Make-up for the magic of autumn

Here come the new season, the autumn - it is necessary to do an update, not only clothes, but also cosmetics. And he hits makeup collection:

What color prefer - unusual lilac and purple, or may be the severity of brown and blue-gray or brightness and cheerfulness orange? All of them are represented in the dominant range of makeup trend this autumn - nature has inspired fashion houses: collections of natural dictates the style of clothing and make-up influences.

Preference is given to the technique of applying the smoky eyes: got used to it over the summer, we can expect that this trend will meet with us and winter. Shades of purple and orange, perfectly visible in the bright "Smokey", side by side with refined nude. Lips, which touched slightly red lipstick, especially impressive look with almost no makeup.

Creating new collections, make-up artists were intended to cheer up girl in front of the coming winter, hey offer something spectacular, bright and unusual. And this is just make-up opens up opportunities: limited editions of unusual tools in a luxurious design already awaiting their owners.

 10 new make-up collection autumn-winter season

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 How to apply foundation


  • Choose foundation
  • Mask the redness
  • How to apply foundation

Clean, smooth facial skin - an indicator of health. Unfortunately, we do not always feel good about themselves, often enough sleep and all kinds of rashes, spots and pimples on the face of the port is not only the appearance but also reduce to zero in a good mood. It looks attractive and well-groomed is important for each of us. With the help of modern tonal resources hide minor errors and to emphasize the advantages can each of the fair sex. We'll show you how to apply foundation on your face, to always have a healthy appearance.

Choose foundation

To look good is not enough just to put on your face foundation. Beautiful for women - almost the same as an artist to paint a picture. Therefore, select the palette (make-up) should be carefully - cosmetics should be not only quality, but also suitable for your type.

Choose a foundation should be in a bright room. Apply a small amount is not on hand, as many are accustomed to do, and on the face - a jawbone. The list of currently existing makeup is quite extensive, so making a choice, consider the condition of the skin, your age, and the result you want to achieve.

For owners of dry skin toners fit with moisturizing agents (aloe gealuronovaya acid), and for fat, use light matting emulsion or cream powder (dense in texture cream will create the image of the mask).

Mature women are recommended liquid creams with lifting effect. Their application will help to align the relief of the face to hide the inflammation and wrinkles.

Ideally, in the arsenal of every girl should be two foundation: light - for the winter and a little darker - for the summer period.

Freshen your skin sallow hue will help foundation pinkish-orange tones, apricot also give a pale face flushed.

 how to apply concealer

Mask the redness

If you have problem skin, the mask minor redness and pimples will help concealer shade of green - Apply a thin layer and rub into the skin, patting with fingertips. On top sprinkle with powdered solid consistency skin tone.

Those who are prone to inflammation and acne, it is recommended to use a special compact powder (analogue - tone powder). These funds contain more pigments and powders, so that gets in bed and perfectly camouflages all the roughness and imperfections on the face.

Use cosmetic products, which contain tiny grains of powder. Such cosmetics does not accumulate around the pores and distribute evenly over the entire surface of the face. As a result, the skin becomes smooth soft tone, but due to various antimicrobial agents and acne comedones heal faster. These tonal means as applied with a moist sponge.

How to apply foundation

When the ideal base is found, the main task - just apply makeup. We'll show you how to apply foundation without creating an image of a decorated Barbie.

