how to wind the hair


  • Using curlers
  • Using forceps, ploek and ironing
  • Traditional methods of hair wrap

A certain Tridtsatisemiletny Ellie Webb of the United States, left without work alone with two children, was forced to spend a lot of time looking for work. Everyone knows that the appearance plays an important role in employment, so Ellie had to get up early to look accordingly. That's how she came up with the idea to create a hair salon narrow focus - only daily styling, nothing more, no haircuts, no painting and only forty dollars, and only a thirty to forty minutes. So Ellie Webb of the United States earned his first million, but now it has a network of more than fifty hairdressers. Her motto is: "We will be selling women their self-esteem."

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to go to the hairdresser every day, and most of the women trying to do hair alone. A simple way to make the most beautiful and not labor styling - scroll. Curls and curls are very different, and wrap techniques depend on the length and structure of your hair. In this article, we will discuss how to wind the hair on curlers or curling at home, and let other people's ways of curling.

 wind the hair

Using curlers

Use the curlers it is advisable not to wet hair and damp. We do not have much time for drying hair, dry hair can not take the form we need (except -termobigudi). To speed up the process of formation of curls can dry the hair using a conventional dryer.

Screw locks should be in the direction of hair growth, first in the middle of the forehead to the back of the head, and then on the sides of the temples to the back of the head. To make natural curls parted to do is not right, and zigzag. A strand need to take the respective thickness, that is, the larger the diameter of the rollers, the thickness of a strand of hair is needed.

And one more important detail. Twirling her hair in curlers, pull the strands to the roots. Thus you will add volume to the hair root.

Types curlers

If we decide how to wind the hair at home, the curlers first come to mind, because it is the easiest way to get curls. There are many different forms of rollers, only need to choose which of the following methods appropriate for your hair type and to obtain the desired result.

  • Thermo curlers

Termobigudi are small plastic cylinder filled with wax or paraffin. Immediately prior to use rollers must be heated to completely dissolve the wax, the average it takes less than five minutes. Then wind the hot cylinders dry hair in the usual manner, and after complete cooling termobigudi removed from the locks. This method is suitable for the hair is not greater than the average length and wins many women for its ease and speed of formation of the curl. Simply say, until you wash, eat breakfast and hover marafet, curlers cool down, and you just have to comb hair - hair is ready!

  • Curler

The small foam rollers, which form the curls "a la African curls." They are best to wind the night on a slightly damp hair or use of hair styling. One question - how to wind the hair, and the other - as this bed. So much for the conventional methods curling. But curlers - one of the most benign forms curlers. They are soft, so it is not felt during sleep. And the idea of ​​this method of curling (as the name for these curlers), we have borrowed from our grandmothers. Just curlers they were strips of cloth or paper.

  • Curler Velcro

Curler Velcro or "hedgehogs", can be used with different diameters - depending on what you want to get curls. The larger the diameter of the rollers, the more voluminous curls are. Very easy to use thanks to the fact that the great hold on the hair; however, in long ringlets they should not cheat: the hair you have or do not cleave, or confused. Screw-Velcro curlers on wet locks with styling and do not remove them until completely dry hair. It should be noted that sleep in these curlers is not possible, but for quick-drying with a hairdryer.

  • Spiral curlers

Curler designed girl with long hair at least twenty centimeters. Different from conventional winding strands of the helix in the existing grooves. The effect is stunning, curls are formed in the form of curls over the entire length.

Using forceps, ploek and ironing

Another fast way and not labor wrap curls is the use of various types of electric forceps (ploek, ironing). However, it is also the most harmful, because when a perms high probability that you will desiccate or even burning up tresses. Hair must be clean and dry. The dwell time of metal forceps should not exceed thirty seconds, ceramic curling allows longer use them - some fifty or sixty seconds for each strand. With this method of winding permitted pre-treatment hair products specifically designed for stowage.

Increasingly popular use of special paddles to align curly hair. The question arises: how to wind the hair with an instrument designed to not curl and straighten? It turns out that using it is very simple, you can create beautiful flowing tresses. This can be done in the following way: Take a small section and hold it utjuzhkom a few inches from the hair roots; then, holding the ends of the hair, wrap it once around the ironing. After that, be sure to scroll to the device through 180 ° so that the stranded strand appeared on the outside of ironing, and slowly pass through the remaining strand of hair curling.

 how to wind the hair at night

Traditional methods of hair wrap

Modern methods of winding the hair appeared not so long ago, but what our grandmothers cope? After all, they did not have any hair curlers or hair styling, no time. Even now, there are situations where we have to use the means at hand to form beautiful curls and curly hair. We conducted a survey among readers and found the most common ways in which you can curl your hair at home.

