how to make a bang


  • We select bang for face shape
  • What kind of bangs are?
  • Trendy accents
  • Instructions for creating a bang
  • Useful tips

Regardless of age, every woman wants to look beautiful and young. If a young man it does not require any effort, that the older a woman gets, the more urgent the problem for her. If you wish, you can lose a few years without resorting to such drastic measures. Make the same changes in their appearance can be very simple. Choosing the right hairstyle transform your look and give piquancy. Without any real investment to create a completely new image, surprising his surroundings. And most importantly, these changes in your appearance will be made by your own hands.

Hairstyle in this case is of great importance. Try to change it, do yourself a bang. Leading stylists believe that if it is to choose the right, it will rejuvenate a woman better than any expensive cosmetic procedures. The whole effect is to change the proportions of the face. The correct type of bangs, increases the emphasis on glazah.My want to offer you several ways to make a bang, suitable for your type face and style.

How often do we, standing in front of a mirror, pay attention to the wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows. They are old we are stronger than any other lines and wrinkles. Often, they are difficult to remove even in the beauty parlor. In this case, the rescue we will change the length of hair in the frontal part. This will hide the traces of withering skin and will be only visible wrinkles-rays, which appear with a smile.

Bangs will help to correct facial proportions, expression and sexuality give your look. Even if you do not like to change the length, color and the length of their hair, bangs modification will look fashionable and stylish. There are many species and it would be easy to choose exactly the same one that will make you beautiful and desirable. This diversity suggests a daring and negligence, and classical rigor and complete transparency of the image.

We select bang for face shape

Pick up view Bang followed with regard to the shape of the face. Every woman, many times seeing her reflection in a mirror, have decided so, what form her face and that she wanted to change it. If not, then it is very simple. It is enough to circle the lipstick its mirror image and the resulting contour will fit a particular face shape.

For the person in the form of a triangle is the most appropriate elongated style bangs, light straight or lateral asymmetric. Long bangs will hide most of the forehead, and asymmetric side - balance the sharp angles of the face.

For women with a long face of the rectangular form, suitable straight bangs wide, reaching to the eyebrows or below the eyebrows, as well as asymmetric. She hides and visually reduce the length of the chin.

For the oval face will suit any kind of bangs. In this case, everything will depend on your preference and mood.

Women who have a round face shape, not lose, if you give your preference for a long braid bang, or torn. Thus, they will be able to cover most of the forehead, and the oblique cut hair in the frontal part of the visually lengthen the face, giving it an oval shape.

If a person has a square shape, the most suitable for you is not thick oblique fringe. With it, you niveliruete impression of a heavy chin and face shape visually acquire slightly oval in shape.

 how to make a bang at home

What kind of bangs are?

  1. Graphically. Until now, at the peak of popularity is graphically bangs. She smoothed thick and has a length that extends to the eyebrows and sharp contours. It is ideal for women with oval face.
  2. Asymmetric. The most versatile and has been asymmetrical bangs. Its length varies depending on the desires of the woman. It may be of medium length, but can reach almost to his chin. It can be worn not only by women with a scythe, but also those who have a bob or a pixie. It has a beautiful view on the straight hair and curly. When placing a bang, you can beat it in different variations, making their appearance playfulness and mystery: pin up, tease, twist, braid into a pigtail. Everything will depend on the imagination of women.
  3. Torn. Bangs, eligible women with any face shape gives both sexuality and boyish enthusiasm, elegance. It looks spectacular on short haircuts straight, asymmetrical with ragged edges or jagged bangs, which visually helps to lose a couple of years.

Trendy accents

Make a trendy hairstyle right in several ways:

  1. Bangs can be very thick and have a volume or bouffant, length and width may vary. It starts from the back of the head can be almost that adorn the face with small features.
  2. Bangs can be laid and perfectly smooth, and negligence.
  3. You can do a combination of textures and cropped hair on the forehead have a wavy, curly locks. You should not abuse the very short bangs and graphical now in the presence of curly hair.
  4. In some cases, it looks great coloring.
  5. Sharma will add the use of tapes, clips, brooches hair. Straight hair - fertile ground for imagination. Women who are endowed by nature with a low forehead, generally not advised to wear bangs.

Instructions for creating a bang

To create the selected bangs at home, you need the hair brush, sharp scissors and a comb with fine teeth. Do not forget to podstelit newspaper clipping at the mirror. Look in the mirror and decide the length. So that in the future people do not laugh, try not to rush. The adage "Measure twice - cut once" has never been so relevant. It cut back not glued. Comb your hair and imagine how your hair will look with bangs.

