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  • Vitamins that improve hair growth
  • Trace minerals for hair growth
  • How to choose the vitamins for hair
  • How to take vitamins for hair
  • Products that contain vitamins

What girl does not dream of beautiful, long, thick hair! However, the unfavorable environment, the lack of vitamins in food, non-natural care products for hair and blow-drying often make this impossible dream. Health of the scalp, as well as any other part of our body, is determined by how well it is supplied with nutrients, which are carried by the blood. Therefore, to achieve cosmetic improvement of the scalp or increase the speed of its growth impossible. However, there is a solution - a vitamins for hair growth.

If you want to have a long healthy hair, you first need to determine what they have a problem. If your hair is not enough food and they fall or look dull and brittle, then the end result, despite the intake of vitamins, not to be so good as you would like.

All hair problems should be solved in a complex, then your hair will not only please you, but to attract the admiration and attention of others.

 Vitamins for hair

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Vitamins that improve hair growth

  • B vitamins It was through their hair grow especially rapidly. They are involved in metabolic processes by which the scalp and hair are provided with the necessary nutrients. The lack of these vitamins can result in the appearance of dandruff, brittle and tips section.
  1. B12 (cyanocobalamin), B6 ​​(pyridoxine) and B1 (thiamine) - accelerate growth.
  2. B3 (PP, nicotinic acid) - thanks to his scalp is protected from dermatitis and dermatoses. It provides normal functioning of all layers of the skin of the head, the air exchange in the upper layers of the skin and nutrition of hair follicles.
  3. B5 (pantothenic acid) - is necessary for the growth of hair follicles.
  4. B2 (riboflavin) - makes the hair stronger and shiny.
  5. B8 (Inositol) - prevents hair loss.
  6. B9 (folic acid) - helps to awaken hair follicles with hair loss.
  • Vitamin A (retinol). It not only protects the scalp from the effects of free radicals, but also fights against dryness and hair loss. It promotes the development of keratin, which is the basic building material for the hair.
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol). It is indispensable for those who grow their hair as improves the circulation of oxygen in the blood, ensuring the flow of nutrients to the follicles. In addition, vitamin E is an antioxidant and protects the hair from UV rays.
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). It not only supports immunity of the person, but also strengthens the hair follicles and stimulates blood circulation.
  • Vitamin H (biotin). This vitamin affects both hair growth and to improve their structure, providing them with fats and proteins in the right quantity.
  • Vitamin F (unsaturated fatty acids are: linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic). It provides access to the hair a sufficient amount of nutrients and proteins involved in their construction.
  • Vitamin D (cholecalciferol active substances and ergocalciferol). It normalizes the cell membranes and contributes to stretching the length of the hair as soon as possible.

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Trace minerals for hair growth

Vitamins for hair growth - it's not the only thing that is necessary to grow long healthy hair luxuriant . Trace elements play in this process an important role. Particular attention should be paid to:

  1. Zinc and copper. These substances accelerate hair growth and prevent hair loss.
  2. Iron. This trace mineral can prevent brittle hair and make them stronger.
  3. Sulfur. It strengthens the hair shaft and improves its color. Recently, it was discovered the substance methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), a sulfur-containing organic form, which began to register for a speedy recovery and rapid growth of the hair.
  4. Molybdenum. It helps accelerate the growth of hair.
  5. Silicon. Makes hair stronger and more elastic, promotes their growth.

 strengthening the hair vitamins

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How to choose the vitamins for hair

Ideally, vitamins for hair growth should be appointed physician triholog. However, not all of us are aware of the existence of such a doctor and find a good trihologa is sometimes quite impossible. In order to identify problems and help the rapid growth without compromising quality, the doctor prescribes blood tests and scans hormones.

Many cosmetic clinics conduct rapid analysis of hair. you are taking a few hairs, and experts checked, any substances in them is not enough, you need to pay attention. After this analysis, you can get advice or just focusing on the result of the analysis, purchase certain vitamins.

It may happen that such a clinic is not possible to find, then the easiest way - is to buy the ordinary course of multivitamin, which contains the above vitamins. Why ordinary? Because each organism drugs affect different manufacturers in different ways. The usual cheap set can be an effective way of course.

After the purchase and start taking you just need to wait. Restoration of hair growth will not occur immediately, even if you take all the necessary vitamins. With old brittle and dull hair will not happen instant metamorphosis. It is necessary to wait for the new grow back healthy. This period can take anywhere from three to six months, after which it will be possible to say, it makes you your vitamin course or not.

 adoption of vitamins for hair growth
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How to take vitamins for hair

By purchasing the right vitamin course, many think, how to take it correctly. However, each course is detailed instructions to be followed. It contains a recommendation on the number of tablets that you need to take a day and receive sequence. Do not forget that it is best to take vitamins with food. And they need to drink plenty of fluids, preferably if it's just water. Thanks to the surplus of vitamins and minerals can freely withdraw from the body in the event of an "overdose".

