makeup for small eyes


  • Give an eyebrow in order
  • Disguise flaws
  • Apply a light shade
  • Apply a shade darker shades
  • Technique of shadow makeup for small eyes

Not many of the fair sex can boast large expressive eyes, and yet everyone wants to be irresistible. But you can always disguise minor flaws and visually enlarge the eyes, if properly done makeup for small eyes. Here are some simple tips to help you become the owner of wide-open eyes.

Give an eyebrow in order

The first thing to remember - the thick low-set eyebrows visually reduce the eye and do look heavy. This is especially significant for owners of brown eyes that require regular adjustment. Therefore it is necessary to pull out the eyebrows so that they would be in harmony line and face shape, and shape of the eye. Remove excess hair under the brow, trying to free up the space between the eyes and eyebrows. But do not make the line is too thin.

Disguise flaws

Circles under the eyes and dark forever and create dark areas on the eyes and, therefore, visually reduce them. Quite often, these bags under the eyes appear the girls with fair skin and brown eyes have owners. Therefore, they just need to use concealer to get rid of these shortcomings. Apply a yellow concealer on the bags under the eyes to align the color and brighten the eye, visually increasing it. This is especially important if you do evening makeup. Indeed, in the twilight of such circles under the eyes are particularly visible and give the face look tired.

 Make-up for the little brown eyes

Apply a light shade

Light colors have the ability to visually enlarge the object. So beautiful makeup for small eyes are mainly carried out just such colors as white, ivory, peach, beige, sand, light pink, green or yellow. But it is important that it was the lightest shades in the palette, as dark colors will look even harder, and her eyes less. Especially if you are the owner of dark eyes, such as blue or brown.

It should be considered when choosing your eye color. So much for the blue-eyed beauty is well suited white and beige. Girl with green eyes is best to choose shades of yellow and beige. You can use peach - it is neutral and is suitable for almost any type of appearance. But the owners of brown eyes pay attention to the pink, peach and light brown shades that blend in perfectly with their tsvetotip and favorably emphasize the depth of view.

Apply shade is necessary for all upper and lower eyelids, and is particularly well work through the inner corner of the eye and under the brow area, it will create the illusion of wide-open eyes. It is important to well shaded line to shade evenly cover the entire surface, and there was no staining.

An excellent choice would be light pearlescent shade. They give the eyes a beautiful luster and shine. But it is necessary to be careful, if you have facial wrinkles around the eyes. Nacre has the ability to score in their folds and emphasize that it is not profitable to look at the small eyes.

Apply a shade darker shades

The dark color visually reduces the space, so if you are doing makeup for small eyes and want to make it look really impressive, dark shadows, use very sparingly. It is important not only that the color was a little dark, but also to shade correctly applied.

You can choose absolutely any color in the palette that you like. The main thing is that it suits you. Owners brown eyes is to use shades of brown, red, wine color. This will make a nice accent and play on eye color. You can also take a swamp-green shade, or even purple. Blue eyes and gray suit grays and browns, they emphasize the brightness and sparkle in her eyes. Also look good green, purple and burgundy shades. But the green-eyed girls should play on the contrast.

You can float the red, cherry and even the carrot-colored shadows. In any case, it is important that the shadows were dark and moderately simulated shadow side of the eye. But black makeup small eyes should not be used at all.

Technique of shadow makeup for small eyes

Unlike other types of eye makeup, which starts from the movable century and continues upwards, technique applying makeup to little eyes start from the outer corner of the eye. Engage mobile eyelid almost do not need. Thick soft brush held arc fold over the eye socket. It is not necessary draws very dark eye socket, ie fold.

It is enough to shade the line a bit above it towards the edge of the movable century, and then apply a dark shadow on the lower eyelid to the level of the pupil (just short of the middle of the century). In the same way, apply the dark shade on the upper eyelid (to the level of the pupil).

Follow these simple guidelines and you will be able to achieve elegant results. Whether you are the owner of brown, green or blue eyes, this scheme will suit you perfectly as it is universal. Be creative, try new colors and create their own unique images!

