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Beautiful eye make-up - one of the main secrets of female attractiveness. A little shadow, mascara lengthens lashes - and that your sight becomes more expressive. But if you want to not just refresh your appearance, but also enhance the beauty of your eyes, without the liner you can not do. And the best help in this difficult case - eyeliner. With him eyeliner will look not only beautiful, but also very natural.

History cosmetic eyeliner

Despite the fact that the woman's eyes began to fail since time immemorial, himself a cosmetic pencil for this purpose appeared relatively recently. A pencil, we are used to draw on paper was invented by the French scientist Nicolas Conté in the late eighteenth century. And only in the past, the twentieth century, the pencil was used for cosmetic purposes.

First coined a special pencil - dermatograf. It has been used by physicians for application to human skin contours to the conduct of operations. Due to the fact that the pattern should be maintained on the skin for a long time, the requirements for chemical composition pencil core was very high. A little later some smart ladies began to use dermatografy liner eye contour - so they are more like a recognized film stars of the time.

High demand for dermatografy with the aim to use them for non-medical purposes has not gone unnoticed, and one enterprising company producing stationery produced the first series of cosmetic pencils. Eyeliner is increasingly coming into fashion, cosmetic eyeliner has become one of the main attributes of beauty in makiyazhe.Ponachalu this "luxury" has been available only to professional makeup artists and stylists, make-up stars of the film industry. But over time the stick is released to the masses, goes on sale in almost every store that sells cosmetics.

The composition of the liner eyes the whole time improved. The rod of pencils - is usually a blend of different oils and waxes, vegetable and mineral origin. For example, oil may be palm or coconut and waxes derived from the specific substance palm leaves. The higher the quality of the wax, the more vivid and intense eyeliner is obtained. Recently, wax pencil leads combined with silicon - it provides cosmetic products uniform texture and easy gliding over the skin.

In addition, modern mass sticks contain useful additives - such as the vitamins, aloe, and essential oils. It helps the skin to age to be not only beautiful, but also enriched with valuable substances. Latest-generation liner eyes have the effect of anti-malware sunlight, because the skin century - the most vulnerable during prolonged exposure to sunlight.

 beautiful eyeliner pencil

Advantages of the pencil in front of the liquid eyeliner

Many girls stare at the eye-catching photos of supermodels and movie stars in various magazines, we are convinced that the best liquid eyeliner eye beauty nothing happens. However, this is not so. If handled adroitly, the usual eyeliner eyeliner works wonders! It is only at first seems like a pencil to draw the contour of your eyes - simple. In fact competent eye makeup with a pencil - is a real art.

Let's start with the fact that the line drawn in pencil, looks very natural and naturally. This make-up can afford for day and for evening makeup. Brilliant same direction, made with the help of liquid eyeliner, is unlikely to be appropriate in a strict office or at a business meeting during the working day. So if you want to comply with the dress code, but look at the refined and feminine, the pencil eyeliner - it's your choice. The same applies to students attending lectures, and housewives who send their children to school classes: a bright line of liquid liner in the morning does not look quite appropriate.

It is no secret that many of us had never ideal form - someone they are by nature small and someone prominent or close-set. Use a pencil can not only adjust the shape of the eye, but you want us to paint on the length, creating the necessary proportions. This liquid eyeliner pencil is inferior, because it just underlines the line of the eyes in the form in which it exists by nature.

If you are one of those girls who are able to impose on the eye clock shadow, achieving the highest possible visual effect, and in your case liner - it's a godsend. Imagine for a moment that you have a little hand trembled and perfectly superimposed shade gets nasty "Blob". If you use liquid eyeliner, then fix anything will be difficult because it is so easy to paint smeared on the surface of the century. Most likely, you will have to remove all make-up from the eyes to start all over again. But if you fail the eye pencil, then save the situation is quite real: it is possible to wipe an uneven line with a cotton swab, or just shade it with a brush. In both cases, your eye makeup will not suffer.

Of course, we do not encourage you to give up the liquid eyeliner, it perfectly emphasizes the eye in the evening and a festive make-up. But in order to learn how to use it, it takes time, but neatly sum up the eye with a pencil every girl can completely familiar with the basic rules eye makeup.

How to choose the right eyeliner

The modern cosmetic industry produces liner eyes of all colors and shades (This, incidentally, is another advantage of the pencil in front of a liquid eyeliner). But if you are a beginner, do only the first steps in the art of eye makeup, it is best to stop your choice on neutral colors - black, gray or brown. These colors will look quite appropriate in almost any color the rest of the makeup. Once you nabete hand, you will be able to diversify the choice of color pencil and bring some brightness and unusual in your makeup.