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Products that contain vitamins

Our food contains vitamins for hair growth, possibly in insufficient quantities, but they still should not be neglected. Therefore, if you want to grow long hair or to improve their condition, look for the following products:

  1. Yellow and green vegetables and fruits, liver, fish, butter. Include them in your diet, you increase the amount of vitamin A in the body.
  2. Carrots and beans, eggs, cereals. All of these products contain B vitamins
  3. Nuts, seeds, vegetable oils. They need to get vitamin E.
  4. Sour cabbage, citrus fruits, kiwi, rosehips and pepper. All these foods are rich in vitamin C.
  5. Legumes, nuts, brewer's yeast, oats. All these products have vitamin H.
  6. Beans, liver, walnuts, shrimp. These products contain copper and zinc.
  7. Nuts, egg yolks, liver. These products contain iron.
  8. Garlic, fish, liver. They are a source of sulfur.
  9. Cocoa, pea, kidney and liver. There may be a source of molybdenum.
  10. Cereals and root crops. These products will enrich you with silicon.

Knowing what substances contained in any products, you can easily adjust your diet in case of problems with the hair or scalp. It is also necessary to remember that excessive consumption of fast carbohydrates such as cakes, a negative impact on fat metabolism of the scalp and in some cases may cause various irritations.

 Nutrients for the growth and health of hair

 homemade hair treatment methods


  • What should be done if the problems started with the hair?
  • Treatment of hair sprouted wheat
  • The outer hair loss remedies
  • Useful mask for hair restoration

Since ancient times it was believed that the attributes of female beauty are luxurious and healthy hair. Women in the pursuit of fashion trends spoil your hair chemical dyes, hair dryers and irons. Because of this, problems such as hair loss, brittle hair, alopecia areata and other troubles associated with the scalp, began to meet more and more often.

If there is at least one of the above problems, it is an important signal to start immediate treatment of hair. And the sooner it is started, the faster will be the recovery process. In advanced cases, the problem may become irreversible. If you do everything on time, the hair treatment at home will be successful.

But be aware that in some cases where hair serious changes, be sure to trihologa consultation and a thorough examination of the entire body, as is sometimes the cause of the disease lies in an organ or in the presence of a dangerous infection.

For example, hair loss in this case will be the consequence of the disease, and not just a sign of lack of vitamins. Of course, human hair should fall, as their change - the natural physiological process. The norm is about 50 pieces a day. When combing on the brush is a lot of hair, it is a pathology.
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What should be done if the problems started with the hair?

First, we should establish food. After all, women often exacerbate the situation different diets that drain the body, and the lack of trace elements and vitamins affects the skin and hair, as they are a kind of indicator of the state of internal organs. Some doctors by their appearance may put even a preliminary diagnosis.

In order to determine if any trace elements or vitamins in the body is not enough, it is desirable to pass the tests. After all, in most cases, hair loss begins due to lack of any elements . It is important to note that many doctors have long concluded that indiscriminate use of vitamins can harm the body. Therefore, laboratory studies are imperative in such a situation, to avoid overdose treatment. But there are techniques for restoring hair which do not have serious side effects. They are effective, as tested over the years in practice.

 Causes of hair loss
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Treatment of hair sprouted wheat

There has long studied (from the time of Hippocrates) product that has beneficial effects on the growth of hair, restoring the structure. It sprouted wheat. Regularly eating her inside, sprouted wheat saturates the body with all the necessary substances to human health and thus, as it nourishes the hair from the inside. It restores and metabolism, and just breaking it is a common cause of hair loss. From it even began to produce drugs, it is intended to restore the scalp.

Of course, not necessarily to buy expensive drugs, as wheat available to all and can germinate at home on their own. It's not labor process, and spending just a few minutes a day, you can really get a true "elixir of youth". Buy grain better not in grocery stores and in places where they are sold specifically for planting, as they should be rough.

So, to germinate them, needs to be any small container or a deep dish. Before placing the grain in a container, they should be rinsed well. It is enough to take approximately 100-150 g Then you need to fill them with cool water so that it covers them 1 cm above. Thereafter, the seeds must settle for a few hours. When they are good swell, they must be carefully rinsed under running water and then place in container.

The following days, while wheat will sprout, it should be washed every 12 hours. Capacity need to cover with holes through which the water will evaporate. The container should be in a cool place. As the water evaporates it will be necessary to add. As soon as the shoots of a 1 cm, you can start to use wheat germ every day for 1 st. l. in a day. Take it in this form can be lifelong. This will help to recover and get stronger hair growth activates them.

 Pets mask hair treatment
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The outer hair loss remedies

Hair treatment in the home also includes the use of external and parallel methods: a variety of masks, all kinds of infusions and decoctions of herbs and other folk remedies. It is carried out either by direct application to the scalp of various therapeutic agents, or just by rinsing. In some cases, massage helps. That is to choose methods of treatment depending on the needs of the hair and the factors that adversely affect them.

