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  • Advantages of haircuts
  • Exclusive haircuts

Beautiful hair - an important part of the stylish and contemporary way of every woman. The easiest way to change the appearance and make the effect of novelty in your own appearance - change the shape of hair.

Unusual and sophisticated hairstyle hat long hair is now considered one of the most important. This hairstyle allows you to combine short and long locks.

The classic version of this hairstyle involves trimming the tips under the same height. Cap on long hair can not only maintain the basic length of the strands, but also give hair volume, emphasize the cheekbones and adjust the shape of the face. Cap suit owners head of hair of any type, whether it is straight, curly, fine, thick hair.

Modern cap with long hair provides a direct bang, which is a continuation of the shearing. Especially elegant looks such a hairdo in which a thick straight bangs and short wavy strands are combined with lengthy locks. For installation it is advisable to use a round brush and hair dryer large diameter, through which cap the amount of purchases. Recommended to straighten bangs special utjuzhkom. You should also use the funds to strong fixation: mousse, lacquer.

This hairstyle allows you to visually add volume to thin hair, lifting the occipital region. But the owners of too thick and stiff head of hair is not recommended for such hair, as in this case, it will look too voluminous, and stacking will cause difficulties.

 haircuts advantage lies in the amount of hair prikonevom
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Advantages of haircuts

So, today in the hat long hair - the trend of the season. Easy installation allows you to not spend a lot of time to create a stylish appearance. This is one of the most practical haircuts. To create an image of the everyday is enough to twist the ends of cap inward and "raise" the crown with a hair dryer and a round brush. For solemn occasion provided an opportunity to curling strands curling or hair curlers, weaving all kinds of braids, creating elegant shells and tufts of hair.

Haircut can change and apply different versions of the application and the length of the ends of both the cap and bangs, elongated strands. Hairdressers recommend to dye hair in a single shade or practice highlighting and staining only multilevel shortened hair. With a variety of possible variations of this hairstyle, you can continuously update their image, always look stylish and modern.

 trendy haircuts to hair
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Exclusive haircuts

Contrary to the hackneyed notions hat long hair may have an asymmetric shape, allowed a small cascade, milled and multilevel tips. But do not get too carried away by these methods: cap should explicitly manifested, and for this it is necessary to make a clear outline of haircuts. Bangs can be oblique, situated at an acute angle to the main strands. Particularly impressive hairstyle looks at coloring the hair ends in a contrasting color or highlights.

There are many variants of extravagant haircut cap. For example, a bold and unusual looks this hairstyle with shaved temples or asymmetrical length. You can also experiment with the height of the crown: apply the elongated front and short at the back square. This form of caps harmoniously looks straight strands, but for curly tresses to be preferred to cap the oblique or straight bangs below the eyebrow.

The length of hair on the parietal area allows you to adjust the pomp hats: cut shorter than the hair on his head, the hair is voluminous. The transition from long to short strands should not be too harsh, but should not be blurred. Line caps should be clearly traceable.

Cap long hair does not lose its relevance over the last few years. The correct version of the hats will underline the advantages of appearance and to correct the shortcomings of the hair.

 Haircut long hair in the form of caps

 strengthening the hair from falling out


  • Tips for proper medical care for hair
  • Pay attention to food
  • Strengthens the hair from the outside

Loss of a minor amount of filaments (50 to 100 pieces. Per day) is normal.

But sometimes hair loss, especially in combination with the appearance of the face, menstrual failure or reduction in voice, an alarming syndrome and indicates a failure in the body (usually in the endocrine system). This is an occasion consult a doctor immediately, who must make a diagnosis based on which and will decide how to strengthen the hair from falling out.

If the doctor you exclude any disease, then you yourself can do much to preserve the remaining hair and promote new growth. Turn to traditional medicine, or follow the advice of the People's up to you, it all depends on the severity of the process. So how to strengthen the hair from falling out?

