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  • Bangs for round face decoration
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  • Short haircuts for round face
  • Elongated quads
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  • Bob hairstyle for round face
  • Useful tips
  • Pruning, as a means to highlight the features of the figures and faces

That's how the female psychology that everyone, even the brightest and recognized the world the beauty, will always look in the appearance of some flaw, despite the fact that we are all unique and attractive in its own way. But the idea that you need something to correct, amend, or emphasize a constantly swarming in beautiful female head.

By the way, that these heads were beautiful, women also have to spend a lot of time and nerves in the selection of hairstyles, haircuts or pilings. It is for the owners of small round face this problem often seems to be almost the entire tragedy. All this because the face of this type is not for every haircut, and if you make the wrong choice it can finally bring yourself to a state zakompleksovannosti, feelings of embarrassment and inadequacy.

To avoid such troubles, and the revival of women in self-confidence, designers and hairdressers modernity developed a huge number of options haircuts, hairstyles and hair styling.

With the advent of spring, many of the fair sex there is a desire to radically change his life and, as a rule, it all starts with small things - a new haircut or hairstyle.

But after this, hocks a new problem - how to define what a haircut or hairstyle right for you, taking into account the color, length, thickness of hair, presence or absence of a bang, lifestyle and fashion style. Note that all options for haircuts for chubby beauties are intended to cover all roundness.

How to determine the round type of person?

Before deciding on any change in its image, determine what type of your face. We now consider the more widely useful information for chubby women. So, the easiest way to check whether your face to the round type, measure its width and height. If the numbers are almost the same measurement, the test can be considered positive. Besides face with cheeks the same width from cheekbones, rounded soft chin and broad line of hair can also be attributed to the round type. In this case, all the changes in your appearance should be directed to the visual extension and restriction of the round face. For this will be enough to choose a suitable hairstyle, if need be with bangs, which will emphasize all the positive features and hide all the negative points. The main thing is not to make a mistake in their choice.

Naturally, not every hairstyle suitable chubby women. After all, you need to consider not only that the hair was perfect, but try using the hairstyle to hide all the roundness of the face contour may have a short neck, angular cheekbones and wide forehead. Choose a hairstyle with long, ragged strands cascading or asymmetry. Such a hair appointment can not only hide the shortcomings of the above, but also visually pull the face.

 haircuts with bangs for round face

Bangs for round face decoration

Bangs can be a lifesaver for one more round type of person. The choice of form of bangs - is a personal matter, and if there are rich imagination can achieve great results. But misuse selection still occurs frequently. The main mistake is discrepancy forms bangs and type of person. Therefore, try to pre-determine what option is right for you.

Bangs, suitable for the circular type faces can be divided into types:

  • asymmetric,
  • torn,
  • oblique - visually lengthen your face shape;
  • Multilayer - give the face a soft contours;
  • short - hidden under the ears, creating the effect of long faces.

Such seemingly small but very important element of the haircut as bangs, capable of dramatically change your appearance. Barber can recommend several options for bangs, depending on what you like and is suitable for any type of person. If the face has a slight defect, bangs can hide them. Also with the help of bangs can be beneficial to highlight the beauty of the eyes and cheekbones expressive - this version is particularly suitable for women who want to throw a couple of years old. Remember that age is not a hindrance bang. But ill-conceived fundamental changes may go counter to your style. But the youth, on the contrary, gives a chance to experiment with his hair and bangs. If you do decide to shave off the fringe, then select a length that will allow her to pin failure.

Broad bangs, starting from the top, give your hair more voluminous look. For the tall and slender girls - give up the idea of ​​elongated and straight bangs, because it can disturb the general feeling of proportionality. The same principle can be judged on the lush bangs in young women. If your hair quickly zhirneyut from haircuts with bangs have to be abandoned. To lay the thick bangs, use sprays and gels for the hair to a minimum.

