evening hairstyle on long hair


  • How to choose the evening hairstyle?
  • Several options for hairstyles for long hair
  • Useful tips to create the perfect evening hairstyle

If you are the owner of luxury long curls, then you can approach a variety of evening hairstyles for long hair. But how to choose? The following details this.
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How to choose the evening hairstyle?

Selection of hairstyles - a serious matter, because it affects how harmonious and will complete your image. And what are the basic rules of the selection must be followed? Here they are.

Event. For example, if you are invited to some official meeting, it should give preference to a more restrained hairstyles: beams, shells, and other neat curls. If you planned a secular party, you can select more than the original version, which adds a chic image.

Dress and makeup. Remember one simple golden rule: to be present in the form of a bright accent. So if you choose a chic dress with lots of rhinestones and beads, the hair should be simple and neat. And if modest outfit, the hair simply must be original.

Convenience. Constantly thinking about that hair is not broke and did not come out, you probably do not want. That is why the vote complexity of hair and think about whether you will be comfortable with it.

Hair type is also important. For example, if the hair is thick and unruly, you can collect them on top and fix pins. But thin and sparse hair should definitely give volume.

Another point which should be considered mandatory - this face shape.

For example, a round face would be a perfect hairstyle with the crown volume or smooth locks on each side. But parting is contraindicated. If you have an oval face, you're in luck, because the perfect look to be any evening hairstyles. Square face requires special elements.

Welcome asymmetrical lines, and an open line of his forehead. The ears may be slightly open, and his chin is desirable to visually soften the romantic curls. Comb your hair back or doing parting is not recommended. For a triangular face suitable hair style with volume near the ears. And in hairstyles for a rectangular face ears should be closed. Line entity to do more soft. Contraindicated long straight flowing hair.

Some parts of the face. So, if a long nose, then select lush hair, providing a thick volume bangs. Do not comb your hair back. If your upturned nose up, then bang you do not need, pushes her hair back. Wide and flat nose looks great with the top retracted and voluminous hair. A small tip can be combined with curls. With a short neck need to open it. Big Ears is better to close the hair. With a wide set eyes is best to give preference to smooth curves around the forehead. A close-set eyes will look great with hairstyles that involve the volume at the temples.

 bundle of hair

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Several options for hairstyles for long hair

We suggest you choose something for themselves. For clarity, we offer a few examples.

Bow of hair

To create a romantic hairstyle you need studs, two thin gum, invisible, as well as locking means for hair.

First of all, divide the hair into two parts, a horizontal line from one ear to the other. The lower part should be more volume out of it you'll be tinkering bow. The upper part is divided into three: the temporal locks on the sides and bangs. Screw the locks on large rollers to give them volume.

The lower part of the hair tie into a tight ponytail. Separate a section of the upper part of it, and kill it so that it does not interfere with you. Tie the lower part of the tail of another rubber band, then divide the hair between the two rubber bands in two. Lift the lower part, form a bow, secure all bolts. The remaining loose strands fasten under the left and right parts of the bow, straighten curls. Now complete the construction. For this release a lock that was killed and how it would wrap the middle of a bow, the ends of the lock pins.

Now for the bangs. Let it light wave and fix varnish. Temporal strands twisted together into bundles and hide under the bow, stabbing their pins. Secure the entire hairstyle.

Light and romantic curls of hair

You will need: a thin band, hairpin, comb with fine teeth, hair curlers, decorative pins, hair dryer and hair spray.

First make a light wavy tresses. To do this, screw the little wet hair on large curlers and leave it to dry hair dryer, dissolved.

Make a side parting. From the side strands twist flagella, wrapped strands inside (bottom-up), fasten them around the ears. Nacheshite the crown a little bit to give it volume.

Now, divide the hair into two parts: the bottom (it should be a bit bulkier) and top. The upper is raise and kill. A lower tie a rubber band, but no Thread the tail to the end and leave it, fixing pins in several places.