You know perfectly well the nature of your hair. Before doing a bang on the most obedient hair, they should be well washed. If the hair is disobedient, it is better to cut it on the second day after washing. In this condition, the hair more manageable, better lay down. In the case where additional hair washing is not required, carefully comb it with a brush. Lightly moisten the hair in the area of ​​future bangs. If the entire mass of hair has undergone washing, they should be carefully comb. Next, using a towel to dry and they must continue to a maximum combing smoothness.

Cut off bangs, hair, hold his hand and make the cut in one smooth motion without stopping. "Unauthorized" stop can lead to failure of the selected line as a result of a crooked cropped hairstyle. We must work without haste, confident.

If you intend to make a flat bangs, scissors should be kept horizontally, without rejecting the hand to the side.

If you wish to be oblique bangs, the hair should be cut at an angle. If you do not want it to become wavy or zigzag, make sure that your hand was hard and did not tremble. Otherwise, it will have to trim a few times, which is fraught with the loss of the planned length.

Finished shave bangs, comb it. If some strands knocked out of the total length, moisten and then align them with scissors.

Gives hair enjoy your view, thoroughly dry the hair and comb it. Do not forget that dry the bangs will be shorter. Therefore, to determine, with its long, consider this point. Even if the hair grow back quickly, cutting the bangs too short, you can ruin the whole effect is conceived.

 how to make a bang

Useful tips

When you first decided to cut himself bang in the home, and not quite sure of themselves, ask for the help of their loved ones that you trust. The most "painless" way to cope with this task master in the beauty salon.

Having cut bangs, profiling its ends - it will help keep the long form. Tapering carried out with special scissors, hair rejecting 30%. Scissors should be directed vertically upwards and tips must make several cuts on the hair. It is elementary to make yourself at home in just a minute, and the effect of playfulness will persist for 2-3 weeks.

When laying cut hair on the forehead is necessary to dampen the movement of air foam and blow dry from the top down, that will give them a tremendous amount.

Let your bangs will hide possible imperfections and open in your face unique flavor!

 How to make a bang? Practical advice

 Hair care after a perm


  • A few tips before curling
  • A day after a wave
  • Proper washing and combing hair
  • Restores hair
  • Medical masks for hair
  • Photochromotherapy and its features

Perm, even gentle - it's always a lot of stress to the hair. Chemicals in any of its manifestations has a negative impact on the structure of the hair, because they need a deep phased withdrawal. To learn how to properly care for hair permed, we will cover in this article. But first let's understand with what are the different types zavivok, and identify their differences.

Curling, made on the basis of the acid, can provide the most stable retention, but the structure of the hair while it has no influence. Another type - alkaline perm - affects smyagchayusche hair, giving them a natural shine and brightness, but it is not suitable for everyone. Her term durability - ninety days.

Relatively soft perm is a neutral, gentle on the hair. Outside its pH is neutral, it does not affect the structure of the hair. A very popular type of amino acid is considered to be a wave. Its feature is the presence of proteins and amino acids in the formulation. The latter type, acidity, it has a neutral pH, but for straight, thin and smooth hair perm such contraindicated.

A few tips before curling

If you decide to perm, then in any case before the procedure did not paint the hair. On average, after staining it should take about twenty days, to avoid a complex reaction between the chemicals included in the ink composition, and an alcohol of the means for curling. Otherwise no treatment then such hair will not save.

It is not necessary to carry out a wave and clean hair - it is better not to wash your hair at least one day. Many hairdressers are advised not to wash them even more. What is it for? Cutaneous fat naturally prevent drying. Listen to the professional judgment - stay a couple of days with dirty hair, but then be able to enjoy a good wave.

Choosing tools for curling, look for those that are in its composition have high mineral, nutrients. And, of course, a basic rule - it is a good choice of interior and master: Do not let your hair to work with people who have no experience either good or appropriate cosmetics. Otherwise, then you have to deal with very unpleasant consequences.

 How to care for hair permed

A day after a wave

So, you've done a perm, and your reflection in the mirror you will be pleasantly pleased. Now you need to think about how to treat hair permed and to provide them with maximum nutrition and hydration. In order to close the keratin "sat down" in the structure of the hair, you will have a few days completely forget about the existence of a hair dryer, curling iron, water and other means of care.

Yes, again, I have a short stay with not really clean hair, if you have a fast zhirneyut. However, this is all you need for the initial effect was fixed for a longer period of time. Otherwise you risk to become the owner of an unruly mop of baked, coarse hair. Who will please such a prospect?

Proper washing and combing hair

Hair exposed to curling, require regular maintenance, which should start with the proper selection of shampoo. It is best suited agent in the composition of which has permanent. If such a purchase you can not, then just use the softest of those that you can afford.

Do not forget about the balms - without treatment will be ineffective. Besides shampoo conditioners soften the impact. It is also an excellent tool in this case the mask will be made on the basis of essential oils to be used after every fifth wash. However, on this, we'll talk more later.

