bangs for oval faces


  • Be different, always remaining a
  • The alternative is only one choice - to be beautiful

If the generous Mother Nature oval shape of your face, then you have something to say a sincere thank you to her. Hairdressers, stylists, makeup artists and other masters Beauty unanimously agree that takoelitso most versatile in terms of creating an attractive image. Not for nothing, in spite of the volatility and fickleness of fashion, oval face is generally accepted ideal of feminine beauty. Certain standards, which tend to approach using a variety of tricks in makeup, hair and so on. A fully elected lucky enjoy the nature of the data. They change their image, guided only by their own preferences. To do this, they just, for example, to change the length or density of a bang.

Certainly, each of us at least once in their lives experienced the choice flour, arguing about whether we need fringe or you can do without it, whether its form to approach the oval face, the image as a whole. But the girl with the oval face is not exactly the type to be afraid of such experiments. Of course, much depends on personal preferences and the structure of the hair, but bangs for oval face - it's just a great opportunity to change the image. In addition, the types of bangs for oval faces are pleased with the variety. You will always be able to make changes in appearance without any serious effort. Sometimes, this may take a couple of movements of scissors.

 bangs for oval faces

Be different, always remaining a

From the diversity of species bangs can go around the head. Therefore, we will talk about each of them in detail. So every girl becomes clear that she can get the final result, and the right choice at the time. Of course, the classics of all time His Majesty considered straight bangs. It has many admirers and many years out of fashion. Straight bangs for oval face is good for the fact that there are several variants. Making it thick, reaching eye level, you will emphasize the color and depth. A more versatile version of this type of bangs is the length up to the eyebrows. It emphasizes the correctness of the oval face, the harmony of its lines.

Short Straight bangs - this is often the choice of less conservative natures. It is good because it creates an additional effect of opening up the face emphasizes the shape of eyebrows. It goes well with short and long hair, and with a sufficiently long strands. All variations of bangs straight spectacular just look at the owners of straight hair. The young lady with curly or wavy hair would have to take care of that for optimal results stack it with a hair dryer and curling iron.

Oblique fringe just gives unprecedented space for imagination. It also goes well with different length hair, and yet it will become your lifesaver if you decide to grow a bang. Slanting bangs for oval faces look very impressive, no matter whether you choose an option with a tight line cut, or want to make a multi-layered, "torn" structure. In both cases, it will look stylish and in the latter can be further emphasize the texture of the lines, paint them in different colors.

Another advantage of them - an oblique bangs for oval faces does not require such a strict packing. Even the already heavily regrown, it does not lose its appeal. Its length can always beat with small pins, securing regrown strands to the side. Classical elongated oblique fringe with a smooth cut gives the image of a business style and a certain refinement. Ragged tips dilute the rigor of the image, adding a bit of mischief and fun. The most important thing - to determine the most bang hostess what she wants to look in the eyes of others in this particular situation and what actually requires her soul.

There are other options bangs suitable young ladies with an oval face. For example, asymmetric types: thick concave to the middle of the forehead bangs that frame the face like a hair. There are more daring and unusual options that will appeal to girls who love creativity: bangs triangle when the sharp edge is exactly in the middle of the forehead. Dual straight bangs also provide its possessor, among others: a smooth straight cut ends abruptly and immediately begins another, more long. These types of bangs require work seamlessly hand master and stacking at the time of his mistress. This is where they will look the most advantageous and effective.

 straight bangs for oval faces

The alternative is only one choice - to be beautiful

By learning to choose the right kind of bangs, you can always look for a new, stylish and attractive. And that is important for the fair sex, to create your own unique image. In different situations, you can learn to look strict and business, romantic and gentle, naughty and perky. The main thing is not to lose sight of the point that the fringe - is a part of the image. Therefore, it should be poured smoothly and harmoniously into the overall appearance does not cause a feeling of dissonance at the sight of you. Also remember that a classic is always in fashion and new trends rather transient.