From the top of the separate lock, twist a tourniquet loosely, wrap it around the unfinished tail and secure with decorative pins. So did the other strands (there should be no more than three). Secure hair lacquer.

 bow out of hair

A bundle of hair

To create a romantic and elegant hairstyles you will need: two thin scrunchy, a special roller for creating a beam (or tight and very elastic volume) studs.

To begin with tie at the top of a tight ponytail. If you wish, you can comb the hair, while hair is a little careless. Now thread the hair roller in the hole by placing it at the base of the tail. Spread the strands evenly around the circumference of the roller (get some palm tree) and tie a rubber band formed structure.

If you have long hair, you will certainly remain loose strands. So, wrap them around the gums or around the bundle, securing pins. Secure all varnish.
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Useful tips to create the perfect evening hairstyle

To hairstyle was the perfect follow some simple guidelines.

  • Do not make the hair on an absolutely clean hair, they will disintegrate. Ideally, if you wash your head, or even the day before yesterday.
  • Moisten your hands with water or slightly moisten the hair, so that they are more obedient.
  • Do not make the hair in a bad mood and stress. You will be even more nervous, you just do not get.
  • First, put on evening dress, then do her hair, or, for example, when equipped with a narrow neck dress there is a risk to spoil everything.

Let your evening hairstyle looker and complements your chic image.

 Hairstyles for long hair on the solemn occasion

 causes of dry hair ends


  • Nutritious masks at home
  • Professional mask for dry hair ends

Everyone likes well-groomed and beautiful hair when they are healthy and everything is fine with the tips. However, blow-drying, styling, color, and just a bad environment is very harmful to our beautiful hairstyle. From this the tips of hair start to break, flake. But do not despair! There are many recipes for their recovery.

Masks for dry hair ends is the best help to find the hair healthy and shiny appearance. What you can pick up prescriptions for healing the scalp and head of hair tips?

 cooking nourishing hair mask

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Nutritious masks at home

The recipe for carrot and vegetable oil has beneficial effects on hair structure, nourishes them. To make this magic potion is necessary to mix carrot juice and vegetable oil in equal parts, and then the mixture should be applied to the problem areas. Then you need to massage the scalp, carefully rub into ends. And leave this mask for about 15-20 minutes on the hair. Then wash off the mask with warm water and wash your hair.

Still very nourishing tips hairstyles mixture of yogurt, and it is better if the yogurt is homemade. It should be rubbed into the skin of warm yogurt on the head, and then put on a hat. After 30 minutes, you need to massage the head again and rinse with warm water, then wash with shampoo everyday.

One of the most effective masks - a mixture of castor oil. Everyone knows what castor oil is rubbed into the hair for their growth, even smear them eyelashes.

So it is necessary to combine the following ingredients: 1 tablespoon of castor oil, 1 tablespoon spoonful of olive oil and add the juice of half a lemon. Then all you need to mix and apply on the head. Better then to wear a hat, so like 30 minutes, then rinse with water. After wash your hair a mild gentle shampoo on the basis of nettle broth.

There is another remarkable mask which helps restore dry and glue the ends of her hair. To do this, take the leaves of aloe, squeeze the juice from them. Mix 1 spoon of aloe juice, 1 tablespoon burdock oil (it is usually sold in pharmacies), 1 spoon (about 50 grams) of brandy, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 egg yolk. Further, all necessary Shake, smear on the scalp and the tips of the hair and walk as an hour. This mask should be repeated 2 times a week, then we can forget about the tips dry.

 applying a mask on your hair
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Professional mask for dry hair ends

Of course, not all agree to spend their time in homemade miracle drugs. In addition, there is now so much money on hair care products that just look at first. How to choose the best? First you need to check the composition of these masks. They should include plant extracts, oils and vitamins A and E. Natural ingredients you on store shelves are unlikely to find, because they are perishable, making them unprofitable. So before you buy yourself such masks, read reviews from other people about these tools, ask around friends.

Better yet, consult with a specialist in a good salon. They usually understand the updates to the old proven techniques. Well, of course, you can choose the method of trial and error, but often not much change their means of hair care products, do not chase fashion novelties. The main thing - to pick up a product that is right for you and will not cause allergies!

 Recipes and tips for dry hair ends