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There are no women in the world, which is at least once in my life have trimmed hair. New, unusual hairstyle often is the best way to cheer up, escape from life's problems or just to change the usual and already podnadoevshy appearance. But time passes, the hair grow, and the problem of how beautiful stab fringe becomes urgent. And indeed, even the perfect bangs sometimes annoying, interferes with, or simply do not fit into the image that you have decided to try on today. In such cases, immediately wants to somehow remove it, as they say, out of sight, but to do it beautifully and correctly.

How beautiful and just a short stab bangs

The easiest option to handle unruly bangs - to pretend that your hair is still long. To do this you need to collect a short bang in the tail by removing the back of its ends and secure them with the invisible, and the bulk of the hair to collect, for example, in a high ponytail. Or leave loose. Equally simple and effective way - to pick up the top of the locks, taking a bang in a high ponytail. It looks good this hairstyle on long hair, and if more and tips to tweak out - get a very dramatic haircut.

You can remove the unruly strands on one side, making a side parting, hair combed to one side and secure crosswise or in parallel by two pins. They can be whatever shape and form, and does not necessarily have to be the same clip. A variation of this method - the slaughter and walk hand bangs on the edge of hair, as if lifting and pulling them up. Thus, on the one hand uncomfortable strand of bangs will not stop, and the other - to keep the volume and gain a nice bend and shape.

Lovers parted can offer the following method - comb the hair on both sides and simply stab bangs behind her ears, hidden or invisible barrettes under the curls. Generally, the bangs parted looks very feminine, both direct and recycled, especially on long hair. The idea is to create the desired parting - straight, zigzag, on one side, diagonal - and then put the hair in the desired way and bang, of course, make sure that the parting bangs corresponds to the ground.

You can also braid the usual oblique bangs, put to one side and secure the invisible, or twist its wiring, it is best to look at one side of the parting. Flagellum just gently stabs herself invisible. You can divide a bang on a few strands, each twist and a back stab, decorated cute hairpins or crab, or a beautiful ornament on one side, fixing each strand separate invisible or tiny crab.

 how to slay a bang

How stab grow bangs

First, it applies to the above methods, and secondly, the long bangs can be laid using a lot more interesting ways. For example, to make a very topical version of fleece. To do this, separate and comb the bangs comb with fine teeth from the crown to the forehead, then remove it back to fix a small amount of paint and stab invisible. As decoration, you can add a pretty barrette or brooch hair. As an optional accessory you can use the bezel or tape. You can also try to make a bang too with the fleece, but on one side. In this variation tease hair to a small volume and placed with an inclination to the right or left.

The rim tape, and can be used not only as a decorative addition to the hair, but also for a variety of highly convenient ways to diversify ways of slaughtering bang. You can remove the bangs back under the rim or tape, smoothing the hair or leaving the volume, you can comb the bangs to the side, to consolidate varnish or mousse and hold her rim, putting it below the hairline; it looks vintage, and refers to the dashing thirties Chicago jazz. Especially if the rim or belt decorated with a large decorative flower. You can curl your hair, parted in the middle and make a wrap or put on a thin strip just above the hairline, it will give your image a subtle resemblance to the Greek nymph.

Continuing the theme of the rim, we can not tell you how to bang stab another interesting way - hair combed to the side and put on the rim as if from above, almost to the crown, in this version of fringe lies a very beautiful wave. The same method can be used with textile ribbon or, for example, a scarf. It is only necessary to consider that, as a rule, they are wider rim. But bangs can be both a tape clean and combed to one side, putting her ear.

If you have the opportunity to spend a little more time, come to the aid of the spit. Spit - is generally a good answer to the question as to slaughter without the bangs invisible. You can weave a bang in an elegant French braid: Start from the base of bangs and lower weaving along the front edge of the hair. It looks elegant, does not require additional jewelry may need a bit of practice to get a more accurate result. With proper skill, even a fairly short bangs can hide in this version of the spit.

Instead, the French braid, you can try the Dutch - a French braid braiding vice versa. It is not wrapped inside and then goes down, as it is done with the French braid, but instead rises up above the surface of the hair. It looks good on long curls. It can weave the forehead from different angles. For example, you can take her as if obliquely, and then remove into a low ponytail.

You can use a usual simple plait. Braid ear at the hairline to the other ear, taking "the path of" bang, a good fix and carefully walk on one side of the spit, a little pulling strands - so familiar scythe will get quite a surprise appearance. Average netting can be used in thin braids from ear to ear; Three or more of these braids in which you need to seamlessly weave bangs look very festive and unusual, especially if they fix the ears invisible in the hair color.

Instead of the three strands of the braid can always learn more complex braids. You just need to practice, and the results may surprise both you and others. Spit-ropes, braids of four or more strands ears tightly and loosely braided, pinned behind the ear or descending along the hairline, a fixed or invisible rubber band to tone hair - all this variety of options for every day. If desired, each day for a long enough time, you can stick bang differently. It would be a desire, and then the problems with the way the slaughter bang, you will never encounter.

