haircut for short hair


  • Selection of hairstyles for face shape
  • Short hairstyles for women with curvaceous
  • Modeling hairstyles without bangs
  • Curly hair short
  • How to put a short cut?

Today trendy considered bright and imaginative color schemes for hair coloring.

Dull, unattractive, discolored and even natural colors, that is, those who went to the hostess from birth, had not in fashion! Women's hairstyles for short hair - ideal to keep step with fashion and do not bother a heavy daily work to care for long hair, spending a lot of time and money.

No wonder hairstyle must be chosen individually for each girl. Since all different face shapes, different shapes of head, eye color, size, forehead, ears and so on.

Thus, we can conclude that not everyone will approach one or another haircut.

Lineups invented for women to feel confident and beautiful. On this depends its success, its behavior, mood, and, eventually, its future.

Since nature has given human individual facial features, the hairstyle and, accordingly, should be chosen with this in mind.
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Selection of hairstyles for face shape

  • For a round face shape

Women usually complexes due to the fact that they have a round face. But this deficiency can be corrected by using a hairstyle that visually make the face elongated.

To do this, you need to create a hairstyle that on top of your head will create volume, and to the bottom of the hair is thinned and fall on the cheeks.

Another option - it is asymmetrical types. This is a stylish and very trendy option for today. We need to do a ragged fringe, you can slash.

  • For oval faces

The oval face is considered the standard of beauty. It's the perfect person. However, it may be too stretched. In this case, the part in trimming is done and slash it distract eyes from too long a person.

An oval face shape will suit almost any short model variants. Long straight bangs will add grace and give even more beauty.

 beautiful haircuts for women
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Short hairstyles for women with curvaceous

Ideal for full girls. Especially, now the fashion for short haircuts reached its peak. That is a short version of the strength to hide Large shape. This element will make the image complete and attractive.

If the hair is naturally curly, it will play into the hands of women with a curvy shape. If the lines, the length should be just below the shoulders, and if you are short, it is best to make curls.
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Modeling hairstyles without bangs

Bang - this is the main checker hair. From the shape of the face determines what to choose a hairstyle and bangs. Whether or not a bang, too, the issue is not simple. Not every woman will approach it and not everyone can do without it.

Types of Bangs:

  • long,
  • short
  • bangs, laid on its side,
  • symmetrical,
  • thinned,
  • chamfered,
  • graded,
  • raised.

For women with thinning hair suit shaped bangs. It will give the amount. If your hair quickly zhirneyut, the fringe of the arch - the best option. Arch also suitable for women with angular face.

Thick bangs are those women who have a high forehead and a round face. Short bangs - for young girls, it gives youth and mischievous mood. Torn bang is considered the most fashionable, it is a good taste of fashion and style.

  • Four of a Kind

Rack - is a versatile option that is suitable for any type. The hair can be thin, thick, rare and dense. On the basis of the square, you can create a hairstyle to suit chubby women with oval face and elongated. The main thing to take into account all the nuances.

Rack are different. For example, for the full and chubby fit graded square. Four of a Kind in the form of a sphere hides wide cheekbones and elongated faces suit for a haircut - square with an oval circuit.

  • Short bob

Suitable for extraordinary people who love experimenting in the style and manner.

Bob fits all regardless of the structure of the hair. Angled Bob suitable girls with a round face. With an oval face looks well short straight bangs. Now more and more women prefer short bob.

  • Ladder

Plus, it is that it gives volume and dynamics. Ladder includes strands of different lengths that fall carelessly.

"Cascade" will make the hair light and airy, and thick curls a little thin out. It recommended for people with thin and sparse hair.

 Trendy hairstyles for short hair
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Curly hair short

It is surprising that people with straight hair are constantly trying to twist them by doing curls, curls in different ways. This curlers, and a variety of corrugated curling. And people with curly hair on the nature - on the contrary, trying to straighten using irons, hair dryers and other amenities. All this because the monotonous hairstyles bored, and to continuously change the style - you need a lot of time and money. Therefore it is better to choose right hair style, length and shape suitable for individuality and focus on this choice. This will save time in the constant search for the right hairstyle.

  • If your hair is slightly curled, the perfect hairdo for them will be a cascade or ladder.
  • Short length as in men. Not everyone goes this style. Looking for regular features to the model of "a boy" looked impressive.
  • "Hedgehog" and "Waiter" - is the most fashionable at the moment short hairstyles for girls. Garson is easiest to install. It can be pulled back, can be lifted up, and you can make small curls. It does not take a lot of time and effort.
  • Short fine hair For such moments suitable hairstyle bob and square. The hair must not be shorter than the middle ear line. The length should be from the ear to the shoulder. Better to use a cascade of rollers and for volume.

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How to put a short cut?

