color matching hair tsvetotipu


  • The main selection criteria
  • Spring - a warm-contrast tsvetotip
  • Summer - cold-contrast tsvetotip
  • Autumn - a warm contrast tsvetotip
  • Winter - cold contrast tsvetotip
  • The choice of color for gray hair

Change the image, refresh dull hair, punched paint gray hair - causes that can induce a woman to change the color of hair a lot, and they are always justified by the desire to look good. It is mandatory to purchase paint and painting have to imagine what tsvetotip and how to choose the hair color according to a certain tsvetotip. This knowledge will help to choose the paint that will refresh the image and make it brighter.
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The main selection criteria

Before going to the hairdresser or the shop for the paint you need to determine the most suitable color, taking into account the features of appearance: skin type, natural color of hair and eyes.

If you disturb the harmony, the image is inexpressive and absent-minded. To prevent the error, you should try to determine the color of the exterior (tsvetotip).

There are 4 tsvetotipa - spring, summer, autumn and winter. To understand them can be very difficult, especially if the woman has no contrast or intermediate tsvetotip. Very often, to understand his tsvetotip and choose the paint, women resort to the help of stylists, but it is not cheap. Define it yourself is difficult, but possible. Each color has its own range of the most suitable tones and colors of hair. And it is necessary not only to determine the appropriate color, but the tone, which can be cold and warm.

Of course, you can tsvetotip opredfelit and yourself, but you need to know the basic criteria that define a particular color appearance. By the choice should be approached very seriously, as to wash away the paint, you will need to handle your favorite curls formulations containing chemicals, which is bad for their health.

 criteria for selecting hair color
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Spring - a warm-contrast tsvetotip

Owners of spring appearance have light eyes (usually green, blue or hazel), natural shade of hair varies from blonde to brown-haired. The skin of his face, "spring" light. In addition, the skin has a warm undertone (yellow or gold).

Spring woman can boldly painted in honey or golden blonde, auburn and brown gently. With this, you can combine any tsvetotip subtle shades, but it should be avoided reddishness pale, that it will make the person visually very pale. If a woman by nature has a dark red color or it does not want to be a blonde, you can paint the curls in light brown and chocolate tones. It is very important that the individual strands are painted in pale gold.

Every woman-spring is recommended to avoid the cold and dark ashy platinum shades, as well as very light blond - these colors are very cold for warm skin types. Do not come to this exterior and black color, since it will make it shabby and dull. Because of the nature of the spring tsvetotip-contrast, much better not to deviate from the natural shade.

If a woman has spring-very light skin, hazel eyes and natural light-brown hair, her image will underline the warm copper and brown tones. Natural color can be made richer with copper or golden strands, but also avoiding the cold platinum and ash shades.

 Different tsvetotip
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Summer - cold-contrast tsvetotip

Light eyes (gray or blue), natural hair color varies from gentle brown-haired, pale face, the skin has a cool undertone (pinkish or bluish).

Year-old woman is perfect ash-blond, gray, platinum and simple white color. In addition, color can be used for other cool shades.

Oblivion (by the way, and in the spring, too) as a non-contrast tsvetotipu almost never fit the dark tone, so they need to pick up something gentle.

A woman can disguise the blonde when she was a child whitish hue or curls easily fade in the sun. In this case, it helps to understand the nature of that light color will look good, just need to choose the right shade.

If a woman's pink skin, which at any moment could erupt blush, and green or blue eyes, it will look good with blonde curls, but it should avoid shades of pink, as they give the person an unhealthy red. If a woman's skin with a yellowish tinge, it needs to stay away from deep golden tones, as they, too, will make the skin visually unhealthy.

Moreover, if nature has endowed woman brown eyes, you have to be careful: after clarification lady can become like a colorless creature with unpleasant hard look.

Women summer type often have the nature of the hair a little mouse, indistinct hue, but this can be easily remedied if painted in a gentle tone shatenovy that not only revive strands and give them depth, and refresh your skin color. However, to representatives tsvetotipa year should beware of very dark colors, because of the rich brown shades are much summer-old woman.

 application matched funds for hair
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Autumn - a warm contrast tsvetotip

Dark or light eye color (green, blue, black and brown), natural hair color varies from light brown-haired brunet up, complexion is brighter than in the spring, and the skin is warm (yellow or gold) color.

Autumn ladies suits rich color, namely, warm chocolate, chestnut brown tones. Autumn tsvetotip accept the use of black, but he must have gold strand. Woman autumn looks organically and with dark blond or red hair with warm copper, golden hues, but the blonde had better never to get as close to the skin visually light colors will look unnaturally dark.

Among the many shades of brown every woman can easily pick the one that suits her. So, if a woman has dark eyes and brown or hazel, natural hair, they can be painted in brown and dilute it with a dark red, chocolate-colored strands or shade redwood - it will greatly enhance the color and give a natural look. This is necessary to avoid gold, orange and copper tones, they are for the tsvetotipa too bright, because of which the person will appear dim.
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Winter - cold contrast tsvetotip

Dark or light eyes (brown, black, blue, gray), natural hair color varies from dark brown-haired brunette to face the same or very dark or very bright, the skin has a cool (bluish or pink) podton. In addition, women with this tsvetotip pronounced contrast between the iris and the eye proteins.

Winters will be very good with dark ashy color Light Brown. Even if a woman is very winter-pale face, it is best to avoid all shades of blonde and golden and warm tones, with just such tsvetotipu perfect black.

If the lady loves extravagance, having painted in deep black curls, it can emphasize them with a cold red or blue curls. Thus, in the blue-black hair, it looks really great. However, it should be remembered that the lady with black hair must be perfectly clean skin. When you select a black or very dark color it is necessary to pay attention to the facial features. Women with coarser features of this color can make a person repellent or even ugly.

Knowing how to choose the right hair color to its tsvetotipu woman winter will always look bright and beautiful.

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The choice of color for gray hair

New hair color can help to not only create a new image, but also to hide age. After all, the quickest way to remove gray hair - dye my hair. At the special structure of gray hair, because of this their coloring can cause difficulties. So, how to choose a good color to camouflage gray hair?

The main rule: the older a woman gets, the lighter the need to use paint, but its color should be close to the natural. If gray hair on your head is less than a quarter, you can use the unstable gentle paint, which will be the tone of pale natural color. But the ladies, who on his head a lot more gray hair, need to be painted very resistant paint, carefully choosing colors.

Even if a woman previously could afford to paint the hair in bright colors, do not do now to make them lighter, otherwise the person acquires an unhealthy pallor. In this case, you can use a dark undertone blonde in order to give the appearance depth.

If the natural color of brown, do not paint the lighter auburn or light brown. Mask gray hair bright red shades can afford only those ladies who have facial skin is pale, in another case, the person will receive a painful blush.

Aubergine paint, blackberry and copper shades need to wash with gray hair a little faster than specified in the manual, otherwise the hair will become too saturated.

Darker natural curls, especially black or dark brown, can be done at three shades lighter and dilute them with additional light strands to give volume. It should be noted that the hair darker chocolate or dark red color very much to grow old his mistress.

 How to choose the right hair color using the Color Type