clarification of hair in different ways


  • Traditional methods of lightening
  • How to choose the right paint at the store?
  • Clarification for the dark-haired: step by step guide

Do you think that only men like blondes, but you have natural hair color is dark or red? With the latest achievements of cosmetology to become a platinum blonde without the dreaded yellow can be quite simple, but such procedures are offered only in professional salons.

But science does not stand still, today released special brighteners and dyes that can be used in the home. Tell us what kind of paint is best to lighten your hair, as it can be done at home using the most conventional means. Separately, our experts offer step by step instructions to owners dark hair, as much as possible with their hands completely change its appearance and from the burning brunette become a fatal blonde, not too damaging the hair.
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Traditional methods of lightening

At home, you can lighten your hair color a bit and with the help of so-called traditional methods. For this fit the most common components such as honey, sage, rhubarb, lavender

To lighten the hair is better to use Acacia honey. The process is as follows: the hair is washed with shampoo with a little soda, dried only slightly. After that apply honey, the head is covered with a film, a mask holding about eight to ten hours. Down more warm is not necessary, as honey works worse than at high temperatures. After the procedure, wash off the honey with warm water. Hair will not only bright, but also very shiny and beautiful.

Homemade recipe without peroxide

Brightening the paint can be done without peroxide, using apple cider vinegar, but then we must remember that the hair lighten slightly, that is a recipe for dark hair is not suitable.

To prepare the composition need cider vinegar (0, 5 liters), 20 g of dried camomile flowers, 30 g of rhubarb, 20 g of calendula flowers, four large lemon, 50 g of alcohol. Rhubarb grind, boil vinegar, and then leave the stew to simmer (it will take about ten minutes). Then add chamomile, calendula, squeeze the juice of two lemons and continue to simmer for about five minutes. Then remove the mixture, leave it to cool. Now it is possible to filter the resulting composition, add the juice of the remaining lemons and start painting.

 clarification of hair folk remedies
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How to choose the right paint at the store?

When choosing paint for clarification of hair need to carefully look at its structure. Why is that? Many manufacturers now offer "revolutionary" formula without ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, but it is simply impossible to get the color blonde, especially dark-haired. But the content of these components should not be large, otherwise the hair will burn just be dull and lifeless.

There are paints that do not contain ammonia, but instead there are other components, also has a negative impact.

Always have to be a part of the natural oils and components for the food and hair restoration. It is necessary to pay attention to the type of paint and today there powder, oil and creamy. The best considered as creamy as they penetrate into the hair perfectly, uniformly applied, provide the most accurate staining.

Kinds of colors to brighten

The market today offers a variety of colors, which will help lighten your natural color, or completely change the image of the dark-haired beauty turned into an irresistible blonde.

One of the most famous and effective inks - is Garnier. As part of this tool contains natural jojoba oil, wheat, olive oil. It's pretty gentle paint, so the hair after its application remain soft and obedient. The color palette for blondes is very rich: from the cold platinum and ending with a golden hue. But we must remember that such soft paint and allow you to make even the color is very natural, but are washed away quickly.

Popular Today series Revlonissimo NMT Super Blondes by L'Oreal. The composition of this medium also includes natural components, including collagen, essential oils, wheat proteins. Color keeps well for a long time is not washed off.

Pallet offers many lightening shades, including gold blond, pearl silver, gray. As part of it are natural substances, but the action of the composition is too intense, some complain that the hair needs after using the paint in long-term recovery, the use of funds from the fallout.

Igor - is professionalnaz hair dye, but it can be ordered from any colorist. The advantages of the paint, despite its relatively high price, a lot: it restores hair, heals and nourishes it directly during the application.

Estelle different saturated, vivid colors, her palette is always the colors claimed, but as a means of hair is poor. Despite the low, affordable price and excellent color, condition of the hair after application of the poor, must also buy special shampoos and balms.

 lightening of dark hair dye
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Clarification for the dark-haired: step by step guide

As you can see, you can lighten your hair in many different ways, but how to do it for the dark-haired girls without getting ugly yellow or greenish hair? It takes more than one procedure, and plenty of patience. In addition, it is necessary to be ready that do hair can become dry and very brittle. It is desirable, of course, turn to a professional colorist who not only tell you how best to lighten dark hair, and hold all the work himself. But if you're determined to do everything yourself, offer step by step instructions how to achieve the desired shade.