 Create your image: bangs for oval faces

 perming hair at home


  • How to perm your own
  • Common mistakes

As usually happens, we all want to reach. Owners elastic curls hungry for smooth, silky strands; Those who are lucky initially get straight hair want curls. Fortunately, today there are no problems with the execution of these desires. Hair straightening is easily accomplished with the help of special devices, and cosmetics, and you can do curls with the help of tongs, hair curlers, or if you want a more lasting effect, you can resort to the procedure perm. It can be made both in the salon and at home. However, it needs help of another person because their own to achieve the desired effect is very difficult.

 how to do a chemical wave of hair

How to perm your own

First you need to buy all the necessary items for a perm at home:

  1. Plastic rollers or bobbins of different sizes with fixing elastic bands (60-80 pieces)
  2. For flat curls you need plastic rods and plastic clips that can fasten strands.
  3. Plastic comb with a few teeth and sharp ends. (In no case do not use a metal comb, because the metal reacts with the chemical composition of the irons, reducing its effect)
  4. Warming cap, rubber gloves and dressing gown to protect clothes and skin from exposure to chemicals.
  5. Foam sponge, one for chemistry and one for fixing.
  6. Porcelain, glass or plastic bowls for the chemical composition and the locking means.
  7. Beaker for measurement.
  8. Jug or bucket for rinsing hair.
  9. Two cotton towels and a tourniquet.

Formulations for perm must be selected depending on the type of hair, only in this case it is possible to achieve an excellent result. But even if you bought the perfect tool for you, before using it, check your skin for allergic reactions. For this small amount of formulation to be applied to the skin behind the ear and left there for seven to ten minutes. If during this time there was a reddening of the skin, burning, irritation - alas, it means you do not come up and try other costs or, in principle, to abandon the idea of ​​a perm. If signs of irritation should immediately wash composition of three percent hydrogen peroxide and water, rinse the skin.

If a negative reaction to the chemical composition is not worth checking out how your locks will react to it the same. To do this, separate small section of hair and apply a chemical agent. A few minutes later it is necessary to check the strength of the strands. If it starts to break, for your hair structure is too concentrated. It is necessary to dilute the solution with water in proportions of 1: 1, 1: 0, 5, and then repeat the test on other locks. If after applying the diluted composition curls become brittle and get a grayish patina, is to forget about chemical perms and seeking treatment for hair. If the treatment will be effective, it will be possible to think about how to still do perm.

In addition to funds for perm suitable to your hair, you must purchase a locking means (you can cook it yourself), liquid soap or shampoo, will restore the structure of hair or special balm for use after a perm, any cream or petroleum jelly, vinegar (not more than nine per cent) or citric acid, but it is necessary to be careful, since its use can change the color of the hair.

The locking means, or "fixer", you can do it yourself, you just need to take a seventy five milliliters of water, eight tablets gidropirita and fifteen milliliters of liquid soap or shampoo.

Finally, before moving on to a description of perm hair at home, you need to talk about curlers and bobbins. First, you must realize that their form directly affects the shape of the curl. If you have short hair, choose a curler or bobbins of small diameter, they will raise the hair no longer than ten centimeters, and provide spectacular curls slightly longer hair. If you have long hair, use a bobbin or large diameter rollers: with their help you can give your hair the form of luxurious waves.

On curlers and bobbins need to wind the hair as straight as possible, but this is not too tight, otherwise the chemical composition will be blocked the way to the lower layers of the hair. Remember that a lock should not be wider than the bobbins or rollers, or curls will be uneven. If you have very short hair, use plastic clips or pins.

Sequence and direction respectively winding depends on the direction and length of the hair strands. If your hair is long, they should be cranking, starting from the occipital area down from the top and from the top to the person placing the curler horizontally. Along the way, wind the hair side areas, placing them in a checkerboard pattern. If your hair is short, it is necessary to wind the hair on the crown of the head in the direction of the face, and then from the back of the head to the neck, while placing the bobbins horizontally. Hair lateral zones in this case are wound as well as long.