In order to facilitate your choice of color pencil eyeliner, we present you an overview of the basic color range of products:

  • Black pencil. This color is perfect to adjust the shape of the eye, while it goes well with almost any color of the clothes and make-up.
  • Brown pencil performs essentially the same functions as the black. The only difference - eyeliner looks more natural and gentle.
  • White, beige and pink pens designed to visually enlarge the shape of the eye. In addition, this eyeliner color scheme is perfect for owners of brown eyes.
  • Blue pencil is ideal for women with brown and blue eyes.
  • Green pencil is good for owners of gray and green eyes. There is one little trick: if you apply on the eyelid green line over the black eyeliner that will be more intense, and makeup - luminous and bright.
  • Blue, light green and turquoise pencil looks great on persons with golden or bronze tan.
  • Gold and bronze color pencil suit and green-eyed blue-eyed beauties.

In addition, there is one little rule: If you have small eyes and want to increase them by a liner, choose lighter shades of pencils. So you visually expand the shape of their eyes, and gain more expressive look. For the happy owners of large eyes are no restrictions, except for the combination of colors with the rest of the makeup.
What else you need to know when choosing a pencil eyeliner? The fact that they are of different hardness. The softer the pencil, the more bold line you get. If the pencil too hard, you can hurt the delicate skin of the eyelids, although if handled adroitly, with a solid core of the line is a more subtle and accurate. The best option for beginners - it is well sharpened soft pencil. With it, you will not only get a clear, thin liner, but if necessary rastushuete line for a more natural result.

Still there are pencils with sequins - they must be used with extreme caution. When careless or inept handling tinsel can get on the mucous membrane of the eye and cause serious irritation. In addition, some women may experience an allergic reaction to the chemical composition of the pencil. When you buy carefully study the composition of the bar, because if your skin does not suffer the effects of different oils and waxes, which make up pencil, eye may blush and swollen eyelids. The same applies to the shelf-life: in any cosmetic product there is a certain time when it is safe for the skin condition, and a pencil is no exception.

 right eyeliner pencil

How to use eye pencil

So, as we said, a soft pencil is much easier to take the first steps in the development of eye makeup. To start a good rub your pencil in hand - this will become warmer, and hence more "compliant". To hand did not tremble, she needs support. Lie on your elbow on a hard surface and bring a pencil to the eye.

Keep along the upper lash line, length and width of the circuit, you can choose yourself. If you have small eyes, the draw must be strictly top lash line and not below them, otherwise visually eye will become even smaller. For owners of larger, "open" the eye can be any eyeliner - and externally and internally, but the abuse of drawing circuit under lashes still not worth it: with frequent use of the pencil on the inside of the century there is a risk irritation, conjunctivitis or barley.

By selecting the shape and length of the line, start drawing from the corner of the eye to the center. If you want to cut around the entire upper lash line, then it should be done in two stages: from the inner corner to the middle, and from the outer corner to the middle of the same, combining the two into a single line. If you're worried that the line was uneven, put some points in the right places before you start drawing pencil. This will help you to create exactly the line that you are going without the jumps and distortions. Once you natreniruetes enough, you can already do without these points.

If you do accidentally caused a few extra touches, damaging straight line, it can be easily corrected with a cotton swab dampened with normal water. If you use waterproof eyeliner, then soak a swab in cosmetic makeup remover.

And now we present you a few tips on the line shape of the upper contour century:

  • If you can not boast of big eyes, it is not necessary to start liner with inner corner of eye, limit line from the outer corner to the center of the lash line. And even more so please refrain from the bottom liner, otherwise your eyes will be visually very small. If the completion of the image you really need lower eyeliner, do it with a pencil on a couple of shades lighter than the top line. Arrow try to make a "point" - it will help to "open" your eyes.
  • If you have round eyes, the line at the outer corner of the eye should be slightly raised towards the temples - this will correct the shape of the eye and give your look more expressive. Arrows should fall within the contour of the eye no more than five millimeters, or make-up will be too theatrical. Another option for round eyes - a thicker line at the outer and inner corners, and the thin line in the center of the eye. So you will attach a sort of "almond-shaped" your eyes.
  • For close-set eyes, too, has its own version of eyeliner. Try to start a line from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of making it thin and neat. But the line from the center to the outer corner should gradually thicken, ending with an arrow just above the lash line.
  • If your eyes are planted widely, it is not necessary to draw a long arrow, and it is better to do without them altogether. In order to make the look more deeply and more attractive, try to draw a thin line trim around the contour of the upper eyelashes.
  • For narrow eyes will approach next eyeliner: line the internal and external corner thin, and in the middle of the century - more fat. You can duplicate this effect and lower eyeliner pencil - just repeat the same manipulations with the thickness of the line.

The most interesting thing in the eyeliner - is, of course, of the arrow. They can be completely different: small, long, flying and even double. It all depends on your mood and the events about which the make-up. In order to pick up "your" favorite arrow ideal for eye shape, you have a lot of practice before the mirror. But really when you look at it the way that suits you best, without your makeup eyeliner pencil would be unthinkable!

 Eyeliner pencil all brilliant - easy!

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