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  • Professional Hair Care
  • Basic tips for using professional tools
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Our body is exposed to a huge number of negative and harmful factors. These include stress, poor relations with colleagues, friends, negative environment and much more. This affects not only all our mood, but also the state of the whole organism. As you know, each internal organ is able to show his state of health on our appearance. Thus, the work of the circulatory system immediately evident by the condition of the skin of the face, hands, hair.

That hair is one part of our body, which is practically not protected from external influences. Many people think that wearing hats - it's ugly, and prevents the creation of a spectacular way. Of course it is, hair is an ornament of man, but everything should be in moderation. And hats can be chosen in such a way that it will look excellent on you. A hair in the meantime be able to avoid the stress of regular seasonal cooling.

In order to prevent possible unpleasant changes in the structure of hair, you must follow some rules. The first has already been announced: respect for the hair and care for them. This applies not only headgear but limit use various heating devices in drying and styling hair. Do not forget that you need to comb your hair brush natural and better so that when they were dry. Do not go out into the street, even in the summer, with wet hair. And for the best coverage of a problem to seek help at any time can be a doctor or a specialist salon in hair care.
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Professional Hair Care

Numerous customers salons spend a lot of money to buy a beautiful and healthy hair. It produces a large number of all kinds of operations for hair, used a variety of means. That is why another group of people (who constitute the majority) does not seek to take care of their hair was professionally. All is mainly due to the fact that for these people, this word is associated with large material expenditure. However, this is not always the case. Of course, if you go to the salon and do a bunch of procedures would be by spectacular.

But if you once see a specialist, ask him for advice on how to care for your hair is, the same procedure in the future will cost you much cheaper. The thing is that in professional salons commercially present in almost every cosmetic product, which is used by professionals working in it. And every your next visit will be linked only to the acquisition of the necessary funds. At the same time you will not have to pay for services rendered, as all procedures are feasible in the home.

 essential oils for hair care
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Basic tips for using professional tools

First of all, it should be remembered that in the professional media concentration of active substances is much more than usual. Therefore, in each of them need to know when to stop.

Again, on this or that means you can ask any hairdresser who have served, or consultant at a shop.

Never hesitate to go into details, because then it could badly affect the hair. But if you understood correctly, do not be afraid to experiment. To begin, use some balm-conditioner. If after the application of any discomforts (weighting, tangled hair) did not happen, it means that everything was done correctly. In accordance with this amount can be calculated and the necessary proportions in the use of shampoo, masks and hair gels. If something went wrong, then, depending on the orientation of the tool, the dose should be reduced or increased.

Positive quality professional make is that during its preparation all useful ingredients and herbal extracts and other components of a recipe. In addition, it is professional products can achieve the desired result as soon as possible. In addition, all funds, without exception, are composed of sparing components. Shampoos do not include the gross elements, so the scalp is not damaged.

The hair dyes contain a lot of natural oils and herbal juices that not only does not damage the hair structure, but also to achieve excellent results after staining. The downside of professional tools for hair care products is that they are very expensive, and that not everyone can understand what is written on the label. After all, in most cases, such cosmetics imported, so rare to find a translation of the instructions and indications for use in Russian.

Means for hair care products used in salons are perfect for every season, so try to carefully study the label of each agent. Do not forget also that excessive use and use tools such as rollers, hair, metal or plastic combs, - causes damage to the hair is very strong. Therefore, use balms and conditioners is after every shampooing. Especially with the strong climatic gradients and during the spring and fall of beriberi.

 the right tools for hair care
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Plant and equipment in the treatment of damaged hair

In order to achieve the desired result in the installation and it does not spoil the hair must be very carefully and thoughtfully to treat them. Damaged hair can wear a completely different character: dry, split ends, gray, tangled hair, dull color, rare or thin hair. Each of these factors, you can choose a single professional tool. Or you can use the universal reducing agents. There are professional masks very quickly, in just 15 minutes, you can transform your hair beyond recognition. Due components such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, keratin horse, citric acid and various oils, they act precisely where it is needed.

