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  • Some traits owners thin lips
  • How to paint thin lips
  • Tattoo lip and gel injections - choose with caution

There is a belief (or sign, as you wish), that the owner of thin lips - it's evil, envious and scandalous woman. But it can not be a nation equally evil and bad? But some of the peoples of the north all have thin lips - this is such a feature. By contrast, the representatives of many southern nations especially plump lips. Does this mean that in these countries there is no crime at all and evil? Hardly….

Meanwhile physiognomists argue that the holders of thin lips - is holding eloquence, sharp mind and lively scrupulous people. By the way, in a relationship with a man this lady can seem cold and unapproachable, but in fact would later delicate and vulnerable nature, fun and outdoor adventure.

Some traits owners thin lips

If a woman has thin lips clearly defined, they point to a crystalline honesty and integrity ladies, by the way, quite a rare quality in today's world. But thin lips with a small mouth suggests that such women are the most shy and peaceful, good, easy to respond to calls for help. Agree that these qualities characterize the owners thin lips with a good hand. And physiognomists argue that in addition to the width of the mouth affects the character and position of the corners of the mouth - a little downcast, so the lady dissatisfied with something and capricious, but if you are raised up, more cheerful person would be hard to find.

But in addition to these statements, there are negative characteristics:

  • The lips are thin and lower steps forward - a man selfish and touchy, may even be vindictive;
  • Very thin lips - a brutal and unscrupulous nature that can deliver at any time;
  • Lips with soft corners - this lady just loves to gossip, and the very different "sharp tongue";
  • Lips as if impressed - there is a tendency to envy, and may be the worst of its manifestations, and hypocrisy.

But the only really know a person closely, you can judge his character and nature. So do not be hasty and possibly incorrect conclusions. It is better to take a look at these people carefully all possible prejudices "are not worth a damn."

 thin lips

How to paint thin lips

If you are the owner of thin lips, do not worry and do not even pay attention to all sorts of stupid prejudices! After all, how many famous actors and politicians, entertainers and singers such lips "bathed" in admiration and compliments! And please note - you can not immediately notice this flaw in their appearance - it is clear that work on them and make-up stylists, but you can learn to self-transformed and correct deficiencies.

You should not grieve, the right makeup to transform their thin lips, and you are sure to feel confident in any situation. In order to understand how to paint thin lips, you need to know certain rules and always try to follow them:

  • Lipstick should be extremely light and pearl, and matte dark tones give a friend or discard altogether - they only visually even reduce your lips. It is preferable to choose pastel colors or slightly pink.
  • If you like juicy and deep color, lipstick must be glossy or special additives - will be written on the package that it is visually enhances the lips. Lipstick made in matt or two-color version, flatly will not work!
  • Pick the right contour pencil - dark make lips even thinner, better to prefer the tone, close to the lip color. Incidentally, the pencil must be the same color as lipstick, well, or even in the same color.
  • If the contour line is too go beyond the natural border of the lips, such a make-up may seem clownish make-up - the optimum gap between the two lines should be no more than two millimeters. And lipstick, too, should not exceed the loop, whatever it was - a natural or caused by a pencil.
  • Lipstick necessarily applied after blend pencil, especially in the middle of the lips - where it should be quite noticeable.
  • Method stylists: white pencil outline is drawn along the edge, and then apply lipstick light shade, preferably with glitter.
  • If you do not like lip gloss, use the following tips: First apply lipstick, and already it drops put glitter - whatever shade it does not need a lot of luster will not, but the desired effect will this technique.

 thin lips

Tattoo lip and gel injections - choose with caution

Many women are choosing to correct a permanent tattoo of the lips - a very practical solution. Firstly, the specialist will put a clear outline, and secondly, lipstick may not be used - only a light sheen, and thirdly, it is not necessary to be a daily "paint" the lips during the day constantly glancing in the mirror and correct makeup. And yet, it is quite harmless procedure, excluding allergic reactions. There is another procedure - gel injection to increase the lips, who spend many clinics and even beauty salons. There is something seriously advise, decision should be made individually and be carefully balanced.

One wish: carefully read the clinic and practicing physicians before using their services, pass the necessary examination and only fully confirmed in his decision, go to the procedure. And then, do not forget to take care of lips - to remove the remnants of makeup every night, chapstick and balm should be in every ladies' purse, avoid chapping and cracking of the lips. Also, do not use someone else's lipstick - you can get a nasty "gift" - herpes, which not only brings pain, but also spoil the whole look.

Every woman should examine her face, to determine with any shortcomings worth to war and get down to business - learn the rules of make-up, to comply with the intricacies lip care, then you will always look like a king!

 Thin lips ... How to solve the problem?

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  • Types concealers
  • How to choose the right concealer?
  • How to use concealer?

There are very few women who have flawless skin. A serious impact on her have primarily external factors, starting from the sun and ending with bad ecology. Horrible pimples, dark circles under the eyes, age spots, capillary network, enlarged pores - all familiar to almost every girl. But today, these problems can greatly facilitate the concealer, which after the first application will be the permanent "residents" cosmetic any woman.

What concealer? It is an effective masking agent for the skin. As a rule, the color depends on its purpose and can be a corporal and a different shade.

Today, many manufacturers offer a wide range of concealers that not only hide the defects of skin, but also affect the initial reason for their appearance. Such popularity is explained very simply: concealer helps hide any flaw. Is not that what women want? Benefits need to emphasize and highlight and hide flaws.