 The right makeup for small eyes

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 Eye Concealer


  • What it is and "what it eats"
  • Learning to choose wisely corrector
  • Getting rid of dark circles under the eyes
  • How to remove bags under the eyes
  • What other problems fighting concealer?
  • A few words in conclusion

Not every representative of the fairer sex can boast of perfect skin. We all have little trouble: the pimple pops up in a prominent place, the lack of sleep appear circles around the eyes. A huge role also plays a diet and lifestyle that you lead. A person engaged in sport, regularly consumed fruits, vegetables, vitamins, non-smoker and non-drinker, you will agree, it looks much better than those who hold less healthy lifestyles. However, it can behave correctly, buy environmentally friendly products, but it does not protect from the occurrence of stress, which, anyway, will be reflected on your face. Because a night spent in thought, in the morning it will affect your skin. But that does not matter: today, there are many cosmetic products, allowing to hide the flaws. One of them - to the eye corrector.

What it is and "what it eats"

Depending on the manner in which the masked defects, cosmetics called correctors or concealer. However, their separation into these groups is controversial, in addition, some manufacturers do not exist such a gradation. Therefore, make a purchase, be guided solely by their own theory of knowledge and skills, but do not dwell on what is written on the packaging.

Whatever it was, so cosmetics should be in the arsenal of every woman. After all, it helps to align the complexion and conceal imperfections (pimples, small rash, and so on) of the skin. If you have a sleepless night, and stood out under his eyes were dark arc, the perfect concealer to cover up flaws. However, the means should be chosen very carefully. For cosmetics inappropriate tone and texture only emphasize the defects on the face.

If you need to get rid of the obvious signs of lack of sleep, take a creamy concealer. He not only mask the shortcomings, but also help moisten so the delicate skin around the eyes. Older women should not use a solid concealer as wrinkles become more visible. The tone of the cosmetic product to be lighter than the natural color of the skin. Many of the girls, trying to hide dark circles, use a yellow concealer. Usually, however, the arc under the eyes have a bluish-brown color, and, as you know, when mixed with the celestial color of the sun in the end it turns green. Therefore it is better able to use the peach tones - it is great to neutralize the blackout. But remember, sometimes after applying a cosmetic skin can be orange. In this case, the top must apply another layer of conventional natural corrector.

In order to mask the small pimples and spots, suitable dry as a stick concealer. It can be completely different, so choose it should be, given some of the problems you want to get rid of. For example, in the composition of cosmetic products, which helps to hide pimples, includes components that contribute to the healing of inflammation. There is a particular color: for example, to make spider veins less visible, it is recommended to use concealers yellowish.

Such corrective cosmetics different tonal framework. It has a dense texture and different "responds" to the powder. If you have done on skin around the eyes or face to another location, then use the lighter powder - coat the part that has been treated, and for the others choose a different color.

 concealer around the eyes

Learning to choose wisely corrector

The principle of operation of such cosmetics is quite simple - masking deficiencies due to color correction. Thus, via diametrically opposite color visually it "fixes" visible defects, more specifically, the deviations that exist in a particular location on the face of normal skin color, thereby trying to neutralize their superposition. Therefore, to achieve the desired effect, you must select the appropriate means of tone. To do this, you must have information about the colors antagonist, as, in fact, written below.

One of the most common corrective means are green. They help hide the weaknesses such as pimples, insect bites, various rashes, vascular mesh around the eyes, solar (and other) burns and the like. "Yellow" and "orange" cosmetics struggling with dark circles and bruises in the "purple" stage, and orange shades of camouflage veins stood out even. Also with them face sallow can give a healthy look.

With regard to the blackouts, then find the right tone for their concealment is difficult, therefore, to avoid mistakes and make the right choice, apply a small amount on your skin corrector and see how they fit. In order to refresh the "yellowish" face and give it a color, use a pink tool. Also with it you can disguise green bruises and traces of lack of sleep. To make the overall skin tone a little lighter and get a so-called "Porcelain" effect, use white concealer. It can be mixed with other tonal masking and cosmetic products. As a result, you not only will amend their paint, but also achieve the greatest match with the color of your skin. As you can see, makeup works wonders!

Getting rid of dark circles under the eyes

In order to mask them, you need to find a suitable checker consistency and color. Too moist texture can "wander" in the face, lingering in the folds and wrinkles, thus drawing attention to the shortcomings. Too dry concealer is not suitable for sensitive skin around the eyes - it is like a baked apple. So when choosing makeup you have to work hard.

