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  • Simple rules make-up
  • A few tips for daytime makeup
  • Features summer makeup

Beauty, as we know, a terrible force, and of course, a powerful weapon. And in order to enhance its lethality, using make-up, with which, and so beautiful half of humanity becomes more beautiful. But on the way to perfection lies in wait for us a bunch of pitfalls.

Because the answer to the question of how to make the right make-up at home, the most, contrary to popular belief, not everyone is famous. Therefore we have to see, instead of a light make-up rough applying makeup, beautiful female face turns into a lifeless mask.

Can you avoid such mistakes and learn how to do the most good makeup, a simple and easy? How to implement it in practice? Answers to these and other questions related to the fine art of makeup, we will try in this article.

Simple rules make-up

There are simple rules, the knowledge of which will enable to discover the secret of how to make a perfect make-up - not in the salon and at home, not with the help of well-known make-up artist and myself. Do you think it is impossible? You confuse the word "perfect"? Well, nothing. Firstly, because the pursuit of perfectionism in this matter be welcomed. And secondly, you deserve to look perfect.

Now, practical advice.

  • In order to powder, blush and all other means necessary to achieve beauty, not looking at the skin of your face sloppy, it (the skin) should be as moisturized. If you think that the drawbacks such as roughness, dryness can be hidden by a pitch, you are deeply mistaken. On the well-groomed skin, they will become even more noticeable. Conclusion: it is necessary to moisten the skin and properly take care of it.
  • Pay attention to lighting. Evening make-up should be applied under artificial light and daylight, respectively - in the natural. Otherwise, make-up to play with you a malicious joke: what under artificial light looks decent, its charm, the daylight will look vulgar caricature. A light and easy make-up, the relevant day, in the evening light makes faces expressionless, dull.
  • Pick up the correct tonal resources. Tone powder should be possible to match the color of the face and skin type. For oily skin fit powder with liquid matte effect. For dry - moisturizing, and if your skin has rashes, bumps, you can use a compact powder, which is denser than the liquid "tonalok" and can hide flaws. (In general, it is necessary to deal with impaired, and if you do not manage themselves, it is necessary to visit a good cosmetician).
  • Before applying makeup on her face and neck need to apply any moisturizer you are using, and leave for 15-20 minutes. The remains of a napkin to remove, and then you can begin to make-up.
  • Use only high-quality cosmetics, do not use expired means that your home probably a lot. Get rid of them without regret.

Agree, the rules are simple, meanwhile, compliance will allow you to avoid many mistakes when overlaying makeup.

 how to make the right makeup

A few tips for daytime makeup

The main goal of any make-up - hide flaws and to show dignity. By daylight it refers to the full, because in natural light all persons are especially noticeable flaws. That is why the performance of the day make-up on their own, at home - it's aerobatics, who must learn the art.

So the answer to the question of how to make your own make-up day.

It should look as natural, therefore, say 'no' bright, saturated tones. Using pastel colors: gray, beige, pale green shade of natural color lipstick, subtle shades of lip gloss.

Now more.

  • The tone in the make-up day

    As already noted, using a soft, natural shades. You can apply two colors - light and dark. They can be used to correct some of the shortcomings of the face. Light colors visually increase and the dark, on the contrary reduced proportion. If you have a healthy, fresh skin, for daytime makeup can not be applied to the tone of the entire face, and only use it around the eyes (to put in minimum quantities).

    This will visually enlarge the eyes and make the eyes look more open. Blush day is better not to use it, and if you can not do without them, then put quite a bit and be sure to blend well.

  • Eyebrows

    The correct form of the eyebrows, the color plays an important role in creating the overall appearance. Do not use too dark eyeliner pencil with the brow, if you are certainly not the burning brunette. In daylight makeup for eyebrows correction is generally better to use the shadows. Special care must be blonde. The sharp contrast between the color of hair and very dark eyebrows make the face rough.

  • Eye makeup in daylight

    Our goal is to make the eyes look expressive and visually enlarge the eyes. To do this, the skin around the eyes is necessary to make lighter. Approach, as already noted, a light concealer and light shade should be applied to the fixed part of the century, under the eyebrow. Slightly lighter shades can be applied to the inner corner.

    Then it makes light eyeliner pencil corresponding upper eyelid, which is better shade. And lightly tinted lower eyelid - lower lash line. The final touch - mascara. A few light taps from root to tip (mascara on the brush should not be much).

  • Lips

    A pencil to trace the natural contour and causes a dim lipstick (preferably with a brush). To lips seem fuller, you can apply a little gloss in the center of the upper and lower lip (lower permissible little more gloss than the top). You can and generally do only a small amount of glitter to create the effect of wet lips. It looks fresh, natural and seductive.

Before you leave home, look in the mirror - you're irresistible!

 how to do make-up day

Features summer makeup

Make no doubt, it depends not only on the circumstances of time and place, but also on the season. How to make the house perfect summer make-up? How should it be? Can you handle it the most or the best to consult with a competent makeup artist? Answers to such questions are of interest to many girls who want to look perfect, always and everywhere.

