Common causes of hair loss


  • Causes of hair loss in women
  • Methods of prevention and treatment of hair loss
  • Traditional methods of treating hair loss

Hair loss normally amounts to 100 hairs a day. This natural process does not carry negative consequences. However, hair may fall out in large amounts (more than 100 fallen hairs), while remaining on the comb. In such a case, you should start looking for the causes of baldness. Hair loss is often a signal failure in the body, so the treatment of hair loss in women is necessary to begin by identifying its root causes. Find the cause of balding doctor help tests and examinations.

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Causes of hair loss in women

Hair loss in women can be caused by: different diseases and dysfunction of the organism, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, for example, goiter, thyroid diseases, gynecological diseases, hormonal disruptions in diseases or hormonal drugs.

Hair loss in women can occur from stress. Emotional and physical stress, lack of sleep, a violation of the regime of the day - all this has a negative impact on human health, causing various diseases, including alopecia.

Using a hair dryer, rectifiers, high temperatures can also cause hair loss in women. Despite the fact that the manufacturers of these devices say they are safe, hairdryers and straighteners can cause damage to the hair, resulting in hair loss. Therefore, it is recommended as far as possible apply them less often. Hair loss in women may also result in exposure to ultraviolet radiation and low temperatures in winter.

The cause of hair loss in women may be a diet, so the question of weight loss should be treated with great caution. Rapid weight loss is inevitably reflected in the condition of hair, as it leads to an imbalance of female hormones. Experimental results on the weight loss is often hair loss, so you need to lose weight gradually, under the supervision of a dietitian.

Pregnancy and lactation are also the causes of hair loss in women. During pregnancy, the developing fetus takes nutrients and vitamins from the body of the mother. During lactation in women hormonal changes, anemia. All this combined with chronic fatigue can cause a disease.

The cause of hair loss in women can be a vitamin deficiency. Lack of vitamins and minerals have a negative effect on the body, which affects the appearance. Therefore, we recommend taking vitamin complexes, and the presence in the diet rich in vitamins and minerals products.

The following causes of hair loss: an infection of the scalp, traumatic alopecia, which develops due to overexertion due to certain types of haircuts, coloring or a perm.

If hair loss brings you concern, you should see a doctor, who will conduct a survey to establish the cause of hair loss and prescribe appropriate treatment.

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Methods of prevention and treatment of hair loss

So, we have considered the main causes of hair loss in women. Next, consider the issues of prevention and treatment of hair loss.

Proper nutrition is the first and important method of prevention and treatment of hair loss in women. Your diet must contain the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Should eat fruits, vegetables and herbs. Preference should be given to this product in its raw form. Dairy products, eggs, nuts, fish, and must be present in your menu. Spicy and fatty foods, sugary foods beverages should be deleted.

Hair loss and its causes may be different. For example, when hormonal malfunctions in the body hair loss in women is uniform, and fungal diseases and traumatic alopecia strands fall out. And treatment in such cases require different.

Drug treatment of such diseases as hair loss, the doctor appointed after the necessary tests and determine the cause of baldness. Such treatment is generally aimed at addressing the root causes of alopecia, the cessation of hair loss, as well as to stimulate their growth.

If the cause of baldness is a hormonal failure, then the doctor prescribes therapy gormonsoderzhaschimi drugs. With male pattern baldness, caused by a high content of male hormones, women are prescribed hormonal contraceptives, slowing down the production of androgens. Estrogensoderjath drugs are used to treat hair loss during menopause.

If the cause of hair loss - fungal scalp, then appointed these antifungals, such as Nizoral.

In no case should not start treatment with medicines alone. Each formulation must be chosen physician individually in accordance with the results of analyzes. Otherwise, not only can not solve the problem, but also to cause substantial harm to the body.

Another effective treatment for baldness is a massage. Massage improves blood circulation in the scalp, increasing blood supply to the hair follicles helps to ensure optimum hair nutrients. Head massage can be carried out by a specialist, as well as their own.

Head Massage can be done with a brush made of natural materials. He does a circular and zigzag movements from the temples to the crown and forehead.

Hand massage increases blood flow to the scalp hair follicles. To do this, press the palm of his right hand on the right side of the head, the left - on the left side. This massage can be done anytime and anywhere, such as at work or walk.

