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  • A bit of history amazing transformation
  • Bob for different face shapes
  • Bob on thin and thick hair

Every woman knows how to make Bob for short hair. But not everyone knows how these hairstyles were in fashion industry. It is believed that Bob (otherwise a penalty) introduced to the world of fashion dancer Irene Castle. In the early 20th century it was once just shorn her long braids, which prevented her from dancing.
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A bit of history amazing transformation

Irene Castle saw all the famous Coco Chanel and copy the image of a dancer. After Coco Mademoiselle for the new "square" cut your hair actress Louise Brooks and Clara Bow. From this moment this famous hairstyle went to mass.

Over time, fashion has changed, it morphed picture of the haircut. Thus, in the 50s of the last century it was a mandatory step with a bang. Rack length fashion in those days was not below the chin. The spirit of the 60s of the 20th century left its mark on many areas of the time. He did not pass side and the fashion industry. Bob those years was upgraded hairdresser Vidal Sassoon, who came up with a new image for the actress Nancy Kwan. He became a lush, comb. In 70 short haircuts Kare characterized by smooth curls with curls at the tips. In the 80 years they have mutated and become straight or slightly disheveled. At the end of the 20th century appears multi-layered volume with straight locks.

 bob haircut on face shape
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Bob for different face shapes

Nowadays, such a hairstyle became associated with asymmetry. For those who like a custom form and do not be afraid to experiment, it is necessary to try on this image. This option hairstyle versatile, suited to girls with different hair length and face shape. For example, the owner of a round face can choose a corner, Bob. This version of haircuts on short hair, which visually adjusts features a round face, making it a more elongated. Hairstyle on his round face should not be too short. The length is not above the chin, or visually it will seem that in the area of ​​the cheekbones face grew even wider.

For a round face Bob ideal for short hair - a haircut A-line with locks, raised on the top and in front of a little longer than the back. Visually, these long strands will face already, add an attractive and hide the shortcomings of the round form. A silhouette will look great on the hair for a square shaped face. On the oval shape of the face will look good as a strict short bob with bangs, and air locks. It is also an ideal option would be Bob with a neat neck and asymmetrical bangs.

 bob haircut for thin hair
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Bob on thin and thick hair

Hairstyles for short hair and impeccably perfect look thin hair, if it is multi-layered bob with long strands are not lower but higher than, that is shorter than the chin. It is at such short length locks look easy and free. In addition, multi-layer stacking method allows thin curls to give extra volume. The shorter the haircut, the easier it will be and voluminous look. Too thick hair no longer blades can be thinned if done profiling, so it will be multi-layered.

At all times, women tend to be beautiful and well-groomed. Standards of beauty have changed, but not extinguished the desire of women to look attractive, stylish, fashionable. To help the ladies came a variety of tools that help them to maintain a perfect appearance. It was invented various tricks that their shapely, makes a beautiful figure, decorated with the face and made them short or long hair into an object of admiration and pride. Gradually we came to the conclusion that it is fashionable and stylish, so beautiful in our understanding. Modern haircuts bob - this amazing quads. They are suited to different types of hair, different face shapes.   From bold hairstyles dancer Irene Castle it became an elegant, bright-haired short hair.

 Bob Haircut - a universal hairstyle for short hair

 fashionable men's haircuts


  • Universal men's haircuts, suitable for different hair types
  • Men's hairstyles for certain types of hair

Pruning - is an extremely important factor for the perception of the external appearance of any person. Through it passed around some inner emotional state. The vast majority of men prefer short haircuts.

Mainly because this is due to the inherent simplicity hairstyles care, courage and at the same time elegance. Due to the fact that men are more conservative in this respect than women, stylists prefer to experiment more with women's appearance, often giving men a rather limited room for maneuver to change your own style. So how do you cut a man? Classic Men's Grooming - has very little bangs that fall on one side or the gel rises. To lay the required minimum time, it is convenient and creates a brave face. Suitable for every day for every successful man.

 Universal haircuts for men
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Universal men's haircuts, suitable for different hair types

Haircut style "retro". It is always up to date and very interesting hairstyle since the 50s in the style of Elvis Presley. A special feature is a laid back long bangs. Stylish haircuts "retro" fit for serious and successful people. However, it will have to spend some time in care. Since This hairstyle is bound to be perfect, and will require frequent trips to the hairdresser. Creative its modification: chaotically located a large amount of hair is above the forehead. Hair short on the sides. Another styling: hair stacked so that the fringe is in a vertical position. This interesting and fashionable styling suitable for young creative people.

Short men's hairstyles in the style of "Dandy" is suitable for adults, mature men in leadership positions. This style is perfect, combines courage and elegance. Men's haircut with bangs. It can be:

  1. Hairstyles with bangs straight-lined hanging to one side. It requires mandatory installation, which takes a very long time. You only need to straighten your hair to make it look smooth and neat. Although the styling looks very aesthetically pleasing, less of it is that it is not very convenient, because hair cover one eye, but in some cases, it will help to hide flaws.
  2. And there may be a short asymmetrical haircut for men with bangs oblique. They look good on skinny tall young men, but require frequent mowing and correction. Asymmetrical bangs are offered a smooth, create an image of a business, a serious man, a ragged, jagged, carrying a daring, courageous, even a little youthful image.

Sport style. Standard ultra short haircut performed clipper hair: hair are cut to the same length all over the head. Hair, of course, truly "male" and very comfortable, but monotonous. A small detail in the form of a light unshaven allows you to make it more modern and interesting. Another possible "highlight": you can leave on the head portion (for example, in the form of Iroquois) is slightly greater length. This option is more suited to extravagant boys. Laying is simple: require means to styling products such as mousse, gel. Long hair is lifted up and placed in the form of a pointed or cone, or "artistic mess". Stylists recommend it deliberately sloppy, messy styling. There is another option - shaved head on drawing.

 haircuts for different types of hair
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Men's hairstyles for certain types of hair

The short bob. Suitable longer glamorous skinny guys who dress fashionably. Hair it should be dense and thick. Fashion trend - a modified short bob with bangs hanging heavy. The length of the bangs - to eye level or slightly higher. To care for this hair requires a lot of time and effort, as well as frequent visits to the hairdresser to adjust. So every day wear this hairstyle is not too convenient.

What can recommend men's hairstyles for short curly hair? Perfect hair with shaved sides and slightly elongated bangs. It's simple, requires little time for laying. This hairstyle looks good in everyday life, and to a whole variety of activities. Another modern haircut, which is not suitable for everyone - asymmetric. It is part of a longer strand, and the other part is cut, giving hair extra volume. This bold hairstyle suits the young owners of a thick head of hair. Men in the age in which the density of the hair has changed in the smaller side, by contrast, will approach a short haircut with a minimum length hair cut by machine.

Choosing men's short haircuts (as well as women) and options for their packings need to remember not only the structure of the hair, but also that men short hairstyles should be combined with all the appearance of a whole.   You should not "denude" round head too short haircut machine. This hairstyle is not suitable, and those with irregular-shaped head. Protruding ears is best to cover the strands left on top. A fringe visually hides large features.

 Men's hairstyles: options for short hair