Thus, citric acid, for example, contributes to removal of the static effect if hair strongly electrified, collagen allows to give dry hair shine, elasticity and makes them compliant. Important in such masks speed that is necessary to wash them thoroughly and using large quantities of water. Otherwise, the effect of weighting will haunt you until the next procedure.
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Professional hair straighteners

Naughty, too curly or electrified hair never did like. It was always so completely natural is to create more and more new tools for hair straightening. The latest such innovation was keratin mask. This substance has a very impressive performance, including the ability to increase the amount of hair and make them stronger.

Keratin straightening method originated in Brazil and then was picked up by American scientists, and by them was little changed. First, by the way, contrary to the expectations of many, it turned out to be more dangerous than the American. This happened due to the fact that its composition is added formaldehyde, which the United States decided to withdraw. It also influenced the value of the funds. Thus, in order to get it, you need to break the bank. Another less original way of hair straightening, which is used by professionals is utyuzhok.

It is used in all beauty salons. No special skills thus have optional. The main thing - to choose the right unit. Remember that the best option would be the iron is made with ceramics. This allows virtually harm the hair. Pay attention to the brand of the tool. Preference should be given to well-known brands. This saves you from the unfortunate consequences.

In addition, such a device will serve you for a long time. The high cost is due to the fact that the stylers are not very popular, because they are used only in cases of very significant and that only a girl with curly hair. If you are using hair straighteners, care should be taken that the hair protected from the harmful effects of hot steam. So do not forget to buy a thermoset tools: spray, gel or lotion. Well, it is not necessary to install the styler at the highest temperature, as well as single strand process several times.

 Why is it necessary to use hair products?

 useful masks for the hair ends


  • Why be afraid of our hair
  • How to deal with the problem
  • Recommendations of traditional medicine
  • Modern exit strategy
  • Traditional funds have stepped through the centuries

Women are often faced with the problem of split ends. When this happens, the first thing the ladies start to try to imagine all sorts of funds, hoping for a speedy result. They do not try to deal directly because of ill health of hair, and without this remedy the situation impossible.
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Why be afraid of our hair

It is known that as the hair judge the health and strength of his immunity.

If your hair shine inner strength, are the natural curls or elastic mass subside, then everything is in order. But often, even in young girls can be seen the effect of the dry "shaggy", that is, long strands defiant puff up and give a clear short-dried and brittle hair. Immediately struck by how much posechennyh tips in this hair. It looks very ugly and unpleasant. It seems that she just does not love himself or can not care for themselves. This state of affairs makes this start searching for the reasons for such disastrous state of hairstyles.

Factors hair damage can be both external and internal. The former include:

  • strong fumes or industrial downtrodden city transport;
  • poorly chosen shampoo;
  • scalp infection pathogens;
  • prolonged exposure to sea water or chlorinated water in the pool;
  • reaction to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Often the person triggers the disastrous state of its posechennyh hair. Among such reasons sections include:

  • washing water is too hot, strong rubbing, insufficient rinsing;
  • frequent use of hot air;
  • selection of low-quality combs - metal or cheap plastic;
  • systematic wearing of wigs, hairpieces, linings;
  • an unfortunate choice of means for coloring.

If these reasons are not available, and the number of split ends hair grows, you should consider factors such as a poor diet, side effects of medications taken. Split Ends hair may be a result of kidney disease, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, puberty, poisoning by nicotine (smoking), chronic fatigue, lack of fluids in the body.

 Mask with olive oil for split ends
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How to deal with the problem

The surest approach - identifying the reason why are cut hair, eliminate harmful factors. But often it is not possible to do. In humans, there is no time or desire to undergo a medical examination to determine at what level are failing functions of various organs. Total systematization of causes and draw the right conclusions as to what is necessary to urgently change in its mode of behavior, and should help solve the problem.