Let's take a closer look at how to make a perm at home:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo, but in any case no need to massage the scalp. This is necessary in order to keep the fat its surface which prevents overdrying of hair and skin. If you wish, you can use a simple soap: lye, part of it loosens the outer layer of hair. Then blot hair with a towel and carefully comb. At this stage, you can do a haircut, taking into account that shortens perming hair.
  2. Screw her hair in curlers and bobbins, taking into account the above recommendations.
  3. After completion of the winding must be lubricated with petroleum jelly or cream skin, carefully treating her hairline, tie a cloth or tourniquet. Then put on a dressing gown and rubber gloves.
  4. Using a graduated cylinder, measure out the right amount of chemical solution, pour it into a bowl and quickly applied to the wound on bobbins hair, starting from the back, passing on the crown and then on whiskey.
  5. Wear insulated cap if there is no specific cap, use a towel on top of the usual cap.
  6. Sustain on hair composition according to instructions. (Bear in mind that the time needed depends on the structure and the type of hair). Twenty minutes after applying the solution is to test - remove the cap and untwist a pair of rollers or bobbins. If curl just began to emerge, it is necessary to withstand the maximum permitted in the instruction time. At the same time check the status of a meaningful curl a few more times, but do not do it too often.
  7. When the desired effect is achieved, gently wash with warm water and the composition of the hair without removing bobbins or rollers, then wet hair with a towel, trying not to disturb the structure of hair stranded.
  8. Apply locking means. Before applying it to the beat of foam and without removing bobbins, apply on hair for half seven to ten minutes, remove the bobbins or rollers and cause the second half of the fixer for five minutes
  9. Rinse hair with water, use conditioner to neutralize chemical composition. Rinse should be done out of the water and citric acid or vinegar. If you have short hair, use about two liters of solution, if long - three to four liters. Then, a little dry hair with a towel and apply a caregiver means.
  10. Lay hair with rollers, do not use a hair dryer as soon as you have done a perm, because it is harmful.

This version of the traditional perm; As you can see, if properly prepared for this process, it is not so complicated. But there are nuances: this option may not be suitable for fairly long hair, because it can weaken the curl with each successive turnover in curlers. Therefore, the long hair, you can use other methods. For example, one can make a vertical perm, in this case the hair wound on the bobbin in the form of special rod. Unfortunately, they are still quite difficult to buy, but if you set a goal, you can look them in the pro shop for hair care. However, the result justifies the long search tools. For this method, the hair should be divided into thin strands, each twist on the vertical axis and to wind bobbin from the roots. Then follow the points of the third to tenth.

Very long hair makes sense to cheat two bobbins to curl unabated as the winding on the "sticks". On larger bobbins are wound ends of the strands, about the middle should be added to a smaller diameter and bobbin winding to keep the roots.

If the hair is subjected to a chemical wave, the industry can make the radical wave, then the ends of the strands do not have to handle the additional chemical solution. On bobbins are wound only fragments of regrown hair, and the ends are removed in a foil or polyethylene. Next, you need to follow the points of the third to tenth.

 how to do a chemical wave of hair

Common mistakes

If you feel a strong irritation of the skin on the head, probably during the curling has been used too much of the chemical solution, and nevpitavshiesya surplus distributed on the scalp. Brittle hair are explained too tight wrap on rollers or bobbins, or exceeding the time of exposure to the chemical composition of hair. If after you have done a perm, hair color change - or you still use metal tools or overdone fixer or make it too concentrated.

It should be understood that the hair restoration after an unsuccessful curling - a long and laborious process. Therefore, do not neglect reading the instructions, and do everything you need to maximize gently and carefully. A careful approach to the problem the result of applying a perm at home may be more satisfactory. Moreover, unlike the salons, where, of course, are specialists, your relationship to your hair, of course, still much more carefully.

 How do perming hair at home