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In the spring of birds return to their nests, greenery starts to emerge through the more timid the frozen soil, and women finally take off their hats, hair substituting the first warm rays of the sun. And if nature itself is able to cope with the task of renovation after hibernation, the hair of girls after the long winter months under a headdress often have a kind of pathetic and require emergency assistance hairdresser. But what if the master is busy and important meeting on the nose? Hit interlocutor magnificence new caps? Or try to build a hairstyle from what was left on his head? No and no again! While the barber cuts a whole series of clients, we'll learn how to save your own hair - namely, the use of masks against the section of hair.

How to prevent posechennyh ends of hair?

Traditionally begins with a description of the article of preventive measures as anti-section of hair - is, of course, is good, but it is best to split ends do not have. So, what is the key to a healthy head of hair? Just a few rules that are easy to remember and even easier to obtain:

  1. After shampooing can not strongly rub the hair with a towel. Many of the girls wet wipe his head as if trying to tear it away from the neck, and then are surprised that their hair became brittle and started to split the tips.
  2. Combing should only dry strands. Comb wet hair under stretched and injured, so please be patient and initially dry hair.
  3. Dryer is also considered an enemy of healthy hair, so try to limit the thermal effect on the hair.
  4. If you wear a ponytail or braid, try to dissolve the hair for a while. Give your hair a break and head.
  5. From the section of hair is very good range of vitamins and normal calcium. If you do not like to take pills, try to eat more fruits and cheese.

 hair mask against section

Why are cut hair?

Of course, the previous list may partially answer the question of why there posechennye ends. But believe me, it's not all the reasons that make your hair hard-hitting. So why do they whipped?

  • Fight against section of hair has to girls who do not wear a hat in winter. Frost makes hair more brittle, causing a desire pofasonit leads to problems. And posechennye tips - it's not all the difficulties that women have to fight. Add to this the common cold, and the picture will be complete.
  • By the way, about the diseases. Sometimes it is of any exacerbation of chronic disease may result in the cross section of the hair. Therefore, if the appearance of longer hair styles to please pay attention to health.
  • "Hard" and chlorinated tap water is also included in the list of potential threats to the hair. Of course, many are accustomed to drink water from the filter, but something has to swim in the water of the crude that flows from the tap. Hence the problem.
  • Malnutrition and lack of vitamins. We are what we eat. The same adage can be applied to the hair. Everything we eat or drink, sooner or later, affect the condition of our hair. So do not forget to take vitamins in the spring.
  • Chemical effects on the hair. We are talking about numerous coloring, perming and styling, which are so fond of "spoiling" your hair a lot of girls. Sometimes hair simply can not withstand such a large number of chemicals and begin to split or even fall (depending on what procedure you did the day before).
  • Guess who first begins to suffer from a section of hair? Those whose hair is longer. Therefore, the more you cut the ends, the less split ends, you will end up.
  • Wrong selection of combs can also cause significant damage to your hair. Best of all, if your dresser will lay a wooden comb or "massazhka" good quality.

 hair mask from the section

Masks against section of hair

Now that the main cause of the problem identified, you can begin to describe the treatment of split ends.

Simple kefir mask

Cosmetologists say that a simple heated yogurt is ideal split ends. To do this, you only need to apply a mixture of sour milk on his head, wrap your hair with cellophane wrap and additionally warm towel. Duration mask - 15 minutes. As an ingredient you need to choose a fat yogurt. It is better if it is homemade and fresh as possible.

Kefir and yeast mask

Do not delay yogurt far. We offer you a recipe for sophisticated hair mask with yogurt in the title role. You will need 50 grams of yogurt and 0, 5 teaspoons of dry yeast fast. Mix the ingredients and set aside for 15 minutes in a warm place. Once the yeast is fermented properly, apply the mask to clean damp hair for 20 minutes.

Mask with honey and aloe

Probably every girl on the windowsill growing aloe. If you are among them, then do the following mask for the hair you do not make much effort. Cut leaf aloe, grind it in a blender. Add to 1 tablespoon of castor oil and honey. Dissolve a teaspoon of brandy all. The mask is ready. The resulting mixture was put on clean hair and give a good soak.

Egg Mask

This recipe for hair mask for those who have no time to catastrophic beauty treatments. You will need a beaten egg yolk and a tablespoon of castor oil. All carefully Mix and apply on hair for three hours. You can slightly change the proportions of the mixture, adding another egg yolk or changing castor oil, burdock. The main thing - to do this mask regularly, and then your hair will not only cease to split, but will become much stronger.

