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Beautiful can not forbid! And we, the fans, and connoisseur of beauty by adopting this motto, frantically embark implement it. Yes, it is a sense of proportion sometimes brings us. Anyway, when it comes to makeup, and especially - everyday. Did not we learn to draw the line between everyday and evening make-up, so to shine (sometimes literally) to work as the pop diva on stage.

Nicely, of course, but not to the point. But you can be beautiful and without a ton of makeup, imposed on our already pretty face. And the task of everyday makeup just lies in the fact that only emphasize the natural beauty, so correct and beautiful makeup on every day - an art that requires a special taste and special skills.

Learn as you know, it is never too late. So start to learn the basics of this art can have right now, and then only to hone their skills, improve taste and develop a sense of proportion. We offer you a set of rules and tips from professional makeup artists. So someone like they do not know how to make a woman beautiful, so much so that "traces" of their work is perceived by others as a lack of tracks. Because professionals are able to make a woman more beautiful than she is. And what prevents us and learn this? Nothing! Therefore, we are learning how to be beautiful every day.


Absolutely no makeup, we can not do. And in addition to funds for the Guidance of beauty, we need more and special tools. Have you ever seen how the professional make-up artist? Different brushes, brush and others like them and flashed in his hands. And if we decided to approach the mastery of higher class, and we did not hurt to get the right tools. To no problem to make a beautiful makeup on every day, we need:

  1. Brushes and applicators. It is best to have in your arsenal of brushes with natural bristles they last longer, easier to care for them, and with their help, cosmetics applied just perfect. These tools should be represented by four varieties: Powder, rouge, lipstick and eyeshadow.
  2. Sponges - small gubochki of gentle foam or natural sponge. They need us to apply foundation and it is best if sponzhikom will be at least two pieces.
  3. Tweezers or tweezers. Eyebrows immaculate shape - one of the main elements of any make-up, including daily. A perfect eyebrows by nature, few can boast, so you have to correct this oversight and correct his own eyebrows. To do this we need the tweezers.
  4. Small cosmetic comb eyebrow and eyelash. Eyebrows we brush to perfectly put the hairs in one direction, and a comb for the eyelashes to remove excess mascara and share matted cilia.

And do not forget that the instrument requires care. It should be especially pure. It is desirable to keep it in a special sealed box or cheholchik and after each use to process the alcohol or just to wash and dry. Firstly, dirty work tool unhygienic, and secondly, just unpleasant.

 beautiful makeup on every day

Cosmetical tools

It is clear that we need a tool for laying make-up, and in addition to the basic tools needed even yourself cosmetics. And it is not only decorative powder, eye shadow and lipstick (all damsels necessary). Our list is much longer:

  1. Lotion or tonic for the face. Firstly, it is necessary to cleanse the skin, and secondly, you will need to correct the error (we're just learning). It is desirable that the lotion was from the same series as your face cream. But if you like a perfect remedy other brand, it's okay. The main thing that the lotion does not irritate the skin.
  2. Day cream. This is a mandatory makeup base. Firstly, it is to some extent will protect your skin from the harmful effects of makeup, and secondly, to make the cream will fall much better.
  3. Foundations. They should be a few shades you like and the type of skin and its color. It goes without saying that the quality of these tools must be high.
  4. Powder. Loose - for a more sustainable make-up compact - for him as amended during the day. Incidentally, the powder is also desirable to have several shades.
  5. The masking pencil. Even if your skin is perfect, from small problems in the form of pimples and spots no one is immune.
  6. Contour cosmetic eyeliner and lip contour.
  7. Mascara (any what you like).
  8. Eye shadows of at least two colors: light and dark.
  9. Lipstick.

Choosing tools for daytime makeup, prefer understated, natural and pastel tones. Bright colors, pearl and sequins leave for the festive occasion, because everyday make-up should not be visible at the same time to emphasize all the advantages of your appearance and conceal flaws.

Preparing for makeup

The first rule is that you need to understand - day makeup is applied in daylight. Other coverage will provoke you to err on the contrast and brightness of colors. In addition there is a risk to impose makeup unevenly, too obscure or lighten certain areas of the face. So choose well-lit place, prepare and paint brushes, remove hair from the face and get to this truly magical effect.

