how to put a bang


  • Basic Tips for laying bangs
  • Methods of hair on his forehead
  • We select the type of person a bang

Bangs - a wonderful "tool" that can be used not only to radically change the image, but even visually correct some obvious imperfections in appearance, such as thin hair, a wide forehead or too small, and so on. It is important at the stage of hairstyles to choose the right type of bangs, one that is ideal for you, and know how to put a bang at home.

Basic Tips for laying bangs

Owners nice and thick, straight or slanting bangs is very important to remember once and for all that it has to be laid as soon as you washed your head. The fact is that if you leave your hair to dry naturally, then you can say goodbye to the dream of a perfect installation.

When you proceed directly to the drying of hair, be sure to know that the air flow that comes from the dryer, should be directed from the bottom up, not exactly. The only way to make the right amount of bang and get a guarantee that during the summer heat, it will not stick to the forehead. Continue to stack unruly hair should be, directing the air flow from top to bottom.

Provided that you - the owner prone to oily skin, you need a little powder under the brow hair, so they do not stick; This is true even bangs, which is made smooth. It is not necessary when you style your hair on the forehead, to impose on them an excessive number of different means, because they will only be able to reboot it, and it threatens the loss of volume.

To make your bang unique smoothness and radiance is to walk on her ironing, intended for hair straightening. Just do not be too zealous, because after once your hair is voluminous and shiny, and you get a nice straight bangs, but after three or four - it becomes flat and is not as pretty. In addition, the funds should be used with thermal protection, because after permanent straightening utjuzhkom can get nuisance - dried hair.

 how beautifully laid bangs

Methods of hair on his forehead

We put side

Despite the seeming simplicity of this installation, while its implementation is recommended to strictly follow some tips that will guarantee that the hair will look natural and flawless. First, dry the bangs oblique, like the others, it is necessary after washing and steered from the roots to the tips of hot air. Not recommended to keep the dryer at a small distance from the hair as well, you can give them a completely unpresentable form. All the time during installation should use hot air, including cold only at the end to secure the final result.

Provided that unruly hair and to style bad enough, better use of special agents such as wax or foam that are applied prior to drying, and are distributed over the entire length, and only after that start to lay hair. Lay and oblique thick bangs can and ironing.

Style your hair back

Hair raised back from his forehead, become a stylish decoration for any girl, and the advantage of this hairstyle is that this beauty can be done in minutes, of course, knowing the rules, we will tell you now. In order to put the bang back, you lift them, and then the roots of fine comb to make a small fleece. Next, you need a little comb the top layer of hair. Fix the result can be very simple or any other invisible hairpin. At the end sprinkle with hair lacquer allowed to complete fashionable styling bangs back.

Stacking method "locks"

This styling looks incredibly impressive, especially processed strands stand out. First we need to put on hair gel a little bit, and then sprinkle the whole bang finish. The result looks very nice, stylish and impressive!

Laying "curls"

As you might guess, after this type of styling hair get amazing curls shape, which can decorate your face. It's really beautiful! In order to properly carry out the process of installation, you need to apply a little foam or mousse to the hair, and then cheat them small and thin strands on curling. The result will be an incredibly romantic image.

Laying oblique bangs

Oblique bangs better stacked with hair gel. To fix this type of bangs, in fact, it can only be a single admission. But that's no reason to be upset, because this installation is very important always looks fresh and even without whatever delights.

Initially put on quite a bit oblique bangs mousse or gel, and after a hair dryer or even a simple comb it dry it in the direction in which your barber executed a technical drawing. It is important that the stream of air was not too strong, because the locks can simply fly away, because of what hairstyle will look pretty messy. Properly fix the result will hairspray. Still, you look beautiful and fashionable!

Impressive styling short bangs

Happy owner of a stylish short bangs know for sure that to cope with it is difficult. This is especially true of the whimsical nature of the hair, which is usually very naughty and do not go smoothly. In order to "tame the beast", you know that you need to style your hair moist, not wet. Immediately after the procedure, wash your hair should be thoroughly wet them with a dry towel, and then wait for 3-4 minutes, and only then allowed to proceed to the installation. When you need to put on the hair a little fixing agent, and then send the downward flow of hot air. To fix this laying best varnish strong fixation that she has long looked beautiful.

 How to style your bangs long

We select the type of person a bang

How to lay the grown bangs, many women are interested in, because sometimes quite difficult to set aside time to run off to the barber and cut hair falling over his eyes. Sometimes a girl just can not determine the type of bangs, which he is, because of what her and lay cut indefinitely. Experts recommend choose bangs to the type of person, because the only way you can really get you a suitable hairstyle.

For oval face

Owners oval face will suit almost any hair style. But experts advise to opt for a "ragged" bang milling of medium length, which is designed to emphasize your femininity. Also, such girls and women can make short bangs or perhaps a long and thick.

To elongate the face

In general, for this type of person is required to choose the bangs, which visually make the face look wider and thus hide a rather high forehead. It is better to choose the long bangs, which will emphasize the dignity of all holders of the elongated face. The main thing that this fringe was always neat and straight to bed, because it kind of does not matter, and depends solely on the preferences of the hostess.

For a round face

Girls who nature has awarded a face shape, perfect bangs, slightly shorter in the middle. With its help you can visually pull round face. It is in any case should not completely cover the forehead, better that she was airy and light. For special occasions you can put it nicely, or remove ago.

