eyebrow correction


  • What is the form and how to choose
  • What you should know
  • Correction procedure

Everyone knows that "the eyes - a mirror of the soul." Captivates languid eyes, flapping eyelashes and gentle smile can win the heart of any man. Therefore, all in the form of a woman must be perfect, because miss one detail, you can even make a beautiful Scripture obscure "gray" special.

It would seem that such eyebrow? Well, plucked, touched up and everything. However, well-defined, regular shape, they can completely change the look, emphasize its oval, draw attention to the eyes. Therefore, if you want to captivate and fascinate the opposite sex, you need to properly care for the eyebrows - to pull out, try to get the color combined with a touch of hair and so on.

At various times, the fashion on the shape of eyebrows were completely different. A few years ago, the girl's face could be seen very thin "strings", long or short, it is now the main trend - extensive natural eyebrows. To learn how to make their correction, we describe below.

What is the form and how to choose

Do you think you need eyebrow correction? Would you like to give them an attractive appearance, and thus improve your appearance? In this case, you must know a few subtleties. Firstly, consider the thickness and shape of the eyebrows. So, does the arcuate face fresh and open, and the dark color and the abundance of hair, on the contrary, even the cute young lady can give expression forbidding evil. Another caveat - the clarity and accuracy of form. The latter is given to everyone from birth, it is unique and does not give change. You can only slightly improve it and give expression. Therefore, venturing to the correction, consider it and do not try to radically "reshape" its face.

Beauticians shared eyebrows into four types: bent, broken (like Marilyn Monroe and Christina Aguilera), as well as straight and round. If you have an oval face, the most appropriate option - arched; the same who had a sharp, square features, more suitable long and high eyebrows. Chubby lady looked impressive with rounded ends and slightly raised up "threads of." Contoured and straight eyebrows, located in the far distance from the nose, perfectly complement the elongated face.

 eyebrow correction

What you should know

So, you want to "buy" perfect eyebrows - correction, of course, it is better to do in the cabin, where a qualified specialist will give them the right shape and the right. If you decide to carry out the procedure yourself, be patient, knowledge of the theory and some aids. So, you will need:

  • eyeliner white;
  • tweezers;
  • dark gray or brown shade;
  • thin brush with stiff bristles;
  • applicator for eyebrows.

The latter is a kind of pattern - a flexible plastic plate, the middle of which is carved the shape of the eyebrows. Typically, such a kit includes several applicators copying "bends" celebrities. It is useful if you have very light or sparse eyebrows and apply it with a brush, apply a shadow. Using applicator greatly simplifies the correction process. This "Assistant" has long been popular in Europe and the US, but in our stores it's not always easy to find. But do not worry - you can live without it.

You can stick to finish the missing hairs, but do it gently in the direction of their growth. Do not paint the eyebrows raven - they must be combined with a touch of harmony and hair and skin tone. Agree, a bright blonde with soot on top of the eye - it is at least ridiculous. Girls of this type, use a light chocolate brown or pencil, which is also ideal for golden-haired and "Honey" ladies. If you have dark hair, prefer oak or dark gray color (recommended and those with white hair), red-haired and better pay attention to the golden-brown and terracotta hues.

Eyebrow - a very important process, because the procedure is carried out properly can dramatically change your look, and not always - for the better. To do everything correctly, some use special labels, easy to use - simply place them on the brow and pressed a wet towel for a few minutes, then remove. Such translated tattoo kits are available (in every 7 to 14 pairs) of different shapes and colors - from light beige to black. If you do not like the result, you can get rid of it by any vegetable oil. However, this correction of eyebrows - a dubious event, as they look unnatural.

 Eyebrow correction

Correction procedure

If unsuccessful eyebrow shape or have a fuzzy line, then all efforts to ensure that achieve the perfect makeup, come to naught. Is an important element of their length and height, they must start and end at specific locations. In this case, a correction of eyebrows. Simply, when there is an applicator - with him all the wires very easily. In this case, attach it to the eyebrows and draw the contour of a white pencil. If not, use a kind of scheme, the knowledge of which will help to obtain an excellent result adjustment.

