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Since the end of the last century, fashionable women are paying attention to Greek art. At that time in vogue long robes, opening the sexiest part of the female body - shoulder. But if women were to dress like Aphrodite, what hinders them and look like? Our contemporaries easily cope with this problem, in vogue hairstyles in the style of the Greek goddess of beauty. It was a long luxurious curls cascading over her shoulders or pulled back by means of pins, combs luxurious.

If the winner does not curl their different lengths, then we came here to help the rims, called "a Greek". Owners quads can easily twist the ends of the hair under the rim, creating a light and airy image of the golden-haired Cupid. If before such hairstyles were considered festive, at the moment they have become everyday, every girl can easily create such an image, not applying to this effort.

The main distinguishing feature of the Greek hairstyles for long hair - wavy styling with different types of weave or slaughtering hair.

If you want to achieve a special effect, we suggest adding to the scenery hair, whether it is flowers or delicate studs-butterfly.

 Greek hairstyle options

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The easiest way

The easiest hairstyle on long hair is created with the help of "a Greek" - the rim, covering the entire circumference of the head, with a simple patterns on the front of the unit. Hair is screwed on curling irons or hair on the small metal rollers, use conventional curlers curler at home is not advised, since locks can not get strong, which is why hair loses its charm. Stranded costs curls lightly fluff, it will create a feeling of lightness and airiness. These curls easier to spin under the rim, because they look a bit at ease, thereby emphasizing your ingenuity and subtlety of flavor.

Then you can look at yourself in the mirror, and if you are happy with your work, it is only a powder nose and run to work, but if not, we advise you to release some locks in the temporal part of the head, thereby outlining the contour of the face and hugging to himself look around you.

It is also one of the common types of hairstyles considered "Greek Spit". When creating his hair cheat optional. We recommend that you wash your hair and gently dry the hair dryer to remain wet strands that look weighted. Comb your hair with fingers to stay the effect of negligence. Then you can braid one, two or three braids on the basis of a French braid and side to connect them into a single bundle or braid.
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Accessories gentle goddess

You can use different kinds of ribbons, barrettes, pins and ribbons. To use the tapes suggested they weave in braids. The tape should play the role of a certain weight material, and look as if she is trying to rein in your unruly curls, but their volume allows it to do so only partially. The ends of the hair to fluff suggested to emphasize the "failure" of the tape. If you do not want to use tape, or it simply is not at hand, use different pins in the shape of flowers, which can be killed over the entire length of hair. Choose accessories suitable style to your outfit.

For Greek hairstyles for long hair is appropriate to use as bandages and plexus bundles, preferably made of leather and metal materials. We do not recommend the use of bright colors, preferably a gentle and quiet, do not forget that you want to be equal to Aphrodite, and think about her refined taste.

 Accessories for the Greek hairstyles
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Golden-haired Cupid

If you just want to show off their curls, you can collect the hair in a bun and leave a few strands of a person that will give you just two images: an unshakable business woman and girl students. And which one will you choose will depend only on the style of your dress. But none outfit will not hide your character, and if you are dressed in a formal suit, but at heart still late for the lecture, this hairstyle will open and you will behave in society with ease.

The simplest version of the Greek hairstyles for long hair is to use the rim, it is advisable to take a thin black bezel without scenery and deliberately casually raise the hair on the back of the head.   To consolidate the hair at the nape suggested to use a conventional stud and invisible. This hairstyle is suitable for daily routine, and to go out. For simplicity has always been considered and is considered a major style-forming factor.

 Ways to create an image of the Greek goddess: Aphrodite hairstyles

 fashionable women's haircuts for short hair


  • Driving versatile short hairstyle
  • Driving performance supershort women's haircuts
  • Driving the youth women's short hairstyles with torn border
  • Technology perform a short bob with an open neck

Currently, women of all ages especially popular short haircuts. The following scheme will help them to perform properly perform haircut.

The woman with short hair always looks well-groomed, modern and dynamic.

In addition to short hairstyles are convenient and practical, they allow women to quickly change its image, and the technology of their implementation is very simple. However, keep in mind that short hairstyles are not for everyone. Of course, if a woman has a perfect oval face, healthy skin, short hair suited her perfectly. Otherwise, to the choice of hairstyle should be approached very carefully and meticulously.

For example, big-boned and Large women is desirable to avoid such cuts, in fact it will only accentuate their angularity and massiveness. Very tall and thin girls this hairstyle is also not appropriate, as it is unlikely to increase their proportionality.

But flexible, slim, elegant short hairstyles for women are very becoming. They successfully underlined chiseled shoulders, slim figure, expressive eyes and a swan neck.

However, some "deviations" from ideal can be disguised, to choose the right hairstyle. For example, a round face lengthen hair with high crown. If the same person, on the contrary, very elongated, then you need to choose a haircut "a boy" with bulky sides. Pear-shaped face is adjusted by means of a short "bean" with a volume crown and long ragged front strands.

 Stylish women's haircuts torn
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Driving versatile short hairstyle

This haircut, like any other, is performed only on clean, damp hair . Forehead in the middle of the head to the highest point of need otchesat small section of hair, about 1-1, 5 cm. In that case, if the hair is too thick, the width is allowed to decrease to 0, 5 cm. It will control a lock. The remaining hair slaughter, so that they do not interfere with work.