 Masks to strengthen the hair
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Tips for proper medical care for hair

Treat the hair with care. And gently. Buy baby shampoo, apply it, and gently massage, rinse and apply a balm that will facilitate combing. This procedure can be performed on a daily basis.

Dry air. After washing, try not to keep your head in the towel a long time, and do not rub their hair. Use the hairdryer is not recommended. but if it is still necessary, turn it on minimum power.

Stacking - after drying. Avoid combing wet hair - that you have them stretch and tear. So first drying, and then - laying.

Change your shampoo every season. According to American doctors, it changes every season shampoo strengthens the hair.

Do not nap. From this it disrupted the structure of hair, which contributes to their fragility and loss.

Curl and dye your hair gently. Try to do it in the salons of proven and proven means. In themselves, the means for coloring and perming hair loss do not lead, but the wrong use of them as possible.

Do not overcool the head. When exposed to extreme cold and weakened hair follicles become inflamed, leading to dullness, breakage and hair loss.

 proper nutrition to strengthen the hair
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Pay attention to food

So, all the diseases that lead to hair loss are excluded, taken out, and the hair is still falling out? Let's pay attention to nutrition.

We provide the body with protein. Protein is needed by all the cells in our body, including responsible for hair growth. It is necessary to eat 85-100 grams of fish, chicken or other lean protein-rich foods a day.

Support the levels of iron. One of the causes of hair loss - iron deficiency anemia. Ensure your diet with iron-rich foods such as lean meat, buckwheat, nuts, shellfish, soy, tofu, dried fruits, broccoli.

Take vitamin B6. The daily dose was not to exceed 100 mg. It is proved that taking this vitamin helps to strengthen hair follicles, but exceed the specified dose without consulting your doctor is not allowed.

Take a multivitamin complexes and herbal teas (eg, herbal teas and fruit drinks from the fruits of mountain ash, viburnum, wild rose, currants, etc.), as well as mummies, 2 times a day for one speck the size of a match head, dissolved in 1/3 cup warm water .

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Strengthens the hair from the outside

Now we eat right. On the question of how to strengthen your hair from falling out, will help answer and herbal medicine.

Stimulation of hair follicle

To stimulate hair follicles and strengthen the hair from falling out, used burning tools.

  • Bulb onions. It is necessary to grind the onion to get the juice, which should be rubbed into the scalp 1-2 times a week, 2-3 tablespoons of juice for 1 procedure. Head wrap towel for 2 hours. It is better to do it at night.
  • Peppers. This method is used in dermatological clinics. Do vodka infusion rate of 1 pod on 0, 5 liters of vodka. Tincture rubbed using the toothbrush at the hair root 2 times a day. Treatment - 2 -3 months.
  • Saline mask. To do this, take half a cup of salt (ordinary food), and add a little warm water. The resulting mush rub salt into the scalp daily for 1 month. And then - 1 once a month for prevention.
  • Mask of mustard. Mix 2 tablespoons strong brewed tea with one yolk, two tablespoons of mustard powder and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. The resulting mixture was applied to scalp for half an hour. A slight burning sensation is acceptable and should not be cause for concern. Mask wash off with shampoo. This mask is used 1 time per week for 2-3 months.

Herbal medicine: treatment and prevention

Decoction of herbs commonly used to strengthen the hair:

  • 1 tablespoon of nettle leaves, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for at least one hour, strain and the infusion rubbed into the scalp every night for two weeks. Furthermore, after each wash to rinse hair well the same infusion. In addition to strengthening effect, this procedure removes dandruff, gives shine and revives hair color. In the same way you can make extracts of chamomile and calendula.
  • A decoction of oak bark. 2 tbsp. tablespoons shredded bark pour 1 liter of boiling water and boil in water bath for an hour. Strain the broth and rub ostuzhennoy the hair roots. At the regular conduct of the procedure is a means of great revitalizes and strengthens hair.

After a course of prophylactic necessary to use a decoction or infusion of medicinal herbs once a week for rubbing, and rinse your hair with nettle and chamomile after every hair wash.

 Hair loss: stop and strengthen