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Every woman at least once in life thought about whether her go bang. And if so, what kind: straight, smooth, oblique, short, long? After all, on what variant to stop the fair sex, the future depends on its image. Agree, not everyone wants to be like Emo, many more to taste hairstyle Olivia Wilde and Zooey Deschanel, Kelly Osbourne and Madonna's style in his youth. But one thing is the element looks on celebrities or your friend, and the other - what will you.

So before you decide on such experiments, weigh the pros and cons carefully consider and, of course, consult a good stylist or hairdresser - so he knows how to look good ladies haircut, though short, though not very much. Yes, a long-haired, too, it is not so simple. And in any case, do not cut bangs yourself at home, using the usual nail scissors. At best, you can stab hair pins or invisible at worst - you'll have to wear a bandage.

How to choose the right bangs

If the forehead of the girl is quite high, like Tyra Banks, Taylor Swift and Nicole Ritchie, she fit straight bangs to her eyebrows. It looks impressive and is virtually all women without exception. Please note, this is not the model that our mothers went to the Soviet Union, when the hair is not captured from the top, and were taken on the thin edge of the platter. As a result, the bang was obtained rare and ugly.

Owners of a narrow forehead to face shorter bangs that give the image of a little girl's foolishness. By the way, if you have hair liquid, profiling them. This will help add lacked the pomp. But first we must make sure that your chosen female hair combined with the features of your face.

  • Oval face type

If you belong to this type, you are lucky enough. Due to bang you will be able to emphasize the correct shape of the face, hiding with some disadvantages (for example, a high forehead and ugly eyebrows). Such fair sex can experiment with hair as they want. Today - long bob, tomorrow - a bob or Naroscheny curls up blades. Haircuts fit any - short or long. Although, of course, a long-haired woman always looks spectacular. After all, in the end, on it and women's haircuts, their femininity obladatelnitsy.Hotya it does not mean that short hair can be beautiful.

The same applies to the bangs: oblique, straight, short - in any case they will be fine. By the way, some models hairstyles make women younger and more attractive. After all beauties, unfortunately, give out wrinkles on the forehead and around the eye corners. It is natural to look at the thirty-fifty, you must follow the hair: time to paint, get a haircut and to care. And the women's hairstyle should always be relevant and appropriate.

  • Round face

Round-the fair sex suit hairstyles that visually stretched oval. This layered hairstyle with volume at the crown. Strands of hair cascading to the sides, make the face more narrow and graceful. It is also a good idea in this case looks asymmetrical haircut with a torn oblique bangs or - best short. But long will look good.

Note: stylists recommend not to burden the different means hair styling (foams, gels, waxes). In other women's haircut will not look very neat, especially short - to long is not so noticeable. It should be noted that the round-faced beauties should not do women's haircuts with straight bangs, as this will make the forehead even less.

  • Triangular face

If you have a triangular type of person, then forget about the volume at the crown and temples. Your task - to visually enlarge the cheekbones and chin. In this case, it will look very favorably oblique (to the line of the nose), or straight bangs. Profiling is also completely contraindicated - women's haircuts are very diverse and better pick out some other.

  • square face

You have a square face, like Emma Stone and Zoe Kravitz? Then you have to just forget about leveling irons and short hair. Straight strands only accentuate your flaws. But you are free to do perm: curls and ringlets afford to do more features soft and gentle. But short haircuts for women so the ladies are extremely undesirable.

As for the bangs, then there are several options. You, for example, you can opt for an asymmetrical model, which visually soften a square jaw. Not bad as it looks semicircular fringe and cascade waves cascading down.

 short women's haircuts with bangs

Hairstyles for hair type

  • Thin hair

An important role in this case is the type of your hair. If they are very thin and fragile, it is better to opt for a bang that starts at the very top. This will make it more voluminous and thick. But with slanting, semi-circular and short models, in this case it is better not to experiment.

  • Curly hair

So the fair sex on the contrary should be avoided thick and lush bangs, because with them it will be difficult to handle. On the styling you will go every day for at least an hour, with enough rain to go - and once again begin to curl your hair. It is better to make a rare and oblique bangs, which can be laid on its side. Of course, women's hair should be appropriate.

  • Hard and unruly hair

If you fall into this category, then you are contraindicated short oblique bangs. Otherwise the hair will stick out in different directions, and with this you can not do anything about it. Of course, you can use a ton of gel or wax, but in this case, your hair will look as if it is plastic.

Fashion bangs: choose your option

  • Smooth the bangs - peak season

Today, with a thick flat bang goes almost every third representative of the fairer sex. In this fashion, so that it not only concealed his forehead and eyebrows beauty. Hair length in this case is irrelevant. This model looks equally good on short bob (Katie Holmes) and the average (Gwen Stefani in his youth).

