bangs for square face


  • We select bangs for square face
  • Unsuitable options bangs for square face
  • Rules of care of bangs for square face type

You want to change the image, but not so dramatically to make haircut? Try using the correct haircut bangs. With this part you can find a romantic image, and look for a couple of years younger. They were fashionable at all times, as are almost all. It is only necessary to understand what form to choose bang.

First of all, consider the shape of the face. As is known, it can be round, oval, triangular, trapezoidal, rombovym and square. To determine the type of person, collect all the hair on the back of the head so that they do not interfere.

  1. Round face

    The person with rounded smooth contours, the horizontal and vertical dimensions of which are equal to each other. Bright representatives: Christina Ricci and Drew Berimora.

  2. Oval face

    This type of person is considered ideal proportions. Oval facial contours and smooth, without sharp outlines. Bright representative: Cindy Crawford, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Madonna, Angelina Jolie.

  3. square face

    Such a face width of the forehead, cheeks and chin are almost equal to each other. Chin line with hard angles. Bright representative: Demi Moore, Catherine Zeta - Jones and Kristin Scott Thomas.

  4. Triangular face

    It is also called a heart. Such a person is widespread in the forehead and gradually tapers to the chin. Bright representative: Sophia Loren and Katherine Hepburn.

  5. Rectangular face

    Such a person is like an oval, but its distinguishing feature is that the upper and lower parts slightly elongated. Do owners of this type of person is often a high forehead and heavy chin. Bright representative: Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow and Stephanie Seymour.

  6. Trapezoidal face

    Trapezoidal or pear-shaped face tapers from chin to temples. Bright representative: Tori Spelling, Minnie Driver, Jan Churikov.

  7. Diamond-shaped face

    A person with prominent cheekbones. The forehead and chin narrowed. Bright representative: Nicole Kidman, Linda Evangelista.

 oblique fringe for a square face

We select bangs for square face

So, you have determined that you have a square face shape. Now try to figure out what shape a better bang prefer to successfully hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of appearance. Do not be concerned about the sharp lines and a wide chin. Adjust fringe profitable situation and bring the person to perfect oval shape.

Just like hairstyles, bangs for square face can be different. Many women with this form of the person believe that these parts do not go their hairstyles. However, it is absolutely a misconception. This strand of hair can decorate the owner of any type of person. The square shape - is no exception.

  1. Long bangs oblique

    Bias strand is now considered the most fashionable. With it you can make a square face more feminine and sexy. However, keep in mind that the oblique fringe should not end at the level of the chin, not to focus on this part of the face. Remember: you need to hide flaws and not to emphasize. Therefore, the ideal option - it is when a long sloping fringe ends just below or just above the chin. We also add that it is better to do with ragged edges. This will hide the angular features a square face.

  2. Volume and wavy locks

    Our task - to make the square face femininity, making it softer outline and smooth. The best way to do this - a little twist locks. Of course, this option is not suitable for short bangs. But oblique wavy strand just below the chin - a great option for owners haircut square face, which will give the image of a romantic. Short same chёlke just need to give a light volume. To extend slightly square face and bring it to a perfect square shape, this part can be a little comb hair styles above. Just do not overdo it. Too high hairstyles you too to anything. Another option to extend the face - lift and stab her bangs back.

  3. Bias asymmetry

    The asymmetrical bangs make way more playful and smooth out the monumental square face. It should not begin in the middle and slightly to the side of the imaginary line, held in the middle of the face. And can be displaced to the right and left. It depends on the preferences of the hostess. Parting is better positioned almost at the ear. And the hair on the left and right sides try to make unequal length and curl in different directions.

  4. Highlighting and coloring

    Highlighting and coloring - small touches that make the image more interesting. You can choose to your taste color and degree of brightness. Highlights from the fringe looks very original and fervently. A dull shades suitable for women of any age and refresh the appearance.

Unsuitable options bangs for square face

It is strictly prohibited direct short bangs. It features a square face and without too angular. Smooth straight lines only underline this shortcoming, and put your face in an unfavorable light. Do not be upset, you'll have to avoid direct chёlok. They are now no longer in vogue!

We do not recommend to owners of square-shaped face and wearing too thick bangs. They will focus on the heavy chin and rough outlines.