We will need two compounds: bleach hair, the other - just kolorirujushchie composition to obtain the desired shade.

For starters try to lighten only one strand, to see how your hair is prone to such a procedure, how fast they are clarified and to what extent. If you are satisfied, begin painting.

Apply the composition to the hair (be sure to dry), evenly distributing the paint on the surface. This can be done with a special brush or comb on hands should be thin gloves. For the first application of the ink composition of waiting about twenty-five minutes, and then put on an additional ten to fifteen minutes paint themselves have roots. The main thing - do not overdo the composition of the hair as possible loss.

Thirty to forty minutes (depending on what kind of paint you use) is necessary with the help of warm water a little foam paint on the hair with light massaging movements. Now wash your hair on the composition of the abundant stream of warm water with shampoo, apply balm and hair rinses.

Dried with a hair dryer, and evaluate the results of the application and extent of damage to the hair. If insufficient shade, but they do not much harm done, you can proceed to the next step. Otherwise you have to wait three or four days (this is necessary if the hair has become too dry, "overheated").

The next step - is to get the desired hair color. To do this, take the right paint color, apply it to dry hair at thirty-five to forty minutes and then repeat the procedure for flushing the chemical composition. Be sure to use a balm to soften the surface of the hair, as such procedures may have a negative impact on the general condition.

There are special shampoos, after these works for clarification, it is recommended to use only them, but it is here and this time almost all shampoos are designed to lay the golden blondes, if you have chosen the cold shade you this shampoo will not do.

Well, you can lighten your hair not only in professional salons, but also their own home. This procedure does not require a lot of time, but there is clearly need knowledge. Therefore, if you have never clarified the hair yourself, consult a professional colorist or exactly follow all instructions that are given to manufacturers of paints and compositions for lightening. This is especially true of dark-haired, which may take several treatments for clarification.

 What means lighten your hair?

 French braid with the rim


  • Zapletal French braid
  • Technique of weaving braids "fishtail"

Since ancient times maiden spit considered indisputable attribute of beauty, chastity and femininity. Today, various types of braids and more popular.

Weaving hair is not so primitive as before. For special occasions are masterpieces from the whole of the braid with interweaving flowers, beads and ribbons. Fashion hairdressers compete in skill, inventing new bindings women's hair. It would seem that such complex creations impossible to braid itself. In fact, everything is easier than we think. It should be just a little practice yourself, and be sure to get a new-fangled hair, attracting everyone's attention. For the part of modern braid it looks very extravagant and elegant.

Modern Spit - is a way of expression, which was subject to any style and way of life, whether it is a strict director, romantic lady, or athlete.   Elegant and naughty pigtails any ages.

The most famous and popular of weaving - a French braid, "spike", "fish tail", a variety of harnesses. Normal braid braid itself may be every woman, but with a more complicated version is necessary to "fill the hand".

Any method of weaving braids is based on the general rule: Divide hair into strands and throwing out of one over another. First, whipping themselves with simple braids broad strands and gradually complicate the form of weaving. Do not immediately take on challenging Binding: unaccustomed hands begin to flow and will inevitably come a sense of despair. As in sports, here too it is necessary to start small. Gradually hands accustomed to the unusual position, and along with the muscles tightened. And another important point: if the hair is long, when they wash not use air conditioning. Permanent hair entanglement in the weaving very unnerving and can fight off all the hunting itself create a beautiful hairdo. Use of the air conditioner will help you easily divide the hair into strands.

 braid "fishtail"
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Zapletal French braid

French braid has many ways to weave, "disheveled" in a special way of weaving braids free well-suited girl rebel, and a neat cover - for business women. These hairstyles can be easily create itself every day, constantly introducing new amendments that will reflect your mood, because you can braid French braid differently.

The classic French braid absorbs all the hair and drags as close as possible to the head. It is woven even bangs. Hair will be more accurate if the hair before working a little water to moisten.