We will try as much as possible is available to explain the intricacies of summer make-up. As for advice from make-up artist, then this is undoubtedly worth taking advantage of. The specialist will give good advice, given your physique, age, style of dress, etc. And when you want to make the right make-up of the home, these recommendations will be very useful.

It is worth consulting are usually inexpensive, and generally a lot of money is not taken. Moreover, if you are not confident in their abilities, it makes sense to go to a good make-up master and try to remember all the chips and the techniques that it uses. Over time, gain experience, be able to do makeup at home, no worse than in the cabin.

In the summer season the main feature makeup - natural. He should be, so we can look good, but it should not be evident. Although from certain liberties in the summer it is not necessary to give up.

So, what should be concerned primarily summer. If you use creams and in the summer, keep in mind that it should be very easy, so that the skin can breathe. And that combined with tanned skin, summer "Tonalka" should be of darker tone that you would normally use.

In the summer, in the heat, cosmetics, what is called "floating." Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the makeup lasted as long as possible and not look at this sloppy. Particular attention should be paid to the technique of overlapping shadows: when exposed to heat, they begin to fade, crumble, creating instead a mysterious look black eyes. Be sure to use a special database, which "holds" the shadows.

Mascara on the eyelashes in the heat, too, can behave unpredictably. Many makeup artists, to avoid unpleasant consequences, prefer to use waterproof mascara. Should we do it?

If so, then only in cases where the responsible and be long event - wedding, party. Easy and simple day makeup in the summer season does not need such excesses. It can be applied to the eyelashes a little loose powder and then paint over them - this will fix mascara.

We hope our tips on how to make a good makeup will help you in creating the image of a stylish modern woman who looks impeccable. You deserve it!

 How to make to become irresistible

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 foundation cream for oily skin


  • What is he, a good foundation?
  • Problem Skin: select the correct tool
  • Make-up tips
  • Learning how to apply foundation

Even in the modern world, with its level of development and progress, one can often hear that the tonal foundation clog pores, affects the skin, it spoils, so they say, use it every day - it means to harm themselves. But it is absolutely unjustified opinion, which may cause only harm! How can you mistake when today's cosmetics - it's not the questionable means which can be seen on store shelves a decade ago. Yes, they went to a thick layer, creating a feeling of heaviness and the "plaster", often cause allergies. However, current products can not only even out skin tone, but also make it much better, healthier and more beautiful. It is promoted by various additives included in their composition.

Moisturizing and bactericidal components, vitamins and herbal extracts and sunscreens to help as much as possible to save your youth and charm. In this case, the main thing that foundation for problem skin (and other types) has been chosen correctly - only then will you be happy with the result!

What is he, a good foundation?

The best - the one that is chosen correctly, ie in accordance with your type. For example, dry and scaly skin requires daily moisturizing, so in this case should be used, which include aloe vera and hyaluronic acid and fat, on the contrary, demands to remove excess sebum. In the face of such a dense creams create a semblance of a mask, so it is better to give preference to matte emulsion or cream powder. Women aged must be chosen liquid foundation makeup with lifting effect. It will help to align the relief and the tone of the face, and, if necessary, hide wrinkles and shallow minor inflammation. Of course, ideally in a ladies purse should be some tonal resources. For example, the light, for the winter period, and that a little darker - for a hot summer when the skin tans in the sun.

Choose cosmetics recommended in the light, otherwise you risk to make a mistake with a touch. Apply a few drops are not at hand, as do most, and on the face - a jawbone. To look beautiful, giving preference to a particular product, consider the condition of your skin at the moment (dryness, the presence of pimples or acne, etc.), age, and the effect you want to achieve.

Tone Cream for problematic skin to pick up a little more complicated. So that you do not currently inflicted even more damage, discuss this in more detail.

 the best foundation for oily skin

Problem Skin: select the correct tool

Do you think a good cream, fine toning the skin, so easy to pick up? Then you are very much mistaken. Often on the street, in the subway or in a store, you can find a young lady with a thick layer of "plaster". Ever observed such a picture: a beautiful girl with dark neck, hands and face bright white, or vice versa, with light skin and thick dark tone cream? Firstly, it looks messy and ugly, and secondly, does not give a single drop of femininity and glamor, and, thirdly, affects the surface of the face. Good cosmetics corresponding to your texture, type and color should look natural and naturally. The right makeup invisible to others: it is intended to emphasize the dignity and disguise the "errors" that nature has awarded you. So no need to go all out to cover up acne by some means - select suitable. We can help you with this.

So, you need a foundation for oily skin? Here, the main rule - in choosing wisely and properly set of knowledge.

Inflamed skin with acne and redness - a sure sign that the body has occurred a failure: internal disease, stress, "hormonal storm" and the like. All this naturally appears on the face of the woman. So you need to choose a foundation, which would contain as little as possible of questionable chemicals. Of course, all cosmetics, despite the fact that we promised manufacturer, is not made from natural components, but need to find the most suitable options.

