The five most effective ways to remove make-up

All the women, once tested tools for applying makeup, know perfectly well that it is equally important to choose a good makeup for his removal. More than that, you can not negligent in this process - it can adversely affect the skin. Makeup should be compulsory to take at bedtime. Sleeping with decorative cosmetics on her face - very harmful. In this case, not only clog the pores of the face, which can cause irritation, blackheads and pimples, but also lead to the emergence of signs of premature aging. In this article you will learn what simple rules should be followed in order not to harm your health by make-up remover.

For make-up removal process must be approached responsibly, otherwise you may have a number of problems. Based on the fact that facial skin is always obliged to "breathe", any makeup clog pores suspending the natural process of regeneration. It causes a rash, accelerates aging. When manifest abuse makeup wrinkles and under-eye circles. If you want to preserve the health and beauty of the body, do not neglect the procedure make-up remover.


For the literate behaviors make-up remover should remember some simple rules:

  • Make-up should be removed on a daily basis;
  • for every skin type should use appropriate means;
  • Eye Makeup Remover requires more soft, gentle means.

Tools for make-up remover

All beauticians recommend not to use make-up remover cotton - now available a wide variety of tissues, cotton disks, which are designed specifically for make-up remover. In contrast to wool, these means do not delaminate on application of processing liquid.

Eye Makeup removal is best done with cotton sticks: Moisten cosmetics and gradually remove the mascara with the same movement that was applied to the eyelashes.
When selecting products always pay attention to its composition. The presence of synthetic fibers negatively affects the water absorption, increasing the likelihood of damage to the skin.

Criteria for selection of cosmetics

The most important criteria in determining the choice of means for removing make-up are as follows:

  • skin type: normal, dry, oily, combination;
  • skin sensitivity;
  • Your age;
  • resistance makeup;
  • composition tools make-up remover.

You should also carefully examine the preparations for the presence of substances that cause allergies or irritation. Choose the most natural makeup remover. Fortunately, today there are many manufacturers and companies offer their customers only natural cosmetics, based on natural and safe ingredients.

Makeup Remover divided on the composition and method of use "wet" and "dry". The first involves the use of moisturizing products - gels, foams and mousses - require rinsing. For "dry" involve make-up remover cream or jelly.
Good choice for "wet" make-up remover moisturizing cream - foaming, it gently cleanses the skin of impurities and traces of makeup. These creams can be used both morning and evening, putting on damp skin massage movements. By the end of the procedure, be sure to rinse off the cream from his face.

Procedure for make-up remover

 effective ways to remove make-up

  • Lips

Lipstick must shoot strictly in the direction from the corners of the lips to the middle, holding the sponge fingers. For this purpose, optimally suitable lotion or cream. It is better that they are well moisturize and nourish the skin, as this is particularly lacking lips.

  • Eyes

The first step is to remove the shadow. This is done, as is the case with lips in a certain direction: from the nose to the outer corner of the eye, so that the skin does not stretch. After this mascara with a cotton pad removed from the roots of eyelashes to their ends. It is also helpful to use an additional cotton pad soaked in makeup remover, putting it on the lower eyelid.
If you are going to remove make-up from the eyelashes with a cotton sticks, do it with maximum caution: moisten wand tool for make-up remover, spend it on your eyelashes as if applied mascara.

Remember, the eye is most sensitive skin, so the eye make-up remover should be carried out only by specially designed for this means. Ideal for this fluid to remove eye make-up, cream or lotion. Today on sale there are lotions for sensitive eyes, removes puffiness and maximize sparing the eyelid skin and providing a tonic effect on them.

  • The face

To remove makeup - powder or tonal basis - is necessary to face the massage lines: from the center of the face to the temples. This is done to avoid stretching the skin. Otherwise, you may appear as unwanted wrinkles, bags under the eyes, and in the worst cases it can lead to a change in facial contours.
Optimally suited for facial make-up remover lotion, cream, special lotions or moisturizers - foams, gels, mousses.

Once you have removed the makeup from the face, should wash your face with water, wipe it with a cotton pad moistened with tonic. It is also useful to put the cream, moisturizing the skin.

