Blonde hair color for green eyes


  • Rules for the choice of hair color for green eyes
  • Which color is right green-eyed girls with fair skin?
  • Hair color for green eyes with a combination of olive-skinned
  • Basic rules of combination of green eyes with hair of different colors

The vast majority of all girls and women permanently or occasionally dyes his hair. Someone to look more attractive, fashionable, and someone slightly embellish their natural colors Tolna, to hide gray hair. From this, as we all know, no one is immune. Therefore, demand for such a paint will always be high. Manufacturers are trying to keep up with him and offer more and more options for colors. This area has long been dependent on fashion trends, and with each new shade there is a large number of customers willing to disguise.

However, few take into account the fact that the staining is necessary to focus primarily on the color of the eyes. This is not a problem, as in any store you can try on wigs great multitude, not only color, but also hairstyles. Such services provide and beauty salons. you can see for yourself with a bang, or without taking into account the length, as well as see your reflection in the mirror, being a blonde, brown-haired, brunette or redhead. Do not ignore this remark stylists, because hair (which, incidentally, is not the last place is just hair color) can give the eyes expressiveness and depth and will surely attract the attention of others to your look. But how to choose a hair color for green eyes?

 red tint hair green eyes
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Rules for the choice of hair color for green eyes

Fascinating, fascinating and mysterious green eyes is a cherished dream of a large number of representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. No wonder that it is such a hue in a large number of songs, ancient legends, tales and mystical traditions. Fairly widespread idea that green-eyed red hair go. This is the truth, but not all of the girl with green eyes are the same.

In order to choose the right hair color for green eyes, you will need to take into consideration the shade of your skin and hair before coloring. In addition, brightness of color is important.

The best guide when choosing your paint will become natural color. After all, nature is rarely wrong. Sometimes you just a small adjustment, and a spectacular image is ready. Too bright, natural colors can vary, using coloring paint shade is a few shades darker natural. Another option is popular today lightening tips. In this case, you are not only easy to change your appearance, but do it on the latest fashion trends.

Green eyes are capable of transmitting a wide variety of its colors: emerald, green, celadon, and even more combinations in one. This depends on the eye of the form, and on if you watch what weather person.

If we consider the combination of different skin tones with green eyes, the coloring options will be enough.
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Which color is right green-eyed girls with fair skin?

This combination is very advantageous, since its owner perfectly fit any color of hair dye. And despite the fact that too extravagant combinations may look artificial, it is not necessary to abandon the bold experiment. One of them may become fiery red hair. Do not be afraid of such a combination, as pale skin here will be compensated by the brightness of the hair. And if you need to, you can always resort to one or another variant of makeup. For example, should pick up the peach and caramel shades contour pencils and eye shadows. Honey-colored curls are also able to reflect the uniqueness of the holders of green eyes. If on your skin there are some imperfections, your option - golden light colors.

If staining occurs first, then try to use the services of a stylist, because it is like no one else knows exactly how to react to a particular shade of hair in the new version.   If you love me, do not forget about the existence of coloring shampoos that are washed off after several procedures, and you can safely proceed to a new way. And if the girls with other types of skin ashen and platinum shades are contraindicated, the light skin is perfectly suited for such hair well, especially when their own hair is very bright.

 lighter shades of hair
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Hair color for green eyes with a combination of olive-skinned

The best option for such coloring warm skin tones are bronze and caramel color, tint, which must be on a half-tone darker, deeper hue of the skin. When such data become available, you can brown-haired or brunette. Such color image of the mystery filled, and are able to make their possessor fatal daring beauty. Experts in any case do not advise discolored and transformed into a blonde. This will give you a fading, and the entire erstwhile expressiveness sink into oblivion.

For those who like to sunbathe or have dark skin, suitable for absolutely all shades of brown ranging from beige to dark chocolate.
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Basic rules of combination of green eyes with hair of different colors

Dark eye in combination with skin staining require any hue in dark chestnut color or chocolate. Blond hair is very rarely adapt to the green eyes, but if you have the natural hair color and you do not want to resort to artificial coloring, you'll like coloring with the addition of a golden hue. This will create a flickering effect and allow the hair to give the image of playfulness and lightness.

Many stylists are of the opinion, according to which, the lighter the color of the eyes, the hair should be lighter. But this applies only to the green eyes. Nevertheless, the fundamental need to beware of discoloration. For most women with green eyes have naturally light skin tones. Therefore, the light color of hair will face very pale and no cosmetics can not help you.

And even when, seemingly perfect, versatile hair color matched to the green eyes (all shades of red), exceptions do exist. This applies to the eye, in which the color other than green, marsh present color (typically blotches on the outer circumference). Just in this case, red hair are contraindicated. In this situation, you have to choose from a smaller number of options: from a neutral shade of brown to black tulip.

 How to choose the right color hair girl with green eyes?

