beam from the hair of medium length


  • Fundamentals of fashion trends of the season
  • Options tufts of hair of medium length

Most modern women prefer to wear hair of medium length. This length is the most convenient and does not deliver his mistress too much trouble. After wash, dry and put the strands of rather short hair is easier and faster than the daily combing "Rusu braid to her waist." Hairstyle of hair to his shoulders easily constructed and looks nice, emphasizing the advantages and disadvantages of hiding small face.

A bundle of hair of medium length suited to girls with any type of entity, the main thing - the right to determine its location on the head. Round face visually narrow the high beam at the very top, soften the contours of a triangular oval beam at the back. Slightly long face brighten two beams on each side, with the released strands of medium length on both sides.

Fundamentals of fashion trends of the season

Too short hair is not for everyone, so it turns out that the hair of medium length - is the best option for women of all ages. The priority of the current fashion trends in daily styling hair is naturally combined with light and deliberate negligence. Sophisticated turrets and challah long gone. Slightly disheveled hairstyles added appearance of mischief, making their owners are younger and more attractive.

Medium length hair is ideal for any experiment, even if it lacks a little density. To make the volume of visually more tactics you can apply backcombing. This usually gives a very good result. You can also resort to using special tools for installation. Foams, mousses and varnishes are able to significantly increase the volume of hair, simultaneously making the hair more resistant to adverse weather conditions. But do not forget that all means are good in moderation. Otherwise, easy negligence hairstyles risks becoming a woolly mats.

For any women's hairstyles, there is one immutable rule, which must be observed regardless of the circumstances. Laying looks beautiful and naturally only completely healthy and well-groomed hair. Otherwise regrowth and thinning or split ends turn in sloppy romantic flirt aunt repulsive kind.

 nice bunch of medium length hair

Options tufts of hair of medium length

  • Simple beam with thin hair

Make it tight and elastic beam at home even from the fine hair of medium length can be quite an unusual way - with the help of a sock with a cut end. It is better if the sock is made of natural material and its color - similar to the color of your hair. It must collapse so to get a bagel. In hairdressing salons offers a special device, but the house will come and toe. The resulting donut gently pull on the tail and hair mask evenly on all sides. Secure the beam you can use studs. A small detail in the form of a bow or a weightless silk scarf around the bundle will become a peculiar twist in your image.

  • Antique beam

High girl has a beautiful neck and slightly wavy hair medium length, is to face a bundle called "antique." High tail should be taken back to turn into a tight knot, coiled wiring of twisted hair that sticks with the help of pins or invisible. Lush hair can be divided into zones rim or even two. On both sides of the face and neck separate thin strands, giving them the shape of a curl. All times hairstyle Ancient Greece is ready.

  • Tie beam

If your boss is too strict, and the office dress code does not allow for liberties in the form of curls, make a bundle with a perfectly smooth surface. Without any accessories or frivolous bright accents. This hairstyle is ideal for business-woman, which often takes part in important negotiations and attending business meetings.

  • Turned beam

Another hairstyle for medium length hair - inside-beam. The basis for it is a loop of hair. It must turn out and threaded through the opening of the hair above the elastic band to fix with the help of available funds.

  • A bundle of flagella

Very unusual looks a bundle of twisted bundles of each temple, near the nape of the neck connected by pins. This hairstyle is reminiscent of an intricate Stozhok sticking out in all directions, "blades of grass-straws" and gives the impression as if you have just visited an expensive stylist.

Your hair is always stylish and elegant if you choose the easiest and quickest way to solve the problem of stacking - beam. At its creation it will take no more than three minutes. And improvised (except combs) need only rubber bands, pins and invisible. The beam is appropriate during the morning run, and at work, and at the evening banquet. Firmly fixed beam will last all day, keeping its original aesthetic appearance and excellent form.

 A bundle of medium length hair - hair style for any occasion

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 hairstyles for curly hair


  • Simple and trendy hairstyles for curly hair
  • How to diversify styling?
  • How to care for curly hair?

If you are by nature got curly hair (which is curly, not wavy), you realize how hard it is to cope with them. Rebellious curls and strive to go wrong, and to make elegant styling, you need to have incredible patience. In addition to the hair curly hair afraid of water. A single drop of water can ruin laying over which you have labored the whole evening.

Despite this, many holders of straight hair dream of curls. Why is this happening? They just believe that hairstyle, curly hair does not require special installation. Well, what can be complicated? I woke up, sbryznula hair spray, held his hands on them - all for the release of the girl ready. But that hairstyles for curly hair is quite monotonous, one somehow does not think. Agree, the same styling soon get bored. And I want something new, stylish, creative.

