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  • Advantages and disadvantages of a bang
  • Massage the scalp for hair growth
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  • Folk remedies for quick hair growth
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  • Hair styling at the time otraschivaniya

Luxury hair - a business card of every woman. No accident that the French, who rightly has long been considered trendsetters, they say that the main thing in any way representative of the beautiful half of humanity - it is a beautiful hairdo and elegant shoes. With this statement is difficult to disagree. But if the right shoes is easy to buy in any store, a haircut, things more complicated.

Hair require constant care. And choose the right hairdo - not an easy task. Here we must take into account the shape of the face and figure, and even character. After all beautifully coiffed hair - is an integral part of the image, which to some extent reflects the inner world of its owner. Mood hostess hair gives everything whether curled locks, or are they free jet on the back, fancy or laid on its side ... It is believed that when a woman changes hairstyle, it is often in her life, too, is changing.

The easiest way to diversify the image - this hairstyle. Long hair is certainly not difficult to shorten. Many women who decide to change the image of shear a bang: a long, curly, angle, obliquely. This can be done easily in any hair salon. It can then be worn in different ways: to comb, make round, screwed and put to one side.

However, over time, you want something new, fringe bored. And here there is a problem. How to grow a bang? After all, it will take more than one day. We'll have to wait a few months before she otrastёt to the desired length. Before you decide to take this step, to determine whether in the future you see yourself without this detail hairstyles? Perhaps fringe - this is not what your image will look unfinished. Or perhaps it was she who hides minor flaws and emphasizes the advantages of your appearance?

Advantages and disadvantages of a bang

So first of all, think about the advantages and disadvantages of a bang. Many women, she decorates and gives a very feminine. It is believed that the fringe - is a detail hairstyles that allows to look for a couple of years younger. It is suitable for owners of a high forehead. A straight flat bangs indispensable for those women who are present in the temporal part of a receding hairline. Bangs skillfully hide this shortcoming.

Why do women still decide to grow it? It is not always the reason for this is the desire to change the image. Some just do not have enough time to properly take care of bangs. It needs to be periodically trimmed to maintain order. This detail of the image requires constant stacking, otherwise it looks sloppy.

So, after weighing all the pros and cons, you can finally decide whether to change its image. And if you do decide to grow a bang, you have to be patient. You can, of course, seek the help of professionals and build it. It will only take a couple of hours. However, many women prefer to look natural. And the procedure of escalating costs are very cheap. Therefore it is better still to wait a bit until the fringe otrastёt not alone. And we will try to give you some advice, that this process is passed as quickly as possible without sacrificing appearance. Because to go with the ever-combed to the side bangs few people like it.

How quickly otrastёt fringe depends on the rate of hair growth. It depends on many factors. Proper care, a healthy diet, lifestyle and environment - all this affects how fast it will grow. It is believed that even the color of the hair affects their density and growth rate. The most luxurious tresses have, as a rule, red-haired beauty. But the blonde can not boast. However, the strength of each of us activate hair growth. Special care will help to ensure that the hair and therefore the fringe grow back faster. We offer several ways to stimulate hair growth.

 grow a bang

Massage the scalp for hair growth

Regular massage of the head by improving the blood circulation will accelerate the growth of hair. Making it possible in the cabin, turning to the help of a professional, and independently. For the procedure, you will need a round hairbrush massage medium hardness and means of stimulating hair growth. It can be all kinds of oils, lotions, sprays, purchased in a specialty store or made yourself.

Pour a little money on hand and the fingertips gently massage your scalp for a few minutes. It can be carried out throughout the massage head, and only the areas bangs. Then, for 10 - 15 minutes, carefully comb the hair over the entire length of the circular comb. This procedure significantly accelerate the growth of your tresses. But assuming that you will properly perform her regular morning and evening.

Essential vitamins for hair

To stimulate hair growth is necessary to feed them not only outside but inside. You must correctly and fully eat foods rich in all sorts of useful vitamins and microelements. Promote hair growth vitamins A and C. They are in liver, eggs, carrots and sauerkraut. The important role played by women for beauty vitamin E, which is in any unrefined vegetable oil.

Do not be amiss to take pharmaceutical drugs to adequately incorporate vitamins into your diet. Now there are many complexes with vitamins and minerals that promote youth and beauty of women. However, be careful! Follow the instructions and do not abuse drugs pharmacy. Excess vitamins can backfire.

Folk remedies for quick hair growth

Folk remedies have proven themselves as facilitators to stimulate hair growth. Their advantage lies primarily in the fact that they can easily prepare yourself. The ingredients for such funds can be found in the home of every housewife. But in the end it turns out enough quality and affordable tool for the rapid growth of hair and bangs in general.