Still, the best remedy for split ends are barber scissors. Therefore, if you get rid of the problem can not be written in a beauty salon, and your hair will come alive, and the hair will look more well-groomed.

 It is easy to be beautiful: simple masks against the section of hair

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 beam color


  • The beam on the head with fleece
  • The beam with rubber bands
  • A bundle of wavy hair

Do you know what time of year to make hair more difficult at times? In summer. The hot sun makes its own rules, and loose hair, so beloved girls of all generations, bring only discomfort. What a difference a neat bun on the head. This beautiful and perfect in hot weather. However, few people know how to do the beam so that it does not fall apart at the first gust of wind and a neat head turned into a kind of crow's nest. Let us learn?

The beam on the head with fleece

Of course, the best beam on the head looks at the happy owners of a thick head of hair. But you must admit that not all women can boast of an abundance of hair on his head. Many have to be satisfied by thin and sparse strands of which make a beautiful beam is not so simple. But probably. And it helps us in this long-forgotten bouffant. Remember the look of the photos of our grandmothers? Almost every color adorns the bulk hair, which is based on carefully backcombed locks. You can argue as much as necessary, that this way of handling your hair spoils the already not too thick hair, but the fact remains - does bouffant hairstyle more volume. A, respectively, and make a bundle on her head for the girl in the cellar. How exactly? Who will teach.

  1. Wash your head. Make a bundle on dirty hair - a thankless task. Hairstyle get sloppy, and studs will need much more than you need.
  2. Then dry the hair thoroughly comb and pull into a tight ponytail. Before you make the fleece, cover the varnish of the head, which is strapped band. The free edges, hanging from the tail do not touch.
  3. Then you will own fleece. Doing it must comb with frequent teeth and rounded, from the roots down to the tips.
  4. Your tail resembles a devastated nest? So bouffant executed correctly. For all your efforts were not in vain, again fasten hair lacquer.
  5. Now, gently twist the tail to harness and shape the beam. Ready? Then you need to secure the hair with the help of pins and varnish. This should be done slowly, otherwise you'll have to redo not only hair, but also to wash the head.

 how to make a bundle on her head

The beam with rubber bands

If you do not want to spoil the hair is shaggy, we will learn to make a bundle with two large rubber bands. Particularly well beyond this hairstyle for those girls who managed to grow hair below the shoulders.

  1. Traditionally and dry my head to put the locking means.
  2. Contractible hair in a ponytail and fasten at the back a large rubber band.
  3. Then we look for the center of our tail and carefully divide the hair. We need to do a kind of fountain of hair around the gum, which will then beam.
  4. Done? Now put on this very second fountain gum so that the hair covered gum first. We should turn the beam firmly bonded below. From the width of the first gum depends on the size of the beam. From the strength of the second - the quality of the whole hairstyle.
  5. From the strands of hair left at the bottom of the fixing gum can be made as a pigtail, wrapping it around the beam and locks that you can decorate her hair, turning it from everyday to holiday.
  6. Fasten the resulting composition of hair lacquer. Just do not pour on the head of the whole tube. It can make the hair glass, and this, and more brittle (those who ever tried to "rip" hairstyle spoiled paint, understand).

 how to make a bundle on her head

A bundle of wavy hair

Many holders of curly strands are upset, looking at the beautiful and sleek hairstyles her friends. Meanwhile, make a bundle on the wavy hair is quite possible.

  1. Wash your hair, put on hair fixing means (mousse, foam, gel) dry.
  2. Gather hair in a ponytail, trying to top hairstyle was as smooth as possible. If not the first, nor the second time trim the tail comes out, you can use the hair iron, which is able to make curls less noticeable.
  3. Fix the result obtained using hairspray.
  4. Next you need to form a loose strands into a bundle. But if a girl with straight hair used to do it with the help of gum, more prilizyvaya hair, then you are all things will all exactly the opposite. Form your unruly locks into curls and wrap their gum bonding strands pins. The result is supposed to be a bundle of a series of "lyrical mess." Beautiful, is not it?
  5. The main thing - how to fix my hair. Make it a can of hair spray and foam, that you applied to the hair immediately after shampooing.

You can make an ordinary beam or bundle of fleece - your will. The main thing is not to pull hair pins too strongly and promptly wash the hair of kilograms fixing means. In addition, it is not necessary to make a beam to those who rest on the sea, or salt water turn hairspray currently cementing agent. Better fasten hair into a normal tail. In the end, you come to rest on the sea, and not participate in the competition for the best hairstyle coast?

 A bunch of color: the severity and comfort

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