Now combing. It is not necessary to remind that it is impossible to comb wet hair - so you only their greater damage. Purchase a comb with a few teeth. Not much pushing and pulling hair, comb them slowly and smoothly. It is best not to use hair dryers, and wait for your hair to dry naturally - use artificial drying only in extreme cases. And do not forget that very zealous brushing makes curls less elastic - try to comb them gently.

Restores hair

Restoring hair permed - is a complex process. To treatment must be approached comprehensively. The first thing to say about the importance of essential oils - they indulge their locks as often as possible. A full course of treatment is usually essential ten procedures. This is primarily moisten the tips of the hair and protect the structure and prevent further section.

Through stacking, use foam and balms. In summer, the maximum protect hair from the sun. For this is well suited wide hats or constant use of sprays and balms with a high protection against UV rays. To date, we developed a special hair care products that are exposed to chemical wave - pay attention to these funds.

Do not forget about traditional recipes - nature has created all beauty! Broth, masks, sprays, herbal cook is not difficult. But the benefits of these funds will be no less than by way of professional cosmetics. Use calendula flowers, chamomile, oak bark decoction - depending on the type of your hair.

Now about essential oils. We have already mentioned that they actively help in the treatment of hair. Before applying the oil to the hair, a little warm up it in a water bath. This is especially true of solid oils, for example, cocoa butter or coconut. In addition, substances in the form of heat quickly and effectively penetrate into the hair structure, as if enveloping them.

To restore the hair is perfect shea butter, known for its miraculous properties. Not less effective wheat germ oil, peach kernel oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter. Simple olive oil, which surely you have on your kitchen will also be able to give your hair softness and shine.

 hair restoration permed

Medical masks for hair

Cosmetic mask - is a fast and efficient way to bring your hair in good condition. If we talk about chemical wave, there is a mask at all is a necessary component in the comprehensive care. On what better use of masks, hair grooming, will be discussed below. So:

  • Castor oil, egg yolk and cream

Here you will come in handy one egg yolk, a couple of tablespoons of castor oil, a large spoonful of cream and five grams of yeast. All components must be heated in a water bath and then rubbed into the scalp. Keep the mask should be about half an hour, then wash your hair with shampoo and rinse the herbal extract.

  • Castor oil and aloe juice

Take a bit of castor oil and a large spoonful of soap (liquid), add a teaspoon of fresh juice of aloe. Heat the mixture and rub into the roots. After 20-30 minutes rinse with shampoo and rinse your hair, using apple cider vinegar. Instead of vinegar can take lemon juice. Observe the following proportion 1 large tablespoon juice or vinegar per liter of water.

  • With egg yolk, lemon juice and vodka

Mix the egg yolk with a teaspoon of lemon juice, aloe or onions, add a spoonful of vodka. In thirty minutes, rub the mixture into the roots. Once the meaning of the mask, rinse your hair in the following way: let the water infuse on rye bread and rinse hair so infusion. You will notice how your hair will be even more brilliant.

  • With honey and onion juice

To prepare this mask, take the juice of onion and cloves of garlic a few, as well as a spoonful of honey, egg yolk and half a cup of shampoo. The mixture should be absorbed by the roots and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse not shampoo and ordinary water, then rinsed with water and boiled with glycerine (glycerol spoon for 1 liter).

  • Mask for over-dried, bleached and hair loss

This mask is suitable for those, whose hair was overdried or discolored. It is said that the same mask and suit those who need treatment for hair loss. It will take a little bit of aloe juice and castor oil, and a large spoon of honey. Mix the ingredients and apply on the scalp for about forty minutes. It is advisable to rinse hair after washing the hair decoction of nettle, or chamomile - leave the choice up to you.

Photochromotherapy and its features

Many of those who are faced with a perm, heard about this procedure as photochromotherapy. Treatment of this procedure will improve the appearance of hair, acting on them in red, yellow, blue and green. For example, a red light strengthens curls and relieve you of dandruff. Yellow accelerates hair growth, improving microcirculation. In order to prevent hair loss applies green light, which expands the capillaries and greatly enhances the blood circulation. In turn, blue light destroys fungus and prevents allergies.

However, remember that this therapy is contraindicated in those who are pustular skin diseases and tumor formation or predisposition to them. It is unacceptable is the treatment for those who suffer from active alopecia areata. In this case it is better to postpone the use of mechanical procedures.

In principle, in order to hair permed look great, do not make any special effort - just gently applies to them, use the right makeup and hair provide comprehensive care in the form of nutrition and hydration. Hair - it's your main luxury, whose appearance depends on you!

 Hair care after a perm: the most useful recommendations