  • One of the common ways to make people's hair wavy shape - braid for the night a few tight braids. The next morning pigtails spliced ​​open and gently comb fingers. Make the most this hairstyle is very easy.
  • Instead, you can use a variety of rollers, paper rolls, cloth, rope (so did our grandmothers). And instead of the usual foams and gels styling use conventional beer. As a rule, the smell of beer disappears very quickly (just take a light beer, it smells less), and the effect of it is not worse than from special funds.
  • If you want to have the African braids, screw the hair on the bobbins which are used to perm. We get absolutely gorgeous little curls, a hair's breadth as African. Stranded hair comb is not necessary, but only slightly dishevel to give naturalness. Hold such locks more than two days.
  • A good way to wind locks - make slightly damp strands tight flagella and stab them in the form of a snail, so leaving to dry completely. Curls are obtained by natural and lush.
  • Possible to wind locks using different hair clip. To do this, screw the lock of wet finger, then gently remove it, if necessary, loosen the lock, and kill at the base of the clamp-clothespin. For a stable result in the pre-apply hair styling means necessary. If you do not have a sufficient amount of time, you can use the usual invisible.
  • Effect of wet hair and a small wave can be obtained by flattening hands wet hair applied with the stacker means. The method is good because it is not necessary to comb your hair, so hair looks natural.

We hope that now you will not rise to the question of how to make curls, if you do not have the usual modern gadgets hairdressers. Our some simple tips will help you wind the hair at home. Experiment and do not be afraid of the result. This hairstyle can be changed every day, and you'll always look well-groomed and beautiful.

 Curls, curls, curls: everything is possible!

 perming hair big curls


  • Varieties perm
  • How to prepare your hair to curl, to get a beautiful and healthy locks?
  • Technology curling
  • Procedure perm
  • Curling at home
  • Hair care after a perm
  • Does a perm?

Fashion for style and hairstyles are very fickle and changing, usually every year. But the lush curls are beyond fashion, due to the fact that this way of adding women romance, femininity and sexuality.

You can twist the hair in curlers every day, but it takes a lot of time and effort. It is for those women whose free time is not so much suitable option perm at which curls will hold, depending on the type of irons from two to six months.

Varieties perm

Perm has several varieties. The most popular of these is the US, which provides a beautiful, lush and large curls. Carry it alternately fixing locks on large curlers. The length is not critical, but the most impressive such perm looks for a haircut medium length.

Another type of irons - the traditional curlers. Today, manufacturers produce rollers of different thicknesses, which allows you to choose your flavor curl value. Recommend damp strands of pre-lubricated gel or mousse strong fixation, screwed them on the curlers and blow dry.

Vertical wave for those who have an appropriate length. But tresses are prepared as generally not large, because the most commonly used long and thin curlers.

Silk wave - a wave form of a lock of medium hardness, which is ideal for the average or slightly below average length.

Among the most benign ways perm secrete an acid, which can be done even after painting or dyeing. The downside of this method is the inability to use short-term and those who have sensitive skin or dry scalp and brittle hair.

If you want big and beautiful curls, then a good option - biozavivka. In such a solution composition for perming no ammonia or thioglycolic acid or hydrogen peroxide. The hair looks healthy and curls - natural, and all thanks to the drug, a molecule similar to hair, which is part of the solution.

Alkaline perm suitable for most hair types and is also considered to be gentle. Keeps this type of irons for about three months, but if the hair is tough, heavy and straight, the resistance will decrease to two months.

Radical wave - a separate type of perm, which is less popular than the rest. In this technique, visible border nezavityh and curled hair, and kept it for long. Most often this type used by women with thin hair as the basis for further installation.

 correct perm hair big curls

How to prepare your hair to curl, to get a beautiful and healthy locks?

Perm will look nice and do not pose a danger to the state of the hair, if you properly prepare for the procedure.

The priority is to check the idiosyncrasy (check on hypersensitive skin). Though some modern preparations for waving, such reactions are rare, neglected this procedure is still not worth it. For the sample selected hypersensitive skin area (the inside of the hand in the crook, earlobe, etc.) and apply to it a piece of cotton wool soaked in the solution. Keep wool as long as it requires the perm. Then this place is washed for several minutes wetted with a solution to fix. If all is well, proceed to the next stage of preparation.

Assessment of hair - something without which none of the hairdresser does not have to start the process. It is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics, structure, as well as their condition. With proper assessment would wave elastic and resistant, which characterizes the wizard only with the best hand. To get a close-curl, requires certain conditions. Hair does not have to be thin, as they are kept not larger curls. Their state determines the length of curling and what drugs are used and in what concentrations.

Soft, thin or dyed hair more susceptible to chemical composition than the thick and rigid. From here expect about the time in which should achieve the desired result. The first type will need less time and less concentration, and second, respectively, more time and higher the concentration of the composition.

Next - washing. When washing the head in any case can not massage or rub the skin. The slightest damage to affect her discomfort during the process. Also, do not apply shampoo, which dries the scalp. Some of the hair, on the contrary, showing oily formulations for washing before curling.

Haircut. From hairstyles it depends largely on the quality of the curling and how then will go to the curls. The gradual transition from sections of the same length to the length of the other areas - a prerequisite, as only with the right haircut will turn soft strands. As a result - the elastic wave with a natural effect. With this haircut strands will be easy to cheat, which is impossible with a sharp drop length.