Besides, hairstyle for curly hair requires special care at home. We need special shampoos and conditioners, moisturizing masks are required. We'll have to give up the hair dryer, or at least reduce its use to a minimum. That's why girls with curly hair do not understand the delight that feel familiar with the form of their hair. They know how much effort, time and patience is required to spend every day to bring this beauty into the proper form.

Today we will talk about what hairstyles for curly hair are the most optimal. And also reveal all the secrets of caring for them at home. We hope that this article will help you treat the "gift" which you bestowed nature, more tolerant.

 curly hair hairstyles

Simple and trendy hairstyles for curly hair

What hairstyle for curly hair is best to choose? In principle, there are no restrictions. The main thing that a haircut was not very short. Otherwise, you risk turning your head in the dandelion. Also for short curly hair is difficult to find a suitable packing. Originally in this case the asymmetrical look and layered haircuts medium length, as well as a cascade and Bob.

African passion

  • On dry hair, apply a small amount of mousse;
  • Now divide the total weight of the hair into five equal parts;
  • Each of the screw flagella from the forehead to the crown, and seal them with small hairpins, crabs;
  • Gather the hair in the back shell, lock pins and sprinkle with varnish.

This spectacular hairstyle medium length curly hair will look amazing. It is suitable both for work and for a date.

The effect of wet hair

  • In slightly damp curls, apply gel or hair cream;
  • Walk your hands through the hair, squeezing them into a fist toward the roots;
  • Let hair dry completely. If you hurry, you can use a hair dryer to dry the diffuser nozzle;
  • Now divide the hair in the hair, walking up to her fingers;
  • Fasten varnish.

As you can see, everything is very simple. With such a hairstyle curly hair every day you'll be in the spotlight. And in order to create it, it takes just a few minutes.

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  • Divide the hair into two equal parts parting;
  • One part is fasten the pins, so as not to interfere;
  • Now you need to braid pigtail. Start working from the forehead, moving to the back of the head, adding a new strand braid of the bulk of the hair;
  • Secure the braid invisible rubber band;
  • The second part of the hair treated in a similar;
  • Now perekin'te braid criss-cross at the back and fasten the studs;
  • The ends of the braid by beautiful barrette or a rubber band;
  • Use hairspray strong hold.

The above hairstyles for curly hair is not particularly difficult. They can be done at home either, not even versed in the art of hairdressing girl.

 curly hair hairstyles

How to diversify styling?

  • Low tail - hair style for every day

Treat dry hair mousse or foam, flatten curls small forceps. Now take a large-diameter curling and make large ringlets. Collect a low ponytail. Strands that had escaped from the hair, sprinkle a little paint and pressed his hands;

  • Fashionable locks

This hairstyle is best suited for medium length hair. First we need to put on wet hair mousse or gel. Now you need to curl them on large rollers and wait until the locks are completely dry. We remove curlers and carefully disassemble the hair into large curls. This can be done by hand. Finally sprinkled with hair lacquer;

  • Hair straightening

Do you want to radically change the image? Get a hair iron and then try to straighten curls. Before starting the procedure, be sure to put on hair protectant to keep their structure. Rectification is not carried away, otherwise you risk to dry up strands: they become brittle and split;

  • Soft waves

There are not any big deal. After washing your hair in a braid two simple braids and wait until they are completely dry. Untwist, give hands shape.

Just a few styling secrets:

  • Immediately after washing, apply hair mousse and tie up on the top of a handkerchief. Wait until the strands dry out, remove the scarf and disassemble the entire mass of curls to the same;
  • It is also possible after applying mousse to wind each strand on the finger, so you will get a fashionable and romantic waves;
  • To hairstyle curly hair to look nice, and locks were uniformly, immediately after washing your hands, remember your hair, picking each strand into a fist.

How to care for curly hair?

As mentioned above, curly hair requires careful maintenance. Let's look at a few simple tips to help you maintain the health and beauty of your hair:

  • How can I rarely use a hair dryer to avoid overdrying and brittle hair;
  • Do not wash your hair every day. The best option - once in three days;
  • For scratching, never use a brush. The desired shape of hair to curly hair can be given and fingers. Or buy a comb with wide teeth;
  • Use shampoos and conditioners that are designed to moisturize. Also, do not neglect masks and serums. Thanks to them, the hair will become more obedient;
  • After washing, do not rub your hair with a towel, just pat them;
  • To curls were elastic and "alive", choose products that contain in their composition of keratin.

That's all the secrets. As you can see, nothing complicated and impracticable in creating fashionable hairstyles for curly hair is not. The main thing is, pay due attention to their tresses every day, try to find your own style, underline its originality. Love your hair and they will answer you in return!

 Hairstyles for curly hair: tame unruly curls

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