To start with clean skin cosmetic milk. It does not matter - only that you have washed or for a long time: the dust is not visible to the eye, it is still there. Take a good look if there are any extra hair on his eyebrows and gently vyschipnite them. Then wipe the face tonic: for he and tonic to tone up the skin, then apply to the face a little bit a day cream. Well, the web is ready, it is now possible and draw. But first, imagine, imagine that you want to see in the end, and only then proceed to the "painting."

Toning face

First, a special pencil to mask any unevenness color: pigment spots, small scratches, light red or stood out "star" of vessels. Then apply to face the general tone. If you are going to adjust the oval and features, you'll need to tone three shades: exactly suitable for your skin color, a little lighter and a little darker.

Start with a medium tone and evenly coat the entire face them. And then with the help of light and dark tones tweak everything that you do not like. Dark foundation allows shortened, narrow and reduced light - expand, lift, do more convex. Naturally, all this is just code names visual effect. For example, if your nose seems too long, put on the nose a little lighter tone, and the tip of the nose - the dark and the nose will seem shorter. At the end of this step lightly powder the face and apply a little (very little!) Blush on the cheekbones.

 light make-up on every day

Eye Makeup

With the shape of the eyebrows, you have probably already decided a long time, so do not dwell on the rules of creating a perfect line. Comb eyebrows and touch up their make-up pencil or special shades. If his eyebrows thick and "naughty", fix hair gel.

Take any shade of bright shades and apply them for ever on the edge of the inner eye. Next, paint the eyes more carefully.

  1. Step one. Summing eyes. Using a soft eyeliner, eye shadow on top, and if needed - on the lower lash line. Then brush or applicator lightly shaded line.
  2. Step Two. The contours and shadows. Using a brush, put on a movable part of the century, the average intensity of the shadows away from the lash line to the crease. Lightly shaded contour. The skin under the eyebrow arch stained light tenyami.Delaem beautiful eye contour shades dark shades, putting them on the outer corners of the eyes. Now, on top of eyeliner can add a little dark shadows.
  3. Step Three. Eyelashes. Stained bottom lashes first, then the top. If necessary, divide the lashes with a special comb. Apply a second coat of mascara, and once again combing the eyelashes. Paint ink lower cilia.

  Make-up for eyes of different shapes

First of all, you need to decide what exactly you want to achieve: if you want to let your eyes become more? Give a look languid look? Make it more closely or innocent? Remember, the right makeup will not only visually enlarge the eyes, but also change their form:

  • Women with small eyes suit light shadows.
  • Eyed young ladies should choose deeper shades.
  • Dark Shadows imposed around the eyes will help mask the bulging eyes.
  • Sunken eyes transform light shades.


This is the last day of make-up bar. At first, her lips slightly zatoniruyte the funds used for the pitch person, and then a little powder the them. If you paint with the contour lip pencil, draw around the contour (it must be the exact same color as the lipstick) and then cover with a special brush lipstick. Soak up the layer of lipstick cloth and apply another layer. However, with the daily makeup perfect cosmetic for lips is a beautiful shine. But in this case, if you make a focus on the eye.

Selecting an image

It is clear that all of the above - a sequence of actions and a set of common rules. Can not different women with different looks and different temperament painted the same. Therefore, your daily make-up should be in harmony with your general way, the age and the chosen style. Here are several possible options for images of makeup every day.

  1. Folklore image. Make-up in velvety and warm colors. Foundation natural color, golden-beige powder, olive and silver-beige shade, dark brown eyeliner, dark green ink, gold-copper lipstick.
  2. Contrast image. Beautiful make-up with a combination of gray and pink colors. Natural foundation, white pearl and gray shadow, black eyeliner, pink lipstick.
  3. Business image. Simple but stylish everyday makeup. The classic combination of colors in natural colors, focus on the flawless skin and expressive eyes. Eyeliner with a mandatory shading, dark brown shade, beige basic tone matte lipstick natural color.
  4. The romantic image. Easy everyday makeup that emphasizes femininity. Tone cream light beige, sand-pink blush, beige, mauve and gray shadow, black eyeliner, lipstick saturated colors.

Do not forget that the right makeup on every day should be easy: no bright colors, pastel colors only. Therefore, leave the image of oriental beauty and sexy seductress for other cases. Casual beautiful makeup must be "invisible." Therefore, try to use the most "natural" shadow and eyeliner and remember the golden rule make-up: focus only on the eyes or lips only. Choose your image, mastered the technique and the rules of make-up and be beautiful every day.

 Makeup on every day - learning to always be beautiful

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