If you decide to make a similar hairstyle, you must first become familiar with some nuances. First, you need an electric iron is by you every morning will align the fringe. Second, the hair does not spoil, it is necessary to use a special tool, which prevents interference from hot temperatures.

  • Bangs arc as Victoria Beckham

The girls, who prefer to keep walking with her hair, bangs can make a semi-circular. Unlike the previous model, you do not have it all the time leveling. And, best of all, easy negligence in the way add you sexuality.

  • High bangs

Fashion for women like hairstyle came to us from France, where in the early nineteenth century, almost all the girls were like them. Unfortunately, this is only a few bang. It should have regular features, to decide on such a serious turn. If you have a long and thin nose, pointed chin and high cheekbones, better look for something else.

  • Torn bangs

Torn fringe is more suitable for young the fair sex, but sometimes even a woman well over fifty give preference to this option. To put the hair in a spectacular hairstyle, you will need to spend no more than five minutes. It is enough to cause the foam, highlight pens, consolidate varnish. All image femme girl ready to rebel. By the way, a short hairstyle is the perfect option.

Picking a suitable variant hairstyles, you can drastically change your image. Do you want to be aggressive business-woman? Please, enough to make a straight bangs and gather hair into a bun. Like to be romantic and gentle? Then perfect semicircular bangs with curls at the temples. The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment. Even if you fail podstrizhetes hair grow back. And if you try your favorite model you'll probably regret it later.

Short haircuts with bangs

  • Kare - style

Today, short bob traditionally leads the list of the most popular hairstyles. It is fashionable and popular because of its variability. This hairstyle is almost all women, regardless of their age, status and social position. The only thing that can spoil image - wrongly selected fringe.

Considered fashionable women's haircuts like a long, covering his eyebrows and short bangs. The first option would be to face the young and the older the fair sex. The second approach is not only to those who face a rectangular shape, as such a model is visually heavier chin.

  • Bean

If you do not like to look like everyone else, and strive to stand out from the crowd, you perfect asymmetrical bob with bangs torn (like pink). But unfortunately, not everyone can decide on a haircut when one side - the hedgehog, the other - a short bob. To put your hair, you'll need a foam or mousse. Apply a small amount of the lock down and beat the hair with his hands. Received minor negligence, which is so fashionable this season.

Errors in choosing a bang

So, number one mistake - a long fringe and the liquid for which it is difficult to maintain. If you do not plan to do daily hair styling and align from this variant is better to refuse. Otherwise, the hair on the forehead will be scattered in different directions, it looks like, to put it mildly, not very neatly. In fairness it should be noted that this option is very young the fair sex with a long and luxurious hair.

Mistake number two - ignore selection bangs instilled by the type face. How would you not want to get short bangs, do not do this if you have a heavy chin. It is unlikely that you will want to go with a square jaw and wait a few months until the hair grows back.

It is also important to whom you entrust your hair. Refer only to the professional, as only he can advise you on the appropriate option. Listen to the expert, but, of course, do not forget about your wishes.

 women's short hairstyles with bangs

How to treat a bang

To the next day after washing the hair bangs are not sticking out in all directions, it is necessary to immediately blow dry. Directs air from the top down, it does not forget to use a large round brush, which are wound slowly while drying hair.

If you are the owner of a tough and unruly hair, you will need to put a special pre-spray. Also on offer there is a special indelible balms, sprays and creams for hair, which do not allow hair to curl.

The fact that you can not go to bed with wet hair, know almost all of the fair sex (but often they neglect this rule). But on the cap, which must be worn at night, few people are aware. Therefore, suffer the beauty of the morning, trying to comb the hair is whipped to shreds and flatten curls.

By the way, you have to bang wash every day (or at least once every two days, but not less). Thus it is necessary to use a special shampoo, preferably - without surfactants and other such additives. And do not forget to do a hydrating mask. They can either be purchased at the store or do it yourself with the help of natural products that have in the fridge each family.

Clipped bangs at home

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to once every two or three weeks to go to the hairdresser to trim bangs regrown. But if the form and model suits you, you can do it yourself at home. The main thing - to get sharp scissors (it is desirable that they were professional).

So, beginning with a thin comb separate bangs. The rest of the hair into a ponytail collect and kill, so you do not accidentally cut off. Note: wet hair is not worth it! If you do podstrizhetes and then dried fringe may bounce. By the way, just in case, always leave at least two-three millimeters "in reserve". If you falter hand, the stylist in the hairdressing easier it will be to rectify the situation.

Carefully start to cut their hair. Keep with the scissors at an angle of 45 degrees. Do not yank or pull on the ends if the pieces of head of hair stuck between the blades and cropped, as this will only get worse. Just grab the next small clumps, which will be easier to handle. Once you're done, walk around the perimeter of scissors for cutting out.

 Short haircuts with bangs for women - fashion trend

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