application of burdock oil on hair


  • The composition and methods for preparing
  • Action and methods of use
  • Hair masks

Long beautiful hair has always been the chief ornament of women. However, it happens that the hair grows very slowly. This may be due to health problems, so the first step is to visit a doctor to undergo a medical examination. He can recommend to make a detailed analysis, for example, biochemical blood test, which will show a deficit or, alternatively, an overabundance of any substance in the human body. If health is OK, then maybe it will be enough bracing means to help resolve the issue. One such tool could be Burdock oil for hair growth.

This product was obtained from burdock root, it contains a large number of different nutrients, minerals, vitamins and flavonoids. This is a very effective tool to combat hair loss and stimulate their growth.
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The composition and methods for preparing

The chemical composition of this medium is a combination of an oil solution of the following elements: inulin, proteins, essential oils, sitosterol, stearic and palmitic acids, bitterness, minerals, tannins, vitamins and flavonoids.

To prepare burdock, there are some simple recipes.

  • Pour half a liter of warm vegetable oil 150 grams of burdock root. Insist in a dark place for three weeks.
  • Mix a glass of almond oil and a half cup of crushed roots of burdock, boil for a quarter of an hour on low heat, then insist day, then strain.
  • In a thermos to fill 50 grams of burdock roots and pour a glass of boiling water, close tightly and leave to cool. Then strain the infusion, add two cups of any refined vegetable oil and mix thoroughly.

Cooked own funds it is necessary to shake before use, because of the composition contained in burdock substances may precipitate. Store this medication should be in a cool dark place not more than 2 months.

Oils industrial production can be purchased in pharmacies, health food stores or in the Ayurvedic shops. This definitely need to pay attention to the shelf life of the product.

 Burdock mask for hair growth
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Action and methods of use

Thanks to the rich composition of nutrients, burdock has a positive impact not only on the condition of the hair, but also on the whole body. For this purpose, it is used in. The usual practice of eating - fasting morning to drink a teaspoon of oil, washed down with any citrus juice. Included in the oil of vitamins, minerals and essential oils improve metabolism, and moreover, enhance the body's immune system. Since the metabolism directly affects the growth of hair, oral administration of this product enhances their growth.

In addition to domestic consumption, oil use and externally, for the masks and massage. Burdock oil massage acts on the condition of the hair in several ways. Firstly, thanks to the presence of drug substances such as inulin, which is able to "absorb" a toxin, and the like, burdock allows deeply cleanse the scalp. It provides full access of nutrients to the hair follicles, causing the hair to become stronger, fewer falls and grow faster. Also during the massage improves blood circulation of the scalp, which favorably affects the nutrition of hair roots.

In addition to massage, burdock is used for applying masks. To this preheated oil rubbed into the roots of the hair and then applied over the entire length, after which the mask is washed off with warm water and mild shampoo. Such masks strengthen the hair and make them more healthy and silky.

However, the mask of the clean burdock oil can not be applied for more than 10 minutes as the scalp oil film is formed, which restricts the access of oxygen to the roots of the hair which can cause hair loss. Therefore, for best results, burdock root oil should be used together with other substances.

 Mask for hair growth
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Hair masks

In order to increase the impact of oil on the noodle hair, it is better not to use it in its pure form, and added to the hair mask. There are universal recipes, suitable for any hair-fat, of which there are several the most effective.