A simple option for styling - is applying hair mousse. Curling can be of medium length, but not shorter.

For fine hair should not be applied on hair gels, varnishes, make greased back hair.   It is better to dry slightly and use a hairdryer to shape curlers. In order to have a lush and voluminous hair roots on the short haircuts need to splash paint and climb up to dry or draw broad brush round shape.

Importantly do not dry up and does not singe curling irons and hot dryer.

 How to choose a hairstyle for short hair

 Haircut cascade of hair


  • Advantages of haircuts
  • Potential problems with long hair
  • Beautiful styling "cascade"
  • Proper hair care

Fashion for the haircuts are constantly changing, and girls to keep up with fashion, experimenting with their image, trying new models of haircuts.

But there are those who will always be relevant, one of them - a haircut "cascade" for long hair.

It allows you to keep the length of the strands and thus makes the image of femininity and elegance. Long groomed hair look gorgeous, attract admiring glances and also suitable for almost everyone. Although women with elongated type of person recommended short haircuts or quads, it is perfect as a "cascade".
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Advantages of haircuts

Whatever the fashion, men have always maintained that the holders of long hair they attract more, as they look more feminine. Grooming is a "cascade" gives volume to hair, and if it is not very thick, you can make styling, thanks to which will create volume.

Opening any fashion magazine, it is common haircut "cascade" with long hair, because she appeals to many. Though haircut is versatile, she looks every woman is unique. Stylists are often used to create a new image of asymmetry and layers.

 cascade of long hair
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Potential problems with long hair

Care for long hair is much more difficult than in the short or medium length. The constant influence of negative factors causes great harm. Women are experimenting with her hair without thinking of the consequences, which, incidentally, can be disastrous. Hair "slack" to break, fade, and sometimes even fall from frequent dyeing, chemical zavivok, the use of different styling, hard water and sunlight. Sometimes the only salvation can only be a short haircut.

Not all women are hesitant to grow long hair, they believe that the locks be boring to hang without any volume. But to revive them, you need only refer to the master, which will make a haircut "cascade" for long hair. Due to the volume and layers of strands will no longer look lifeless. Many stars prefer a haircut.

Another problem with long hair - it's split ends. Thanks to a stylish haircut "cascade", you can get rid of them and still maintain the same length. To avoid damage to the tips in the future, they should be cut at intervals of 6-8 weeks. And for those who often uses a hairdryer, ironing or curling, it is recommended to use protective equipment.

 Haircut cascade on a beautiful long hair
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Beautiful styling "cascade"

Without laying a haircut "cascade" with long hair does not look so impressive. Therefore, pay just 5 minutes and beautifully lay strands with a hair dryer and a round hairbrush.

The structure of the haircut depends on the distance between the layers of strands and on the altitude begins a "cascade". According to the standard, cutting begins at the tip of the nose and chin. For extravagant women is perfect with a short version of the top layer.

To the image look romantic, you must make the soft gradation that will frame the face. For larger volume instead of the usual parting to do oblique.

You can make an image of cheerful if carelessly put strands of hair or make a wavy styling with mousse. And if you put locks into a neat haircut, you get a very elegant way, which is suitable for a special celebration.

Grooming is a "cascade" with long hair always looks beautiful. Women with round face is particularly suitable, as will visually lengthen your face shape. Important note - the haircut should start at the level of the chin, and better to abandon the straight bangs.

To put beautiful strands haircut "cascade", do not need a lot of time and effort. Straight hair is quite dry and give a small volume at the roots with your fingers. A similar procedure can be done with curly locks, will be more attractive because of the natural waves. To lay the unruly head of hair, you can use wax to put the tips, the roots of the strands should be raised slightly, if desired, you can wrap the ends of the strands of the top or underneath. If your hair is "rare", it can be a little bouffant strands at the roots of the upper layer.

It looks very impressive styling, in which at the back ends of the strands are wrapped outside, and near the face - inside. This option is perfect for the evening.   If a haircut "cascade" of long hair begins from the chin, it is possible to raise them up and stab - then will not fall short strands, hair get very lush.
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Proper hair care

It should be remembered that any haircut will look good on the well-groomed hair. Therefore, you should regularly take care of them, to use special tools that they nourish and protect. Through nourishing mask, you can return the hair shine, elasticity and silkiness, and the means to prevent the cross-section of the tips, will ensure their protection. In addition to cosmetics manufacturing, you can resort to homemade cosmetics.

These recipes even know our grandmothers, they are quite simple, but the effect is not long to wait. The structure of domestic cosmetics often include burdock and castor oil, mustard, pepper, egg yolk. The finished mask must be rubbed into the roots and go with her for about an hour, then simply wash off with warm water.

 Haircut "cascade" is always in fashion