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  • What are the characteristics BROND?
  • Techniques Hair brondirovanie

Brondirovanie dark hair has become incredibly popular over the last year.

Although it is not all know what the procedure is. Chances are, you have repeatedly seen photographs of the celebrities depicted with stunning natural honey-brown hair color iridescent. This is the technique brondirovanie.

 Example brondirovanie dark hair

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What are the characteristics BROND?

The term "brond" formed from two words: "brown" and "blond". The essence of this style of hair coloring to achieve a harmonious natural overflow of light and dark shades. From classic highlighting it differs most natural and smooth into each other tones.

Brondirovanie ideal for owners of straight or slightly wavy hair. In this type of curly hair coloring does not manifest itself and does not look impressive. The reason for this - the breaking of the highlights and the impossibility of smooth transition of shades. Multilayer brondirovanie, thanks to the skillful combination of colors will visually add volume and thickness of the hair. Especially effective it will look in combination with cascading hair. Therefore BROND - a great option for owners of fine hair, lacking volume.

For those who want to keep hair and restore your natural hair color, brondirovanie will be a real cure. Because the wizard creates a smooth transition of colors from root to tip, regrowth will be evident and will look well-groomed and very harmonious. If you do not try to fully return to their hair color, and are looking for sparing methods of staining, the BROND perfect for this purpose. You will have much less re-dye your hair. They can be just partially refreshed by zones once in a few months.

 different techniques of hair brondirovanie
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Techniques Hair brondirovanie

The most popular technique - a classic brondirovanie in chocolate-honey tones. It is implemented using a multilayer coloring hair. As a rule, the roots are doing curls dark saturated colors: chocolate, chestnut - and to the ends of a transition in the caramel, honey, nutty, golden.

An interesting option - zonal brondirovanie. Play of colors in this case quite noticeable and less smooth. The hair is not completely toned and individual sites. Land at the roots and the lowermost layer remains inside hair color, which is close to the natural one. They can be slightly tinted to color intensity.

One of the most difficult techniques brondirovanie for brunettes - bright colors. If you do not want to dramatically change color to blonde, but you want to revitalize your hair blond radiant shades, you'll like this option. Regrown roots are not very visible, and your locks will look as though they are slightly faded in the sun.

How is brondirovanie?

Staining BROND takes a lot of time. On average, this procedure lasts 2 to 4 hours. The first step is taken for the base color. Usually choose brown or dark blond. Too dark curls pre-clarified, and after - tinted. After rendering distinguished strands of golden, caramel and light colors. Master selects the tone very carefully. The color palette should consist of shades that do not differ in the range of more than a 3-4 pitch. Although in the case of zonal brondirovanie run color can be more.

Once the foundation is ready, it is highlighting. However, the strands are not clarified by the roots. It is necessary to derogate 4-5 cm. Highlighting is uneven. The tips can be lightened more than the rest of the strand. Further clarified strands randomly applied "smears" the darker paint. The more uneven to be made, these "smears", then the more natural hair color will look.

Do not try to make brondirovanie yourself at home . This is a very complex technology coloring, so without adequate training result can turn out very badly.

 What is the technique brondirovanie?

 Hair care Tea Tree Oil


  • Composition of oil and its medicinal properties
  • Recipes use of tea tree oil
  • Contraindications, side effects

Tea tree oil for hair - is essential, transparent tool whose color ranges from pale yellow to crystal clear. Get it from the leaves of the so-called tea tree.

Do not confuse, please, this is not the tea bush, whose leaves are used only in cooking.

The interest in this unusual means originated in the 1970s when the mass enthusiasm for natural products only. It turned out that the oil has many medicinal properties, although the first article on this subject were written in the years 1930-40 chemist Penfold. They describe possible means that about 11 times higher than the characteristics of the best-known antiseptic! But amid the mass production of antibiotics interest in tea tree oil faded again, he scored his strength only in the 1970s.

Today it is one of the components used for cosmetics, it is used in creams, masks shampoos. With just a couple of drops of oil added, for example, in a shampoo can be removed from such annoying problems as dandruff!

 Hair Mask with Tea Tree Oil
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Composition of oil and its medicinal properties

Extraordinary properties of tea tree oil are dictated by its composition. In total there are more than 98 connections:

  • terpinen-4 is responsible for the unique antimicrobial properties (its concentration reaches 30-48%);
  • 1, 8-cineole and other components have bactericidal properties.

These two components are the most valuable, but it is better to take the oil to their lower content as in concentrated form, they can be strong irritants.

Tea tree oil for hair is used in folk medicine and cosmetics for a long time, most often it is used for skin and hair. This tool does not know equal in the fight against acne, inflammatory processes, if necessary, oily skin (problem or combined).

