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  • The use of nicotinic acid for hair
  • How to use the right?
  • Homemade recipes with nikotinkoy: we try and analyze
  • Recommended Use

Nicotinic acid or niacin (vitamin PP, vitamin EOI) - a substance that stimulates the circulation of the skin of the head, is involved in the formation of the pigment. In cosmetology nicotinic acid for hair growth, to strengthen them and restore used very actively. On this basis mask are made, they are rubbed into the skin around the hair roots.

Properties of this material are that it is one of the types of coenzymes are required for metabolic processes in cells. At deficiency of nicotinic acid cell function begins to break down. In addition, acid dilates blood vessels, i.e. improves circulation.

For scalp and hair nicotinic acid is used as a reducing agent, which makes hair thicker, strong, he returns luster and appeal, improves growth. Many experts believe that at the moment niacin - is the only thing that can really be used to accelerate the growth of hair.

But not all may use the vitamin PP, because it may cause allergic reactions, and in some cases - of dandruff. So before you start the application, you must carry out the test on the skin of the hand, causing a small amount of liquid. If after a while, redness, itching or burning sensation, then you use an acid is not recommended, as in all other cases - safely try.
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The use of nicotinic acid for hair

Nicotinic acid is advantageous in that it is involved in all types of metabolism, especially if it is taken into tablets or injections. But in order to accelerate the growth of hair, it is enough to use special masks that are easy to prepare at home. To do this, take the conventional vial whose contents are mixed with natural herbal infusions.

Getting on the scalp, the acid begins to help to ensure that the peripheral blood vessels expand, that is, to the hair follicles gets more oxygen and essential nutrients. This causes the active growth, cell renewal.

 a nicotinic acid
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How to use the right?

External use of vitamin E - is the use of hair masks, which help accelerate the growth of hair and restore their state. This procedure is carried out at home, it is very simple and accessible to anyone.

The process is as follows: Mask massaged rubbed into the scalp, then it is necessary to leave it for a while, not wrapping my head.

After an hour or two mixture is washed out using a shampoo, you can repeat the procedure every day, but time is limited - no more than one month, after which it is necessary to take a break. This allows an external application in the shortest possible time, to accelerate the growth of your tresses without visiting expensive salons and buying expensive but inefficient funds.

Receiving nicotinic acid inwardly

To improve the condition of hair can use nicotinic acid and inwardly. You can do this by buying pills that have a large advantage over masks. The fact that the food passes the bulbs in this case more uniformly, all vessels and bulbs are activated simultaneously, using masks is simply impossible.

This applies not only to tablets but also to injections of vitamin PP, but there also has its negative aspects. For example, the recommended intake for diseases of the stomach, so as vitamin can cause stomach pain, cramping, it attacks the mucous membranes. If you have to watch the pills causes discomfort, you should immediately discontinue their drinking, contact a physician.

Remember that anyone taking medicines - this is very serious, do not take it lightly.


Acceptance of nicotinic acid can be not only useful but also harm. So before you start domestic procedures, carefully read the instructions on the package, it is advisable to consult a specialist. The fact is that, as we mentioned, allergic reactions, and it is quite dangerous. In addition, the poor condition of the hair may be due not only to a lack of supply, but also to other causes, which should also pay attention. In the presence of chronic diseases, the shortage of food is best to be examined by a doctor, only then begin treatment of hair and scalp.

Do not use acid bleeding, bleeding and other problems with blood vessels, since the use of nicotinic acid will only strengthen them. We do not recommend it and gastroenterological diseases.

 Mask of nicotinic acid for hair
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Homemade recipes with nikotinkoy: we try and analyze

To make nicotine hair mask at home, you need to prepare a special ampoule for one mask is usually sufficient one to three. Among the additional funds for the mask must take aloe juice, ginger root, a variety of herbal tinctures. Self cooking is very simple - all the ingredients are simply mixed and applied on hair for an hour or two, after which the head should be washed thoroughly.

One package contains ten capsules and nail file to open. For one course is usually only three packages, that is, thirty capsules. Before use, be sure to conduct a test on the vehicle, if there were allergic reactions, it can not be used nicotinic acid.

The process of applying the mask on his head is simple: you need a mixture of rubbed into the scalp every night before going to sleep. After an hour or two it can be washed off, but the cover head cap or handkerchief should not be. Open capsule to be used all over, leave it in the following procedure is not necessary, because the nicotine loses its properties after thirty minutes. Apply mask on infrequent parting, gently rubbing them. Thirty days later, the course should be stopped, because this can cause severe irritation or dandruff. After two or three months, you can repeat the mask with niacin.

If you do not like the smell of nicotine, it is necessary to be patient, as added to mask any essential oil should not be. It is best used after applying the self-made essence of water and the selected essential oil, which is simply sprayed on the head. Make it very simple: a small bottle with a sprayer should be easy to pour half the water and ten drops of oil. This typically well suited lavender oil, ylang-ylang in equal proportions. The mixture was shaken and ready for use.

Here's how to make a mask for the hair in more detail:

  • you first need to wash your hair;
  • then prepare a mixture of two or three vials tablespoon of aloe juice or infusion of natural herbs;
  • the solution is applied to the scalp, and the first on the frontal part, on the top, then you can go down to the ears, back of the head.
  • Keep the mask should be an hour or two, do not be afraid, if you will feel the heat. After two hours, it is necessary to wash the head.

 nicotinic acid for internal use

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Recommended Use

Typically, the regular use of masks, timing and other are developed on an individual basis, based on the condition and type of hair, but it is best to comply with the following conditions:

  • the course of the two weeks of daily use, after which a break;
  • Course rate of ten daily procedures and a break for a day, after which the course is repeated;
  • in the case where there is no allergic reactions, the course can be extended up to one month, but the break should be two to three months.

If there was discomfort, you should immediately stop taking, rinse with a mixture of hair and seek medical advice (if redness and itching persist, become too strong).

Nicotinic acid for hair growth - this is one of the most extraordinary means of care, but it is not suitable for everyone. Among the benefits of such use should be noted:

  • application of nicotinic acid is different at ease;
  • possible independent or integrated use;
  • treatment with this agent passes imperceptibly (onion and mustard mask is efficient, but the smell is able to scare away any). In addition, nicotinic acid does not dry scalp.

But there are also negative aspects of the application, including the contraindications, which have already been mentioned. Besides allergic reactions, redness of the skin, there may be severe headaches sometimes occur deterioration of health. Such attacks may occur after the second application. If this happens, you should immediately discontinue the procedure.

Specialists of the studies were conducted, during which interviewed about two hundred people that nicotinic acid used to restore the state of the hair. There were obtained the following data:

  • improvement and acceleration of hair growth occurred in approximately 35 percent of the subjects;
  • side effects occurred in 12%;
  • I did not notice significant changes in about 53%.

As evidenced by these results? The use of nicotinic acid is not suitable for everyone, so you need to try, the results can be quite impressive, certainly not harm it will bring. In order not to suffer from allergies, you can spend a little test, and if all goes well, feel free to prepare masks and have a stunning effect.

 Nicotinic acid and accelerate hair growth and shine return