  1. Onion juice

    Onion juice for health and beauty curls still enjoyed by our ancestors. This is a very simple but effective tool. It takes juice 2-3 large bulbs. Intense movements rub it into the hair roots. Then put on warming cap and wait a couple of hours, then rinse with lukewarm water. The downside of this tool is resistant onion flavor. Particularly strong odors absorb oily hair. It is therefore recommended to make such onion wraps before the weekend. A couple of days is better to sit at home and wash my head 2 times a day with shampoo. The smell will be over, and the effect of the procedure will be noticeable after the second rubbing.

  2. Burdock and castor oil

    Burdock and castor oil has long been considered the best means for the beauty of hair. They help get rid of excess fat and dandruff, cure dry posechёnnye tips. For rapid growth bangs slightly warmed burdock or castor oil, apply to the roots, shook his head and soak for about an hour. Rinse with warm water. To improve the effect of the oil can be added to the red pepper tincture diluted in half with water (2 tablespoons of castor or burdock oil 4 tablespoons peppermint liqueur).

  3. Homemade masks "in haste"

    Effective warming mask can be prepared from mustard powder. Beat 1 egg yolk with 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, and the same amount of hot water. Pour here 4 teaspoons dry mustard. The resulting mass should be sufficiently warmed, but not to burn the skin. Before you use it, apply a small amount of the mixture on hand. Massage in a circular motion rub the composition into the hair roots, wait 20 minutes, then rinse agent.

Stimulate hair growth and vitamin B contained in beer. Grind using a blender banana. Fruit pulp mix with half a glass of dark beer 1 tablespoon honey and 1 egg. Mask keep the head on 40 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Rinse decoctions of juniper and birch will cope with the problem of slow-growing hair. Take the leaves of birch and juniper branches in equal parts, chop and stir. 3 tablespoons of the resulting composition pour 3 liters of water and place over medium heat. After boiling broth let it brew for an hour. Wash your head as usual, then rinse hair with a decoction of the plant.

Professional products for hair growth

Many do not trust the means for hair growth, made independently. Perhaps this has some truth. Shop drugs often act more quickly and efficiently. Modern cosmetic market offers us a lot of all sorts of sprays, balms, conditioners and masks for hair growth. In any store you can buy a vial with a special composition, which is applied to the roots and stimulates the growth of curls.

In addition, beauty salons provide services for the various procedures that will help to grow a bang for the shortest possible period of time. Massage, Mesotherapy, Biolaminirovanie glazing and prevent brittle strands and greatly accelerate the growth of hair. Inside, you can also take a course of treatments with curative mud and essential oils in the form of masks.

 how to grow bangs to the side

Gentle hair care at the time of otraschivaniya bangs

Few of the women live without hair dryers, irons and hair sprays. However, they will adversely affect the condition of the hair. Therefore, at the time of otraschivaniya bang on these subjects should be abandoned. Nor should pull tight hairpins and hair bands. This disrupts blood flow and slows down hair growth. Avoid perming and coloring hair.

Hair styling at the time otraschivaniya

Even with the use of all means to stimulate the growth of hair, bangs will grow quite slowly - no more than 1, 5 cm per month. The problem is that the first bang begin to climb in the eye, and eventually it will go more and more uncomfortable. In addition, the regrown fringe looks not very attractive, and messy. Therefore, the main objective can be considered as the ability to learn how to beautifully laid too long bangs.

Home hair can simply select the top rim. But now this accessory is not a success. Therefore, for events outside the house better to learn other ways of styling. First, you can simply zachёsyvat bangs to the side. Here, by the way, you can experiment with parting. You can change it at least every day. As the need arises beautiful bangs her stick.

Many believe that the most popular method of laying a bang for the grown - stab her invisible to any side. The fact is the fast and simple manner. To do this, use a small hairpins, different in shape and color. Interesting styling happens if chёlke give volume, lightly comb it and then stab back or lay on its side. Make it very simple. You can braid bangs into a beautiful braid, which can also be sent back or side.

Get as much as possible all sorts of accessories. Very elegant look hair bands. They not only help hide neatly regrown bang, but also add charm and originality to your image. You can choose the ribbon for the hair of any color and change the way the image at least every day.

If you do not have time for packing, do not worry. In some cases, you can leave straight bangs hanging loosely on his face. In fact, according to many experts, the strand, freely falling on the face, are very attractive and sexy. To give your hair volume, bang, lightly curled, sprinkle with varnish and lay on any side. Of course, this kind of installation is not suitable for business events. However, with her hair can easily go for a walk with friends or on a romantic date.

Another version of the grown styling bangs, maybe not everyone will like, but for a change, you can use it. Divide bang into strands of equal parts, screw them, and kill the top, using stealth or clips - crab small. You can leave your hair loose or tied back.

As you can see, growing a bang - although long, but to some extent a fascinating process. You can experiment with your way zakalyvaya hair in different directions and making all kinds of partings. And unusual barrettes and ribbons will give your image a particular style and personality. Do not be afraid of change. Very often a new hairstyle entails positive changes in your personal life!

 How to grow a bang: hair care and styling of their ways

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