Tone equalizer should match the tone of foundation or be a little lighter if you want to mask the dark circles. If you use both means of the same color, you can apply concealer, both before and after the foundation.

So, the first layer - a usual cream. Let it soak, then remove residual special cloth, sponge or sponge. Since dry skin around the eyes moistened and concealer will not slide. Now apply the product with a brush along the contour circles blend towards the top and pat with your fingers. In no case do not do the opposite, otherwise you Clear up a healthy part of the face, and problem areas will remain. If necessary, mask darkening around the eyes or on the eyelids.

To fight with too obvious weaknesses, more serious money. To do this, take the proofreader to a tone or two lighter than the foundation and apply it in the first place, and after - the foundation, which is distributed with a brush. Girls with fair skin to eliminate dark circles suitable yellow concealer dark-skinned ladies should choose golden-orange shades.

 good eye concealer

How to remove bags under the eyes

Just mask the light proofreader fail. The fact that blowing out one or another part, you give it a visual bulge. And in this case, the main goal is just to hide it, but do not flaunt it. It is therefore necessary to put concealer on the area that is lower than the swelling. Since in normal conditions the person is illuminated from above, such a swelling forms a shadow and blowing out a certain area and the bags, you get them to come to the fore, which makes this defect is not so noticeable. As people look right, all the shortcomings around the eyes will look exactly the background of the skin. Beautiful appearance is guaranteed!

So, take corrective pencil, designed specifically to lighten dark spots, and apply it with a brush on the bottom line of the problem areas. Then blend with fingertips. Many women and has increased swelling and dark circles. In this case, they will approach a three-stage technology. First, apply a concealer in small portions around the eyes, then the foundation all over the face, and on top - a small amount of light concealer on the area, shading bags and spread it well. Fix the make-up with a thin layer of powder. If you have problem skin, better to choose a cosmetic loose consistency. Otherwise, all the irregularities will only become more pronounced.

What other problems fighting concealer?

This concealer not only help hide the bags and dark circles under and around the eye, but also make acne is not too obvious. Furthermore, usually it consists of special components that prevent and reduce inflammation. If you have problem skin, better use concealer dry texture, and picks it up in tone to the foundation. Otherwise, if he is lighter, the rash will look more prominent, that is very noticeable. Apply a concealer brush or your finger directly on the affected area and rub, then all the face with a wet (better cosmetics as "lies") sponge cover with a thin layer of foundation.

To cope with such a nuisance as rosacea, concealer will yellow tint applied on reddened site. Many women with age the skin appear dark brown spots (melanosis or hyperpigmentation), which can be caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation or hormonal disorders in the body. Mask these defects using a light equalizer - apply directly to the place of destruction, blend, while giving equal color use (dot) tonal basis. Some women make the mistake of resorting to such means in order to align the skin, previously spoiled scars, such as acne. It is fundamentally wrong, because you only increase in the eyes of the deficiency. Your task - to give the face a haze, and the best assistant in this case - powder loose powder.

A few words in conclusion

Often representatives of the beautiful half tormented by the question of how to use concealer in conjunction with the foundation and in what order it should be done. As such stringent guidelines do not exist - all individually. However, the means applied to the tinting base can then be dissolved in it, and then the result will be unexpected. Or conversely, if you apply concealer after the cream, then it will look on the face of difficult and will not be the same color. Therefore it is recommended to try both options and choose your. To achieve the desired texture and tone fit for themselves, can mix several types of cosmetics.

In order corrector was invisible, lower face and apply the product into the recesses under the eyes using a special brush, and then "hammer" it into the skin pat fingers. If there is a blackout in other areas, and to mask them. Top apply another thin layer of concealer natural tones. Secure effect transformation transparent powder.

Do not forget the SPF factor. Buy funds with UV protection, so your skin will long remain healthy and beautiful. Incidentally, any product coating face dense layer, limits the negative effects of sunlight, even if it contains no SPF. And another tip: to always remain attractive, watch shelf life, change the make-up every six months, and your skin will be perfect!

 Concealer Eye: miracles of transformation

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