The selected strand should be kept upright and cut, gradually reducing the length from the forehead to the nape. Thereafter, the following is taken parallel to the reference strand, moving to one side of the parietal zones, and after that - to another. The technology of this hairstyle is called "strand by strand", that is, every new strand is cut at the same level as the previous one.

Little difficulty is grooming sideburns. It is desirable to have some skill to feel safe and comfortable at the same time keep the comb, scissors and short hair. However, this can quickly adapt. The length of the strand is determined by the temporal parietal, they must be identical. To cut this part you need, moving around the entire circumference of the head from one temple to another.

After the temples can begin to lower back of the head. The benchmark here are already cropped short pieces. Small strands need otchesyvat vertical parting, gradually reducing the overall length of the hair to line their growth on his neck.

If desired, the hair on the back of the head can be made much shorter. To do this, perform shading. After all zones hair cut, they need to comb through 45-degree angle and cut off short hairs that violate the general form of a hairstyle.

All the main work behind. Now we need to make a border. To do this, all the hair in the direction of growth tease face and a pair of scissors are aligned line.

The final stage will be tapering of hair all over the head. It is executed with special scissors. Depth tapering should not be more than 3 cm. A more modern type of haircut will give a new profiling technique called "Poynting".

 supershort women's haircuts
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Driving performance supershort women's haircuts

Technology perform this hairstyle is a little similar to the universal. Slightly damp clean hair combed in the direction of their growth. After determining the highest point of the head. It's easier to make an ordinary comb. At the highest point of the comb lies horizontally. Around this point separated strand diameter of about 5 cm, if the hair is very thick, it can be a little less. The hair is then rolled up and cut the wiring. The height of this cut should be about 1, 5 cm higher than the desired shearing length. After that, the trimmed part of the hair is combed and pulled up by pinching between the middle and index fingers. Then apply the technique of removing hair on his fingers. With its help line the cut. This will control the strand.

Later haircut operate along radial zones. The hair should be parted-radius zones. If they interfere, they can be killed, but if not, then just mentally follow a predetermined pattern. Strands of hair are taking this width, which can hold between the middle and index fingers. They should be vertically Otchesyvat slightly pulling towards the control. Already cut hair prihvatyvayut and focusing on them, cut new strands. For this scheme is applied technology Poynting.

Finished haircut, make a special tapering razor. Thinned bangs straight scissors. Also suitable for this purpose slicing machines.
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Driving the youth women's short hairstyles with torn border

This hairstyle for those women who want to visually lengthen the face. Technology hairstyles and original border require masters of experience, so beginners take on it is undesirable.

First, as in the previous schemes, zoning is carried out. To cut start from the temporo-lateral areas. Small clumps otchesyvayut horizontal parting. After the need to specify the length. You can use the reception of Poynting. The technology of this hairstyle means that the line of cut hair will be slightly above the earlobe. Strands otchesyvayut width of 1-1, 5 cm cut made by the method of lock by lock. When he reached the back of the head with one hand, move to the other side and perform the same actions. After the hair is dried and start the processing of the occipital area.

Strands raised comb and scissors, cut off the tips of the hair. Initially, the central portion of the occiput processed, and after moving to the sides. Then, the unifying haircut supraoccipital and nizhnezatylochnoy zones. To do this, use the same technique of cutting hair with a comb.

A better kind of hairstyle can be given by treating cropped locks by slicing. The final touch back of his head attached to trim. All zone combing comb in the direction of growth, excess hair, breaking the line hairstyle cut. After doing a shallow tapering straight scissors.

Now proceed to the frontal-parietal shearing zone. On the face, parallel to the growth of the hair line, combed strand 1-2 cm, determine the length. Start doing a haircut, moving first from the center to one side, and then - on the other side to the center. All this shear zone with a "strand by strand" quickdraw do not need. Bang processed through the border by Poynting.

Next slide cut vertical transition process from the temples to the nape. This stage is called the coupling, as worked out a joint outline temporo-occipital area.

However, to give the hairstyle a more modern look, need to treat it in the art unconnected, that is the line of the line shall be broken and shall not have a smooth transition. You can do the steps and at the temples. This emphasizes the dynamic style.

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Technology perform a short bob with an open neck

The peculiarity of this hairstyle is very short overlapping the lower occipital area with lush mass of hair at the front and back of the head at the top. The outline main line will be slightly above the hairline. Technology mowing consists of two stages.

First, make a horizontal parting from ear to ear and neck treated. The lower part can be cut by different methods. For example, the cut strands with a comb, moving it from the bottom up. Comb while held horizontally, gradually moving up, the angle between it and the head increases.

Also for the treatment of this zone suitable method of "lock by lock." In this case, partings should be vertical, and the cutoff line held at an acute angle to 90 degrees in the sling. The length of the strands at the top - 2-3 cm, at the bottom - no more than 1 cm.

The second phase - implementation of a penalty. At the level of the top of the ears horizontal parting separate strand width of about 1 cm. It is cut at a level that will determine the line of the square. Then temporal combed strands and continue smooth line quads. Braces do.

Tapering in this haircut done on all sides: front, rear, sides, according to Bang. It is also allowed to make deep cuts filirovku.Shemy on short hair: technology implementation

 Short haircuts. Schemes and technologies of their performance