First of all, if the hair was falling out, it is necessary to eliminate the mechanical and chemical harmful effects on them: hair dryers, curling irons, unnatural dyes and so on. The head does not need to be washed by conventional shampoos and special treatments are available. Now there is no problem to buy in any pharmacy. When buying them, you should carefully read the instructions as they are available for each type of hair.

A roll of great help decoction of burdock root and Calamus. For its preparation are taken in equal parts by the two plants (6 tablespoons. L.), Pour a glass of boiling water, then boiled in a water bath for about 20 minutes. Broth should rinse the head 3 times a week.

Stinging is also effective. Cut it should be before flowering, because, while it is still young, its medicinal properties are much stronger. To prepare the broth must be filled with 10 st. l. Plants with one liter of water, then boil and cool. Rinse the hair they should be 3 times a week for several months.

Pepper tincture on alcohol acts as a stimulus. It helps to improve blood circulation, thus providing the bulbs with nutrients. As a result, not only stop hair fall but begin to grow new ones. This is an excellent tool that really helps. It is used even with alopecia areata. Pepper tincture is rubbed into the scalp several times a week. Often it is not necessary to use it, because you can dry up the scalp, because of what may appear dandruff. It can be purchased at the pharmacy or prepare yourself.

In a similar action the garlic and onions. They can be used in a day for several weeks. To this slurry is made of one or the other product and rub into the scalp. Onion still stimulates hair growth due to the fact that it is rich in vitamins B, namely they are known, are needed to supply the hair follicles. Also, to strengthen the hair roots in the head gently rubbing a large table salt for 5-10 minutes. Then take a break and re procedure is repeated a month later.

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Useful mask for hair restoration

An effective treatment for hair masks are made on the basis of common products that are always available in the refrigerator. Egg yolk, honey, yogurt is considered the most useful products on which they are made at home. Added to these vegetable oils increase the nutritional value of masks is also a source of nutrients. Excellent proven oil such as olive, castor and burdock. Note that they are best used in the form of heat. Recipes masks a lot, and among them there are those who really "work".

Brandy Revitalizing Mask

To prepare this mask takes 1 egg yolk, 1. L. honey and 1 tbsp. l. brandy or rum. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed and immediately applied to the hair roots. After 15 minutes it is necessary to rinse with warm water. To enhance the effect, you can rinse your head nettle broth. This mask should be used once or twice a week.

Mask for hair shine

In half a cup of yogurt, you must add the juice of one onion, 1 tbsp. l. olive oil and 1 egg yolk. The mixture was applied to 1 hour in the form of a warm compress. It should be noted that the onion smell perfectly eliminated cider vinegar, which is added to water little by washing mask.

Mask against split ends and hair density

In 1 egg yolk is added 1 tbsp. l. castor oil, juice of 1 lemon and everything is thoroughly mixed so as to obtain a homogeneous mass. There you can add pharmacy vitamin A and E. The weight is applied to the head and keeps 30-50 minutes under a warm towel. When it is necessary to rinse with warm water to which you can add an apple or diluted vinegar. It should be noted that only castor oil can lubricate the split ends of hair for the night, as it eliminates this problem perfectly. By doing this procedure for the month, with split ends, you can say goodbye.

The mask removes fat hair

For the preparation of such a mask must be well crushed parsley so that it stood out from the juice. You should get about 3 tbsp. l. Then, it should be mixed with 1 hour. L. castor oil and pour 1 hour. L. vodka. Once put on the mask and wash your head for 40 minutes. The procedure should be repeated every 4 days.

Masks for brittle and dry hair

The need to add 1 egg yolk 1 hr. Liter. selected vegetable oils (castor oil should not be used for those who have light-colored hair, as they fade), mix thoroughly and apply on the scalp. Then you need to put on a hat and wrap cellophane head with a towel. The procedure lasts 1 hour. When you need to wash away all the warm water. The yolk can be replaced with yogurt. In this mask you can add a pharmacy vitamin B12, which is sold in liquid form. Through this effort nourishing effect. It will be enough of one ampoule.

Take 200 g of rye or black bread and soak it in a glass of kefir. When he soften, rub all into a homogeneous mass. Then add 1 tbsp. l. olive, burdock or castor oil and mix all. When applied to the head, wrap a towel and keep it for 40 minutes. This mask not only helps strengthen weak hair, but also helps to get rid of dandruff.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the above-mentioned mask, you can add aloe juice, as it also has medicinal properties. It is useful to rinse your head chamomile broth - it reduces inflammation of the skin and makes your hair silky. Experts recommend every morning to massage the scalp - this will help to improve blood flow, and with it the supply of nutrients.

That is, if the time to begin to treat hair or systematically care for them, then they will be beautiful and healthy. Fortunately, there are healthy foods that help women at home to take immediate action in case of problems with the hair and thereby bring the situation to hike to the doctor-trihologu.

 As a self-help your hair