French technique of weaving braids

  1. Direct walk carefully comb through his hair, so that there is no Koltun and they can easily be separated.
  2. With your thumbs, grab the strands of hair behind her ears and assemble them on the top.
  3. The resulting beam is divided into three equal strands: left, center (average), right.
  4. Start weaving technology simple plaits left strand place crosswise to the central (middle) part of the divided beam.
  5. The right side is also wise rewound already crossed into two strands.
  6. Hold the top of braids left hand index finger and thumb of your other hand on the right side of the head inset next strand of loose hair and connect it to the right strand.
  7. Now hold the pigtail has the right hand and the fingers of the other hand grab a strand of loose hair on the left side.
  8. Repeat alternately step 4 and 5, each time adding a new strand in a braid of hair that one, then the other.
  9. When all the loose hair will be collected, and the head is formed along the French braid, braid continue normal braid to that length that is needed.

Make sure to add strands were identical in thickness, only under this condition, you will get a beautiful French braid. You can capture very thin strands, then the hair will be more complex structure with sharply distinguished figure. Just beginning to practice weaving a French braid itself better to start with a broad strands. The main thing - to understand the correct technique and alignment of the fingers. Thumb made the capture of the free strands of hair, pinky held untapped currently strand, and between the index and middle finger alternately is the extreme part of the hair (that's right, then the left).

Well mastered the technique of weaving the usual French braid, you can proceed to the more complex it meant. Weaving technique differs from the classical variant of the fact that the strands do not overlap on top of each other, and the plant at the main part. Hair puts in a braid at the bottom. It turns out the French braid, turn inside out. The lower part (when all the hair is collected) is also lagging strands of the plant under the braid. This hairstyle is a more volume. If the classic version distinguished themselves over the strands that are getting a little bit elevated, the reverse method of weaving is expressed itself Spit.

Weave hair can be compared with macrame or knitting. It is with these kinds of needlework hairdressing stylists get their ideas, creating hairstyles, striking with its refinement. Such ingenuity and the power of every fashionista. Going to the office, you can braid neat braid, and the party to make it more disheveled version. Underlined negligence today in high esteem.

To show others his rebellious spirit, is currently braid braid of any kind, and then it dishevel. To do this, a little bit of spit stretched thin strands to the side - you can do it with your fingers or the tip of a straight comb. Stretching should start from the end, gradually rising up the pigtail. Very unusual look sloppy spit in the pair.

  1. Make a parting. To evenly divide the hair itself, you can use two mirrors. To do this, stand back to look in the mirror and the reflection of the second mirror. This little trick will help smooth braid pigtails.
  2. One of the hair secure eraser and a second free start weaving a French braid. Zapletal it is a short distance from the head. Braid does not have to adhere to the head, and hang freely.
  3. From the bottom of a little spit thin strands extend along the entire length.
  4. Similarly, another portion braid hair. Hair turns lace and very easy.

Originally looks braid of bundles, which braid itself is fairly simple.

  1. Make a regular tail and secure with a thin rubber band.
  2. On the hair, apply gel or simply soak them with water.
  3. Divide the tail part. There may be two, three or more, but itself is easier to make braid in two parts.
  4. Each half of the hair twist to the right or to the left, whatever you like. You should receive two tightly twisted unilaterally harness.
  5. The strands are interwoven in the opposite direction (if the harness twisted to the left, you need to connect them to the right torsion).
  6. The resulting tow fasten a rubber band.

This spit-plait looks more impressive when it is not knocked out any hairs. To achieve this, it is best to use a modeling gel that is applied to the finished harness and smooth all protruding hairs.

Those who are not wearing bangs, you can braid French braid-rim.

  1. Make a parting from one ear to the other, separated by a small piece of hair. Remove the remaining hair into a ponytail (not to interfere).
  2. Start from a temple braid French braid classical type.
  3. When all the strands have involved, the braid is secured in a ponytail or up to the end of the regular hair woven braid.

Options braiding myriad - not every species can braid itself. Some species require special skills, such as "fish tail". With this hair were seen such famous beauties, like Paris Hilton, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie.

 French braid in the form of the rim
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Technique of weaving braids "fishtail"

  1. The wet hair is divided in half.
  2. Separate thin strands at the temples and crossed them. Right lock is attached to the left side of hair, and the left lock of hair is to the right. Follow these steps until all the hair will not enter into a braid.
  3. The lower part of braids whipping in the same way.

The above-mentioned types of braids can easily braid themselves personally. It would be a great desire and the ability to look at 100% is always there.

 French braid - Russian beauty