  • Dry flaky skin - to put it mildly, not very good basis for toning. Before you apply foundation, smear the face of day cream and allow to soak well. Remains of a special pat with a paper towel.
  • Applying make-up is best done in daylight - just to see all the mistakes and shortcomings of their work.
  • Depending on the texture of the foundation is applied in different ways: the liquid and cream - with a brush, sponge or fingers, sticks and cream mousse - very fingertips.
  • Given what you eventually want to get a result (for example, a light day make-up for going to the office or evening option), selected method of applying foundation. For the photo shoot, or the release of "live" person should be "dense" - use a dry sponge or special brush for adjusting the individual features blend with your fingers means residues.
  • If you have pimples or blackheads, mask them with a paint pen, which is applied to the applicator touches top - tonal basis.
  • To align the skin and hide redness, take a vehicle with a greenish tinge, light purple tone mask the yellow spots.
  • To make up for each day is enough to cover creams central areas of the face - Apply in a circular motion, moving from the center to the periphery. If you do it the other way around, pores and wrinkles will be very noticeable.
  • To make up smoothly, without errors, experts recommend using a slightly damp sponge - make turns easy and weightless, and to create a tighter effect applies a dry sponge.
  • Not all women have the perfect shape. To make a round face expressive on parts that protrude beyond the face oval, use concealer darker than the main one. After drawing the contours of a sponge and dab carefully blend: the border colors should not be visible.
  • If makeup base has been chosen correctly and face color is different from the skin under the chin, the neck is not toning - just a colorless powder.
  • In summer, most importantly do not be tempted to buy a second tan - use basis brown tint only if you are very tanned. If the skin is light - Pick up the tone of peach, beige and honey colors.
  • Going to the sea, do not forget to buy a tonal foundation with UV protection. So you not only will save a person from the negative effects of the sun, but also save not need to further apply the cream, appearing in the sun.
  • If the make-up obtained unnatural and dirty - mix on the back of his hand a little bit of tone and moisturizer, apply to the face. You will look almost not made up, but the skin will get a fresh look.
  • If evenly apply the base layer does not work, try the so-called make-up with silicone. In some modern means of adding "volatile" silicone, which, as the manufacturer promises, evaporates from the surface of the skin, make it smooth, but still left her caring pigments.
  • To make "no drip" use special cloths - it will help remove the shine. You can also buy a "indelible" cosmetics - such tonal funds hold at least 12 hours. However, before using the need to work out pretty - a minute after the application of the foundation "glued" like a second skin, and correct the flaws will not be easy.

The main rule of neat makeup - not to paint too liberally! Apply the tone of small points that allow him to spread evenly and the skin of the face will look natural. To fix the finished makeup, professional makeup artists use mineral water, which is sprayed through the spray face. Take this method is adopted!

Hopefully these tips will help make the process of applying make-up nice and easy action. Use the proposed advice and do not be afraid to experiment - to emphasize their individuality may be every woman!

 Secrets of the perfect skin: how to apply concealer

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 eyebrow pencil


  • A little bit about this cosmetic product
  • How to choose the right shade?
  • How to "make" the perfect eyebrows
  • "Drawing" eyebrows

"Make" every woman can face. Thanks to modern cosmetic lip shape with no problems corrected eyes "increase", lengthen eyelashes, blush becomes more noticeable and smoother skin tone. Using the simple technique, even the most inconspicuous and gray "mouse" is transformed into a charming beauty. However, all efforts will come to naught, if you lose sight of at least one item.

It would seem that the eyebrows - not such an important element of make-up, and to give them special attention is needed. This is misleading. Irregularly shaped, highly dense or wide, they are able to give yourself a pretty face sullen and angry expression. Therefore, if you want to look charming and a glance to captivate the opposite sex - eyebrow pencil with you! Take care of their eyebrows and carefully adjust.

A little bit about this cosmetic product

Eyebrow pencil can be soft and hard. Select it should be, depending on what it is you need and what effect you want to achieve. For example, to adjust the shape and color pencils tight fit. But with the help of semi-soft eyebrow pencil, you can not just "paint on" line of the lips - they can also be used as eyeliner, to highlight the upper and lower eyelids. Indispensable for the creation of a beautiful makeup applicators are - they allow to soften contours.

As a rule, eyebrow pencil comes with a brush made of natural materials. Thus, the shadow of "fall" more precisely, do not crumble and slide down. Also, as additional accessories to them in the set can be comb for adjusting the shape and separation of eyelashes after use mascara and pencil sharpeners.

If your arsenal is an eyebrow pencil, note that it must be sharp and hard enough that it was easier draws strokes. That he did not break and well erode, place it for a few minutes in the refrigerator. Many girls prefer soft makeup, but it does not always produce the desired result. Instead, beautifully-cut, you can get very dark, downright unnatural eyebrows. Therefore, choosing a pencil, try to act on the inner side of the wrist. If you do not want to constantly sharpen, use a mechanical - he "pushed" as shortening. However, this option does not so thin, trim strips as classic sharpened.

 the right eyebrow pencil

How to choose the right shade?