Today we know a large number of funds, complex cleansing the skin of impurities, traces of makeup, tones and gives a feeling of freshness. Most of these drugs can maintain the integrity of the hydrolipidic film, ensuring the maximum care of your skin and health.

Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup is especially popular and up in the summer, has high resistance. Although professional cosmetologists do not recommend to use it constantly, as it is strong enough "dries up" the skin.

This type of makeup is different in that it is difficult to remove by conventional means. Attempts to do so often leads to injury of the skin and a huge time-consuming. It is much safer to use for such a make-up remover products labeled "for removing waterproof makeup."

It is composed of elements more active than the ingredients of conventional lotions and other means. People with sensitive skin may cause irritation, rashes or redness, so they should choose carefully and cautiously. In this case, it is better to abandon the use of water-resistant makeup.
To remove waterproof eye make-up often used two-phase tools that include gel and lotion or oil. Before using this drug should mix both ingredients by shaking the bottle.

To remove the water-resistant foundation, blush and other similar means, usually using special creams and creams. Apply them as follows: first put on the face for about half a minute, then use a cotton pad remove detergent residue.

Sensitive skin care

As you know, sensitive skin requires much more careful attention and care. When choosing makeup remover be sure to consider this factor. If you have previously experienced skin irritation or rash when using cosmetics recommend that you use make-up remover milk or cream. Their high fat content helps to smooth the painful effect when cleaning sensitive skin.

Optimally, if a part of the means to make-up remover does not include flavors and colors, as these synthetic chemicals have a negative impact on the skin, it hurt badly. In contrast, natural remedies, on the contrary, will help mitigate the cleansing, soothing skin. It may be extracts of chamomile, calendula, aloe, sea buckthorn oil, and others. According to cosmetologists, it is also useful to wipe the skin soft swab dipped in a broth of herbs.

Tips beauticians

Following the advice of a cosmetologist Madonna, Sonya Dakar, do not go to bed with makeup on his face. This is likely to lead to premature aging - your skin is literally absorbs abundant mixture of dust with makeup. Professional cosmetologists say that the first key to a youthful face even moisture, although it is important, namely the right and regular skin cleansing and exfoliation of keratinized.

And if you believe Christina Chin - beautician Kate Moss - it should not be used for make-up remover sponge that could contain a huge amount of harmful microbes. The main thing - to observe cleanliness and hygiene, because it is possible to place on the skin infection or dirt.

 The five most effective ways to remove make-up

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 Makeup for brown eyes


  • Getting makeup
  • Daily Makeover
  • evening make-up
  • Oriental make-up

What color eyes better? Strange question, right? The best eye color - is the one who awarded you the nature. The main thing to pick up his "mirror of the soul" worthy of framing. To do this, you must clearly understand what shades will help accentuate the beauty and enhance shine. Naturally, that, for example, make-up for brown eyes is quite different from the makeup for green-eyed or blue-eyed the ladies - different palette, the different methods of application.

You have dark brown eyes? This color - the most natural. Do you know why? As a result, long-term studies and archaeological excavations, it was found that the original inhabitants of the earth were all brown-eyed. As you know, then our planet collided with a comet and the resulting change the orbit. Along with this has changed and climate - came the Ice Age. In order to survive, people have been forced to change - mutate. And it is in the process of this mutation, and there are people with light eyes. That's how it is. Draw your own conclusions! Well, what you need to do in order to enhance the beauty of your - of natural and "real" - dark brown eyes? What makeup will suit them? Let's deal.

Getting makeup

It should be noted that "kareglazkam" were more fortunate of all. They are suitable for almost the whole palette of colors, including the most eye-catching and vibrant, and thus make a beautiful makeup for brown eyes is much easier. You can afford to use contrasting colors - for example, lilac and white, black and pink. The main thing - to learn how to combine them with each other. Otherwise, make-up will look vulgar and tasteless. Let's get started.

