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  • The Many Faces of Bob
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Hairstyle named "Bob" loved by many for his versatility. Bob Haircut long hair as good as in the middle. It will suit girls with straight hair and curly. Ideal with any type of person.
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The Many Faces of Bob

Make a comfortable hairstyle is not difficult. Hairdresser cuts on his head and lock control is already on it with a small sling cuts the rest.

Depending on the desired effect, the ends of the hair can be issued a special razor, shaped or cut with scissors.

Bob Haircut long hair can be done in different ways. It depends on the angle of the finished hairstyle.

Graduated Bob features smooth cascade. It is distributed over the entire length pryadok and creates a beautiful volume. Calibration does the image of light and flirty. In addition to the multi-layered, so hair can be also asymmetric. The sharp angle of the haircuts will make it the owner of a spectacular and stylish. Thick bangs to her eyebrows - this is another "highlight" hairstyles. But Bob is equally good, and with a rare and short and oblique bangs.

For girls with oval face type more suitable voluminous curls, chubby should choose the smooth hair with locks falling down on your face. The same option is perfect for the face of the square type. It is highly recommended to do a hairstyle girls with a short neck. "Bob" add grace and visually pull the neck.

For a more interesting way, you can play with hair coloring. Kolorirovanie two or three shades looks very stylish and fashionable. Choosing warm colors can add mystery and femininity, and the hair on the whole gain additional volume visually. Those who are not afraid to experiment, and loves to be the center of attention, better to choose bright colors and coloring to make sharp transitions.

 Trendy hairstyles bob long hair
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All kinds of packing

To always look well-groomed and beautiful, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time laying.   The main rule: the hair should always be clean. After washing them, apply mousse and well-dried hair dryer. A stream of air is directed to the roots of the hair, and then move to the tips, lifting each strand. The tips of the hair need to twist inward. This can be done using a normal round brush and a hair dryer or using forceps. Daily hair turns a simple, beautiful and volume.

For travelers going to the movies or a daily laying quickly and easily you can transform in the evening. It's enough to put on the hair gel and smooth unruly locks. Hairspray will complete the image. Romantic styling make for curlers. They need to be screwed on damp clean hair, then dry the head hair dryer and after drying to remove the hair curler and curl your fingers neatly divided. If necessary, use the paint with glitter.

The effect of "wet hair" is ideal for a party. This styling looks stylish, fun and will certainly attract attention, and made it very easy. On the washed wet hair, apply a special gel. Now you will need a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment. Hair should be dry from the roots and at the same time to crush them with your hands. Such a method gives each strand is very unusual and interesting form. To fix the hairstyle use varnish.

 Suitable for a bob haircut?

 hairstyles for medium hair


  • Pros and cons of medium length
  • Options Evening hairstyles for medium length hair

Owners of smart, well-groomed stacks are always of particular interest to the stronger sex. Even the ancient philosopher Apuleius said that nothing can so chained to his views of men like long hair and a natural complexion. Designers are constantly creating daily and evening hairstyles for medium hair.
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Pros and cons of medium length

What is the hidden secret of this popularity is the hair of medium length among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity?

Firstly, it is the size allows not to suffer too complicated measures for hair more length. Well, compared to the very short hair, and everyday and ceremonial hairstyles for medium hair allow full use of their imagination, and every time to try something new. Such lengths are subject to a variety of options for hair - bundles, braids, shaggy, hair, braids and fringe.

The main factor influencing the choice, it would be the amount of time the owner is prepared to spend an average length on the creation of beauty. Professional stylists argue that such a length of hair is a "universal" and is suitable for all types and face shapes. The main thing here - to choose the right design.

 trendy hairstyles for medium hair

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Options Evening hairstyles for medium length hair

So, as already mentioned, evening hairstyles for medium hair can be very different - from simple that you can do yourself, to complex, for which need the help of professionals in the cabin. At the same time it does not matter where you intend to go. After all, sometimes even going to the most important event, you take a hair less time than when going on an ordinary outing with friends. Much depends on how you feel your hair, as well as on what their structure.

Hairstyles to give hair volume

If your hair is not very docile, and any attempt to curl one or another strand they are dismissed in a couple of hours, and you must choose the appropriate hairstyle. Thus, in order to give the hair the additional volume, one should resort to the fleece. This requires two combs. The first - with a single row of teeth, the second - in the form of a brush. Take turns taking small clumps, lift up and tease them from the ends towards the roots. As soon as finish to do it, take a brush and only the top layer of hair combs. If the length of the hair allows, it is possible to fix the tips of a small shell, and at the temples to release one strand. This will not only give volume to the hair, but also visually lengthen the neck. Bangs can be wrapped back, taking advantage of pre-forceps.

 beautiful hairstyles for medium hair

Types of beams and methods of installation

One of the most spectacular hairstyles for medium hair is a dual French bun. First should be uniformly applied to the hair styling products. Hair begins to weave braids from the top of the French. When he reached the back of the head, fasten elastic braid. Curl the hair ends steam forceps. To hair is not dealt very quickly, you should fix the clasp or pin curls. Swirling, sprinkle them varnish. When the hair is cool, they can dissolve and move the rubber band a little bit higher and fix pins. Around her, they also fasten strands. To the top of the hairstyle not seem too smoothed, it should handle a little comb to straighten strand braids.

Another option is the conventional beam twisted shell in her hair. For a more spectacular way possible in the direction of the temples braid two braids are not too wide. In order to create a visual volume, better beam laid on the level of the neck and not too tight and tightening to collect hair. Again, you can resort to the release of the two strands at the temples. But this option is not suitable for everyone, it is acceptable to the owners of an oval-shaped face.

Hairstyles with curling hair of medium length

In order to arrange beautiful, romantic, flowing hair, you can use several options. The first - a perm on hair curlers. They can be of different types - ordinary, thermal. In order to quickly achieve the desired result, it is better to use the second option. They were dipped in hot water, and immediately after the recess is wound tresses on them. Curlers have to walk a couple of hours, until they cool down. Another means of curling tongs are thermal.   With this installation should be carried out all the tips mentioned in the French double-beam. The top locks should tease the roots as well as collecting a few strands to consolidate their studs on top.

If you have a hairstyle with bangs, it is also necessary to have a little comb the hair line and slightly twist the tongs. Excessive curl bangs will look unnatural. And the last way - is drying hair dryer with a large round brush diameter. Each time, starting the installation, do not forget that the hair should be treated with protective means and means retaining hair in the required form.

Based on the curled hair can be in the future to make almost any hairstyle. This can be a romantic hairstyle in the Greek style. There will be sufficient to raise a little hair pins and stab them, or using the rim tape to hide the pins. Emphasis will be placed on the elegantly coiffed hair.

 Hair as a way to create a unique image