So, to determine the point of origin, apply special pencil imaginary line that runs from the wing of the nose and ends at the inner corner of the eye. Above, on its follow-up, and begins an eyebrow. The peak of her, that is the highest point in the planned direction of a line extending from the middle of the upper lip through the pupil of the eye. To determine the place where the brow should end, select the pencil in the direction of the wing of your nose to the outer corner of the eye. Where it touches the eyebrows, and will end it. Please note that the outer edge of the eyebrow should not be lower than the inside, otherwise you'll be sad and sullen expression.

Once identified, which begin and end your eyebrows, mark these points with white pencil, brush and comb your hair and not against the direction of their growth, and proceed directly to the removal. Use a clean pair of tweezers (treat its special features); most importantly, that he was well and tightly closed. Start to pull out a little finger of his free hand pulling the skin along the lower edge of the eyebrow. First visually align the line, remove unnecessary and wrong-growing hairs. However, do not touch the top edge (this can greatly change the face), and the external naturally better leave or, if necessary, slightly elongated. When eyebrow correction is over, treat them antiseptic to redness passed quickly; and to make the hairs lie flat, put on an old brush from brasmatika little gel and comb in the direction of their growth.

Today, there are so many shades and eyebrow pencils of different colors. The latter should not be very soft and moderately hard, well shaded. However, do not abuse them much, or turn into a kind of face masks. Apply pencil little short dash, similar to the natural direction of the hair growth. In order correction of eyebrows look naturally better use shadows - they go quickly and quietly.

Beautiful "arch" over the eyes - an integral part of the image of a charming woman. This item may make a person more attractive and distort even the most lovely features. Therefore, pick the appropriate form, make correction of eyebrows and constantly care for them. Do massage (minor tweaks fingers point by pushing the growth of hair) brush brush dipped in castor or olive oil. Some use glycerin or a means to strengthen the hair. Take care of your eyebrows, and they will contribute to your image of irresistible!

 What is eyebrow correction and how to do it correctly

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 learning how to draw arrows on the eyes


  • Tools for drawing arrows
  • Little Secrets for beginners
  • How to draw an arrow with a pencil?
  • We select the arrow to the shape and size of the eyes

What are we just not women, to make his face more perfect! Plucking eyebrows, do tattoo, building up the eyelashes, remove the first age-related changes with the help of magical beauty shots, we try not to wrinkle the forehead and so on. Therefore, such a trifle as arrows, trying to master perfectly. And not for nothing, because by the summing circuit can increase the eye, make them a little "cat" or wide open in surprise. In general, to correct what we did not like, and highlight the advantages that we possess. That's why makeup artists pay great attention to our "mirror of the soul", coming up with newer and newer techniques of makeup.

And did you know that the arrow on the eyes, which appeared in ancient Egypt and is actively drawn by both women and men, were originally not to give greater expressive eyes? They were drawn for religious purposes, to add people to the similarity with the sacred animals revered by the Egyptians - with representatives of the cat family. Paint arrows are made both from lead ore, and by mixing henna, silt and clay. Egyptians eyeliner with special sticks. As you can see, the people at all times sought to beauty. In general, since then, little has changed, except improved tools for make-up and complicated technology of its application.

I must say that the popularity of special eyes, let down black paint, brought by Hollywood movie stars 60-70 years. Such famous beauties like Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy and Audrey Hepben, the hallmark of the image were just arrows. They gave excellent famous actresses eyes more expressive and captivating mystery, and served little tricks to hide wrinkles. Now it is impossible to imagine any of the well-known beauty in retro style make-up without such features.

 learning how to draw arrows on the eyes beautiful

Tools for drawing arrows

So, hopefully, you have come to the conclusion that you want to make your eyes brighter and more expressive using summing circuit. To do this, you go to the store with a huge selection of cosmetics and stand in bewilderment, looking from one to the other funds, not knowing what to prefer. The classic situation that certainly familiar to many newcomers to learn makeup techniques previously unknown, and not only on the eyes. Let's try to solve the problem and examine what types of eyeliner exist today and where better to start practicing a person with no experience to quickly learn all the details.