The lack of volume and so-called "prilizannosti" is not suitable for a square face. What is your motto in choosing a bang - a little more volume and soft flowing lines. Excessive accuracy in hairstyle only spoil the appearance. Build on your head something like the so-called "artistic mess": asymmetrical, jagged edges and graded, cheerful curls.

 fringe square face

Rules of care of bangs for square face type

Bangs - hair style detail that requires constant attention. It concerns not only the female having a square face shapes. Unkempt strand looks extremely aesthetic. In her care you need, above all, a hairdryer and a hairbrush. That hair look shiny and healthy, put on a special serum bang. However, do not apply a cosmetic product on the roots. Fringe in this case may lose volume, which is so necessary to owners of a square face. But mousses and foams to give the volume will be a good assistant for installation.

For opponents of uniformity can be recommended from time to time to change the image, zakalyvaya long bangs. However, remember that you are strictly prohibited to fully open face. It is better to kill the bangs to the side, making asymmetrical parting, and decorate her beautiful barrette.

In order to maintain the desired shape bangs use hairspray. However, do not get carried away by this cosmetic product. Excessive amounts of hairspray will weight a bang.

Girls with the type face is not square-shaped complexes about their appearance. Nobody is perfect, every woman should be a highlight. A properly chosen hairstyle and bangs oblique smooth out your little flaws and emphasize the individuality!

 Bangs for square faces: what to choose?

 haircuts for oval face with bangs


  • The facial features and hairstyle
  • Hairstyle and age
  • Hair and figure
  • Types of hairstyles with bangs for the women who have an oval face shape
  • Haircuts for long hair for owners oval face

Beautiful hairstyle - it is half the success of women. It's no secret that the right to choose a hairstyle - not an easy task. With hairstyles can be both stress and hide certain flaws. The choice of style should be, first of all, consider the type of person.

Finally, the face is fully formed in adolescence, when bone growth ends. Then the person acquires a certain form: oval, round, rectangular, square and triangular. Owners of any type of person must find his own style. Chubby girls, for example, is not recommended short hair and straight bangs, but for the owners of the oval face, such hairstyles will suit perfectly. It is necessary to try, to experiment, to finally choose what really decorate and accentuate your beauty.

It is well known that the most, of course, lucky girls with oval face shape. They are talking almost any hairstyle, whether it be long or short hair, haircut cascade romantic curls or bangs. First of all, to define what is an oval face. Shape it - is an elongated circle with smooth, accurate contours and smooth transitions without the presence of angles. At the same time there are the ideal proportions - namely, equal to the width of the forehead and cheekbones and chin up to 5 cm. Proportionality is also maintained in the face width in relation to its height: width less than the height of about one and a half times.

Known representative of an oval face can be called Cindy Crawford and Sharon Stone. Try to remember how these famous beauties changed their hairstyles, and they all came up to them. But the actress also have near-perfect appearance. Therefore, it is impossible not to mention the fact that the choice of hairstyle depends also on the facial features, the presence of bangs, such as shapes, growth and even age.

The facial features and hairstyle

Few of the women who have no complexes about appearance. As for the owners, and it is an oval face. Someone does not suit big nose or small eyes, someone is trying to hide the big ears and high forehead. These problems can be solved with the help of expertly superimposed makeup and properly chosen hairstyle. So, protruding ears is easy to hide hair. Do not try to open the face too. You come voluminous wavy hairstyle. The length is not significant. The main thing is to curl enough small ears covered. Bangs also these women will certainly face.

If you have a large nose, do not choose too long or too short hair. They accentuate your fault. It is best to stay on a little scrolling hair of medium length - roughly on the shoulder. Too big to smooth facial features straight long bangs.

Many are worried about too high or too low forehead. It can be easily hidden using a bang. That's only necessary to find a suitable form. The high forehead is not so noticeable straight bangs whatever order you desire length. But too low brow successfully Adjust bangs, combed to the side.

 haircuts with bangs for oval faces

Hairstyle and age

In choosing a hairstyle necessarily refer to age. As the all-known proverb, "the older woman, the shorter the hair." And it is impossible not to agree. Let's go back to at least Sharon Stone. In his declining years, she chose a short cut. And there was absolutely right in his choice. With this hairstyle looks like the actress is not only elegant, but also much younger than his years. Long thick hair out of place wearing women age, no matter how perfect face shape, they do not possess. Bangs also suitable woman of any age.

