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  • Long Spit - a girlish beauty
  • Healthy hair on the bottom plate
  • Features hair care during growth
  • Useful recipes at home
  • Professional techniques for hair otraschivaniya

Long, well-groomed, silky, strong, healthy, beautiful, admirable and pride. It is of such hair dreams almost every girl. Fashion is fickle. It sets the rules everywhere: clothes, makeup, accessories, hairstyles. But luxury long hair - it is fashionable, beautiful and incredibly feminine. Unfortunately, boast of their health and long may not be representative of each of the fair sex. Perming, coloring, blow-drying, use of "ironing" or curling hair does not add benefit. They become brittle, dull, brittle and lifeless. And more and more often the question arises, how quickly grow hair.
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Long Spit - a girlish beauty

On the possible length of the hair affects a great many factors. This genetic predisposition, and a skin type, and general health. Modern lifestyle with his environment, stress and poor diet, too, is not conducive to the growth of beautiful hair. Therefore, the challenge is to quickly grow long hair, will not be easy, but it is doable, and it should be addressed comprehensively.

 egg yolk holds the record for the presence of Vitamin A
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Healthy hair on the bottom plate

Only healthy hair mogutporadovat its owner length and strength.

Therefore, they start to grow only when they are without a single injury. Everyone knows that every hair grows from follicles, the internal chemical equilibrium which depends on the speed and appearance of hair.

Hair has three periods of their growth. Within 2-3 years, he is actively growing, then growth stops. This condition can last up to three months, and then he falls and gives way to the new. To accelerate the growth of the "young" hair and "old" to give effect, they need special care. The key to the healthy and rapid growth - the right care, nutrition, rehabilitation and stimulation of hair follicles.

Nutrition, vitamins and water in the required amount for hair growth are very important. If they receive all necessary substances and trace elements from the inside, it will be strong, dense, shiny, healthy, and their growth will accelerate. The most important vitamins for growth - is A, C, E, H and of group B.

Vitamin A rich all the yellow, red, green fruit. Since this vitamin is fat-soluble, it is necessary to eat these fruits and butter. The liver, butter and egg yolk also holds the record for the content of vitamin A.

For improved blood circulation responds vitamin C blood to the hair follicle, the bulb gets extra protection and nutrition, hair growth increases. Increase vitamin C in the body can use sauerkraut, black currants, citrus fruits, peppers.

The task is to grow long hair elastic handle vitamin E. Also, he is also responsible for their brilliance. Vitamin E can be found in abundance in the seeds, nuts, unrefined vegetable oil. Fill the body with vitamin H can be due to soybean, oats, brewer's yeast, beans and brown rice.

Many substances that stimulate the growth of perfectly chic hair, in groups of vitamin B. The menu should include dishes from untreated grains, kidney, liver, carrots, beans, peas, eggs. Seeds, nuts and brown bread also contain B vitamins

In addition to vitamins, essential minerals. Copper, iron, zinc, molybdenum, sulfur, silicon - they affect the length of the braid. You can adjust this based on your diet, but you can buy a ready-complex vitamins. A good solution would be to ask the pharmacist how to quickly grow long hair, and buy the necessary drugs, or dietary supplements at the pharmacy. To date, experts have called the number one tool for otraschivaniya hair - is methylsulfonylmethane, which helps the emergence and proper growth of healthy cells of the hair.
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Features hair care during growth

Long, but dry and weak strands look pathetic. During otraschivaniya hair scalp should be cleaned with a specific approach. During this period, a shampoo will be insufficient. Now, on the bathroom shelf must settle specific balms and facials, promoting regeneration and growth of hair. After each shampooing necessary preparations for moisturizing and nutrition.

In a period of rapid growth of each strand requires special treatment. Who can prevent any damage to the hair to grow to the desired length. Metal combs, hairpins or tight hairstyles can injure them. It is therefore necessary to find a special oil to protect hair from any mechanical damage, and hairstyle is best to choose a simple and easy.

Many people are hesitant to march to the hairdresser because of fear of losing the achieved hair length. But the master, on the contrary, will tell you how to grow long hair and hold the right haircut hot scissors, sostrig with only a few centimeters. This will give the image of well-groomed, and this kind of haircut sealed ends of the hair, allowing longer retain its structure nutrients that are important for long hair.

To have the hair of your dreams, you need to abandon the use of tongs, hair dryers, "ironing" or to resort to their aid rarely and only in conjunction with the special thermal protection means. During otraschivaniya hair should not neglect the other elementary rules gentle packing: before blow-drying hair is first dry towel; choose a gentle temperature regime; When using hot air or surface to reduce to a minimum.

 while rapid growth of the hair should be given to each strand
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Useful recipes at home

The funds for active growth of hair in abundance. Many of them can be easily prepared by most of the available components.

