short bob for thin hair


  • Hollywood haircut "short bob"
  • Universal haircut "cascade"
  • The most stylish haircut "quads"

It's no secret that all the girls dream of chic hair and thick hair, but not all, nature has generously bestowed such wealth. Let us not despair, because there are so many beautiful hairstyles that are calculated on fine hair, these hairstyles did not play long hair, because they are always stylish and fashionable.

Short haircuts for thin hair is always extremely feminine! It is safe to say that the shorter the better.
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Hollywood haircut "short bob"

This hairstyle has been for many years, it remains at the height of fashion. Many Hollywood stars as well as stars of the national stage wear it with pleasure. Moreover, if the front strands to make longer than the back, it seems extraordinary mystery and femininity and sexuality.

But this hairstyle have to wear those girls who have either an oval face type or round. If all, just those strands around the face should be lengthened to narrow down a little and the very face. And if the perfect oval face, you can make an ordinary bean, where the length will be the same on all sides.

 Haircut cascade
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Universal haircut "cascade"

Undoubtedly, the next hair, which is very suitable for thin hair, a haircut cascade or ladder. This hairstyle will suit almost every woman. The main thing - to find its length. Due to the fact that this asymmetrical hairstyle and how to decreases in steps, create a certain amount, and artificial foam or mousse, this volume has not necessarily create.

Such hair strands may be laid at least in the inside, although the outside. It will look original anyway. But this hairstyle is necessary to constantly maintain! If it is out of shape, it will look sloppy. Therefore, it should be updated at least once every 3 months.

 bob for short hair
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The most stylish haircut "quads"

The most stylish and versatile haircut, of course, is a haircut square. It may be of different lengths. How to shoulder length, and quite short, in which the length of the trimmed almost to the back of the head. At the same time on the back of the head to create a certain amount. Due to this thin hair look lush. Bob haircut is too many women, regardless of age, position and color of hair. You can and experiment with the hairdo. For example, you can twist her hair, especially if the length comes to the shoulders.

But if you have a short bob, you can just make waves in the hair, it will look very festive and fresh. Another highlight of this great hairstyle is the fringe. It can be done, and very short, playful and bold, then your face will appear more youthful and adolescent. And if you make a long bangs or beveled on one side, you can create a mysterious image. But, of course, it is the classic straight bangs, which barely covers the brows or slightly leaves them prominent. It comes to mind the image of Cleopatra, of course, if the girl's hair a dark color.

In conclusion I would like to add that thin hair - this is not the fate of doom, the main thing for a woman - it is right to learn to take care of such hair.   It should not just go to the barber shop and a haircut, but always keep the volume of your hair. Should buy for yourself at the store mousse, mousse, or any other means that will maintain the volume of your hair. As if every day we go to the usual styling, do not use any foams, at a party or a holiday must-shine! And no problems with hair should not prevent it.

Therefore, on the styling fine hair, you can see a specialist who will make you a haircut. And still it is necessary to experiment with the products in the stores. It is only through trial and error we find own your very beautiful image.

 Thin hair: the shorter, the better!

 Women's haircut ladder long hair


  • To suit bangs
  • Installation and care haircut

Mowing ladder - one of the most popular among women, which is suitable for every occasion: to hike to work or for an evening out. It's quite a complicated hairstyle, which resembles a cascade, in which the hair are cut in such a way that there is a smooth transition from short strands at the crown to the longer below the following layers. Each subsequent layer is longer than the previous one. Ladder able to give volume to make hair "alive" and dynamic. Especially look beautiful hairstyles for long hair ladder.

Haircuts layers are indispensable when long hair start to split and break off without sustaining great length. To layered haircut looked beautiful, her hair looked like a thick and bulky, they need to be trimmed regularly, because healthy ends with a "fresh" cut add thickness, volume, longer retain styling and better lie. Mowing ladder long hair will remove the damaged ends, while maintaining the overall length. When shearing is unacceptable to keep split ends, they create an image of sloppy and unkempt.

 Ladder haircut with bangs and without it
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To suit bangs

Stylists recommend especially the girls ladder with round, square or triangular face.

Hiding the face area from the sides, this hairstyle gives it an elongated shape. Also, it is universal in relation to the length and type of hair. Mowing ladder looks great on long hair, it is good and short. Fine hair "gives" the necessary volume and heavy "load off", making them airy and light. Not suitable for climbing ladders hard locks or curls, as This structure does not provide a clear outline, thus they will have all the time to straighten, so it's best to choose a hairstyle for the other option, and if the hairdresser advises you need to listen!

Ladder with a bang looks very impressive. In such an embodiment haircut ladder from the very beginning to bang. In the absence of a bang (recommended if the forehead is not very high), it starts at the level of the ear lobe. These different options haircuts look stylish and natural. With this haircut bangs harmonious look different: a long thick, asymmetrical, straight rather thin, with milling and other strands. Options considered in conjunction with the stylist face shape and proportions of the figure. Choosing the right fringe works wonders!
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Installation and care haircut

Mowing ladder requires special attention and daily styling. Stacking is best done with the help of a hair dryer with a nozzle for adding the volume. The best remedy for laying stairs - a mousse, it is applied before using a hair dryer on wet hair.   You can also do packing using a large round brush and hair dryer, the ends of the strands to be either tuck inside or outside. There are many other options for styling. The simplest of them:

  1. You can collect the beam, leaving strands of the person, and then put a bang.
  2. You can comb your hair thoroughly, then apply the wax on the ends, put on the rim.

Option is more difficult - laying using ironing. First pull the lock by lock, and then laid a bang, the completion of installation is to apply a special spray imparts a natural shine. You can wind the hair elastic curls either completely or separate locks on each side. You can use the bobbins received smaller curls, curling irons or traditional curlers.

Haircut ladder can accessorize:

  1. ribbons,
  2. rim,
  3. hairpins, etc.

To care for the hair cut short flight of stairs, it is best special shampoos, feeding tips. Head wash 1 time in 3 days, you should not do it too often. It also requires special medical masks against the section of hair. Mowing ladder from year to year is still relevant and useful, without taking their positions. It is very popular among the stars, wore her Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Pamela Anderson and others.

 Ladder - a universal hairstyle