The classic tools for drawing arrows are pencils. It should be noted that they may be either opaque, or pearlescent, have different colors and differ in hardness. The right choice depends on what effect you want to achieve as a result. For example, the harder it is most convenient to draw a pencil thin sharp arrows, which also hold out longer in his eyes. But deal with it can be difficult for beginners.

Therefore, to get started is to purchase soft pencil. Thanks to its creamy texture you can draw a line of rich and paint over the inside of the century. As for color, it was and remains a classic black, but now some kind of make-up are performed by other colors. It depends on many nuances, for example, eye color, their shape and so on.

In the store you should definitely gets in the eyes, the liquid eyeliner. It is much more stable than a pencil, and has a more intense and bright color. But this tool has its drawbacks. They are associated with the ability of liner dry quickly, so wrong it has conducted in front of the line is always hard to adjust. If you do decide to buy it and then pay attention to the brush. In one case, it can be soft and thin, and the other will remind her view tip pen.

Opinions of women tried to work on the image of each of the above types of eyeliner, divided. Someone says that the solid applicator easier to use, and someone liked the brush. But all the women agreed on one thing: draw arrow by any kind of means described better after you have mastered the basics of the art with a pencil, that is, learn how to carry out the correct line of the required thickness.

There is also a creamy eyeliner. It is useful for those occasions when you do make-up, for example, girlfriend or sister, as she skillfully painted alone, according to many girls, is very difficult. As a means for pointing arrow on the eyes and the shade used. In this case, better to draw a line using a flat-brush applicator with a beveled edge. Pre-moistened it with water to shade evenly and thinly lay on the eyelids.

Little Secrets for beginners

Secret one: drawing an arrow, do not look at herself in the mirror on the side. It would seem so comfortable, and the line can get smoother. But in practice, everything looks different: often when you look straight ahead you will be disappointed in what has turned the final result, although the side line seemed almost perfect. Therefore, the right thing to learn to paint arrows in his eyes, looking directly at her reflection. This is the surest perspective, since your face a possible interlocutor also see it with him.

Secret two: the arrow to start the ciliary row. That's what you need to do if the technology summing up the eye for you while still new. This method will greatly facilitate the task at first. In the future, when you some practice and "nabete" hand, you can spend a nice curve, and curved from the corner of his eyes. In the meantime, try a simple way to draw the arrow and make sure to connect the two bars is easier than to spend an entire line in one motion at once.

Secret three: try to draw the tail of the arrow as a continuation of the mucous membrane of the eye, and not along the ciliary row. Yes, make-up artists do the opposite, but that's why they're professionals to perform all clearly and correctly. But you at first can turn out, that the arrow will change the shape of the eye improbable, as it will create the illusion of a very elevated his corner, or, conversely, sadly omitted. Therefore adhere to the edge of the century, and then the line will be correct.

Secret Four: Pick up the shadows in the future tone hands and blend them together with cilia. Only after this preliminary procedure can begin to outline eyeliner eyes. This method helps you avoid gaps through the edge of the century. It often happens that seems to be the arrow turned smooth and beautiful, and the gaps between them and eyelashes make them incomplete, and you begin to correct the situation, often impairing the hard-won result.

Secret Five: before you draw arrows, pick up their correct thickness, given the shape of your eyes. After summing circuit should emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses. This is especially true for owners of deep-set eyes with overhanging eyelids. In this case, it is important to remember that the line should get thin - a version of it will make your eyes sleepy and heavy.

 learning how to draw arrows in front of right

How to draw an arrow with a pencil?

What the pros do make-up before you draw an arrow on the eyes? Properly perform preliminary preparation of the person: tinted, pripudrivayut summing eyebrows. Then put the shadows forever. As for their color, his selection depends on the type of makeup. To make better use of daylight muted pastel shades, the evening requires a more bright colors and in a festive often appropriate even pearl luster. In any case it is necessary to take advantage of the shadows: that we are on top of them and draw arrows, because that is how the pencil is applied easily and lasts longer. Incidentally, in this embodiment is easier to correct errors, remove unnecessary.

