beautiful hairstyles for long hair


  • Several more sophisticated holiday hairstyles with their hands
  • A bundle of two ears of wheat (braids)
  • Holiday hairstyles for long curly hair

For owners of long hair, there are many choices of excellent holiday pilings, so that over the choice will have to think carefully. What holiday hairstyles for long hair, you can choose? There are basic rules to consider when choosing a styling: hair should be selected in accordance with the dress, the shape and characteristics of the person, the length and type of hair.

Interestingly, when fashion dictates a complex style of dress do simple installation, and at the very simple dress, on the contrary, the most complicated.

If you have to responsible action, it would be nice, "try on" the hairstyle in advance, just in case, if you absolutely will not work (although the pictures look good), that there is time for the selection of a replacement. The most simple holiday hairstyles for long hair:

  1. As easy as pie. Hair curl curling irons on, lightly whipped and stabbed at the sides. A truly festive image of a hairstyle create accessories: mesh with pearls (perfect for wedding hairstyles), a variety of decorative hairpins, diadem.
  2. Perfect smoothness. Tool with thermal protection applied to wet hair, treat their rectifier. Gather at the back in a tight knot. Rounding out the image of a clip with feathers.
  3. Classics of the genre. Make a ponytail, fasten a rubber band. We agree with him on a few strands of curls and curling. Makes heavy fleece, folded the ends in and fasten bolts. Bang remains smooth.

 different options of holiday hairstyles for long hair

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Several more sophisticated holiday hairstyles with their hands

Hairstyle, representing the totality of Babette and braids. The front part of the hair from the temples is going on top, made fleece, these hairs are then slaughtered pins. Underarm hair is divided into two parts and braided in pigtails, which are laid and fastened around the head. Finally, you can decorate the hair on the side close elegant filigree flower or bow creative. For dark hair perfect black flower for light - white or pastel shades.

You can make and a hair: do a straight or side parting; take two long strands at the temples on each side of the face twisted into bundles. These strands are collected in a ponytail with the rest of the hair, the tail is attached eraser. Then hide gum: taken from the tail of one strand, and which turns into gum. The end of the pin locks slaughter. This hairstyle is suitable, for example, on long thin hair. You can harness stab invisible behind the ear, then the hair will remain loose, but at the same time, will not climb in the face.

A bundle with weaving. Very interesting hairstyle. Tilt your head down and comb hair forward. Weaves a spike from the neck to the crown. Then high-tail attached eraser. From this tail make a bundle, comb your hair beforehand. A bundle of the tail is made as follows: the hair is wrapped around the entire length of gum and anchoring pins. It turns out very nicely: spike at the back, ending on the top beam.

 Holiday hairstyles for long hair

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A bundle of two ears of wheat (braids)

To create such hairstyles will need an assistant who knows how to weave braids, spikes, erasers, a few pins, nail. We make a side parting. Select one strand side forehead and begin to weave a normal thin spike, going down to the back of the head. Spike is necessary to spin gently, not too tight, a little sprinkling varnish. After the adventures of a company line of hair, lightly loosen the weave, pull out a few strands of spikelets, giving it a bit uncool kind that come in handy later for a smooth transition from the ears of corn to the beam.

KOLOSOK dopletaetsya to tip, grabbing as much as possible the thinnest strand of hair. The resulting elastic braid is fixed. The entire length of the spikelet gently pulling strands, giving them thus form loops. With these loops beam acquires an air delicate appearance. Braids are stacked one upon the other in the back of the head and fixed pins. We correct air loop so as to hide the pins. Sprinkled with hair lacquer.

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Holiday hairstyles for long curly hair

Curly long hair - a bad case of even the most experienced hair stylist, but what are the results! Of course, long curls are beautiful in themselves, but if they are also cleverly put the result will be stunning! For example, they look great in this version is made on the top of the flower curls. From it you can let a few strands. This hairstyle can be decorated with beads, studs or pins with small flowers.

The most important thing in any hair - healthy. In that case, if the hair looks weakened and painful, it is necessary in advance of the solemn event to do their rehabilitation so that your hair looks perfect holiday!   Chic hair - it's not just long. The hair in the first place should be shiny, healthy and evenly colored. Before the upcoming celebration is not necessary to radically change hair color, that was not unexpected.

 Long hair: how to put on a holiday?

 updo hair


  • Pros and cons of high hair
  • How to make a pony at home?
  • How to choose a hair style for yourself?

Such placement can easily make for smooth or curly hair, they are an amazing variety of shapes look good in all situations. High hairstyles fit for work, everyday life, the evening reception. They usually combine the soft curls gathered up, and straight clean lines that give the look a special charm.

Medium length hair differ undoubted advantages over the short and long, with them much easier to work at home, any hairstyle will look beautiful, it does not fall apart at the crucial moment.

It makes such placement quickly, they usually require only 15-20 minutes and most basic cosmetic products, which are easy to buy in any store. To create such a small masterpiece need to have on hand:

  • comfortable comb or brush,
  • special separator (suit and comb with a sharp tip)
  • Six pieces of stealth,
  • several pins (long or short)
  • styling mousse,
  • nail for fixing the final shape.

 especially high hairstyles

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Pros and cons of high hair

High hairstyles do not always seem appropriate, although they are attractive. The idea is that young ladies frilly and sophisticated styling just do not fit, they make them older. But this is the only "but" against the high hairstyles.