Owners curly hair in this respect completely out of luck. Bang on such hair requires constant attention and care. For chubby women barbers and stylists recommend short bangs that reach up to the middle of the forehead. But in this case the bulk coiffed hair should cover the ears. Long bangs definitely need milling.

On falling soft bangs will look good highlights. For a short hairstyle or lush multi-layered hairstyle does not fit thick bangs. It must be either thin or combed to the side. Round type of person will not fit straight, thick bangs and siblings.

Option "entirely without a bang" can only be raised when the top hair. But even if you have a beautiful fringe and the hair removed in this way, then this option is ideal for business style. Correction bangs perfectly carried out once every four weeks. Strongly regrown Bang may be the beginning of a new image. Therefore, experiments with the appearance should be given various model variants, angle, length, thickness, color and direction of fringe.

Types of hairstyles for round face

Pruning, which is often called a cascade, and even in the company of an oblique bangs to the side, well hide a wide forehead and mow roundness. In this case, the asymmetry is very advantageous option.

Extra long bob with bangs oblique long - haircut designed to meet the needs of lovers of hairstyles for medium length hair.

Long hair visually lengthen a round face. But what about the owners of thin hair? After all, for them such haircuts mean lack of volume. In this case, you need to do a haircut on the principle of a cascade so that the ladder begins at the end of his chin. Flowing tresses and a long oblique bangs should be screwed into large curls. This hairstyle is able to hide the roundness of the face.

Some women prefer to make a small stage in their long hair in almost the end of their length. Splayed and cropped to the specified method of hair will look elegant in both forward and in stranded form. In this round face will look a little oblong.

For chubby beauties with hair of medium length hairstyles best option is multi-layered stage with an oblique elongated fringe. Such asymmetric haircut will close more than half of the face and distract from a round cheeks.

Short hairstyles are not every woman. But if you decide to cut their hair as much as possible, choose a layered hairstyle with a ragged fringe. This option will not spoil your look.

In choosing hairstyles for round faces, and you will be more such good advice. Hairstyles with long hair - a winning option, but not for owners of fine hair, experts advise that short voluminous modern hairstyle. In such bulk hairstyles created exclusively in the upper part, cut their temporal portion is short, sometimes leave elongated strands through which limit the face sides.

Short haircut with an asymmetric form suitable for some women with a round face. It is important not to change the main principle: increasing the volume of hairstyles in the right places, as far as possible camouflage asymmetric strands cheeks and forehead open. Haircuts for round faces, based on asymmetry - a real godsend to update its image.

Very successfully used elongated hairstyles for round faces allow dense and thick hair, is no exception and curly hair. Their volume and saturation allow the elimination of the various tricks by following the principles outlined above.

We have listed a few of the principles of selection of hairstyles for round faces. And now look at some examples of hairstyles for round face shapes.

 hairstyles for round face with bangs

Short haircuts for round face

For what hair is easier to care? And what is easier to style? Of course, short. There are a variety of short hairstyles for round faces, ideally suited to this type.

Calling short haircut is to provide a volume at the top, thus visually extending face. The same effect will create a multi-layered and his hairstyle to a rounded face cascade.

Many hairstyles for round faces include strands that fall down on the cheeks and thus hide the extra inches. This method using elements of asymmetry diverts attention from the round facial features.

Great emphasis is removed from the face oval air hairstyles for round faces, creating the effect of slightly disheveled hair.

Elongated quads

Think of elongated squares for his round face. Many girls think that this hairstyle is not suitable to them. "Chip" is what you need to do is extended version of the square. And then an attractive appearance provided to you. But we must remember these simple rules.

  1. If you make a square with the round face, be sure to make a side parting. It is also disadvantageous to wear a square with stacking in which the ends of hair rolled up inside.
  2. Having an elongated square with a bang, not too lazy to make a tapering fringe. This item Air hairstyles visually lengthen the face oval.
  3. Rack with elongated strands front completely change your look. This hairstyle emphasizes the benefit cheekbones, chin and graceful neck.
  4. When mowing quads are advised to try another different kinds of partings: asymmetric zigzag on one side ...
  5. Elongated quads is an excellent alternative to long hair. In this hair blends classic style squares and beauty of healthy hair.