For a square face

This form is ideal for soft and thin oblique bangs. It is better to choose a long bang, because it is such a hairstyle can help soften the owners of its strict lines of the face and give it a length of at least visually. Suitable for all the bangs hairstyles, which like the possessor of the square face. In addition, this type of bangs put as simply as possible.

 How to put a bang: the golden rules of professional

 how to remove a bang


  • Some variants of elegant hairstyles
  • Remove the long locks
  • If you have short strands

All-girl bangs owner know firsthand how much trouble it periodically gives, despite its beauty. Sometimes we do not have time to cut to grow bang, and sometimes we want it to grow, to get a thick and dense tuft of hair on his forehead, but what to do with it and how to put it correctly, that it is not out of her eyes, we do not We can always come up. It is therefore important to know how to remove the bangs that she did not look ridiculous.

But before we consider the most convenient and easy way hair, look at some useful tips that are important to observe. First, fringe must be clean. Rinse and gently dry the hair with a towel. Be sure to use a mousse or foam if you have dry or normal hair. If the hair is oily, use a mousse is not necessary, or they will not appear well groomed. However, among the range of contemporary styling, you can pick up makeup for absolutely all of the hair, the main thing - do it right.

Then, after being dealt a means to the hair, gently separate the fine comb the bangs from the rest of the hair, pushing back strands. Dry bangs hair dryer, using a round brush. This, first of all, give volume, but also makes combing easier. Now dry your bangs like you used to do it always, and even now it is possible to begin to slaughter.

 how beautifully clean bangs

Some variants of elegant hairstyles

Zakalyvaya bangs back or on the right side, it is important to pay attention to its length and thickness of hair. Below we look at the ways that are ideal for any type of hair. A total of three. This is a high poluhvost small flagella, and bang, back stab. All this is easy to implement and does not require you skills skilled barber.

  • High poluhvost

This option is ideal for girls who do not just want to remove the grown bangs, but also a little refresh, rejuvenate the face. Perform the following way. Putting bangs and hair that is directly adjacent to it. Kill the hair tightly as possible simple barrette or more invisible directly on top.

  • Flagella

Small flagella do just dividing the whole bang into five parts. If it is not very thick, divide it into three or four. From each selected shape of the flagella, and then they kill it tightly at the top, using small clips. The hair can be curled a little. As a result, you will make an elegant and stylish haircut, spending only a few minutes

  • Bangs are killed ago

To stab beautiful locks back, you need to collect all the hair, combed it with a comb back and fix them using stealth. Very simply, quickly and easily. Incidentally, this method is most popular. So you can pin up hair is not only back, but also to the side - as you prefer.

Remove the long locks

There are many ways that will easily remove the long bangs, both backwards and sideways. By the way, it fared much easier than with short - it can collect for a few seconds and look at the same time it is elegant and beautiful, not ottopyrivaya in different directions. So, the first option - retro. To do this, curl bangs using curlers (large or small). That is, forming curls. You can do this at bedtime or in the morning, using a curling iron. Do not forget the foam application. Once the strand is wound, kill it, and sprinkle it with lacquer. This method is suitable for those who have hair-stage.

No less popular and bouffant. Method somewhat similar to the slaughtering of hair back. To separate the bouffant comb bangs straight and with a comb make a simple fleece towards the side from the top of the forehead. Now, removing the hair back, lift them from the roots, fixing clasp.

Continuing to consider how beautifully clean bangs, remember about the side and greased back hair. They allow you to remove the hair beautifully to the right or left side. Perform simple fleece, in the first case, but not the volume. Now assemble and just bang however her from the other side, which is convenient. To do this, use the usual invisible. You can also collect a bang in the braid, French braid braided toward the back of the head, or a single braid, which is then slaughtered on any side.

 how to remove the bangs beautiful

If you have short strands

With short bangs things a little harder. But no need to despair - even here there is a solution. Here, however, without any additional accessories you can not do. Use headbands, barrettes small, different hair ornaments. In this case, we focus not on the method of slaughtering, namely accessories.

For example, all kinds of scarves or obodochki must be chosen according to the tone of your hair or clothing. It is necessary to give preference or neutral shades or contrasting principle. Jewelry can be beautiful patterned pattern by which your hair will be even more beautiful. For example, a small crab-decoration can be killed at any side. Rim easily remove hair back, opening the face. Try as much as possible to emphasize its advantages!

The easiest way to remove short bangs to the right or left side. Lay it can wave or crescent-shaped. Such methods will not only remove hair quickly, but even to hide potential problems and shortcomings. If you have unruly strands, during the creation of better use of curling waves - so it will be easier to fix. It is advisable to sprinkle varnish.

Also today, as never before, particularly relevant bangs, laid on its side. Primarily, it is versatile and easy to use. It is suitable and chubby girls, and those who have an oval face narrower. Hairdressers say that bangs, laid on the right or left side, softens facial features, giving them affection.

We have considered how and where to remove the fringe quickly and beautifully, using a minimum of makeup and accessories. Which of all the ways to choose - your only choice that depends on your features in appearance, hair and style. In any case, you'll look great. Suffice it to supplement its exquisite image, right to choose makeup. It is worth to try, and you will always be beautiful!

 How to remove a bang: simple advice