Nowadays, it is recommended to abandon the elaborate hair styling in favor of a smooth and rigorous. Such masterpieces fit and young girls and ladies in adulthood. But attention should be paid to factors such as:

  • the growth and shape of the face;
  • at which time it will be worn styling. To work better to prefer more strict and smooth, not very high, but for the rest you can do and more voluminous hairstyles, decorated with different pins.

How to make a hairstyle yourself, how to choose it according to the shape of the face mask, if necessary, some of the shortcomings? Using simple and accessible advice, you can create a variety of their own hands, but very attractive styling.

 trendy updo
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How to make a pony at home?

The average length of the hair leaves a fairly wide space for activities, even more than for long or short. With such hair easier to work with, for the mean perfect volume, high, wavy and curly styling, classic and modern extravagant hairstyles. The main thing that they fit the type of person, the overall style of the surroundings. We offer professional advice on how you can make such placing your hands at home:

  1. To begin wash your head, use not only the shampoo, and conditioners, balsams, special means to facilitate installation. Today on sale there are a variety of cosmetic mixtures which make the process easy and not burdensome.
  2. Blot your hair with a towel and dry their hair dryer, comb to the strands are not confused. The entire length of the hair should be applied modeling mousse, which helps to give it a form that is needed.
  3. Divide your hair into individual strands are quite large. Comb each of them, using a curling iron or a special shape the forceps.
  4. For installation, you can use a hairdryer with round nozzles, brushes and other accessories. Curls comes after a wave comb, then tilt your head down a little tousle hair with his hands. Return the head in a natural position, straighten curls, if necessary, his hands and brushed to give a precise form.
  5. If required, it is necessary to make parting, then hair is fixed with varnish.

This is the simplest version of the high hairdos ready. More hair can pick up from the studs, combs, barrettes Special. In this case, you can select the individual strands, lift or combed them. The hair can be slicked up, assembled in a very high or a lower node. It uses many of the techniques that are available in the home.

Babetka and bouffant hair of medium length

Fleece - it is the most simple and effective method that allows you to make a beautiful and stable hairstyle for medium length hair. Strands immediately become thicker and styling - volume. We offer a course of action for the implementation of fleece:

  • head should be washed thoroughly;
  • locks combed and dried hairdryer;
  • hair is divided into two zones: the parietal and occipital. This can be a flat comb, using a second mirror, if you run a conventional uncomfortable;
  • bouffant performed first on the bottom strand only then - on top;
  • hairstyle modeled hair carefully smoothed surface, you will need to try not to change the shape of the resulting;
  • Now curls combed temporal areas towards the back of the head, fixed a few invisible (you can use a more colorful barrettes);
  • locks the front part of the parietal and occipital neatly stacked ago.

Hairstyle fixed with the help of polish. If the hair part, you can use the tools to shine, with tinted varnish effect.

Babette is a leading method for medium hair styling. High type of installation is often just such a hairstyle that looks equally good in the office or on the simple chic evening or celebration. The method consists in the use of any special hairpieces and rollers, or a simple version of it without additional funds. The procedure here is as follows:

  • first comb hair, parted runs;
  • in the parietal part is a high bouffant (the best possible), and then the strands are collected in the tail (low, high - it must meet the planned position of the future hairstyles;
  • on top of a flat comb the hair split, after which the drain is enclosed roller, fixed invisible. After that it must hide the hair, wrap them to the base of the future hairstyles;
  • at the end of the hair very carefully smoothed, fixed hairstyle lacquer. If necessary, the evening laying may supplement with a beautiful wrap, barrettes, tiaras or flowers.

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How to choose a hair style for yourself?

High hairstyles for medium hair is not for everyone, it is important to choose exactly the kind of styling that fits the type of person, the general style, atmosphere. Often it hairstyle has a strong influence on the attitude, the attitude of those around you. But the chosen installation should like you, too.

So, how to choose the type of hairstyle? For people with regular features fit all types of haircuts, but if growth exceeds 170 cm, high hair is better not to do so because they are visually increase it. But the hair combed back, too, should not, as the volume of the head will seem small and disproportionate.

High stacking suited to owners of small stature, but too tall and bulky to do them is not recommended to keep the correct proportions.

For high is best done long hair about the ear lobe, while the bulk will be concentrated in the temporal part. It is the best and trusted option. For younger women professionals choose curly or wavy styling can do hair and high beam bundle. It will emphasize the neck, make it very attractive and slim. If you do not have a neck too long, this method is appropriate, or it can be nice to mask underlying strands.

For low and Large are best suited to a penalty, both simple and extended, but the smooth, hair backcombed absolutely no good. They only make visually more fully. With a short neck hairstyle is better to do high, concentrated curls on top, short and voluminous haircut at the neck are not suitable.

Too prominent chin neutralize thick bangs, curls best to fill the ears. Volume and wavy bangs can hide the flaws of the forehead. At too high protruding ears suitable stacking closing them. When large features is better to use smooth transitions, while tiny facial features - small curls, giving grace.

When choosing a hair laying on the average it is necessary to remember that this should be done in accordance with the features, and then pay attention to other details. This will enable hide flaws and highlight the dignity, always look very stylish and attractive, it is appropriate in any situation. Even the most solemn hairstyle you can do yourself, using a simple and very easy tricks and tips using the best craftsmen. If you are unable to determine what suits you, contact a professional stylist who will choose correctly you appropriate, individual style.

 We select high hairstyles for medium length hair