 This concealer

Types concealers

  • Fluid

Concealer is very easy to apply, since it is very well shaded. Basically, this facility is used to hide the problem areas of the skin around the eyes and the lips. This concealer blends perfectly with sensitive and dry skin. Apply it should be a small area, it is better to do a dot. Above all, it means a little lightens the skin and gives it the effect of "transparency" good hiding redness around the nose and eyelids. Apply concealer is with caution, especially in a make-up day, as its surplus will give the skin an unnatural appearance. It is best to use it for decorative or evening make-up, putting in a good light.

  • Pencil

Pencil-concealer - a creamy matte correcting means. This concealer hides the wonderful small dilated blood vessels on the face, small pimples and small blemishes. It is very easy to use. Concealer should be used very carefully, especially under the eyes. Apply it should be dotted by the problematic place and the right tone. Also, such a remedy is good at small wrinkles that form around the lips.

  • Moisturizing

Moisturizing concealer - it is a means for correcting the face, containing a variety of moisturizing ingredients. It is perfectly hides fine lines, especially around the eyes and the lips, but it is not for hiding spots. This corrector copes with bright black eyes isolated, creating an opaque coating. Shade it very easily because it does not clog pores, skin folds, but rather lays down gently. Moisturizing concealer is used in the fight against aging and drying of the skin on the face. It is best to use a concealer in the winter, because in this period the skin exposed to the maximum negative impact of the environment.

  • Stick

This concealer is used to correct redness, slight irregularities, pigmented spots and freckles. It also masks the great redness of the nose, chin and cheeks. It is very effective as a stick concealer to hide scars and small basins on the face. This cosmetic makes skin a natural shade. In addition, it is not smeared, well kept, which is very important in the hot season. The texture of this tool is quite dry, so it is impossible to put a dot. Concealer Stick should not be used to hide the wrinkles around the eyes or lips: because of its consistency it only accentuates them.

  • For the lips

This concealer is good because it hides almost all flaws in the lip area. The texture of this medium is very soft, lightweight and great for delicate and fragile skin around the lips and prevents the appearance of cracks and wrinkles. This concealer is applied with your finger or with a special brush, which is usually sold in a set. On top of it can obscure the different tone. A good concealer hides wonderful and those wrinkles that appear on the upper lip.

  • Highlighter

The overall objective of the corrective means - it hides skin imperfections on the face. The texture of the concealer most saturated in color and consistency. Highlighter - it means that brightens shadow areas of the skin on the face, highlighting and underlining them. But, unfortunately, it does not mean that in combination, these proofreaders can cope with any disadvantages - it is better to use a highlighter and concealer with the implicit skin defects. In another case, use such funds separately: concealer - to hide the problem areas on the face highlighter - like retro-reflector means for allocating lucrative areas of the face.

  • Wend

This concealer has an incredibly light and delicate texture, as well as great for a uniform smooth tones. If you pick the right shade, then concealer can be applied without foundation because it combines perfectly with the natural color of the skin. Concealer-vend provides the most dense adjustment, relatively liquid. Also, it is indispensable at a time when you need to quickly "nose powder". Above all, this means correcting wonderfully combined with powder and rouge that good at hiding blemishes on the face.

 concealer that is

How to choose the right concealer?

  • Concealer blue has a dense and creamy texture that lasts a long time and is suitable for bleaching age spots. This tool is applied under the framework for the face.
  • Concealer Green has an antibacterial effect. The texture of such means is dry and light, produced in the form of a pencil, stick, or emulsion. It perfectly conceals red spots, acne and vascular net. Correction is applied under foundation.
  • Correction purple it is recommended to mask alignment freckles and the general tone of the face. This concealer is applied in the same way as other correctors.
  • Concealer yellow color suitable for beige leather and leather ivory. This shade is good hiding age brown spots, redness of the face and dark circles under the eyes. This concealer can be applied on top of the tonal resources, followed by leveling the complexion using powder.
  • Concealer golden-orange color is ideal for bronze and dark skin. It is used in case you need to lighten the skin, to mask the dark circles and bags under the eyes. In this case, the equalizer should be 1-2 bases lighter tone.

Selecting tone correcting means, do not choose too light, because it will provide all of your shortcomings. The color is to choose a half-tone lighter than your skin. But if you combine concealer tone cream, it should be brighter for a few tones. Since proofreaders are very diverse in their structure, the skin around the eyes is best to choose a liquid concealer. Its texture is best suited for the age: the skin will not dry out and cause injury. But for the masking of broken capillaries and vessels should choose a concealer with as dense and dry structure, or you just do not get any result.

How to use concealer?

As before conventional means and applying tone makeup first be cleaned and then moisten the skin.

  • To hide dark circles, it is necessary to put concealer on the inner corner of the eye and gently shade of his fingertip.
  • Acne be masked point movements, well wiping edge stain. Doing is the only way, otherwise such defects become noticeable.
  • If you are depressed scars on the face, they can accurately fill correction means using a thin brush.
  • To hide the wrinkles, "fill" them, using a good concealer, and then let dry.

It is a wonderful tool that can change your daily, evening or decorative make-up for the better, making it more expressive and interesting! Concealer truly remarkable product, and many women are using them to confirm this. Be beautiful!

 A remarkable corrective modern means - concealer

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