  • Honey. To make this means you need to mix a tablespoon of burdock oil, a tablespoon of honey and a cup of yogurt. This procedure not only strengthens, but also nourishes the hair.
  • Oatmeal mask scrub. To make a mask, you need to mix half a cup of oat bran oil and a quarter cup of burdock. Apply on the scalp, gently massaging, leave for 10 minutes, then rinse. This composition provides exfoliation of dead skin particles from the head, so the mask may be used for the treatment of seborrhea.
  • With aloe. This mask is suitable for dry hair. To make it, you need to rub aloe leaf to a state of mashed potatoes, about 100 grams, add a tablespoon of burdock oil. Stir and then applied to the hair for 5-10 minutes. This mask does not only stimulate the growth of hair, but also their hydrates throughout.
  • Oak. This mask is especially useful for oily scalp. For it must be mixed in equal parts butter and powder mug oak bark. The resulting mass is applied over the entire length of the hair.
  • Firming. The composition of this mask includes a half cup of powder colorless henna, a tablespoon of sour cream and two teaspoons of burdock oil. All the components to be mixed, if necessary, add hot water to pasty consistency.

All masks, containing in its composition of oil should be applied to dry hair. After applying the composition of the head should be put on a shower cap and wrap it with a towel, it will provide the effect of baths that allow the active ingredients to be absorbed better. Then, the head should be washed with shampoo. Unless otherwise stated, the procedure was approximately 15 minutes.

As with any herbal remedy, burdock acts gradually accumulate in the body. Therefore, the effect can be noticed only after a few months of regular use.

 If you have problems with hair growth will help burdock!

 beautiful hairstyles for shoulder-length hair


  • Boxes for cutting squares
  • Features styling haircut cascade
  • Other options on the shoulder-length hair

Hair on the hair down to his shoulders are hardly the most widespread in the world. Yes, and look after such a long pretty easy, not like too long hair.

But there are plenty of options for those hairstyles. For them we need some tools: utyuzhok, curling, curling irons, curlers and more varnishes and foams for fixing. Some hairstyles offer you to consider right now.
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Boxes for cutting squares

Four of a Kind - this is one of the most popular options for women. For this hairstyle can be done with the ends of her hair, which look inside. To do this, take a hair dryer with a round brush and wet hair to work with hot air, twirling curls inward, and then fix them resistant hairspray. You can ends, on the contrary, to spin in the opposite direction - then the image will not be so soft, but more solemn, but this form is no longer very fashionable.

If the arm curling (Styler) or hair curlers, you can create a romantic curls. It is only necessary to wind randomly locks in curlers or styler. Curlers will have to hold a little longer, but you will cope with curling much faster. But we should remember that curling is often impossible to use, because you can burn the hair.

If you want to create a smooth hair with long locks, you have to use the hair iron to straighten all the locks. Then get a concise way of daily business woman.

 trendy styling hair to shoulders
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Features styling haircut cascade

Haircut cascade is now one of the most fashionable. This hairstyle is very easy to install. This is done using a hair dryer. Curls wind on a wide round brush and dry hairdryer. But this hairstyle is obtained at the expense of more volume and air. For additional fixation volume, you can use foam or mousse to the hair.

But it's a classic. Hairstyle stage can be turned into a masterpiece that will only be in your head and nobody else! You can braid of bangs to the top pigtail-type "spike", while others will simply curls fall freely over her shoulders. You can spin the strands of curling irons, and put on top of a beautiful ring. This hairstyle is very fit young and romantic girl.

 quick hair styling
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Other options on the shoulder-length hair

Regardless of your hairstyle, there are different hairstyles for every day. You can do this, which is easy to go to the gym to practice to the strands do not fall and do not interfere. To do this, tie the two rear tail near the ears. Then tighten them in the flagella and secure pin or invisible. Then sprinkle it all with hairspray. Hair turns mischievous and youth. Just for exercise. The second hair style, which is very easy to do, is this: it is necessary to comb the hair on his head; Then the strands that are in front, behind a beautiful chipped clasp, and the rest who are behind, let them stay loose. This hairstyle is very simple, but the effect can be achieved in that the hairpin will have the most unusual!

So, as we see, of various shapes and masterpieces for medium length hair there is an unusually large number! The main thing - to show imagination, skill, and not rest on our laurels. It is necessary to experiment, to surprise of others. And then maybe tomorrow you call it a style icon!

 Fine hairstyles for medium length