Massage can be done by rubbing the scalp with essential oils of black pepper, rosemary and sesame. A couple of drops of oil should be applied to the scalp and massage it carefully.

Hold head massage can be in any comfortable position. Massage movements should be done in the direction of hair growth a variety of massage movements. Tapping, intermittent pressing, tingling of the scalp should be combined with stroking movements. Massage should be done by an average of 3-10 minutes, completing his soothing movements.

Head massage is most effective when combined with massage of the neck. It helps relieve tension in the muscles, enhance blood flow to the head, helping to stimulate hair growth and prevents hair loss.

 different methods of hair loss treatment

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Traditional methods of treating hair loss

Do not leave without attention and folk recipes treatment of hair loss in women. They are aimed at strengthening the blood supply to the scalp and stimulate growth. The effectiveness of these methods depends on the cause of alopecia.

Powder scalp from the seeds of parsley will help strengthen hair and reduce their loss.

Nettle leaves (100 g), fill with water (1 tbsp.) And six percent vinegar (2 tbsp.), Insisting for several hours. The resulting infusion wipe the scalp every day.

The infusion of flowers and leaves his mother and stepmother helps reduce hair loss in women. 2 tablespoons herb pour 1, 5 liters of boiling water, infuse for half an hour. Solution rubbed into the scalp, hold about 50 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Take the brandy and water in equal parts, mix two raw egg yolks and rub into the roots. After 20 minutes, wash off.

Pause hair loss in women can mask and onion. To prepare one bulb juice mix with castor oil in equal amounts and egg yolk. The resulting mask rubbed into the scalp, put on a plastic cap, insulate head with a towel. The head of my 45 minutes.

However, traditional methods and does not provide an instant effect of 100%. Treatment of hair loss in women is long. Often it needs to carry out the complex treatment. Therefore, it is important to prevent baldness - eat right, take vitamins and avoid stress. A well-chosen tools for hair care and styling also play an important role.

In order to be hair delight you with its beauty and health, it is necessary to properly care for them and the time to begin treatment in the event of loss.

 Causes of hair loss in women and how to treat

 hairstyles for long hair


  • Simple and beautiful hairstyles for long hair
  • Braids - very simple beautiful hairstyles for long hair
  • Just a quick hairstyles for long hair
  • French braid - a beautiful hairstyle for long hair

The coat is an integral part of the creation of an image, it helps to create beautiful hairstyles for long hair. But in order that they will always look gorgeous and naturally, it is necessary not only to choose the right means to care for them, but also to pay attention to how they react to each new change in your life, as well as the fact, what is their reaction to environment. It is known that the beautiful hairstyles for long hair - it's not only beautiful and comfortable, it is also a reflection of the inner part of the person.

Because we all know that appearance - a mirror image of the internal state of the human body. But besides the fact that hairstyles for long hair require care more their length allows for a lot of experimentation, the usual and simple to complex. So, hairstyles for long hair divided into two main groups: simple and light and elaborate hairstyles, which combined several options. It is not necessary to trendy hairstyles for long hair have to be complicated.

 simple hairstyle hair
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Simple and beautiful hairstyles for long hair

Lightweight variations can be made not only to just walk in the park or meet with friends. Quite often, these types of hairstyles are used for going to the movies, in the restaurant and at work. They are convenient because they spend too much time is not necessary. Thus the main advantage here is that the need for any special skills is not there. Just enough to have on hand scrunchy and several studs. So, to simple hairstyles are so beautiful hairstyles for long hair, as tails, loose hair and small braids.

Such simple hairstyles can operate independently or as a basis for any other packings.

Many women's styling are relevant at all times. Choose simple hairstyles for women just for their looks rather difficult. To do this, you can refer to a stylist who will give you advice and recommend simple everyday hairstyles for medium hair.

 different hairstyles for long hair

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Braids - very simple beautiful hairstyles for long hair

Today braid is used as the basis for the beam cones and other beautiful solutions. But for some reason, not all resort to this kind of hairstyle. There are several reasons. The main is that for the time spent in kindergarten and primary school girls are usually very bored with long hair pulled back in a tight braid. And as soon as they get the freedom to choose, then seek to make a fashionable hairstyle and go with her hair, and do hairstyles for long hair.

