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  • How to make the hair on the basis of flowing hair?
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Hairstyles with her hair - a great option for a meeting, party or for every day. They will always look fashionable, elegant, refined, and every girl can do it yourself without the services of a specialist-hairdresser.
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How to make the hair on the basis of flowing hair?

So, in order to create a new image, you should prepare all the accessories that are needed to create a hairstyle, namely: combs, brushes, tongs, irons, hair dryers, hair clips.

And you will need your imagination, because the process is something creative. If all you need is already at hand, you can begin to create hairstyles.

To start should decide so, what kind of image and style you want to create, or smooth your hair is curly. You can combine it and each other. It is also important what outfit you will be wearing. The main thing that it was appropriate and in good harmony with each other. Accessories not only help to fix her hair, but also greatly embellish it.   But do not forget that everything should be in moderation.

 everyday hairstyles for every day
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Everyday Hairstyles

One alternative hairstyle with her hair perfect for normal weekday. Hair can be medium length or long, straight or slightly wavy. First we need to dissolve and wash hair using a suitable shampoo, then be sure to apply air conditioning for a few minutes, then rinse with plenty of water. Further, should conduct a high side parting and dry hair using a large round brush hair dryer. This hairstyle will take a little time, and the hair will look well-groomed, smooth and shiny.

And here's another version of the hairstyles for each day that does not require much effort. In pre-washed and conditioned hair is relaxed need to put three fairly large "Curler Velcro" in front and on top, twist locks and secure the clamps. Next, using a hair dryer, hair should be thoroughly dried, and then put curling. Side locks should be pulled back and fix barrette or comb, and to give greater scope to cheat tips on hair curlers. After a while, you can remove the curlers and comb, trying not to ruin the curls. To hairstyle looks natural, well a small section on the lower forehead and loose curls will fall on the shoulders beautifully.

 hairstyle with her hair with accessories
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Evening hairstyles

As the evening hairstyles, you can use a variety of options, consider some of them. After washing the hair should be pressed to apply mousse and spread it with a comb. Further squeezing a ball of gel in the palm-sized nuts, rub it in your hands and prominaetsya throughout. With gel and spraying with lacquer is achieved by the effect of "wet" hair.

If you are a fan of the strict style of the 60s, then we recommend the following version of the simple hairstyles "no frills". Hair should be dried hair dryer, her head forward. The tips in this case you need to leave the semi-moist. Then, his head thrown back with an electric brush bend them outward.

If you are the owner of the long braids, you can create a beautiful, romantic image. To do this, rinse the hair with conditioning, screwed lock by lock on large curlers (they need 25-30 pieces). Then draw a side parting and comb from the roots to the tips. The front and back of the head hair will lie smoothly and the air, and from mid-length to ends and will flow soft curls.

Here are examples of how a variety of hairstyles can be with her hair. If you show a little imagination, you can create a unique beautiful images that can be changed every day.

 Dissolve the hair - to create a hairstyle

 Fashionable cascade on medium hair


  • Technique
  • Recommendations for choosing this haircut

Not all women are willing to global changes and various experiments regarding the selection of a new hairstyle. Yet the fair sex intuitively tend to try something new for yourself, especially if the hair of medium length, and your hairdresser, there are many ideas for hairstyles.

If a woman wants to change the image, visually increase the amount of hair, you can try this kind of hairstyle as haircut cascade on medium hair.

This method has a number of advantages:

  1. ease of installation performed (this requires an ordinary hair dryer and a comb, with which it is possible to make both everyday hairstyle, so fi complicated evening);
  2. versatility (ideal for women aged and women);
  3. high popularity of this method of shearing.

 Appliances haircut cascade

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You must first wash, then dry and comb your hair. After that want to divide the hair on his head into several areas:

  1. temporal;
  2. parietal;
  3. occipital.

After that you should gather together the strands and stab them, using hair clips.

Starts haircut cascade on medium hair from the crown area or jaw line, and ends at the shoulders.   Having previously 2 parting line in the center of the head, you want to separate the control lock. Next, it is necessary to comb and pull parallel to the floor, doing the trim to the desired length. All subsequent strand is recommended to cut straight cut, using the control as a guide. In the parietal area is required to cut through the top - the forehead. In temples we need to move in the direction of the front area, and then from her again to have the crown control locks.

The next step is mowing the middle of the occipital area. Cutting hair should be perpendicular to the head and parallel strand-control. Similarly, working with the side and back of the head locks. Zone U-shaped parting framing parietal region, requires special attention and delicacy. Singling out a strand, comb your hair should be her parting from the right hand side (that is, at the level of the temporo-lateral zone) and cut them at this level, and then in a similar way and left.

Next you need, performing edging, comb the hair along their length. As a result, acquired step graded structure. During the execution stage requires profiling, provides air haircuts and ease of installation. Among the instruments used should give preference to a round hairbrush and hair dryer with different diameters, to create different waves and curls. To consolidate the results, you can use hair spray or lacquer.

 recommendations when choosing a hairstyle
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Recommendations for choosing this haircut

This type of hairstyle is suitable for almost all types of looks. Yet the perfect haircut cascade on medium hair looks at a slightly wavy or straight strands. Incredibly impressive locks, flowing like a waterfall, perfectly underlines the correctness of the oval face and chubby cheeks or conceal massive cheekbones. Haircut cascade brings volume, lightness and density of hair. Golden wheat, rich chocolate and light brown - the most winning color hair with this method of shearing.

The best option for everyday hairstyles considered "volume cap". It is a classic stacking at which the supply strands tips down. Apply best for this peculiar comb, having openings in the cabinet, well lets warm air. In addition, the variant of the use of ironing. Heated straighteners held along the strands 1 times. This structuring stage will become more noticeable.

But it is necessary to emphasize the fact that this haircut is not universal and applicable to the whole world. Do not use it for women:

  1. having an elongated shape of the face - can be even more visually lengthen it;
  2. with a very thick and heavy, and with curly and wavy hair, as the transitions are not visible.
 Haircut cascade on medium hair