As for young girls, they can wear long bangs and wavy hair of any length. But it is necessary to avoid too short haircuts and elaborate high hairstyles. Better to let loose curls falling down over her shoulders, framing the face.

Hair and figure

Well-chosen hairstyle flows into the image, harmoniously combined with the growth and characteristics of figures. It is worth to remember one simple rule: women more low are short haircuts and high - long. Thus, the figure looks the most proportionate. However, if you are very thin, give up short haircut. It will be much fuller. Prefer the hair of medium length with a little volume. If we talk about the shape and length of the bangs, it is worth noting that women are not fully go a long thick bangs. Better comb it to one side or the well profile.

Types of hairstyles with bangs for the women who have an oval face shape

Short haircuts with bangs.

  • Pixie - a perfect hairstyle for women with oval face type of any age

    This is a favorite hairstyle Halle Berry. It looks stylish and tempting and profitable emphasize the perfect oval face. Particularly well suited pixie petite woman. Lay a haircut can be as waves, and smoothly. An interesting and trendy hairstyles option - slightly tousled hair fixed with wax tips. And to give the amount of pixie haircut may be using curlers or hair dryer - diffuser.

  • Mowing waiter

    Playful boyish haircut. No wonder its name in French means "boy." According to the technique of execution like it too well, male. Hair thinning shears are processed in such a way that the locks on the sides and back of the head close to the head. In the same way, and it trimmed bangs. Despite the fact that the waiter - it was originally a men's haircut, she looks very feminine and stylish.

  • Short bob-bob

    Variants of this magnificent styling elegant haircut myriad. It can be both straight and curly locks. Bangs can choose any length and shape.

Hairstyles with bangs for women with oval face shape and hair of medium length. First of all, the average length - a shoulder-length hair and a little lower.

  • Four of a Kind

    This is one of the most popular women's haircuts at all times. It is ideal for women with thin hair. Technology mowing, allow your curls look more heavy and dense. Rack can be a classic - shoulder-length and shortened - a capping little earlobes. Alternative hairstyles are chosen according to facial features and shape features. Bangs can also be done to your taste. The choice is yours, but the original version - is a square with long straight bangs. After all, the origins of this hairstyle go back to ancient Egypt. It wore a square famous beauty Cleopatra.

    It is impossible not to mention the variety of hairstyles in shape. Interestingly looks graded square, where the most elongated horizontal strands. Fashionable and cheerfully look girl with an asymmetrical bob. This haircut is also always in fashion. Many women prefer a square with shorn hair and neck, extending to the face. This option haircuts, however, in recent years is not particularly popular.

  • Bean

    In the classic version, Bob performed without bangs. However, fashion does not stand still. Stylists have decided to refresh the haircut bangs. It can be of varying length and combed both forward and sideways. The most popular bean with ragged edges.

  • Mowing Cesson

    This kind of haircuts with bangs oval shape and hair length on the sides are shorter than the back. This haircut - a perfect oval face framing type underlines its beauty.

 hairstyles for oval face with bangs

Haircuts for long hair for owners oval face

You can choose any form of bangs, based on their own preferences and facial features. However, the ideal option is beneficial underlining the shape of the face, and can be called a torn oblique bangs to her eyebrows and slightly below.

Cascade. This hairstyle is very popular among owners of long hair. And it is no coincidence. Its relatively easy to stow, using only a hairdryer and a hairbrush. It looks very favorably on fine hair, giving them the necessary volume and density. Cascade is suitable for both direct and for curly hair.

Ladder. Cutting hair stylist in a way to form a smooth transition along the length. This strand on top of all the others are shorter, and each bottom layer - a little longer than the previous one. Bang while usually strizhёtsya smoothly up to the eyebrows. Thus, the staircase looks like a series of consecutive steps. It is beautifully frames the face and looks very stylish and elegant.

Correct mowing can successfully hide some flaws face shape. Choose her owner rather big nose. Ladder looks perfect as thick and heavy and thin hair. Stack it is also quite simple. It is only slightly tighten the ends in and ensure that they are not flogged. Posechёnnye hair will not save a special step-shaped haircuts.

Choose a suitable hairstyle with bangs owners of an oval face will not be difficult. After all, they fit almost any hairstyle. However, if you doubt their abilities, better contact to the services of an experienced hairdresser - stylist. It will help you create a unique image and enhance the beauty of the oval face.

 Hairstyles for oval face with bangs - select the correct