Long hairstyles for round face full

The most naturally round face shrinking long hair. It is necessary to remember that the need to avoid additional volume in the area of ​​the cheeks - a basic rule of hairstyles for round full faces.

When using smooth flowing locks, gradually tapering towards the end, you can add a definition lines. Pretty impressive on round faces look trendy hairstyles with long hair below the shoulders, with the proviso that at the level of the lips or chin begin cascading locks. Also, another very effective way of narrowing a person with long strands can be called an elongated oblique bangs.

Equally important for a round face and hair color. Coloring strands around the face, destroying the roundness of its shape and create the necessary elongated look.

Bob hairstyle for round face

Haircut bob haircut is a model for round face shapes. She has a lot of options - from stylish classic cuts to the most bizarre.

Useful tips

If you have decided on your type of person and it did relate to the round, these few simple rules will be very useful in the future and will help to always look stunning:

  • For a round face type only acceptable layered haircuts;
  • Asymmetric hairstyle distract from a circular shape;
  • Torn oblique bangs - your trump card;
  • Hide the roundness of the face may be due to long hair;
  • Categorical "no" to the horizontal lines of a haircut;
  • Round face extra volume color to anything - refuse lush curls and too small zavivok;
  • Direct haircut with rounded shapes - not your option.

In that case, if your hair is lush by nature, try a little "extinguish" the amount of lacquer, gel or foam for hair, but do not overdo it.

To thin hair turned beautiful styling with the volume, use the hairdryer with a special nozzle and mousse. A simpler option would be an ordinary fleece. Choosing a hairstyle for round face shapes, and avoid:

  • smooth parting;
  • cuts or other round spherical shapes, parted in the middle and direct the square;
  • models hairstyles for round faces should not close their ears and be low. Poluprobory and parted in the middle and will not do. If you are not happy with the type of their forehead, hide his hair with a side parting. Try not combed her hair back. Although as always there are exceptions to the rule. Some wedding hairstyle with slicked-back hair looks nice enough on the circular face. In this case, sloping down a veil hiding his face on the sides.

Pruning, as a means to highlight the features of the figures and faces

Haircut and hairstyle should be chosen taking into account the features of the figure. Separate discussion required features and how they can be emphasized by a hair. For example, to hide the length of the nose, it is necessary to establish the amount of color and beautiful, and most importantly free, put the long bangs. Clean hair is arranged in this case only accentuate facial imperfections. For snub nose is well suited hairstyle with hair combed upward. The wide flat nose "make friends" with the hair combed from the person, and raised high above the forehead.

The most attractive part of the face are the eyes, and in order to distinguish them profitable is not enough of a professional make-up. Properly styled hair can also serve well for the allocation of the eye. For wide set eyes should be raised and put the hair above the forehead in the form of a wave. If the eyes are close together, the hair should be raised up, and the lateral strands lay along the cheeks. Too long neck must be covered with hair. A brief on the contrary should be opened.

When short haircut, edging back of the head shall be in the form of a triangle. To hide the big ears, just a little to cover their hair. Many noticed that the line of hair above the forehead draws attention to the eyebrows. Indeed, using bangs can completely hide the eyebrows or the present them in such a perspective, in which they are, depending on the situation, will appear bright, dense, thick or thin.

So, we found out that when properly chosen hairstyle, you can not only smooth round face shape, but also to identify the most attractive part of it. Furthermore, it is possible to significantly improve the structure and character of hair. So remember that the successful execution of a hairstyle, according to their own desires, lifestyle, clothing, hair style and many other factors, beautiful hair and radiant smile face will delight and please the eye, not only you, but everyone around.

 Haircuts for round face with bangs - select suitable