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  • Jojoba in cosmetology
  • The composition of jojoba oil
  • Hair Treatment Essential Oil
  • The use of oil in the care of the body

Natural substances and materials needed in the various spheres of life, such as food, grown without pesticides in clean regions, clothing made from natural fabrics, building materials, furniture. When hair care women began to make more use of folk remedies, for example, jojoba oil for hair has become a panacea.
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Jojoba in cosmetology

In cosmetology in recent years shown all the same trend. Even 10 years ago, most women do not even think about the composition of cosmetics, which is used, and today they are closely studying the compositions bought cosmetics. Many cosmetic companies have begun to be used in the manufacture of natural ingredients. As is known, such production is costly, so their production is much more expensive. But jojoba oil for hair and body has a restorative effect, the hair gain strength and shine, and the body becomes soft and fit.

For example, such a substance as spermaceti, extracted from the cavity of the skull of a sperm whale and is used for the production of medical cosmetics. But now the destruction of these animals is prohibited, and the company had something to replace spermaceti. Beauticians began using a natural substance - jojoba oil, which is extracted from the seeds of the American shrub.

The substance is extracted by cold pressing, so all useful elements and vitamins. Not a single plant in the world has such a rich composition. Long research has revealed that the content of nutrients in jojoba oil in the compositions of thousands times greater than other plants, and even spermaceti its properties is inferior.

 composition of jojoba oil
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The composition of jojoba oil

Jojoba oil contains in its composition proteins, amino acids and a large amount of vitamin E, whereby the product has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, and an antioxidant. It has a long shelf life and eventually becomes not bitter taste. And when you add it to the other oils helps extend their shelf life. In the study of the pyramids in ancient Egypt has been found jojoba, which is almost completely preserved its quality.

Although a thick consistency, essential oil quickly and deeply into the hair and the skin, forming a protective layer remains without greasy. Jojoba - the best fat component, which began to be used in cosmetics due to its properties:

  • mitigation;
  • hydration;
  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • not amenable to oxidation.

Chemists have found that the structure of essential oils reminiscent of liquid wax. But for consumers, this does not matter, they are satisfied with the healing properties of jojoba, because it can be used in inflammation of the joints, skin, redness, dermatitis, acne, eczema, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Properties of the essential oil

In cosmetics jojoba able to take good care of the skin, nourishing and moisturizing, penetrating deep into the pores. Usually it is taken as a basis and adding thereto other volatile substances, and since it is odorless - oils do not lose their flavors.

Jojoba, unlike other vegetable oils, has excellent barrier properties, so it is often used for skin care of newborns. The formed protective film enables the skin to breathe, but prevents waterlogging, provoked by the use of diapers.

 the use of jojoba oil
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Hair Treatment Essential Oil

Beauticians have found that using jojoba oil for hair, you can greatly improve their condition and appearance. Brittle, dry and dyed hair will be "live", acquire strength and shine. The wax will help protect them from damage.

The essential oil may be applied directly to the hair or scalp. In its pure form it can be applied only on small areas of the skin, and in other cases it is advisable to make a 10% solution. To enhance the action it adds other essential oils.

Jojoba hair can be used as an additional component, adding it to the shampoo and balsam. It is possible to achieve a good effect if applied before washing hair oil on the scalp and hair ends for 20-30 minutes. Already after the first treatment you will notice improvements, the hair will be soft and compliant. The substance is recommended daily combing, putting a few drops on a comb with a few teeth.

Often there is a problem of hair loss, for its decision jojoba will be indispensable. It is necessary to make a mixture of oil, adding a few drops each of: cedar, pine, eucalyptus, ginger and sage oil. Apply when combing or rubbed into the scalp for half an hour before washing.
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The use of oil in the care of the body

When caring for the body with fresh cold-pressed oil. It does not add preservatives, fragrances, dyes, so oil is hypoallergenic and can be used for all skin types. Useful substances contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin and improve its condition, eliminating peeling, dryness and inflammation. Flabby and aging skin is particularly in need of care, jojoba oil will help get rid of wrinkles and fine cracks. With it, you can also fight acne, minor injuries, stretch marks and cellulite. Well moisturizes the skin after shaving, swimming and sunbathing, helps mitigate scars.

The cosmetic use of jojoba becomes more popular, it can replace mineral oils, triglycerides, lanolin, and squalene. Cosmetic products are safer and more effective. For 2,000 years, people thanks to jojoba maintain health, beauty and youth.

 Jojoba oil: useful properties

 the right hair color for brown eyes


  • Right choice
  • Main characteristics

The majority of the fair sex, and more recently, men change their original color volos.Esli paint originally used mainly for painting of gray, from the development and the emergence of high-quality and safe hair dyes they were used everywhere. How to change the image, and a small change in the image and set the mood. What woman does not like to try something new? Not always a new tone hair color combined with the iris. Chances are you are familiar with cases when the experiment ended in failure with the paint. What is better to choose hair color for brown eyes?
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Right choice

Brown eyes the most widespread in the world. Most often it occurs in Africa, Asia, South Europe, South America and Oceania.

If you look at the shades scalp of people living in areas dominated by representatives with brown eyes, you can see that their natural hair color is mostly dark. Brown eyes are commonly found in nature with the brown hair, chocolate, gold, copper and brown. It is no secret that the color of the iris carries with it certain character traits. With the help of hair and its color palette, you can adjust not only the look but also the features of your behavior.

When choosing hair color for brown eyes, you need to decide whether this is in harmony with the tone of your hair. If you choose the wrong tone of your future hairstyle, it will make disharmony in your appearance, and this, in turn, will attract mocking looks.

In order to pick hair color for brown eyes, you need to define your appearance tsvetotip. Tsvetotip - a definition of the types of appearance based on a combination of color hair, iris and skin. Basic tsvetotip four: fall, winter, spring and summer. But immediately determine which of them are quite difficult. It seldom happens that a person's appearance clearly fit their description.

 beautiful hair color for brown eyes
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Main characteristics

So hair color for brown eyes:

  • Brown eyes and normal skin color. Representatives of this skin tone shades suitable strands: black, brown, copper, dark brown. Here you must take into account the tone of the iris. If you are the bearer of dark brown eyes, you are best suited strands shades like rich brown and black, bitter chocolate, black. If you have hazel eyes, then you will approach a milky caramel and chocolate notes.
  • Brown eyes and dark skin. Optimal tone strands - dark chocolate. Such a combination of the eyes and skin should choose dark colors: dark brown, caramel, chocolate, chestnut, milk chocolate, chocolate brown, chocolate-red, copper brown, amber, golden brown. To accentuate your eyes and make a hairstyle visual volume, you can lighten small clumps and paint them in a light color, for example honey, caramel, with reddish hair. If you have an amber-brown eyes, the suit all shades of red - copper, brown, brown with a reddish tint, fire.
  • Brown eyes and fair skin. Ideal - is a light chocolate, light brown, red and caramel shades. Strongly brighten strands is not necessary, to choose a balance between too light and very dark tone. If you have light brown eyes, you can use light shades of strands. For example, such as chocolate milk, wheat, mocha, light copper, gold, sand and nutty.

If nature would have it, you become the owner of the brown eyes, then, of course, you not only can, but should be proud of this gift. The eyes of this tone is not as deep as the blue. But they are a striking element of your appearance, they fascinate and attract. Therefore, when choosing a hair color for brown eyes is important to remember that no matter what tone you choose, it should not be mute radiance of your eyes.

When choosing a must pay particular attention to the colors of the skin and eyes - depends on how the new colors hairstyles fit your image.

 Which hair color is suitable for brown eyes?