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Beauty is always should be protected and supported, otherwise it will quickly begin to fade and disappear, but return it will already be difficult.

Therefore, some of the girls in advance beginning to take care of themselves, make a hydrating mask for the face, moisturizing impose wheels forever, use expensive creams, shampoos buy the most popular in the pro shop. But many have already proved that as facial hair and choose the best natural ingredients, such as coconut oil for hair, honey and curd for soft skin, cucumber mask for eyelids. Homemade masks for hair is gaining popularity because they are completely natural, they can be made from ingredients that almost always have in the fridge, plus they are so effective that no industrial mask can not match them.

Many cosmetics and hairdressers are advised to use as the basis for the mask for hair coconut oil.   It can be purchased in special shops selling goods for cooking and soap making cosmetics at home. Oil is still possible to order through numerous online stores that deliver to every corner of the country.
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Properties coconut oil

The oil obtained from well-dried coconut pulp by hot pressing. To maximize the preservation of all nutrients often use more costly way to cold. In any case, it has a very delicate texture, melts in your hands, smells good. The use of this type of oil is obtained due to the rapid expansion of its unique properties. Substances that are contained in coconut oil, are able to penetrate into the structure of the hair and make it shiny, elastic and strong.

Dry, brittle and exhausted after frequent paint layers and the impact of the dryer, ironing hair oil walnut coconut fine feeds. This feature gives it the fatty acids contained in it in abundance. Moisturizing effect of oil is that the hair reveal their beauty and natural splendor. After coconut masks hairs less exposed to negative factors, such as sea water, which is strongly desiccate them. Regular use of oil applications helps eliminate problems associated with dandruff or seborrhea disappear compulsive itching, burning.

 Coconut oil
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How to apply oil

Before the procedure, it is best to coconut oil for hair a little warm in the hands, while it becomes more viscous and perfectly lie on the hair. So some experts argue that the unrefined oil clogs the skin pores, so it should not be rubbed into the scalp. It is better to back off from the roots of a couple of centimeters. Hair wrapped in such a film mask is not required. Keep part of the hair should be 30-60 minutes, this will be enough to show all its oil properties. The use of oil masks allowed no more than 2 times a week. Otherwise, your hair will be filled simply and quickly become greasy. In any case, they can not be abused, it is best once a week, but qualitatively, than to overdo it with their application.

Easy to wash off the mask at first with water, then apply the shampoo already, you can re-apply detergent on your hair, if there is no certainty that all the oil is washed off. Balm conditioner or air conditioner is not applied, and to secure the best effect, rinse your hair with cool water and a little vinegar or lemon juice.
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To add oil

Coconut oil is an excellent base for homemade masks, it contains hyaluronic acid, which has protective functions, and triglycerides by nutrients penetrate the hair structure. You can add coconut oil directly to homemade shampoo. Another method of application is the use of butter as a means which prevents cross-section of the tips, this requires only a couple of drops. If a refined oil, it is just suitable for the preparation of shampoos and masks, which are applied to the roots and the entire length of the hair. But if you plan to use it unrefined product, the skin of his prolonged contact is undesirable because it contributes to clogging the pores.

For the preparation of home care products better to choose quality products with unexpired date. This rule will ensure that 50% of the success of the procedure. The important is to buy oil only in proven locations. Of course, the ideal would be to bring the remedy to his homeland, such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. And in order to ensure the quality of the oil, it is necessary to put it in a cold place, while equipment must solidify, and in contact with heat again acquire almost liquid consistence.

 applying coconut oil shampoo
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Hair masks

To give an incredible shine to hair, a spoonful of butter is melted in a water bath and add essential oil, is best suited for this purpose rosemary or rose oil, just enough a couple of drops, but they also give a very pleasant and attractive scent of her hair. Apply the oil to dry hair, then wash thoroughly with shampoo.

For those who want to grow long and thick hair, it is worth trying the following masochku. To make it half very ripe bananas have to grind and add the 2 tablespoons of nut butter and 1 tbsp. greasy spoon sour cream. The mixture was subjected to heating in a water bath and then distributed over the entire length of the hair. Banana provide hair elasticity, soften and moisturize them, will give a shine. A cream can significantly increase the density of hair, give them a beautiful smoothness. It is worth remembering one thing: this mask helps to wash away from the structure of the hair dye.

To support the over-dried and damaged by various means and hairdryers hairs, can cause the following mixture: 2 tablespoons melted butter 1 spoon of honey, in the end to make a pair of drops of oil of rosemary and lavender. Due to a component of honey hair can be a bit lighter acquire a silky shine, softness and strength. Lavender oil nourishes dry scalp, calms it prevents the appearance of dandruff.
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Recipes for oily hair

It is surprising, but coconut oil can be used even for oily hair. Perfectly strengthen the hair mixture of oil and yogurt, which is necessary before applying a little warm up. Nutrition, hydration and getting rid of dandruff is guaranteed.

To little dry scalp for oily hair is useful Mask of coconut oil and sea salt. Heat to dissolve the salt crystals and applied to the roots and the entire length. Hair should always be pre-moistened with water. After such masochki normal balance of the skin and the hair will be less greasy. This mixture should not be applied, if the skin there are cracks, scratches or any damage. Often carried out such a procedure is not recommended to prevent over-drying the skin and hair.

 Universal mask for hair
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Universal mask

To feed the hair mixed coconut oil, chamomile flowers and a few drops of essential oil of rosemary. The composition is poured into a bottle and put it stand in a dark place, where it is warm. So keep a mass of about 2-3 days, then strain it and a little heated after such manipulations cause all left on the roots of the hair.

For dry and normal hair mask is recommended with fruit. For its preparation takes a soft banana and avocado turn into mush and mix with melted coconut oil in advance. The resulting mixture must be distributed accurately over the entire length of the hair. It is best to crush the fruit in a blender, or you can simply rinse the hair on their pieces.

If the hair is loose and thin, it is possible to mix the oil, grind oatmeal flakes and a little milk. Oatmeal strengthens the hair, improves its structure, stimulates growth. A milk nutrients to help nourish hair follicles and the hair itself is made of soft, shiny and flowing.

All the hair mask can be held at any time, but experts say that the hour will be sufficient. During this time, valuable components have time to penetrate the scalp and hair structure. A wash is best shampoos are silicone-free, so the hair will be even more splendor and power.
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Shampoo with coconut

Very helpful is the use of shampoo, which contains coconut oil for hair. Of course, you can buy ready-made options, which provides us with an abundance of cosmetic industry. Only the contents of it there can be negligible, and the quality may be better to leave. A great alternative to such shampoos will be the following ways: a shampoo that suits your hair, simply add a small amount of butter melted. It is necessary to stir the mixture thoroughly. We need to do a small portion to be enough for a couple of applications, and then repeat the procedure.

Apply shampoo, enriched with oil, can be once a week, after using the balm is not required. To make the shampoo useful properties best suited refined product as it can be rubbed into the scalp without consequences. It protects against the harmful effects hairs shampoo, because they are always there, even if the detergent is the most expensive, as well as the adverse effects of tap water. And of course, smoothness and strength are guaranteed.

When coconut oil is used for hair care can achieve excellent results. With regular use masochek hair much stronger, will grow faster, stops hair loss. This is a great natural remedy and help prevent a lot of problems with the hair, relaxes the body by the wonderful aromas.

 How to treat hair using coconut oil