for a long period of time.

  • Italian beam

Everything connected with Italy, is associated with the sexual and emotional. Italian beam - is no exception. Highly taken back tail split into strands and braided in a tight braid. Wrap it around the base of the tail, kill the pins. Ideal This hairstyle looks with a hat and veil-tablet. Make subtle way to help long gloves and boots on a high thin heel.

This is so simple and at the same time, you can create original hairstyles, with long and thick hair. You can dream up a little and come up with their own idea of ​​styling. The main thing that you feel comfortable and have confidence in their own irresistibility. Then you perceive the surrounding respectively.

 How to make a bundle of long hair and look great in any situation

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 how to make a bundle vanilki


  • Feature vanilla hairstyles
  • How to make a bundle of vanilla?
  • Bow of hair

Before we talk about what a bundle of vanilla, is to understand the meaning of this name. Maybe to create this installation using products containing vanilla? No, it's absolutely not the case. Vanilla hairstyles make a "girls vanilki." Someone thinks of a new subculture committed to, and someone just shrugs, thinking that this age fads of teenagers who go away over time. Whatever it was, many young girls to learn what is the image of a vanilla immediately credited himself with this stream.

Vanilla girls differ from the usual teen not only the style of clothing. Their demeanor, understanding the meaning of life and stand apart. That is why they are often subjected to ridicule by their peers. Many believe these girls as stupid and narrow-minded, but this is not the case. They just see the world through different eyes, have a hobby (mainly - a picture) and love to read, and that distinguishes them from the majority of today's teenagers.

Their clothes stands femininity and grace: dresses with ruffles, flared skirts, floral accessories, small bright handbag. Hairstyles have these girls as feminine as dresses. What is the Vanilla hair color and how to make such a self-laying? Well, let's try to understand.

 how to make vanilla beam

Feature vanilla hairstyles

In fact, some special standards vanilla hairstyles do not have. Home observe three main points: the tenderness, romance and easy negligence. Created a masterpiece of color should emphasize the whole image vanilla girl - a touching and innocent. Many of the girls prefer to wear loose hair, arranged in a creative mess. However, this way of get bored, I want to create on the head for something more practical. That is why, and came into the world famous vanilla beam.

This hair style combines delicacy and rigor, romance and negligence. Make it easy, but this will look very impressive styling. But the main advantage of vanilla beam is not even the grace, and the most banal convenience. Agree, girl, photographs and often spending time reading books, Bole will feel comfortable if his hair gathered and not scattered over her shoulders.

How to make a bundle of vanilla?

To do this you must be laying in its arsenal a few pins and thin rezinochku.

  • Comb hair over the entire length. You can sprinkle them with a special tool for easy combing them to stop pushitsya obediently fit in the right direction;
  • If the hair is thin, whereas, on the contrary, almost nacheshite them;
  • Now assemble the hair high on the head (at the top) and tie a rubber band. It is not necessary to tighten the tail too tight, let it be a little careless;
  • Then twist the tail plait. If your hair is thick, you can divide them into three parts, each twist harness, rope and fix the interconnect;
  • The resulting tow of hair wrapped around the base of the tail. Do not be discouraged if during your manipulations, some strands fall out of the tail, so hair will look more cute and gentle;
  • The tip of the tail and hide under the gum secure all pins;
  • Sprinkle the finished hair lacquer and decorate a bright bow or hoop.

All - a bundle on his head is ready. The main thing is not to overdo tightening, let the hair looks like a possible negligence. Therein lies the secret of the installation.

 vanilla beam

Bow of hair

This installation is also the favorite of vanilla girls. It has two varieties of them and we'll talk later. First, let's try to make a bow just because of the hair on top, the rest leave loose curls.

  • Separate a section of hair, comb it well and gather in a ponytail. When you twist the gum last time, leave a part of the tail under it, do not pull the hair to the end;
  • Those hairs that are in the host, split into two equal parts;
  • Those who stayed on top of the gum, wrap the drain, right in the middle;
  • Attach the tip of the invisible;
  • Distribute the "ears" bow evenly, if necessary, also fasten their pins.

You now have a sweet and romantic hairstyle that does not require additional accessories.

Now we learn how to make a bow on a head, consisting of all the hair

  • We comb the hair over the entire length and make a tail, collecting it all strands;
  • Separated from the upper part of the tail (it should be about 1/3 of all of the hair) and fasten the somewhere aside. It is not necessary to us;
  • Other hair tail divide into two equal parts, tease them as needed, and are connected by rubber bands. This connection should be slightly below the base of the tail;
  • Fix the second gum under the first using the invisible;
  • Now go back to the top of hair strands. We wrap it so that she hid the middle of our bow. All invisible fastening.

If necessary, you can use the locking means for the hair. But even if a few pryadok beaten out from the crowd - do not worry. After all, we do vanilla hair, and it should be a little disheveled.

A bundle of hair on the head, however, as a bow, it can be considered a universal hairstyle that is suitable for any occasion, whether it's a date or a business meeting. Vanilla installation can capture the essence of a girl like this does not make any one outfit or accessory. Make a haircut, then show people the beauty of the feminine and romantic image. After it you will look absolutely irresistible!

 How to make a bundle vanilki? The secret romantic image

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