 Useful argan oil for hair


  • Argan oil production
  • Chemical composition
  • Exterior features
  • Masks and Wraps
  • Enrichment means of hair care using argan oil
  • Storage argan

Moroccan or argan oil for hair is prepared by the method of cold-pressed seed, which are taken from the fruit of the argan. For many centuries, the people of Berber apply this wonderful elixir for hair and body, and in cooking, t. To. Considers his healing. Nowadays, all the plantation with argan trees are state owned and protected by UNESCO. Moroccan king himself has taken care that the trees do not fall into the ownership of any major cosmetic companies - they still remain the property of Morocco.
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Argan oil production

Like many centuries ago to produce argan oil for hair, raw materials going to the Berber women exclusively by hand, and it is called the Moroccan because Morocco and to this day retains its monopoly on development. It follows that any argan oil for hair, which is commercially available, carried out in Morocco, and if you see on the shelves of this cosmetic product produced, for example, in Ukraine, then you got a fake. It is a valuable tool found its application mainly in the hair care, face, body and hand skin and nails.

 Argan oil
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Chemical composition

Argan oil is mainly composed of unsaturated fatty acids: oleic acid fraction is 40-60%, linoleic - 28-36%, palmitic - 12-16% stearic - about 3-8%. Besides these components are contained antioxidant, vitamins A, F, E, fungicides and antibiotics.
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Exterior features

Needless means has a thick consistency and can be yellow or golden color. If it is intended for human consumption, it has a bright nutty flavor, and if it is created for body care and hair, the smell almost does not matter. When preparing this cosmetic for hair or skin, the initial raw material is not subjected to heat treatment, seed crushed by hand presses to obtain so-called "liquid gold" - real domain Morocco. For one liter of finished argan oil is necessary to take 100 kg argan tree fruit, and, in the meantime, each tree yields no more than 6-8 kg of fruits, and fruit these trees every year. It is because of this consumption of fruits this kind of cosmetic products is not so cheap.

Healing properties and effects of argan oil on the hair

Argan oil has the following useful properties:

  • creating on the surface of the hair and scalp area protective filter saves from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays;
  • imparting softness;
  • imparting luster and shine;
  • removal of dry and damaged areas;
  • granting flexibility;
  • protecting the color after dyeing;
  • facilitating the installation.

In order to achieve all these positive effects, based on Argan oil makes masks and body wraps. It is worth noting that oil consumption is very small, but positive results will be visible after the first use.

 use argan oil for hair
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Masks and Wraps

If you want to make a mask based on argan oil, it is better to take in the pure state. The distinguishing feature of this oil is that it has good effect on the hair without any additional additives. If your hair is healthy and does not require the elimination of any problems, you can use the argan oil in an amount of 2 or Z-X drops to protect against UV rays.   Exceed the amount of oil should not be, or curls will look greasy.

  • Mask for softness and shine

After the usual shampooing on curls still wet, apply a 2-W oil droplets and spread them evenly, to make good use of this massage brush. Rinse the hair after 15 minutes with clean running water.

  • Firming mask with argan oil and burdock

Take equal parts argan oil and small thistles, mix them and heat using a water bath. Then apply this useful elixir to the scalp and the roots of your hair. Wrap the scalp film, and on top of the towel - such measures will improve the blood flow. This mask should be washed off with clean running water with the use of shampoo an hour. When used as a mask one burdock, it is not easy to wash off, and in combination with argan long and thorough rinsing is not required. The use of this type of mask strengthen your hair.

  • Mask for strengthening hair with argan oil and egg yolk

It is necessary to take 1 egg yolk and mix it with 1 tablespoon argan oil. Then rub the mixture into the resulting healing scalp, wrap film, and on top of the towel. This mask should be washed off after 15 minutes with clean running water. Mask with egg yolk and argan do well 2 NW times a week - 10 sessions, and a positive result will be very soon. The use of argan oil combined with egg yolk allow your hair to get strengthening, healthy look and get rid of fragility. Wrappings for prevention should do about 1 time per week for three months. If your hair has recently been exposed to coloring or chemical perms, or have obvious problems, it is best to hold the wrapping rate of about 10-15 times G times a week, and after this time - once a week for 3 more months. The same applies to the masks.

  • Wrap the hair from dryness

You will need 1 tablespoon argan oil, which needs to be heated in a water bath. After heating the liquid, apply on the scalp, while paying special attention to the roots. When applying means better rub massage stroking movements within 5 minutes. Then spread this remedy with a brush, moving from root to tip. Hair wrap film, and on top of the towel - such measures will improve the blood flow. This mask should be washed off with clean running water in an hour. The use of such wraps allow hair to get rid of dryness and dehydration - your hair will shine in a new way.

  • Hair mask based on oil and oil Argan Bay, does not require rinsing

Take about 5 drops of oil hit and 1 tablespoon argan oil, mix them and apply on the hair and then comb - this useful mix will allow your hair to be filled with brilliance and amazing softness, as well as get excellent growth stimulation.

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Enrichment means of hair care using argan oil

Take your shampoo or hair conditioner and add the approximately H-5 drops of argan oil - so you give your hair products more useful properties.
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Storage argan

Argan oil has a shelf life of 2-th years. Note that vial to be contained in a closed form in the cool and in a place where the sun's rays do not penetrate. At the time of purchase Argan oil see that it was not darkened.

 The use argan oil for therapeutic and prophylactic effect