Normally foundation for oily skin on their packaging contains the following explanation:

  • «Will not clog pores», which promises free breathing pores, as they are not clogged;
  • cream does not cause additional inflammation in the form of acne, rashes and the like, contains a label as «non-comedogenic», that is "non-comedogenic";
  • light, airy and unobtrusive toners manufactured without the use of oil, noted the explanation «oil free»;
  • If you are prone to allergic reactions, the «bismuth oxycholoride» on the packaging of cosmetics will warn you that it is you just do not fit. Otherwise, you risk to be covered with a rash or "spots to go", therefore it is better to leave the store.

Before you make any purchase, read the composition of the funds. Ideally, it should not be made from synthetic chemicals, preservatives and all sorts of flavors. The best option - antiallergenic tinting cosmetics based on mineral oil, which does not clog the pores of the skin and does not cause adverse reactions on the face. At the same time, if it contains the necessary additives, which have antibacterial properties, it is, as they say, the height of perfection!

Girls with problem skin is recommended to stop their attention on the "nekomedonnom" foundation. Such a product does not irritate an already inflamed surface of the face, it does not cause the appearance of additional acne. If you belong to this type, the oily cream - your main enemy. In particular marked inscriptions such as «isopropyl myristate», and the «lanolin». They further clog pores, thereby promoting the spread of irritation. However, there are those who, on the contrary, treat pimples. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to consult with the cosmetician - it will help to make the right choice. You can also refer to a shop (or pharmacy).

Most of all decorative cosmetic products to some extent clog the pores. Therefore, if a problem skin tone is better to choose a water-based cream. A very good option, as experts note - this mineral. In its structure there are no particles that pollute the pores, and no bismuth oxychloride, which causes irritation and inflammation of the skin. In general, whatever means you choose, the important thing is that it has antiseptic properties and the grease.

 a good foundation for problem skin

Make-up tips

According to Bobby Brown (world famous makeup artist and owner of a network of beauty salons), the right foundation - the basis for successful image. And a woman with such experience should listen exactly, so here are a few of her tips.

"A spokeswoman dry skin type, I recommend the use of liquid toners based on oil, but better - water. It must necessarily have a moisturizing effect, which provides components such as glycerin and sodium hyaluronate. They hold moisture, creating a bold effect. Always apply the cream with a damp sponge, and the refuse of powder, otherwise it will "absorb" all the radiance of your skin.

To remove shine, take a resistant matting agent (powder or cream) on the basis of the liquid without oil. The composition of such cosmetics include quartz, which eliminates unnecessary "lights". Also suitable substrate with salicylic acid - it fights acne.
If it is necessary to make wrinkles imperceptible, I take antiaging concealer peptides, the alpha-acids or hyaluronic acid, which not only align color and strengthen the skin. Pre-better put on the face moisturizer.

If you have a little redness or irritation, prefer tinting cosmetics with vitamin E, algae extract and aloe. At the same time pick up a yellow hue (or matte) - it will help to conceal redness. Before using this cream, heat it in your hands, then he goes to an even layer. On the basis of the face always looks a little lighter than in a tube, so to guess with the tone, take a little darker than you need.

No matter what ethnic group you may belong, consider the fact that the skin of people slightly yellowish. Therefore, refrain from buying such a foundation. To properly determine the tone compare bottle bases with something pink. If the contrast is very strong, then after applying the skin turns yellow, and if the paint mixed, the basic shade of cosmetics should be pink. "

Learning how to apply foundation

If you are following the recommendations to choose the right foundation and problems (pimples, acne) and have not disappeared, do not rush to blame the producer of cheating. Maybe you're just not the way it should, shoot and apply makeup.

A few simple rules. First, always wash your hands beforehand, to microbes with palms do not run across her face. Secondly, brushes, sponges and applicators are processed using soap after each use, and new buy every eight weeks. Wash (morning and evening) very special means and not "sleep" with makeup all night. You want to be blossoming and beautiful as long as possible?

If you have a problem and sensitive skin, frequent use of soap, all kinds of aggressive scrubs and masks is not recommended. They not only further irritate the upper layer entity, but also contribute to dehydration and dryness leading to early aging and hated all wrinkles. Overdue cosmetics, do not hesitate to send in the trash. And be sure to change the means used every six months.

Some women mistakenly think that mask the problem areas, you can use a dense layer of tinting bases. However, it is fundamentally wrong. So you do not just hide flaws and attract even more attention to them. And we in fact achieve the opposite effect, right? Therefore, in this case it is better to use light creams. Also, beauticians recommend to pay attention to concealers and correctors. Make-up is carried out in several stages. The first layer means applied to the entire face, and the second - only on problem areas.

Tonal foundation for sensitive skin is not created in order to emphasize, and in order to conceal the existing shortcomings and irregularities of all kinds. Therefore, it should blend well with a brush or sponge, some do it by hand.

May look attractive every woman. All the more so because of the necessary cosmetics, as well as possession of the secret of its simple application, the ability to turn disadvantages into advantages. Be beautiful and charming every day!

 Tone Cream for problematic skin

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