Therefore, in advance, prepare cotton swabs and water, because of a sudden to you hand with a pencil may twitch of the voltage curves are obtained and arrows. But this can be prevented if you first take care of a comfortable place for applying makeup. It should be well covered with the desired side. Well, if you have a magnifying mirror, because in front of him, you can get comfortable at the table. Hand, which will draw arrows on the eyes, do not keep on weight - it needs a comfortable stay. After working with the make-up takes time, care, and stress, and the slightest wrong move instantly ruin everything. That's why support for the hand is a must.

To quickly learn the art of paint arrows in his eyes, the first few times you can make a preliminary layout in the form of subtle dashes to the centuries along the lash line. Also, it is better to put a point where you think, should be the end of each hand. This will help give them the symmetry. After marking neatly connect the points resulting in a single line and vote results.

It is possible to do otherwise. Visually define the mid-century and Draw a line from it to the inner corner of the eye, and then another - to the outside. Having mastered any of the described methods, try a more complicated version: swipe right arrow in one motion, the direction of the nose to the temple. Try to keep her tail slightly beyond the contour of the eyes, as if lifting it. If you see that the arrow came out with a few irregularities, try to carefully remove them with a damp cotton swab. Perhaps the line will seem too thin. Fix it can be pretty easy: Simply click on an existing contour pencil in front of one or two times.

We select the arrow to the shape and size of the eyes

If you are by nature widely separated eyes, draw arrows better with the inner corner, carefully selecting him. This is their right to do thick and expressive. End of the line must be over the outside corner, to be raised up, but do not act too far. Do not be discouraged if your eyes are too close to the nose. This feature is easy to fix, visually "parted" with the help of their arrows correctly traced. The lines on the eyes should be performed not from the inner corner of them, and from the middle of the century. At the same time they must first be subtle, but then gradually thicken and gradually climb to the temple.

Owners of small eyes to know that clearly defined path to visually make them even less. Also, do not draw a thick arrows, which will be discordant with the general appearance of the face. In this case it is better to give preference to thin lines, starting from the middle of the century, and gradually rises. Be sure to draw the arrows so that they go beyond the end of the natural contour of the eye, thereby extending them.

Girls who generously endowed nature of large expressive eyes rounded, arrows on the eyes is best done along the contour of the century, that is, from one corner to another. The lines do not have to be thin, and their edges have to withdraw to the temple. This will visually "you pull 'eyes. Perhaps, over time you will learn to give them almond-shaped, like the oriental beauties. As for the narrow eye, make them more rounded turn traced with the help of the entire length of the average thickness of the arrows, making the extra touches in the middle, sealing the line is going in these places.

To get view "languishing" or, as they say, smokey, so draw an arrow: it is necessary to draw the contour of the lower eyelid, but do it carefully and only on the inner edge. It is important to remember that this process will be a spectacular discovery only for owners of large and symmetric eye. Otherwise, the additional arrows only accentuate your existing deficiencies or features. For more expressive and you can try this option: Draw an arrow on the upper and lower eyelid, but do not connect them in corners and leave parallel to each other. The resulting gap should be underlined lighter shades or pencil. So you can achieve the effect of "wide-open" the eyes.

It is necessary to take into account some features of the application of the shooter. Remember that very small eyes can not trace the black eyeliner. In this case, the rescue pencil gold or silver hue, by which they are made visually more. According to stylists, now popular retro image can be created using thin arrows in combination with lipstick juicy colors, such as crimson or ripe cherries. But the broad lines of eyeliner on the eyes must comply with pastel shades lips.

In order to give expression to his view, be sure to learn how to draw arrows. After all, today they are again at the peak of popularity. At the show of autumn-winter fashion models of many contemporary designers paraded in the make-up arrow. And so, if you want to be a trend, most mastered the technique, which aims to make the eyes of any woman or girl is particularly mysterious and attractive. It should be noted that this spring will have ample fashionable black and white arrows extravagant. Do you want to always look fashionable? Then today it's time to learn how to draw these arrows, like Donna Karan or the models in the show Roberto Cavalli. Be bold, and you need all turn out.

 How to learn to draw arrows on the eyes: the art of expressive glance

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