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Red hair color - brown shade of red, named after the fruit chestnut. And appropriate for young girls, and for the successful business woman. He is one of the main trends of this year. If you recently confidently walked on world podiums fatal brunettes and blondes luxury, today fashion brings out the mysterious brown-haired women.

Red hair color is the variant, it is rich in nuances: caramel, chocolate, honey, walnut, copper, nutmeg, cappuccino, golden, baked milk, chocolate, sand, etc.

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To suit the color Red?

Despite the fact that Red hair color is very beautiful, it is not for everyone and may enter into contrast with the color of the skin, creating an inharmonious way. So if you still chose him better, of course, would be to consult with a specialist. Considering your tsvetotip, he will be able to choose the right shade of brown. Red hair color is perfect for green gold (fall and spring type), light brown eyes.

How to choose the right shade of brown? Owners light skin will look aristocratic hair a brown color of ripe cherries. The most suitable for the mulatto be nutty tones. If you have green eyes, it would be appropriate or honey light chestnut shade. Color becomes more expressive, if you make highlights. For this purpose best suited shades of caramel, creme brulee, coffee and walnut.

When coloring using the same tone as for dyeing. Chestnut color is quite convenient for home coloring, but it's better to do it in the cabin, if you choose a shade lighter than the native color. Coloring, too, is best done at the salon. Secrets of staining:

  1. To avoid red or reddish hue, choose paint cooler colors: chocolate and walnut.
  2. To avoid the effect of "light the roots", the paint must be applied first to the roots, and after - the entire length of the least - on the tips. Another way is to moisten the tips pokrashivaniem normal water, and the paint will be less intensely absorbed.

Psychologists believe that the natural brown-haired women have exquisite taste, girl, coloring their hair this color, have charisma, which helps them to achieve unprecedented peaks in economics, management, politics.   Natural and unnatural haired - is bright and creative individual. This color goes well with almost any color of clothing and accessories, is relevant for any style and for any occasion.

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Care brown hair

What are the hairstyles and the laying can go up? The ideal option is to pony tail - the standard of style, femininity and flirty. To make the amount of short hair suit waving large curls, or with the effect of wet hair. Another great option for long brown hair - a smooth strands, they can secure fashion accessories:

  1. pin with rhinestones,
  2. hoop,
  3. satin ribbons,
  4. graceful hairpin.

Brown hair nekaprizny care. To maintain the natural beauty and healthy appearance need to be carefully cleaned and moistened. Air conditioners, masks, cosmetic UV filters are required for regular use. The structure of hair damaged by frequent use of paint, will help to restore the mask for brown hair. They are based on rosemary and walnut. To achieve gold glitter, hair can be rinsed with broth chamomile or rhubarb.

 Staining in brown color

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  • Varieties melirovanija
  • Technology coloring of dark hair
  • Tips for Highlighted Hair

Highlights for dark hair is a modern and affordable way to change the image and the image update.

This in itself highlights has sparing influence on hair, so in high demand not only for women, but also the representatives of the stronger sex. To dye hair after the treatment remained beautiful and spectacular, it is necessary to monitor the health of hair and to properly care for them.
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Varieties melirovanija

The constant appearance of new products and technologies in the field of hairdressing allows you to select the most appropriate method of staining. The most common and popular are the following methods: American highlights "Mazhimesh", "Baliyazh", "Mazhikontras", "Platin Presizon."

The first type is a procedure for dark hair, which are created by reflections on the hair. It preserves the natural way and gives extra volume hair. As a rule, such a method for coloring paint used in turn several shades close together on the color to the color (2-4 colors). Highlighting "Mazhimesh" as a main component using wax and dye creamy consistency. After such a stain brown hair get a nice golden color, so it is advisable to carry out to representatives of blond curls and bright. Game colors can visually improve the appearance of hair and give it splendor. On dark hair is used very often, it is due to the fact that the effect is almost imperceptible.

"Mazhikontras" is the use of 2-5 colors, which is achieved due to the stunning effect of staining. This method is suitable for those who enjoy frequent staining. The final result depends on the number of colors of dye, the more of them, the more interesting it turns the color of hair. "Platin Presizon" - a way of highlighting on the basis of uniform lightening. As a general rule, it applies to natural, and previously painted hair. Highlighting "Baliyazh" procedure is lightening tips that give short haircuts more interesting effect.

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Technology coloring of dark hair

How does the process of dyeing dark or light hair? First of all, you must first assess the status and structure of the hair, as it is advisable to ensure minimal impact to hair remains beautiful and natural. Dyed hair has previously weaker and damaged, so after each staining procedure is necessary to use the funds to protect and enhance.

After selecting a method of dyeing brown or dark hair should not be pre-washed. This is due to the fact that slack contamination can protect the structure from further exposure to dyes and oxidizing agents. Next you should decide the width of the strands. Someone chooses frequent small strands, other preferable rather broad and rare band. Then the mixed oxidant and previously prepared dye. By following the instructions, consistency should not be too thick or too thin.

Begin staining procedure should be parted. For fast and high quality dyeing using a special hook that is easy to pick up the individual strands without affecting the rest of the hair. Painted composition strands are wrapped in foil, which enhances the effect of the procedure and makes the dye spread to the main part of the strands that remain the original color. After staining, one side of the head must move to the other, and then leave the ink on certain amount of time. The effect on the quality of the dye ink, the original color of the hair, on the desired effect and other factors. Typically, to obtain a bright highlights enough for 15-20 minutes, after which the foil is carefully removed, and the head is rinsed thoroughly with warm water using a shampoo.

It is recommended that highlights not more than once in 2-3 months, since hair takes time to recover. Otherwise, they become thinner and become dull. Rational use of dyes allows a long time to keep the splendor and elegance of hair.

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Tips for Highlighted Hair

Dyed hair is non-compliance with rules of care gradually lose their shine and strength. To avoid this, it is advisable to buy special tools for care after dyeing. Typically, this shampoo and nourishing mask, which consists of substances that give strength and provide the necessary moisturizing hair. Blond and dark hair after each treatment become thinner, so you need to learn to keep the volume and fluffiness to hairstyle looked spectacular.

It is not recommended to perform the procedure immediately after dyeing chemicals zavivok. This is due to the fact that twice already damaged hair is quite difficult to be able to deliver the modern facilities and homemade recipes. It is necessary to wait a certain time (at least a few weeks) and then give your hair the desired shade.

Thus, it is better to entrust the image of specialists and professionals, as in beauty salons use high quality dyes and products for hair restoration. Home staining cheap or incorrectly selected agents may lead to a negative result, which will not please their appearance.

 Highlights Hair: what is it?