 Create a unique image: how nice stab bangs

 How to put the bangs to the side


  • Suitable means for laying bangs to the side
  • Little secrets of great victories

Do you want to update is already overexposed hairstyle? Do you want to right now, in an instant change and transform themselves, to look beautiful? It may be that you just tired of your bangs, and you want it to grow, but you are unsure, because not everyone knows how to put unruly bangs while it will grow. This labor-intensive process that requires much effort and patience.

Perhaps the best one is laying on its side bangs - this option is suitable for all types of people. If you like to experiment with your hair, it is better to choose a cabin in the form of bangs, which will be easily combed to the side and subject to modifications. Master tells you the best option if you will be hard to choose. A blow to the side bangs will help you out, even when the model haircut starts to grow.

The solution lay bangs to the side can come to those who wish to completely change their image, or those who simply wants to transform one evening and refresh your everyday look. Original styling bangs make your face more elegant and will attract the attention of others, you will be the center of attention, certainly. Therefore, dear ladies, you must know how to put the bangs to the side.

Suitable means for laying bangs to the side

Nowadays, manufacturers offer new solutions for hair styling, today issued a lot of products, but each girl chooses appropriate only for herself option. We'll tell you about the most popular means for laying bangs, which will help you to always look beautiful.

  1. First on our list - simulating the spray, which remains elastic for a few minutes and you'll be able to do her hair, having put the final touches. Spray your hair does not stick and is easily washed off with water.
  2. Not far behind the popularity of the spray and mousse. It is easy to use: Apply to clean, slightly damp hair with your hands or with a comb and then dried strands of hair dryer or naturally.
  3. The following is a hair gel. Professional gel gives your hair strength. With it, you can convert your short cut to a piece of art, no one can remain indifferent, stroking you. To hairstyle was voluminous and stayed all day, you need to apply the gel to damp hair and resort to using the dryer - that's all! But remember that the gel solidifies immediately, and then to correct his mistake, would have to re-wash my hair.
  4. There is still a light mousse, he gently fixes the hair and softens them and gives elasticity. Besides mousse smoothes the hair cuticle and prevents them pushitsya.

Choose what is right for your hair. As they say, the taste and color of the companion does not. If you are the owner of curly and unruly hair, you'd better choose the special clay. She, unlike the rest of the funds will not give effect to hair greasy and not turn them into "icicles."

If your hair is very naughty, you can choose utyuzhok or perm. Not everyone has the time in the morning careful packing and bangs to the side fit is not so easy and requires a specific approach.

No one dictates to us that we have to choose. Try different means, starting with those that have a light texture. If they do not help, choose a more dense texture. Over time, you will find what you are looking for, this is your victory.

 How to put long bangs to the side

Little secrets of great victories

So, with the choice of the means we have understood. Now we need to proceed directly to the installation. To do this, you have the following tools: hair, comb, hair, comb, utyuzhok, curling - it's up to you. We will share with you the knowledge that will help you out during installation:

  • If you picked up the hairdryer, then make sure that the jet of air was directed from the top down, and the distance is not less than 40 cm. This will not dry up your hair, and more - locks will not scatter in all directions, and it will facilitate the process of laying .
  • To give the hair volume can be raised during the laying bangs up and dry the hair at the roots, but in this case the air stream should be directed from the bottom up - so you get the desired effect.
  • Form a hairstyle can be using a comb or fingers. If you execute bangs his hands, you get a slightly mischievous look.
  • At the end of installation you need to change the hair dryer in the mode of cold air, then your hair will receive an additional fixation.
  • No matter what tools you have chosen to create a hairstyle, remember the following: to bang not crumbled during the day, you must sprinkle it with lacquer and smooth brush.
  • Shape is better not to wet hair, namely wet.

Do not forget that the long bangs is not always nice to see, because it hides his face from others; however, owners of large features such fringe will be most welcome. A short fringe, on the contrary, will draw eyes and allow your eyes and enjoy the seductive lips, besides it will rejuvenate your face and give it freshness.

Use hair clips to create hairstyles. Stabs bangs to the side can be at different angles, it will hide the scars or acne on the face, it helps to hide some other deficiency. Asymmetry hairstyle can help to cover the forehead as much as you want it. You can stab a bang, giving it the shape of an oval, crescent, or screwed on locks and create a beautiful curling wave. As you can see, even if the bangs shorter than the average, the options for its placement on one side a lot.

As you have already noticed, lay on its side bangs will not make a huge work. Everything is done quickly, you can save time for other important things. After all, not every woman can give yourself enough time, many of us have a husband, children, work. Also coming soon hot time, and blow themselves for half an hour with hot air to very few people will like.

Today Bang took a strong position in the fashion industry, and to leave the summit of Mount Olympus, they are not going to. Therefore, love to experiment on their appearance, embodying the wildest fantasies. Do not be afraid to make a short cut or change the shape of bangs - hair grow back, and you can continue to try something new. Such changes will be pleasant not only for you but for the people around you. You will always shine, and to engage the views. Stay on top, steps forward with confidence, happiness in the world. Love for Me - is very important. Infect people of this great love, you look beautiful!

 Secrets of beautiful hairstyle: How to put the bangs to the side