But there comes a time when even the example hooligan girls want to please not only themselves, but of the opposite sex. A very beautiful hairstyles for long hair require some sacrifices. One of them is that, in order to make hairstyles for long hair, you need to get up earlier. Or the possible options with night perm on hair curlers, which is very uncomfortable to sleep. If you do not know what kind of trendy hairstyles for long hair, you can use it for your appearance, then consult your stylist.

Thus, a braid, which is a beautiful hairstyle for long hair, you can twist and stab in the back of the head in order to get accurate and at the same time the original beam. Another option is to weave a few braids, which are made in the basket. To spit turned out beautiful, it is necessary to try very much. To do this, in the process of weaving can use stealth to help seal the unruly curls, and after the braid is completed yet, take a thin flat comb and with the help of her pen Fan little braid.

Such variations hairstyles are ideal schoolgirls. Evening hairstyle more suited to older ladies. Options such hairstyles even more. They weaved in different directions (diagonally from top to bottom, left to right and vice versa), for these hairstyles are a large number of accessories.

For those who like to experiment, there spit in the manner completely different people. Each of the variations proposed to separate a very simple guide to help you better understand the intricacies of a weave. So, if the Russian braid woven into three parts, the French may trail and two, or even four. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the weaving to the main spit gradually added more and more strands.

If we talk about Greek spits, then they can be traced interlacing staggered Scandinavian braids trailing slightly obliquely. African braids - not the fastest hairstyle on long hair. They are very popular among teenagers and young adults, but can be bad for your hair.

 Spit on long hair
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Just a quick hairstyles for long hair

Every day, going to work, school or on a walk, and creating one or another way, we are creating a simple women's casual hairstyles for long hair. But more often it is a common styling disbanded shocks or gathered in a ponytail. Try to turn to weaving. It is not every one is able to perform in the opponent's head, not to mention the fact to herself to make a beautiful combination packing. There are variations of braids that go perfectly with her hair, letting them is not to be disheveled. Instruction is very simple: the main thing - practice. and you will notice how few attempts your arms will make packing very skillfully and quickly.

One of the most common and popular braids is a braid-rim. She trudges no more than 5 minutes. So even if you are asleep, you still have time to design their hair. So, to begin, as well as to any other hairstyle, you need to comb hair. Then we take the right ear of a small section (about 1, 5-2 cm), but do not forget that the future must remain pigtailed hair. Zapletal ordinary braid 3 strands and fasten it to the end of the rubber band.

On the left side does the same. Then, each braid spread to the opposite side, pressing with the hair on the front of the head. Bangs can hide or leave it under the rim. The double braid not only helps eliminate the need to resort to the use of accessories that affect your hair, but also make your image unique and unforgettable.

Another option is hair such so-called "crown". For her, you will need to polish, pins and rubber bands. So, first we start with the fact that the combing. Divide them into 2 halves directly on parting. Take a small section of his forehead with one hand, and divide it into 3 parts. Scourge First, approximately 1 cm, usually three parts, then add one curl from the back of the head. And so it went, until the length of the braid is not aligned with the temple. Further stacking woven usually with no additional locks. At the end of its anchoring rezinochkoy. On the other hand, too parting weave is similar. We reserve Element alone and comb the remaining strands as you like. Then we wrap them around your head and fasten the bolts.

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French braid - a beautiful hairstyle for long hair

Most girls do not dare to self-weaving French braids. Although its implementation requires simple manipulation. Each weaving begins with scratching. For the French braids must also additional moisture and curls. After that, the entire head of hair combed back. We start from the forehead weave. To do this, in the center of the forehead taking a strand of medium thickness and divide it into 3 smaller. This scythe will not bulk, and not too thin. If you want to braid seemed thicker strands that need to be larger, and, conversely, for thin braids will be enough small pryadok.

Gradually, with each new element, we weave the strands in a braid side. Adding to the left of the hair strands, we weave it into the braid, the same right to carry out. And so it went until, until we reach the hairline. This netting can be completed and secure the ends of a rubber band or roll them into a bundle. But you can continue braiding has 3 common parts. The French braid is the best combined with other variants of hairstyles.

In addition, the French braid does not have to be too careful, often allowed disheveled, with sticking in some places cocks spit. It does not require a lot of time, and make it possible even for fresh hair. We should not forget the fact that a particular type of braid - is not only beautiful hairstyles for long hair that you can do yourself. But even everyday hairstyles for medium hair. Do not forget about the use of protective and reducing agents.

 Kos as one of the most popular hairstyles