First of all, buying an eyebrow pencil, you need to choose the right color. He should be in harmony with the tone of your hair. Agree, a bright blonde with a very dark "arcs" over the eyes will look ridiculous. As they say, a classic of the genre - a black eyebrow pencil. But do not just dwell on it their attention. Today there are so many different colors so you can choose exactly the right.

Variant in black suit for owners of dark chocolate hair, as well as burning brunettes. Brown goes well with red, blond and brown shades of hair. Eyebrow pencil light beige or ash-brown color recommended blonde ladies. But rare reddish-chocolate should only be used for those who have bright "orange" head.

Modern makeup artists often doing make-up and choosing the eyebrow pencil, taking just two similar shades. Darker hair color close to the bridge of the nose, and light - the rest. If you want to try this technique, following the transition of color - Apply the finishing touches in the middle of the eyebrows, alternately using the one option or the other. Also be aware that the lighter your skin, the more muted the tone should be a pencil. Exception - a brunette with a pale face. So the girls better make a correction with the usual tweezers, nothing "dorisovyvaya."

How to "make" the perfect eyebrows

The irregular shape or a fuzzy line - these seemingly insignificant things can completely spoil your image. However, there is nothing that can not be correct! If the "arc" of his eyes are not satisfied with you, it's time to make a correction. However, before you pick up eyebrow pencil them (eyebrows) should be put in proper form. And the first step would be plucking.

Each has its own unique shape of the eyebrows, which can not be radically changed - it can only adjust. To do this, you need to consider some of the nuances. So, beauticians identify several types: broken, curved, straight and round eyebrows. If you have an oval face, a more suitable option - arched, and people with sharp, square features, more suitable high and long eyebrows. Chubby girls look good with rounded ends and a slightly raised up "threads of" well-defined lines and located at a distance from the bridge - ideally complement the elongated face. Therefore, when planning a correction, first pick up the form. Otherwise, you can change the face beyond recognition, and not the fact that it is in a positive way.

Another important element is the length and height. Eyebrows should start and end at certain places. Very well, if you have an applicator - attach it and draw the contour of the special light pencil. If not, use the scheme. In order to determine the beginning, apply eyebrow pencil along an imaginary line extending from the wing of the nose and the inner corner of the eye ending. Above, on its follow-up, and begins an eyebrow. Its highest point is planned in the direction of the line that runs from the middle of the upper lip through the pupil of the eye. In order to determine the place where the brow should end, select the pencil in the direction of the wing of your nose to the outer corner of the eye. Where it touches the eyebrows, and is its end.

Please note that the outer edge of the "arc" must not be lower than the inside, otherwise you will have a sad facial expression. Once identified, which begin and end your eyebrows, mark the point light pencil, comb hair brush and tweezers to remove the excess. When the correction is finished, perform antiseptic treatment to prevent inflammation and reduce redness.

 good eyebrow pencil

"Drawing" eyebrows

To move to the next phase of correction, you need a pencil. We have already mentioned above, as it should be and how to select it properly, so we omit these explanations. So there are different ways to adjust:

  • monochrome hatching;
  • Light eyebrow pencil is applied over the entire length, and the bottom edge - darker;
  • painting on the empty spaces between the hair;
  • light shade over the entire length, and darker shade - from the nose to the middle of the eyebrows.

Once identified with the method of adjustment, go directly to "draw". The main rule: do it only after the application of foundation and powder. First, comb the hair a special brush in the direction of their growth, and then downwards. Now take the right eyebrow pencil and mark your colors in the right (empty) places (parallel hairs) small strokes, then comb the eyebrows. So your "art" blend and become virtually invisible strips.

Finally, we note a few simple rules with which you will become the owner of the ideal eyebrow. In no case do not let them solid line along the entire length. - Your task is to outline the boundaries only slightly or visually make the hair thicker. For this, use an eyebrow pencil, and not (as some do) to the eye. It should be fairly solid and well-sharpened. To achieve a natural effect, do not press them strongly when drawing lines. If you have gray eyebrow pencil to pick up the tone will be difficult. In this case, ideal for a special powder, you can also use the services of a cosmetologist and paint them with paint for the eyebrows.

 Eyebrow pencil and use

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