  1. Remarkably stimulates the scalp and allows the hair to grow faster gruel of garlic. She rubbed for 30 minutes. to bathing very carefully in the hair roots. Similarly, the property has onions, tomato pulp and powder from the seeds of parsley.
  2. Mix a cup of yogurt with egg and one tablespoon of dry mustard. This slurry was applied to the scalp massage neat. Wrap head with a towel and walk so hour. Mask wash and rinse hair nourishing shampoo. After the shampoo, you can rinse the head with cool water. This recipe is sufficient to use once a month. Mustard can cause a slight burning sensation. If sensations cause severe discomfort, the mask should be washed off immediately.
  3. Burdock and castor oil to pour into a bowl. Add a teaspoon of brandy and egg yolk. Funds should be enough for one application. Put on your head for an hour before taking a bath.
  4. Successful hair growth when applied to the guaranteed them a decoction of burdock root. You can cover your head with plastic wrap and a towel. An hour later, all should be removed.
  5. With a powerful dose of vitamins can be very noticeable to achieve excellent results. To make the miracle mask, you need to linseed oil or burdock to add some vitamin capsules "Aevitum." Apply the mixture on your head and wear a special cap. The mixture stand an hour, then rinse. Vitamin replenishment can be done on the eve of an important event, then the hair will be amazing.

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Professional techniques for hair otraschivaniya

In beauty salons will explain how to quickly grow hair, and offer a variety of means.   In their arsenal there are special creams, balms and lotions with mineral and vitamin complexes. You can take the help of sealed drugs known cosmetic companies for otraschivaniya long braid.

Another way to significantly accelerate the growth of hair and to achieve the desired length - is to use ozone and mesotherapy. These procedures are perfectly nourishes the skin and hair with nutrients, which is very important during their active otraschivaniya.

Another novelty is cosmetic - is an amplifier with ultrakontsentrirovannoy hair growth formula. He works on the problem areas of the head. Part of the keratin helps to protect against any damage to the cuticle and add volume and strength weakened strands.

 What you need to do to make hair was long and beautiful?

 hair loss


  • Hair loss during shampooing
  • Loss thick hairstyle after pregnancy
  • Folk remedies for the treatment of

All people in the world dream of a lush and healthy hair and very upset when they see that their hair fall out. But do not despair too, because they themselves still fall even if health is all right.

The fact that hair loss - it is a normal and natural process. New hair grow, and the old, who has outlived its course should fall. There is an approximate rate of hair loss. At night it is approximately 100-120 hairs per day.   That is 30 days in 3000 to lose hair - it's okay. It is not necessary to do this panic and run to buy expensive funds. But it happens that the hair begins to fall much more. And this has to be fought.
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Hair loss during shampooing

If your hair begins to thin it while washing the head, that is, when you wash your head, you see in the bathroom about 100 hairs, it's a call to action! The rate of hair loss has already been done, and even the whole day ahead. A very important step would be at this time in time to see a specialist, trihologu. Otherwise, you will start to go bald, and with hair loss will already be difficult enough to restore the old hair. At such moments, we need to use oil thistles, it is very beneficial for the growth of new locks and prevents the loss of the old.

It seems to strengthen the roots. It must be applied to the scalp 2-3 times a week and at least 30 minutes. Also important is to eliminate all the stress load on the skin of your head. You will need to take time off from hair dyes, all kinds of coatings, ploek and hair dryers, and then, subsequently, to monitor how much hair falls out when you shampoo.

 Mask for hair growth with olive oil
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Loss thick hairstyle after pregnancy

A certain amount of hair loss after giving birth - this is normal. After the child takes a lot of nutrients from the mother's body. But over time their growth to normal. The old hair, of course, is will fall, but the new ones will be great to grow. However, not everyone is a happy ending. Many young moms complain that even a year after pregnancy hair still thins and tail on the head becomes very scanty.

In such a situation it is necessary to take vitamins. For example, vitamin E, which, as we know, is a vitamin of youth. Such pills sold in pharmacies, are 10 rubles per pack. They are made on the basis of fish oil, but absolutely tasteless as coated, so that nasty taste you feel.

 mask against hair loss
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Folk remedies for the treatment of

There are many folk remedies that can be prepared at home. They help to restore hair structure, strengthen their roots, have a beneficial effect on the scalp.

One such means, of course, can be called honey. This product of the people in ancient times strengthen their hair, and they were so gorgeous and thick curls that present the beauty they can only envy. In order to put a mask of honey, do the following: in boiled but warm water put 2 tablespoons of honey to 1 liter of water, stir it all and then applied to the roots of the hair 2-3 times a week. Hair of this will grow by leaps and bounds.

Another great strengthens hair ordinary table salt. It needs to be rubbed into the scalp after washing. Massaging should be 10-15 minutes and repeat this procedure almost every day. The ancients believed that this tool helps with hair loss, dry scalp.

You can also use a variety of herbal teas herbs. For example, nettle has been considered since ancient times with grass for hair loss. People took the young nettles, which still does not burn, it is prepared from the broth, that is just brewed it, and after washing the hair rinsed them their tresses. And it is no accident there is now a lot of money on hair care products is based on the nettle broth or extract. This tool really helps!

In conclusion we can say that we are all different, someone fits one way to strengthen the hair, someone entirely different. The main thing - to begin to consult with a specialist, lest such that instead of helping yourself you only hurt its elegant hairstyle.

 Why does hair fall out and how to fight it