What would make you do, no matter what the palette is not used, you must first prepare the face and align its color. Thoroughly clean the skin and then apply foundation with a matte effect - it will eliminate unnecessary shine. Do not forget to put it on the eyelids. Pay special attention to the eye area. To do this, use a proofreader. It aligns the skin relief and mask the dark circles. Next - the most important stage. It is necessary to determine which colors suits you best. Here it is necessary to consider all - and your skin tone and hair color, and style of dress. And of course, the purpose of make-up - day or evening. Let's listen to makeup artists. They argue that:

  • blonde owners of brown eyes beige suit, dark pink, green and sand shades;
  • dark-haired beauties should have in your purse silver, chocolate, black, dark brown and pale pink shade;
  • olive sand shades are perfect for women and girls with dark skin;
  • light-skinned "kareglazkam" pay attention to the green and blue shades.

Chose? Then proceed.

 beautiful makeup for brown eyes

Daily Makeover

Make a right makeup for brown eyes is not difficult. Light day make-up is to use natural relaxing tones. Suit light brown, olive, beige and pale pink shades. Apply to the upper eyelid to the most eyebrows shade-base light color. For example, beige. Apply a second - darker - layer from the outer corner of the eye to the center of the movable portion of the upper eyelid. For it is possible to use, for example, a light brown color. Thoroughly blend the border, using a round brush.

Apply a light, shimmery shade under the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye. This will make look easy and open. Take the eyeliner and carefully, on the lash line, draw a thin line. Try to hand did not tremble, otherwise you'll have to redo everything. Well, the "finale" - ink. To lashes were bushy, thick and did not stick together, you must first apply the powder on them. Then - the single layer of mascara. Day make-up for brown eyes ready.

evening make-up

Well, day make-up mastered. And how better to enhance the beauty of his dark brown eyes at night? In fact, to make a fashionable evening or festive make-up - it is not much more difficult. But, of course, there are some nuances. The main thing - here you can give free rein to their imagination. So do not be afraid to experiment. For example, it is appropriate to take such contrasting shades like pale pink and black.

First, gently touch up brows with dark brown or black pencil or shadow and a little lengthen them. Try not to move away from the natural limits of growth. Take bright pearlescent shade and apply them to the upper eyelid. Emphasize the outer corner of the eye black. Apply pink on the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the century. Gently blend the border. Emphasize the lower and upper eyelid by a liner, having a line of growth of eyelashes. Apply mascara in two layers. Well, that's all - evening make-up is finished. You can go to visit, club or restaurant - you will be irresistible.

 day make-up for brown eyes

Oriental make-up

This trendy look perfect makeup for big eyes, profitable emphasizing their beauty and expressiveness. Arabic makeup is bright and saturated colors. For example, suitable such variants - green and yellow, red and dark brown, dark blue and light blue. However, one can use a single color. Application technique is quite simple. Align complexion creams. Apply powder. It is desirable that it was one or two shades darker than your natural complexion. Bright and clear Draw eyebrows, lengthening them from both sides.

The most crucial and difficult moment - eyes. Trendy Arabic makeup involves applying several layers of shadows. In order to better hold, on the eyelid skin must first apply foundation. Next on the upper eyelid applied base - light shade. Then take a broad brush and apply a thick layer of shadows under the bottom of the selected colors and all the upper eyelid. Borders thoroughly blend. All color transitions should be smooth and soft.

The next step - a thick black eyeliner. Neither Oriental makeup can not do without this required attribute. To make the arrows may be used as the liquid liner, and a pencil. If you do not get to spend smooth lines from the first time - do not worry. This work is very delicate and requires certain skills. Practice and all the necessary work. Now - lashes. Nakraste lower one and the upper - in two or three layers. Use blush tan. And, finally, her lips. Arabic makeup does not suggest the use of a bright lipstick. Pick beige, pale pink or caramel shade. It is perfectly acceptable to take the gloss instead of lipstick. All. Oriental Beauty is ready to exit into the light.

As you can see, to make trendy makeup is not so difficult. And it does not matter what your eye color - the main advantageous to emphasize it. All you need - a set of cosmetics, some free vremni and patience. Although, perhaps, lucky owners of brown eyes a little bit more than the others ... After all, they could use more colors, not afraid to look vulgar. And this means room for creativity have more. After all, make-up - it's art!

 Makeup for brown eyes - the art of seduction

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