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  • Brushes for make-up: synthetics or fur?
  • Brushes for make-up: the purpose and selection

In order to make your look really perfect, not enough high-quality cosmetics. This requires more and to choose the right brush for make-up. And here she faces a choice: what to prefer what brush constantly carry in purse and leave it on the dresser "until better times"? Our review will be an assistant to his attentive female - it is designed to answer all the questions.

Brushes for make-up: synthetics or fur?

It all depends on what exactly you need a woman what she is ready to give preference. For the highest quality brushes are made of natural materials, of which the best - sable. Also, for his long and highly valued soft fur squirrel or marten. But it must be remembered that women who are prone to allergic reactions to animal fur, natural kinds of brushes can cause itching and irritation of the skin, so you need to choose them wisely.

What are the options to choose if you're just the last case and you just can not stand fur squirrel, sable, marten and other "Fluffy"? Choose synthetic, especially since they are practical: such brushes apply makeup evenly, more convenient to use them, they are easier to clean. Furthermore, they keep the fats do not absorb ink and longer lasting natural brushes. And yet - synthetic brushes can be applied to liquid and shadows, and solid liner.

It is important to know that the hair gets all the brushes, even in the highest quality. But how then to choose a great option for the eyes, lips, or feather? Girls, you need a brush whose bristles is very tightly attached to the handle. By the way, it does not matter from which it is made itself the handle - it can be either plastic or wood, it does not matter.

In order to assess whether the brush qualitative need hand fifteen - twenty times to spend on its pile, each time dropping sharply. If it is good, because it will not come out long hairs. And, of course, it should be noted that each item requires care. Brushes should be cleaned, ie at least once a week to wash with regular shampoo. It is also worth to check periodically their bristles if it began to fall heavily, it's time to think about replacing.

 makeup brushes

Brushes for make-up: the purpose and selection

  1. Brushes for powder may be made of synthetic materials or fur fibers and marten. They should be large and soft, they are used after puff be applied rouge. Good brush for powder must be from a long nap, then they will be useful when applied as a means of beauty on the face and on the neck and décolleté.
  2. For applying blush designed flatter than for powder, brush with soft bristles, the optimum width - three or four centimeters. Their pile is made of wool proteins or marten has long hair in the middle and on the sides - short. They should not be too wide, otherwise the paint will look unnatural on her face. Use brushes with bristles 2-3 cm - they can really achieve perfect stroke. Plus, they could also be applied when applying eye shadow - a real godsend for the practical woman.
  3. What need for shading brush blush? More generally, the length of the hair which is the same everywhere. With their help, you can be well-shaded border and soften color transitions. An important point: these hands should always be clean and should not be lowered into the paint and should be thoroughly cleaned and dried after each use. Gentle care - the key to a great feather, remember this.
  4. What are the options to select the tone for the application? Can artificial: they do not absorb tone cream and apply it uniformly. That they are many experienced women who know a lot about beauty. With them you will be able to do makeup as unobtrusive as possible, make a natural look, which will appreciate people with a good sense of style.
  5. Brushes rounded forms for applying shadows are made of sable or marten. What shaped brush opt for the eye area? Of course, thin and dome - with their help it is most convenient to put the shade on the upper and the lower eyelids. Brushes feather shadows are clipped straight hairs. Please note they do not cause shadows, namely shade, so they must always be perfectly clear - it is very important to wash them after each use.
  6. Brush-fan removes excess makeup, and, incidentally, a lot depends on its size. The most convenient way to select two options: a large brush zone of eyes and nasolabial folds, as well as a small liner. In this case, you can always make retouching and easy to remove from skin residues of beauty tools.
  7. Brushes Lip made of thick pile sable hairs which do not have to get out and shaggy. Practice shows that for the application of lipstick is most convenient to use "blades", and to draw the loop - variants with sharp tips. With this combination, you can emphasize the lips is just perfect.
  8. Eyebrow brush used the toughest, most eyebrows can give the correct form. In form, they should be small, with short fibers - in that case, they can last for a long time, perfectly fulfilling its mission. With them, your eyebrows will have everything to look luxurious.

Now you know what to choose makeup brushes to enhance the beauty of the eye to focus on sexual lips, or pay attention to the eyebrows. Guided by the above selection criteria, you will be able to acquire the right and put on his dressing-table an arsenal of helpers for drawing and retouching tools of beauty.

 Brushes for make-up: Choose the right

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 how to use concealer


  • What concealer
  • What are the different concealers
  • How to choose and apply concealer

Fortunately, modern cosmetic work wonders. And the cosmetics in general is able to return in a few minutes the beauty and freshness of our face, and we, of course, a good mood. But that's not all know how to use this makeup "to the fullest." That is not to apply a thick layer of makeup, just the right to use certain means and tools. So you know, for example, how to use concealer? And in general, what this means is it? Let's face it.

