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  • The method of hot hair restoration at home

Every woman aspires to look young and attractive, but, alas, without a healthy and beautiful hair of this result is almost impossible to achieve. Hair - is the part of the human body, poor health is difficult to conceal, disguise or conceal anything. It's hard to maintain the beauty when they are affected by a number of negative factors. Daily Ladies subjected to this torture their locks, the sun's rays burn and destroy their structure, ordinary water from the tap, which all wash the head, also causes them harm. As for the factors that do not depend on us, everything is clear, but there are still a number of actions that are done consciously: painting, chemistry, styling. This manipulation of the toughest, and their implications necessarily need to be treated.

In our time, the proposals on treatment and preventive care of the curls from different salons set. But most people these services are not affordable, or is difficult to distinguish the everyday hustle and bustle of a few hours time to hike to the salon. Hair Restoration at home in recent years has become urgent for the majority of women who began to apply effective and inexpensive methods at home.

 keratin hair restoration
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Keratin hair restoration method house

There are many techniques to restore. Keratin method - one of them. Already after the first procedure of its kind becomes more healthy and strong structure and silky. This reduction is important, as is suitable for any type of hair.

Keratin hair restoration process:

  • The first thing you need to purchase special equipment for home use;
  • After getting acquainted with the instructions should be thoroughly wash your hair, it is recommended to use a shampoo that does not contain sulfates;
  • When the hair is cleared, you can begin to spray mask with keratin (keratin - a natural protein that is used to restore the structure);
  • Then he applied keratin, it is applied to the individual strands evenly, without missing anything.
  • After soaking keratin hair should be dried hair dryer;
  • The final phase of the recovery - a straightening locks styler.

After the process is necessary for three days to adhere to these rules:

  • do not wear a hat,
  • do not wash your hair and prevent the ingress of moisture,
  • not to braid the hair and tie.

The result of this procedure lasts up to 4 months, during which the curls will not need installation.

 hot method of hair restoration
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Shock method of hair restoration house

Restore the health of the hair by shock - the perfect way to restore their beauty. It is perfect for owners of over-dried and bleached curls, those who love the styling, color and perm do.

This method achieves results because of the components that are used in combination, such as oil, restores the structure, growth promoter, and other useful minerals.

Three Steps to perform recovery at home:

  1. It should be thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo, which is part of the complex. This shampoo contains no harmful components and is good to cleanse the hair for better penetration of nutrients.
  2. The next step will be the connection of oil and growth promoter. That all happened as it should, it is necessary for a few minutes to whisk whisk them to form a mousse consistency.
  3. Last stage - applying the components directly to the hair, leaving the mixture for 2 minutes, after which it must be washed off with plenty of water.

This procedure makes the hair silky, smooth and very beautiful. This manipulation can be carried out not whiter than once a month. And note that if you are going to be painted, then the procedure should be made a week before painting.
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The method of hot hair restoration at home

Hot restoration - a unique method in which the hair is treated specialized ionic composition, which is fixed under the influence of a hot iron; alignment. Before performing this procedure, you must be reserved for the composition of the hot hair restoration, hair dryer or utjuzhkom. This technique will allow for the recovery process is completely secure.

A very simple method does not require special skills, just need to treat the hair and fix a special tool (seal) its ironing, stand 30 minutes. After this means is removed and the hair is thoroughly rinsed. This is a very useful process to help find hair silky, shiny, healthy structure and beauty.

But never forget that the primary health factor curls - this is the well-being of the whole organism. Would you like to look better, fresher and more beautiful, eat well and refrain from bad habits. And in conjunction with the enumerated methods of hair will radiate beauty and health.

 How to restore hair at home?

 Lamination of hair


  • What is laminate?
  • Action cosmetic procedures
  • The use of lamination hair
  • How do lamination in the home?

Use of lamination hair allow hair to make smart. Hair instantly becomes more shiny and protected from the external environment. It is only necessary to make the correct choice of the method and means of lamination hair.
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What is laminate?

Lamination of hair is a cosmetic procedure, through which eliminates the problem of split ends and brittle. Ideal for those who can not cope with unruly curls. Even after washing effect persists for some time. Hair styling and easy to comb without any problems.

Also lamination - a way to protect the hair from the adverse environmental factors, as during the procedure every hair is coated with protective substances. In addition, this procedure allows you to save nadolshe intense shade and reduce the effects of chemicals.

After lamination, any haircut will look more impressive. This is because the structure of the hair is smoothed, irregularities are eliminated, and the hair becomes thicker and more elastic.

 lamiirovanie hair salon
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Action cosmetic procedures

It should be noted that human hair is composed of a large number keratin scales that have no color. They are also often called the cuticle. A healthy, these flakes or outer layer of tightly adjacent to each other, allowing you to keep the hair shaft for a long amount of time.

Under the influence of negative environmental factors occur delamination flakes apart. As a result, the hair surface becomes uneven and rough. Opened spaces between the scales are the main destination for the damage. This leads to a thinning and formation of split ends.

Laminating procedure is carried out to restore this protective film on the surface of the hair, whereby scales are adjacent to each other and continue to protect the structure. A certain amount of time deposited funds for lamination of hair to protect them from damage. To effect is not stopped, it is necessary to visit a beauty salon for a repeat of the lamination.
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The use of lamination hair

Of course, there are supporters and opponents of all cosmetic procedures, including procedures for the improvement and strengthening of hair. But modern drugs that are used for this procedure, it is safe for the health of hair and body as a whole.

The process itself consists in applying a cellulose film, which has a protective and water-repellent properties. It should be noted that such a layer does not hinder breathing hair, so long they are beautiful and healthy. Incoming nutrients during application salves or masks remain inside, since the film does not go outside it.

Already after the first treatment procedure, the hair become more smooth and shiny. Not every procedure gives visible results immediately after the procedure. It is advisable to secure the effect of the use of special care products that are designed specifically for hair after lamination. This can be shampoos, conditioners, conditioners, masks, and others.

 laminating hair at home
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How do lamination in the home?

It is not necessary to create a beautiful hairstyle to attend the expensive beauty salons in which professionals to easily conduct any procedure. There are many ways to make health and beauty shock of hair at home. This also applies to lamination.

The simplest and most accessible means for home use is a lamination of the finished spray. It is applied to each strand, and then adhere the flakes and envelop the hair shaft. Rinse agents is not necessary. This method is called rapid laminating, as carried out quickly enough, but to consolidate the results need to regularly apply the spray.

Complete procedure is more time consuming and difficult, but professional products sold in specialty stores and showrooms, allow us to make the hair stronger and healthier. For high-quality laminating need to buy a special shampoo, through which the deep cleaning, polymer reducing agent, moisturizing emulsion to soften the spray, nourishing oil for loose ends. Of course, it is advisable to consult with a specialist to choose an optimal set of tools specifically for a certain type and structure of the hair.

Also in the home is used gelatin lamination. To this diluted gelatin in cold water is applied evenly across the length of the strands, and then left for 1-2 hours exposure. After such a mask hair is shinier and more durable.

 Quality hair lamination