But today, in addition to professional expensive drugs, you can use and very effective homemade recipes. The essential oil is recommended for scalp prone to large amounts of dandruff. Tea tree oil is very beneficial for the hair, it helps to normalize the sebaceous glands, that is, the hair will not only be healthy and beautiful to look at, but also lush, lighter and shiny.

Tea tree oil can cope with such problems as:

  • brittle hair tip section;
  • inflammation, persistent itching, irritation;
  • dandruff different origin;
  • increased secretion.

Using a variety of means, masks, shampoos, having as part of natural essential oils, you can easily and quickly strengthen the hair, making them more healthy, get rid of all sorts of problems. Many recipes are easily made at home, and it eliminates the constant need to visit specialized salons for expensive procedures.

 tea tree oil for hair care
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Recipes use of tea tree oil

Tea tree was a real treasure on the basis of its essential oils, you can create your own hands a variety of health and beauty products for hair. Consider the most simple and popular, to help restore your hair attractiveness, health, ease.

Shampoo enriched with essential oils

This is a simple recipe that can be done at home. He is to enrich your regular shampoo useful properties.

To do this, apart from the hair shampoo, take two or three drops of oil. First on hand squeezed shampoo, then add a couple of drops of oil and everything is thoroughly mixed. Now the resulting mixture to be applied to the surface of the hair thoroughly distributed. The surface of the head is massaged for 3-5 minutes, then wash off the shampoo.

If you wash your hair every day, in this way should not be abused. It is best to use a rich way to shampoo twice a week. After a while you will notice a difference, your hair will become stronger, shiny, dandruff disappears.

Home-made mask for dandruff based on essential oils

If you see a large number of dandruff, which do not help to handle a variety of cosmetics, you can use a special mask based oils. For its production will require oil, perfect castor, burdock or olive (remember that burdock also stimulates hair growth!). This foundation must be slightly warmed, then two tablespoons add five drops of tea tree oil, two drops of oils of rosemary, lavender, bergamot. The mixture is mixed thoroughly until homogenous, then you must leave it for five to ten minutes to draw.

Enjoy homemade mask is used in such a way: means rubbed into the hair roots, then you must leave it for 20-30 minutes. Rinse off the mask is necessary under running water using shampoo.

If you are using had the feeling of a strong burning sensation and discomfort (and it speaks of an allergic reaction), you need to mask with hair wash immediately and not wait for the end of the procedure. To such a situation did not arise, it should advance to test for a variety of components, causing them a small amount on the skin for a few minutes. If there is redness and itching, such a mask dandruff does not suit you.

Special spray for hair shine return

To prepare a spray, it is necessary to take the following ingredients:

  • 30 drops of tea tree oil;
  • 50 ml conventional alcohol;
  • 50 ml of purified water normal.

The process of making the spray is very simple: the oil must first be dissolved in alcohol, then mixed with water. The resulting infusion gently rubbed into the roots of the hair for the night, in the morning it should be thoroughly wash with shampoo.

Repeat the procedure recommended not often enough 2-3 times a week. Regular use of such a simple spray will help restore your curls shine, get rid of dandruff, prevent its further occurrence.

The special mask to restore damaged hair

If your hair is severely weakened by a permanent staining, lightening, perm, you can use a simple homemade mask based on oil. For its production need to prepare such components as:

  • one egg yolk;
  • teaspoon of burdock oil;
  • three or four drops of tea tree oil.

All the ingredients are mixed, and the resulting mask should be light massaging movements rub into the roots for about 10-15 minutes. After applying the tools necessary to head wrap with plastic wrap, leaving itself a mask for 30-40 minutes.

Rinse necessary with the help of the usual shampoo running water. Repeat this procedure can be once a week. After a while you notice that the hair became stronger, they returned to a natural shine.

 the result of applying mask with Tea Tree Oil
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Contraindications, side effects

But not always the use of tea tree oil helpful in some cases, it is not recommended:

  • for pregnant and breast-feeding should be avoided while oil;
  • not recommended to use a wholly-owned vehicle, as it can cause irritation, itching, redness of the skin. It is best to dilute it with other oils, such as olive;
  • if you have allergic reactions to products such as allspice, clove, guava, eucalyptus, and the tea tree oil you may be allergic. Before using perform the test immediately or choose a more suitable means for you;
  • means it is impossible to put a hundred percent on frostbitten skin after burns, in the presence of traces of redness. If you are sores on the skin, wait until they heal.

Tea tree oil - a unique tool that can be used for various procedures related to the hair. It is used to get rid of dandruff, strengthen hair, and all this thanks to the combination of two powerful components: cineole and terpinene. Used oil should only be clearly defined dosages, it is not recommended to use it in the form of one hundred percent, there are a number of limitations (for allergic reactions, for pregnant women, etc.).

 Tea tree oil as a universal remedy for the treatment of hair