What concealer

Concealer - a concealer cosmetic tool for correction, by which to hide small blemishes. A concealer is just camouflage. It is a kind of camouflage face that helps to make invisible the fact that we want to hide. While modern manufacturers produce and concealers, which is composed of substances capable to dry the acne (pimples), or lighten pigmentation spots, such a tool is only as a means of camouflage, but are not able to eliminate skin problems. However, antioxidants and vitamins that are part of concealers, of course, beneficial for the skin.

Concealers are typically kremo- or paste-like consistency, which is close to the creams (voice-based). They are available in several forms:

  • liquid concealer
  • moisturizing konsiry,
  • concealers, pencils,
  • Stick concealers,
  • highlighter, concealers,
  • concealers for lips
  • colored concealers.

Each type of concealer is designed for a specific purpose and specific problem areas.

 how to use concealer

What are the different concealers

Usually, women who use concealer to have more than one such means, and at least two. The fact that one and the same equalizer can not always cope with several skin problems. And different disadvantages convenient mask specially designed equalizer.

  • Liquid concealer

It is used to mask the shortcomings of the skin around the eyes and lips. It lightens the skin and hides redness well (on the eyelids near the nose), and is an indispensable tool for sensitive and dry skin. This is especially good concealer for evening makeup.

  • Concealer Pencil

Excellent little masks pimples, spots, spider veins and wrinkles around the mouth. The structure has enough sticky, so do not pencil concealer shade (it stretches the skin), and applied to a dot.

  • Concealer Stick

Able to hide minor irregularities, mask redness, freckles and dark spots. Not used to mask convex irregularities (acne, birthmarks), but perfect to hide small hollow (scars, for example). However, the wrinkles around the eyes is the only means of making visible.

  • Moisturizing concealer

Ideal for masking wrinkles around the eyes, which is also perfectly hides and bruises under his eyes. This concealer has a soft creamy texture and rich in moisturizing substances. Applied and shaded it is easy and does not clog the small wrinkles of the skin.

  • Concealer Lip

It has a very light structure and masks almost any shortcomings delicate skin on the lips. Refreshes and revitalizes lips and hides wrinkles at the top and at the corners of his mouth.

  • Concealer, highlighter

Universal means to cope with all the problems of the person. It has property not only to mask flaws, but also to illuminate the skin. However, only suitable for implicit problems. Otherwise it is better to use a separate concealer and highlighter separately.

  • Colored concealers

There are three kinds. Green hides all reddening (acne, spider veins). Yellow mask bruises. Brown hides dark spots. Concealers are color tone under the foundation.

 how to use concealer

How to choose and apply concealer

Approach to choosing concealer is very carefully. If we use it to mask redness, scars and small pimples, then choose exactly the right means to the skin tone. In order to hide the various bulges (pimples and bumps on oily skin, for example), take a concealer that darker skin. But for masking circles under the eyes using the means of a lighter tone.

Particularly challenging science use concealer will not name. However, during the use of such corrective means must follow certain rules.

  1. Before applying concealer skin should be cleaned and moisturized.
  2. Concealer should be applied to a special brush and shade fingertips.
  3. Around the eye concealer is applied in dot: the inner corner, mid-century, the outer corner. The tool then gently shaded, moving from the nose to the temples, and then place a slightly disguised pripudrivayut.
  4. Concealing acne concealer is applied only on the pimple itself (it's best to use a brush for this). Then, little shade edge droplets deposited, but not rubbing tool around the pimple.
  5. Depressed bumps filled with liquid correction fluid, using a thin brush. Application of the agents are not rubbing, and applied on top of the tonal foundation for the face.
  6. Also, hide and fine wrinkles. In skin tone concealer or highlighter effect is applied to the tip of the brush, and spend it on wrinkles. And then allowed to dry corrector.

In conclusion, some useful tips from professional makeup artists.

  • In the process of working with the concealer should not stand (sit) close to the mirror. At a short distance only shade means and cause him to step back.
  • Shade concealer only on moist skin.
  • Warm hands concealer shaded better and go to bed at the same time smoother. Therefore, before applying the equalizer fingers should be warm.
  • When working with korrektorm should not use a magnifying mirror.
  • If necessary, concealer can be applied in several layers.
  • In no case can not use concealer to camouflage open fresh wounds and abrasions. It can cause inflammation.
  • Before you start, be sure to wash your hands and brush.

These are the simple rules. Knowing how to use concealer, you will definitely be able to hide from prying eyes all (or almost all) the shortcomings of the skin on your face. It is a magical tool will allow you to look just gorgeous, and no worse than in the glamorous beauty magazines or on television. Anyway, black eyes, small pimples and wrinkles corrector hide easily. But do not forget that this is only a temporary visual effect. Caring for a need to constantly, even if in your arsenal is a miracle equalizer and you know how to use them skillfully. Take care of yourself and stay beautiful!

 How to use concealer, or Secrets of cosmetic camouflage

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