With careful and well-made haircut thinning hair to spin properly, making ringlets springy and elastic. It is particularly important professionally executed profiling, if the hair is thin. In this case it is the basis for hair.

Naturally, the success of perm affects in many ways is what length hair. The thinner, the shorter they should be. Curl the most difficult long hair and thin, but if they are both long and thin, perming ineffective or even to no avail. Long and hard, too hard to curl hair, starting with a certain length, as difficult handling and fixing locks. Butch, especially at the back, also complicates the winding strands. Therefore, deciding to make a perm, care must be taken that length at which to get the best results.

Technology curling

Perm has a certain influence on the structure of the hair, so the quality of this procedure is of great importance. The fact that the chemical effect on the hair, discloses flakes and lost elasticity. It was at this point, and formed a lush, beautiful and big curls. But now the need for the stability of the fixation. For this purpose special solutions. At the time of this fixation restored communication within the hair keratin scales merge and become resilient and durable.

Procedure perm

  • Master determines the quality and structure of hair to later choose the right drug. At this stage it is important to determine the type of initial treatment, and a method in which the solution is applied.
  • Then wash your hair with shampoo Master with deep cleaning effect, which will help open up flakes and accelerate the penetration of substances inside.
  • Hairdresser carefully wind the strand on large bobbins so that they do not bristled.
  • Treat each bobbin evenly and carefully applying a chemical solution.
  • He wears special warming cap. If the temperature is low, it is necessary to use an auxiliary heat source, for example, Klimazon.
  • It notes the time. Depending on the structure and the expected hair curl it usually takes about 20-30 minutes.
  • Check the quality and uniformity of curling, spinning a few strands at different sites.
  • Without removing bobbins, remove the solution with warm water.
  • At 5 minutes causing the lock to restore the structure of hair.
  • Removes gently, without unwinding the curl, bobbins and again causes retainer for 5-7 minutes.
  • Rinse hair with a special solution to neutralize the lock.
  • Towel dried hair and causes a drug that restores their structure.

This wave takes about 1.5-2.5 hours of time, but at the end of the procedure, you will become a happy owner of beautiful curls.

The effect lasts for a wave of up to six months, given after a couple of months for rest and recovery. Then, the procedure can be repeated.

 quality perming hair big curls

Curling at home

Elastic, big curls - the dream of many young girls and women. Nowadays perm - accessible procedure. Having on hand all that is needed, perm can be done to the house.

So, what you need for a home perm?

  • Comb-tail
  • Sponge retainer and container
  • Ingredients for a wave
  • Catch
  • Large bobbins (size depends on how big curls you want)

First you need to choose a tool for curling. Pay attention to the quality of the product, since it depends on many things, and most importantly - the health of your hair. It is best to avoid trouble to consult with a professional.

The composition is prepared immediately before the application of, as has the ability to rapidly oxidize. Also for this reason, it does not recommend the use of metal items.

Before curling sure to wash your hair well and dry.

The hair is divided into strands of equal width corresponding to the size of the bobbin. A sponge impregnated with the composition solution, wetted strand, but not all. Typically, the solution is applied to the tips of his or her third. Then soaked strand is wound evenly, without creases on the bobbins.

When all the hair is wound, they must infiltrate composition irons and put on warming cap or a plastic bag. Hold for as long as directed on the package. If you overdo, then there is a threat perepalit hair and scalp if not doderzhat, the locks may not scroll or scroll weak.

Further, upon the expiration of exposure, it is necessary to check the lock. If curls strong and resilient, you need to move on to fixing, if weak, still hold for some time.

The fixer is applied to the hair, rinsed and then can spin the strand and then rinsed with warm water.

Duration waving at home depends on how you got the hand. For the first time it may require a lot of time, but all subsequent you deal faster.

Hair care after a perm

To avoid a negative impact on the structure of permed hair, you should regularly use special shampoos and conditioners. When choosing pay attention to the product. Well, when the composition of shampoo or conditioner has vitamins (A, D, E), drawing from a variety of herbs and special ingredients such as keratin, panthenol, nutrients, etc. If your hair is long, it is necessary to use additional means to restore the structure of the tips. More tips can be refresh with the help of an ordinary hairstyle or haircut hot scissors.

Also useful nourishing hair mask, especially moisturizers. But they often use is not recommended.

Avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation, as little as possible and use a hair dryer, use a comb with a few teeth. It is also desirable to limit the contact of hair with chlorinated or salt water.

After washing, dry the hair with a towel, but do not remove. You should not go to bed with a wet head.

When laying the nutritional use foam-balm.

Does a perm?

Many women, wise curling bitter experience of past years, refuse this procedure and continue daily to twist hair in curlers. Yes, the principle of perm and then, and now the same - change the structure to be able to create a beautiful curls. However, agents which are used now, practically safe. As a part of these funds is much less ammonia and alkali and acid is very forgiving.

New tools and methods waving destroy stereotypes about the harmfulness of such a procedure, and now you can, without fear, not only to make a wave, but at the same time disguise the desired color.

 Reveals the secret of a successful perm