Some women follow the path of regular visits to the hairdresser with a view not just to correct a haircut, namely in order to cut off the split ends of hair. However, this method does not help to dramatically improve the situation, rather, on the contrary, the form may lose hair, and the hair will still look unkempt. The short-term positive effect is popular today haircuts hot scissors. But this method does not help to improve the condition for a long time. We must go to the procedure of care in the form of masks for hair.
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Recommendations of traditional medicine

The old medical manual include a variety of recipes for hair recovery. Among the herbal remedies have healing effects on the scalp, roots and all their curls length stand out:

  • fresh nettle juice or tincture (2 tbsp. l. of dry grass on the 1 st. of boiling water);
  • parsley (fresh grass juice);
  • chamomile, extract (20 g per 1 tbsp. of boiling water);
  • oak bark (1 tbsp. l. boil 1 tbsp. of water);
  • celandine (fresh grass juice diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2);
  • Birch (10 g of dried kidney or 15 g of dried leaves boiled in 1 tbsp. of water);
  • Aloe (juice, fresh or pharmaceutical preparation);
  • Melon (juice);
  • Geranium (juice of fresh leaves).

Many of the tips relate to health effects of sour milk and oil wraps. No wonder the women of Central Asia who practice hair washing using katyk (a special type of milk ferment), practically does not occur over-dried hair or posechennyh. The basis for mixtures of olive oil or any other vegetable oil is preheated with high quality by adding various ingredients. Well-proven in such compositions include the following components:

  • honey diluted in warm water;
  • onion juice;
  • garlic juice;
  • 2 tbsp. l. sour cream;
  • 1 tbsp. l. mustard diluted with warm water in a ratio of 1: 2;
  • alcoholic solution of hot peppers diluted with warm water in a ratio of 1: 3.

Mandatory requirement to get a result from the use of such masks - a warm wrap the head 30-50 minutes.

 applying a mask on your hair
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Modern exit strategy

Advanced pharmacological and cosmetic companies are constantly launches new tools for hair care, guaranteeing a brilliant effect. Most often, this kind of advertising is quite untrue, because the drugs are released after a long laboratory test and obtaining state certificates of domestic or foreign model.

In such preparations include specially prepared minerals, concentrated enzymes placental inclusion and other relatively expensive components, and they are very expensive. If you decide to treat their hair with their help, it is best not to do this on their own, and in the salons. When bulk purchases hairdressers use a discount. In addition, if you are not turned to a specialist trihologu, is an experienced master cabin tell which drug is preferable for you as a mask for split ends of hair.

Independent use of the most useful masks also helps to significantly improve the condition of the hair and improve their tips. Are widely used today, the mixture using a gelatin which, as is known, is a natural product:

  • 1 package of gelatin dissolved in water, adding a little bit of shampoo;
  • the contents of 1 package gelatin dissolved connect with egg yolk and a small amount of shampoo;
  • to 1 tbsp. l. diluted gelatin add 3 ml of essential oil (fir, pine, lemon, rose) and a small amount of shampoo.

Any mask of this kind held on the hair for 30 minutes, rinse with water abundantly.
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Traditional funds have stepped through the centuries

If your hair is whipped, then without masks and wraps can not do. The most efficient and effective are treatments with long-known ingredients that are used, and a few centuries ago. This is the "Recipes" on the basis of burdock or castor oil. Both have long been used in the Slavic world and successfully turned into a modern medical manual. But if you had wanted to use such drugs had to find and dig up the roots of burdock or castor collect seeds to produce on the basis of their oil, but now just go to the drugstore and perfume shop and buy a ready to use the extract. Massaging these oils in the hair roots and the entire length of the application ensures a great result, but only after repeated use.

Another remedy considered a reliable guarantor of the care of problem hair - it's henna. If your hair color allows you to use the Iranian henna, then a month later the use of wraps 1-2 times a week you will notice positive changes. There is also a so-called colorless henna. To obtain it is the other raw materials, it also significantly improves the hair structure, making them heavy and smooth throughout.

All these techniques and methods, provided they use the system definitely improve the condition of your hair. Only the action and desire in that at all costs to achieve the desired effect will bear fruit in the form of stacks of updated luxury, shining hair life.

 What if the hair is whipped